May 04

White and Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

A wedding is one of the most revered and solemn events of one’s life and to make this occasion even more special, exchanging white and yellow gold wedding bands can be a superb idea. Exchanging rings at the time of wedding has been an integral part of several cultures across the globe since thousands of years now.

When the bride and the groom exchange vows at the altar, they present a ring to each other as a tangible gift to seal their love, commitment and fidelity towards each other. The presence of a wedding ring on the finger acts as a constant reminder of the love and amour shared between two love partners and to ensure your partner feels the same way, choosing a good wedding ring is imperative.

white and yellow gold wedding bands

Why are gold weddings bands Popular?

Wedding rings are available a wide assortment of designs, styles and colors. Depending upon wallet size, you can choose a ring from a plethora of stones and metals. Whereas platinum and diamond wedding rings are considerably exorbitant, white and yellow gold wedding bands suit most budget types.

Gold rings look simple and beautiful. Regardless of the personality type of your partner, gold rings make an unmistakable choice. The white cool brilliance and the dazzling color of white gold ring has lately become a colossal rage among hordes of people, when it comes to selecting a wedding ring.

On the other side, the subtle sophistication and the golden glitz of yellow gold rings is extremely appealing to the eyes. It gives the wearer a very distinctive look and makes him or her stand out from the rest. Besides, precious gemstones like diamonds, emerald, ruby or sapphire studded in yellow or white gold ring bands further enhance their overall appeal by manifolds. The stark contrast of the colorful gem and the yellow or white shine of the ring band are sure to attract any onlookers’ attention to this spectacular choice of jewelry.

white and yellow gold wedding bands

White and Yellow Gold Wedding Bands Buying Advice

The place from where you buy your wedding ring is extremely significant. Whether you buy white or yellow gold weddings bands from an online jewelry store or a retail outlet, considering the reputation and credibility of the jeweler is indispensable. When you buy from a reputed store, you can rest assured about getting a fine quality ring.  Branded shops will provide a certificate of authenticity to validate the purity and quality of the gold.

Checking on the karat of the gold is also mandatory. Depending upon your budget, you can choose gold rings marked with 24K, 18K, 14K, or 10K. The karat number indicates the percentage of gold in the ring band, which is usually an alloy of gold and one or more additional metals. Only 24K gold is pure gold.

Design and pattern is another crucial factor that cannot be ignored. Consider the taste and preference of your partner while choosing a wedding band. You can either go for a plain gold band or choose the more exotic diamond studded ring.

Always make sure to buy real gold jewelry instead of gold-plated white or yellow gold wedding bands for your spouse. Albeit gold-plated wedding bands might save you big bucks, their color will wear off in a short span of time. Besides, gold-plated jewelry is known to cause allergic reactions to the wearer in several cases.

Gold is an evergreen metal that never appears out of style or unfashionable. Choosing white and yellow gold wedding bands can be a discreet idea not just from an appearance point of view but also considering their durability and price.

May 02

A Bit about Men Diamond Wedding Bands

Choosing men diamond wedding bands should be as important as choosing a wedding ring for the bride to be. Albeit, etiquette and tradition demands that the woman’s ring get prime attention and the men’s ring be chosen to match the bride’s, it must not be forgotten that marriage is a commitment that men and women make on an equal footing and thus both rings should reflect this fact.

men diamond wedding bands

How Are Men Diamond Wedding Bands Different?

They Portray Strength and Commitment

Men diamond Wedding bands are meant to reflect the personality of the groom.  Also, anyone looking at the ring should be able to believe in the commitment that the groom is making to his bride. It should be able to depict the stature, the financial stability and also the deep love that the groom feels towards his bride.

For this, care should be taken to ensure that although the groom’s ring matches perfectly with the bride’s, it should still have certain distinctive features that set it apart.

A Metal to Prove his Mettle

While women choose their wedding rings based primarily on aesthetic value and a classic design that will never go out of style, men have slightly different parameters to base their choice on.

Gold is a classic choice but a man may prefer metals such as Titanium and Tungsten to exude strength and solidarity of purpose. A perfect match in this case would be if the bride chose a platinum ring. Alternatively, if the bride prefers gold she could gift him a fusion ring that combines gold and any other metal of his choice.

men diamond wedding bands

Simpler in Styling

Wedding rings for men are simpler in styling. They are usually broader to complement the fingers on a manly hand. Most men look for a ring that is comfortable and suitable enough to be worn to work everyday.

