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What Do You Think of These Gemstone Rings?

Gemstone rings may not the traditional choice but in today’s time, gemstone rings are becoming extremely popular as wedding and engagement ring choices. These rings are the perfect choice as they are much cheaper than diamond rings. To make the rings more dazzling, you can use low quality diamonds as additional accents around the gems.

This world is blessed with an amazing range of gemstones that are glamorous in color and they are also known to have mystical healing powers. The range of rings that are available today is just amazing.

From stunning sapphire rings to spectacular emerald rings and everything in between that you can ever imagine. We have put together a list of gemstone rings for you to take a look at.

gemstone rings

1. Solitaire Rings

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and timeless types of ring, the solitaire sport a single elegant gemstone in the center with a metal band around it. These rings can be transformed into beautiful renditions of luxury with the choice of gemstone, cut and brilliance.

Since this enchanting ring consists of a single gemstone, it is important to make sure the gem is brilliant with a good range of clarity.

2. Eternity Rings

This type of gemstone rings has a deep symbolic meaning that represents the love and devotion of a person to another for as long as an eternity. An eternity ring consists of a metal band, embedded with gemstones throughout the surface of the metal. The gemstones chosen must have the same cut and size.

The type of setting usually used for these gemstone rings are channel or claw setting. At times women find it uncomfortable wearing eternity rings with larger sized gems studded all around the surface. In such cases, half eternity rings are preferred. Having the same symbolism, the band would be covered with gems only on the face of metal.

3. Three Stone Rings

Another symbolic ring for love and devotion, the three stone ring represents three important aspects of one’s relationship – past, present and the future. This is a beautiful type of ring that can be transformed in any style depending on the gemstones selected.

This gemstone rings can portray varied designs of cut, brilliance, size, type of gems and also choice of additional assets.

4. Cluster Rings

These rings sport a number of gemstones in a beautiful cluster. This is another type of ring that enables a large room for design and variations. Usually, a cluster ring consists of a large gemstone in the center with a number of tiny other gemstones around it. The gemstone in the center is usually either round in shape or square. Most often, the smaller surrounding gems that are chosen are diamonds.

5. Birthstone Rings

This is another popular choice of ring. Gemstone rings with the choice of birthstones bring out a personal touch to a certain event. These rings can also be used as wedding, engagement, anniversary rings or can be designed for the one you love for no reason at all.

You would be able to choose from a wide range of fancy shapes and cuts to turn a gemstone into an amazing work of art. Dazzle the lady by choosing her birthstone and presenting it with a beautiful cut and a brilliant setting.


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