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The History of Tennis Bracelets

People who wish to present diamond bracelets to their loved ones, but are unsure about buying the right type of bracelet, can go for tennis bracelets. When people hear about a tennis bracelet they think that the piece might be something like a charm bracelet featuring tiny rackets and tennis balls hanging on the piece.

tennis bracelets

How the Bracelet Got Its New Name?

The link to the game is not as obvious as it appears to be. Before 1987, this particular piece of jewelry was called as an in-line bracelet. So, how does the piece got its new name?

tennis bracelet

Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

During the match at the US open in 1987, Chris Evert who was one of the participants in the tournament happened to lose her in-line bracelet. She realized that her bracelet was missing while playing the match; she stopped the match mid way to search for the missing bracelet. She thought that she won’t be able to continue with the match until the bracelet was found.

While she was hunting for the bracelet, the whole world was watching her. Some people watched her in the arena, while many people all over the world saw her searching for the jewelry piece live on television screens.

Her hunt for the bracelet was interesting and people became fascinated for the said bracelet. This is how the in-line bracelet came to be known as tennis bracelet after the match. The liking for the bracelet by Chris Evert made people attracted toward the in-line bracelet and people started calling the in-line bracelet with the new name.

Design and Style of a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets use small diamonds to make a single bracelet. The price of such a bracelet is as high as thousands of dollars depending upon the size, style and the stones used in crafting the piece.

The form or shape of the tennis or eternity bracelet makes it suitable for athletic women. Their active lifestyle does not permit them to wear bangles or any other heavy jewelry. The bracelet is flexible and light in weight. As a result, the chances of dinging or banging of the piece is reduced to a great extent while playing sports like tennis.

However, great care has to be taken while buying a tennis bracelet, specially if you are involved in some kind of sporty activity. The most important thing to consider is the safety clasp. Make sure that the bracelet you are buying has a safety clasp included so that you can tightly secure the piece to prevent loosening of the piece.

You can find a range of styles of tennis bracelets. However, the basic idea of the bracelet is the same, setting the stones in a line. Diamond bracelets with no other stones will be a perfect choice, if you prefer a conventional design. However, you have the option to substitute the stones with other gemstones such as sapphires or rubies.

The gems are round-shaped, and set in four pronged settings. Certain designs feature a little gap between stones, integrating a twisted “X” or “S” shaped metal design to form patterns.

Since this particular piece of jewelry is highly expensive, make sure to shop from a reliable jeweler that has better business bureau affiliation. Similarly, ensure that the jeweler is registered as such a jeweler can assure you about the value and the quality of the bracelet.

Final words

Due care must be taken while buying tennis bracelets. Ensure that the piece has a perfect setting and comes with stones which give you the much needed charm. Look for traditional characteristic features, cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and buy the right bracelet matching your budget and use.

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