Unlike a woman’s ring, men diamond wedding bands look best with minimal detailing. Men’s rings have to be a perfect amalgamation of style and comfort and at the same time match the bride’s ring as far as possible.

Shopping for Wedding Rings

It is customary for the man to buy the ring for his bride while the bride does the same for her man.  In modern marriages though, both bride and groom often go out together for ring shopping. In either case, a great deal of planning and thought has to go into this process.  Not only should the rings complement each other and the wearers separately, the rings should also be compatible with the engagement rings which often have to be worn together.

A wedding band is a circle depicting everlasting love without a beginning or end. It is a symbol that reminds the couple of their vows and their commitment to each other whether they are together or miles apart.

This is one symbol that signifies that a man or woman is married and hence unavailable is unanimously accepted the world over.The wearing of the wedding ring thus, though only symbolic, is still one of the most important ways of showing commitment.

A man’s wedding ring that is chosen with care would act as a constant reminder of the young woman who promised to walk side by side and face every problem that they encounter as a couple, together. It would for years remind him of the promises made and dreams dreamed.

In fact, there is no other symbol of love that perhaps ties a husband and wife together more than wedding rings.  Thus, one of the most important tasks for a bride-to-be is to choose the perfect ring from the myriad of men diamond wedding bands available in the markets today.

Dec 22

Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Designer wedding rings are the choice of all women. Unique wedding bands for women are more preferred. Wedding rings are to be chosen with proper care. The couples shop for the wedding ring together, and this is the better way to get wedding engagement rings as matching pairs. Preferences of the partner can also be known when they try to go together to purchase the unique wedding rings. There are many ways you can make your wedding bands stand uniquely.

For this, few things are to be decided initially, speak with your partner about how much you can spend on the wedding rings. Cheap wedding rings can be found in online jewelry portals. Also, decide on the gemstone. You can choose ruby, sapphire, and diamonds. You can also mix vibrant colored gemstones and diamonds on the rings.

Design and style of different patterns occupies the shelves of the jewelry shops and online jewelry portals. Therefore, ending up on one that is trendy, stylish and unique is not a tough job. However, you should look for the quality of the metal used and the stones used in the designer jewelry. Unique wedding bands for women that are never used by others are a bit difficult to find.

Most of the diamond jewelry is purchased from the jewelry chains and hence few pieces that are similar may be found. If you are looking for a piece of design diamond jewelry that is the only piece of that style and design, you may end up searching in vain. At times, you may find singularly crafted wedding rings, but they are hugely expensive. Women, who are particular about style and design, can try out shopping the online jewelry portals.

"Unique Wedding Bands for Women"

Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Types of wedding engagement rings are of much variety. The carved band happens to be the most preferred wedding band by women. Eternity wedding rings are also perfect choices. Antique jewelry again is a good choice. The eternity bands are considered unique as they have diamonds spread all over the band. They are elegant and have an aesthetic sense, which impress many women.

Due to these features, they are priced high than others. Unique wedding bands for women in antique style can be handed as a family heirloom too. They are no more designer wedding rings that are got from previous generations alone. Prong, half styles and full styles can be chosen based on convenience and preference.

Another way of getting unique wedding bands for women is to engrave or inscribe words on them. You can inscribe initials, which is more common. Pet names can also be inscribed on the rings. If you are at a loss of words, to be inscribed, try getting some phrases of poetry.

Many online jewelry portals offer this customization for genuine costs and even conventional shops let customers engrave or inscribe letters at inexpensive rates. Luxurious styles and designs are found for less cost these days. If you are pressed for low budget, then try out wholesale diamond jewelry that is afforded at factory price.

Dec 16

Eternity Diamond Bands

Love is eternal and to show the fathom of the everlasting love, the eternity bands are the perfect choice. Many designer wedding rings are in the market, but most of the people thing what is so remarkable about the eternity rings! Eternity diamond bands are diamond wedding rings that have diamonds placed all around the ring. The band of the ring wraps around the thin row of diamonds.

Diamonds of any cuts can be used for these bands while round cuts happen to be the popular choice. Eternity bands keep gaining more audience for their aesthetic sense. Diamonds are not the only stones present; you can also couple it up with the birthstones or any precious stone.

De Beers popularized eternity diamond bands in 1960s. An agreement, intrinsic between Soviet Union and the diamond seller had been the reason the eternity wedding ring came into existence. The conventional style of the eternity rings, often known as full style, has the diamond stones all around the ring. This is the popular choice of women still. However, even those who like the style feel it clumsy to wear it every day or through work. Manufacturers make it a point to place smaller stones instead of large ones to make it easy to wear.

