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Three Stone Ring Ideas for Women

Three stone rings are among the most elegant and glamorous rings available today. These rings are made up gold or platinum with a center stone and two stones placed on either sides of it. The setting of the precious stones highlights the center gem in an incredible way.

In times like ours where imagination knows no bounds, designs and styles of rings are crafted in a way that would certainly make the women feel on top of the world. Each of the three stones represents the three most important phases of one’s relationship – past, present and the future.

The symbolic nature of the three stone ring enhances the beauty of the item more than anything else.

With the numerous varieties of designs available, the following is a description of the most popular ideas and designs of three stone rings for women.

1. Diamond Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Ring

This is by far the most popular style of ring today. In this setting, diamonds are used for all three stones and are a perfect choice as an engagement ring. There are quite a few ways to make this setting look unique.

You could choose a larger diamond for the center while the other two are smaller in comparison. You can also make adjustments for the center diamond to be elevated slightly above the other two.

This setting would highlight the center stone and add more brilliance to it. This setting can also be used when the diamond stones are selected of the same size and can have the same effect.

When it comes to design, an important factor is the cut of the diamonds. The most popular options of diamond cuts are the fancy diamond cuts like princess, round, asscher and emerald. Each of these shapes brings a rich appearance to the three stone ring.

Another addition to the classic three diamond stones, is the placement of tiny diamonds on the side embedded into the ring band. Diamond three stone rings are usually made with either gold (white and yellow) or platinum.

2. Emerald / Sapphire Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Ring

Apart from the common diamond ring settings, other gemstones like emerald and sapphire can be used to make an exquisite three stone ring. Emerald and Sapphire are among the most popular choices of gemstones used today. With these choices, it is possible to make different combinations of rings.

The gemstones are usually combined with white diamonds to make the ring. In a three stone ring setting, one possible combination would be to use the gemstone in the very center with white diamonds on either side of it. Whether the stones are of different size or the same is your choice.

Another possible combination would be to use different gemstones representing different phases of your relationship. They can be entwined in a beautiful fashion so that each stone can be highlighted in its own special way.

3. Classic and Pronged Setting

To make a unique three stone ring, you can choose a certain kind of setting from the variable range that is available today. Most common and popular style of stone setting is the prong setting, also known as the tiffany setting.

This type of style holds the stone in a way to allow ample light to fall on it. To enhance this effect, the center stone is elevated slightly above the other two side stones. The prongs are placed at the corners of the stone, evenly spaced between each other.

Another possible design is the V or u prong setting, commonly used for marquise cut and pear shaped gemstones. This is specifically used in order to protect the sharp edges of the stones.

These ideas can help both men and women – men who buy three stone ring for their women and women who buy it for themselves.

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