"Eternity Diamond Bands"

Eternity Diamond Bands

Not for all the diamond jewelry lovers full style is comfortable even with the smaller diamond stones. This brought in the necessity of the half style wedding ring design of the eternity band. Half style wedding rings are the designs that do not shed off the full style perfectly while it never made wearing the ring a cumbersome process.

The stones in the half styles are placed only in the face portion of the ring. Not only the rings are much comfortable to wear, but also they are also much affordable compared to the full style eternity wedding rings. Many always think twice to get the half style as they feel the eternity of love is lowered. If you feel half style is an imperfect metaphor that your love is not eternal and if you can afford money then full style unique wedding rings are perfect.

Eternity diamond bands can be worn alone as a piece of diamond jewelry, it goes well. You can also add it to the wedding engagement rings it complements them. You can get them in all sorts of styles and designs, like prong, bezel, or channel set. You can stack them together and wear them to match your mood and occasion. You wear the eternity diamond bands for travel.

They are seamless for any occasion. You can also add stones of vibrant colors like ruby, blue sapphire. With a mix and match of these, you can prove how versatile you are. You can also choose any shape you desire – squares, oblongs, and rectangles. With many such styles and designs, the eternity bands are the best choice for the wedding anniversary. Articulating love on the anniversary is better with the eternity wedding engagement rings. This is a distinctive symbol of eternal love.

Nov 30

Wedding Diamond Bands for Women

Wedding diamond bands for women are the bonding elements that seal the pact of lifelong togetherness. The very word conjures images of the phrase and they lived happily ever after’. The plain gold wedding bands are now upgraded into designer wedding diamond bands that are the dream buy of any-to-be-wedded couple. There is a spurt of diamond jewelry in the wedding market with more and more people purchasing a wedding ring that dazzles with diamonds.

Designer jewelry is the trendiest new concept that is the rage amongst the current generation. Couples that are more elderly are also loyal customers of diamond jewelry that are of exclusive designs. Gifting options have now found a rise in purchasing capacity and the presence of discount diamond jewelry has aided in the buying campaign.

A wedding is an opportune moment to invest in unique wedding rings and even the men-folk are not left behind in this crusade. Finding the right wedding rings that appeal to both, genders are imperative for an everlasting experience. Surviving diamond rings on the fingers of elderly married couples make a statement on the everlasting quality of the jewelry. Wedding diamond bands for women are now available at the wholesale diamond store.

Online jewelry stores pave way for an enriching and wholesome buying familiarity that is similar to visiting any jewelry shop, in person. There is a numerous range of designer wedding rings vying for attention alongside the traditional wedding diamond bands for women, fit for all genders and sizes. The presence of such enormous variations of jewelry online is a premium factor that attracts more and more people to the World Wide Web.

"Wedding Diamond Bands for Women"

Wedding Diamond Bands for Women

Individuals who are on a budget wedding scheme or just not willing to part with the hard savings can avail discount diamond rings through wholesale diamond jewelry sales. The existing wholesale diamond rings stores provide the answer for people with varied buying capacity. Cheap wedding rings are now available via jewelry online stores catering to audiences with different wallets.

Visit any online diamond jewelry store and decide from the array of wedding engagement rings on the internet shelves. There is unique jewelry online that are part of a huge collection of diamond design jewelry.

It is a proven fact that women are more oriented towards purchasing and adorning the body with ornaments. The wedding season is the apt scenario where the need to acquire the ultimate designer wedding rings, is at the foremost in the mind of the to-be-wedded bride. Fashionable wedding diamond bands for women are available in wholesale diamond rings shops too.

Unlike earlier days, the wholesale market caters to a wide range of products that exist in the market, in different designs. Even the design diamond jewelry is presented online in eye-catching collected works. Avail wedding diamond jewelry online from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Wedding rings are the most prized possession in a couple’s life. What is the best way to proclaim the devotion and companionship other than with wedding diamond bands for women! Glow with love for each other, enhanced with the irradiating luminosity from diamond-studded wedding bands.


Nov 27

Designer Wedding Diamond Bands

Wedding is a festival which comes with lots of joy, excitement and fun. For the wedding couple it’s a thrilling moment as they are about to start a new life together with a partner now – A quite strange felling. But the wedding isn’t complete without the designer wedding diamond bands; this diamond jewelry is the essential part of any wedding festival.

However, there are lots of other diamond jewelries available for wedding like wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants but still the significance of designer wedding diamond bands comes first always. And if they are designer then they make you feel some more especial on your most anticipated day of life.

Everyone has some dreams for his/her marriage; on the wedding day couple is being treated like prince and princess hence there should be something that can improve their persona which can match the crown’s status. And designer wedding diamonds bands do the same with elegance. In fact, these types of diamond wedding rings have become the wedding symbol now.

Wedding bands are considered as the most romantic asset you receive or gift on your wedding and it defines a lifetime bond in between you and your life partner. So, just don’t ignore the fact and go for the best wedding jewelry which can symbolize your forever love and dedication with each other.

"Designer Wedding Diamond Bands"

Designer Wedding Diamond Bands

However, some considerations are required when you shop diamond jewelry through online jewelry store or an offline one. Be sure that the diamond ring, you have decided to buy, is reviewed by other customers and rated too. Look if the reviews are genuine and don’t look like articulated. Ask the details of diamond band with the jeweler about its make, design, metal used etc. Additionally, if you are concerned with designer wedding diamond bands then you should choose the designs carefully.

An ideal diamond band carries the same sized diamond on its upper side and it should clearly observable. The dimensions of a wedding band are already standardized by the leading diamond jewelry designers. Well, it all depends on your budget; as you choose the diamond jewelry settings the price varies accordingly. Cheap diamond wedding bands usually do have the diamond studded approx 1/5 of the overall circumference.

Today, white gold wedding bands are in trends whilst the yellow gold diamond bands are the things of past. The trends depend on what customers’ need actually. But where the customers’ do lack is the proper information therefore it is recommended to study at least some basic terms so that you can shop diamond jewelry while staying on safe side.

However, if you choose platinum as the metal for your diamond wedding band then it may increase the overall cost. Platinum came into diamond jewelry scenario before about 15-16 years and now it has become the primary choice of the customers. Especially, it has dominated the diamond jewelry made of white gold metal.

So, make your wedding especial and enjoy it like a festival with designer wedding diamond bands.

Nov 23

His and Hers Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a symbol of an inseparable bond. The diamond wedding bands are preferred since the stone is extremely durable, and that marks the fact the bond is eternal. It is particularly vital that one chooses the apt his and her wedding bands. Especially if, the diamond rings are going to be a matching set, the selection process has to be carried over meticulously.

Matching wedding rings are not only chosen for superstitious reasons, but also for the elegance and beauty. When choosing matching diamond rings, the couple has to keep in mind that exact designs cannot be found in diamond jewelry. Only the style of the halo engagement ring is same in these matching rings. Of course, since the people who wear the matching sets belong to two different sexes, the rings cannot be exactly alike. The partners are bound to have their own similarities and dissimilarities and the same is the case with the matching diamond wedding bands.

There are many choices for his and hers wedding bands. Different styles like the Greek key, classic rope designs are available. The couple can take a look of all. Unlike the unique engagement rings, the matching wedding bands are not easily to be found in large numbers. Therefore, you can take the aid of online stores if you want one. The online jewelry stores have a vast collection of unique engagement rings and wedding bands.

"His and Hers Wedding Bands"

His and Hers Wedding Bands

You need not move from one store to another to get hold of a diamond shank you desire. Another advantage is that you can compare prices of different wedding bands. In addition, there is an option of designing your own diamond wedding split shanks. You can also get a digital image of the ring you have designed. This is an excellent way to shop if you are in a hurry, to get the wedding shopping done. You can shop from the comfort of your home.

Getting hold of a perfect pair of his and hers wedding bands is easily possible if one of the couples is ready to compromise. Many different ways one can make the wedding bands unique too. Along with the diamond stones, the birthstones of the couple can be designed. For this, the perfect mounting of the stones has to be done.

Also, looking for the fact that if the rings can be used for all formal and informal occasions will help in procuring the one you need. You get discount diamond rings from online stores. If the budget is your concern, then you need to choose the metals based on your affordability. Silver, white gold and yellow gold are cheaper than platinum. This does not mean lack of quality or elegance in gold and silver.

There are striking designs available these two metals too. All one needs to do have the wedding band for a couple in the desired fashion of both is to decide on the choice of both and then arrive at a common decision. Diamond wedding bands are the first investment, and the compromise has to begin from there eventually.

Nov 20

Eternity Wedding Bands

The best way to seal your vows is with a diamond wedding band, and just like the eternity of the diamond, your relationship is sealed forever!

Do you want to what are actually the diamond eternity wedding bands? Well it is in vogue, to gift the bride with a diamond eternity wedding band and not simply a mundane wedding band. Diamonds will all over surround the band, and this is the reason they will send a sparkle in whichever angle it is.

The diamonds have been symbolic of the indestructible love, and this is the reason why eternity wedding band is most befitting for a wedding. Eternity bands can be even given at the time of engagement. When you propose, you need something that your love will simply find irresistible.

Many are of the opinion that eternity wedding bands are not that attractive since they lack the central diamond. This is true but one must realize that the eternity bands have diamonds all over, and they consistently keep dazzling because of the diamonds scattered all along. This is the reason why many people nowadays are getting an eternity band.

Regarding variety, you can have all of your creative genius with the cut and shape of the diamond. The exact, common ones have round cut diamonds in prong settings. This looks especially terrific in a platinum setting because platinum lets the sparkle to light in each diamond.

"Eternity Wedding Bands"

Eternity Wedding Bands

The second option is the bar setting and in this form thin bars hold the diamond in place. In this form, of a setting even more light enters the diamond and makes them look brighter. In case of a channel setting, which is another option the diamond hides in the metal, but this is preferable for people who are doing rough work. This way the diamond is saved from damage.

The princess cut diamonds are the best choice because the more the cut, the shinier will be the diamond. However, you can try some other cuts like the baguette cut also. In fact, you can give rise to your own unique ring by many ways. You have an option to choose from the different Carat of diamond, different color, different cut, and different clarity.

Even the groom can give a thought to wear an eternity wedding band for his wedding ring. Some of the designs made for men are rather masculine, and they are extremely comfortable to wear also. The ring is a symbol of commitment and celebration, and you must make it truly unique.

However, the talk about eternity wedding bands is not complete unless I guide you how to fit it in your budget. For example if you are not truly wanting a platinum band, try a 14k or 18k white gold ring. This will pull the price to a considerable amount.

When gold is mixed with certain alloys, it changes to silver color and this option is compelling enough. People are also using palladium as the metal; palladium has a lower specific gravity and hence it weighs less. Therefore, it makes the ring more affordable.

Nov 14

Women Diamond Wedding Bands

Need to choose a diamond wedding band and do not know how or are you confused which type of wedding band would be perfect for the woman? Well, all you need to do is get a basic knowledge of some of the basic kinds of women diamond wedding bands, their features and you will be happy to go. Let us have a look at some of them.

For starters, you need to know that women diamond wedding bands are usually made of gold, silver, or other precious metals and typically included ½ to 5 carats of diamonds. After that, you need to be sure about what size of ring you need. Knowing the right size of the diamond wedding band for your woman partner can help you to narrow down on the range of options.

Next, you must think of what style of diamond wedding band you want to buy. There is a variety of diamond bands, like traditional bands, antique bands, hand-made bands or personally customized bands. To choose what kind you need, think of the design you want or like. For e.g. a diamond wedding band with a classic design and graceful look or a band elegantly designed with captivating and attractive features.

"Women Diamond Wedding Bands"

Women Diamond Wedding Bands

There are also many different materials from which women diamond wedding bands are made. Most commonly used materials are nickel, platinum, tungsten, ceramic, and titanium. You must also take note of the fact that some women are allergic to nickel, so check if your woman has any allergies from it before buying a nickel diamond wedding band. Typically, wedding bands made from titanium, platinum or ceramic are non- allergic.

There are also many varieties of gold, white gold or platinum bands, which you can select from. You must also select the proper kind of diamond you need; there are various kinds, shapes, and colors to choose from. When it comes to the color of the wedding band, you need to consider what kinds of shades your woman likes.

In addition, women have this thing of wearing all things matching, not only to their dresses, but also to their own skin color. Use your imagination a little bit and think of which color will suit her as well as her choice.

More recently, there have been many advanced modifications in the manufacturing and designing of women diamond wedding bands, with new design techniques like engraving, unique featured pattern designs, and decorations as well as using fully nontraditional materials like wood for manufacturing the wedding bands.

Think of your woman’s personality while choosing here – a free spirited, outgoing girl would like a nontraditional and an unusually uniquely designed wedding band; while a nurturing, loving and introvert girl would love to wear a traditional, soft and easy on the eye kind of wedding band.

While actually buying women wedding diamond bands, check out if there are any discounts available on the diamond jewelry. However, do not go for cheap diamond rings in your quest of discount diamond jewelry. Wedding rings are a one-time purchase so make sure you buy the right kind of diamond jewelry.