Jun 24

How Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Stores Save Your Money

There prevails a common thought that diamond jewelry wholesale stores offer the best value for money. If you have also heard this through a friend or a family member, and if you are not sure of how this happens, this blogpost will help you with the answer.

In today’s world, one particular thing that people are not willing to spare, is time. So, if you want to save time while buying diamond jewelry, you need make efforts to find out the most trusted online wholesale diamond store that offers exquisite jewelry at affordable prices. With the help of an online jewelry shop, you can purchase your favorite ornaments from the comfort of your home.

Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Stores

Also the money you spend at an online diamond jewelry store is totally worth it. Because, you not only get exciting offers and discounts, but great designs and personalized customer service too. However, you need to be careful while choosing from the several diamond jewelry wholesale stores because there are quite a few unauthentic providers as well.

Unique designs, testimonials, their refund policy, people’s reviews about the site on the Internet and the certifications obtained from authority agencies such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), etc. shows that a website is genuine. So, always try to look for these details before deciding to go for a particular jewelry store.

Save By Shopping at Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Stores

A wholesale diamond store specializes in offering the best rates in the market. This is because, unlike the retail counterparts, they do not sell merchandise at highly marked up rates to cover the overhead cost. As a result, most wholesale stores not only quote lower prices on their jewelry, but also goes ahead in extending discounts even on single items such as a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond stud earrings.

They even provide free shipping for the order you place, giving a chance to save more on your jewelry shopping. So, there are more than one ways you can save by purchasing from wholesale diamond stores.

Other Benefits of Shopping at Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Store

When compared, some jewelry stores offer excellent discounts and schemes to the customers while others don’t. Just surf through the diamond jewelers’ websites and make a rough comparison of the rates. It would be obvious that the rates differ on each site. Plus, there are few additional benefits such as:

1. Impeccable quality in jewelry

2. Better, sophisticated diamond cut

3. Larger inventory

4. Variety in designs

Most of the diamond ornaments you find on an online shopping site are usually carefully designed, manufactured with near perfection and asked for opinions from various customers, before they’re displayed on the website. This ensures that you receive a better shopping experience with an online wholesale store than with an offline store.

To conclude, check out various options and cherish the experience of buying from diamond jewelry wholesale stores.

Oct 04

Certified Diamonds – The Know-How of Getting Certified Diamonds

certified diamonds

Finding you a unique piece of diamond jewelry can be an exhilarating and soul rejuvenating experience especially for those with a passion for diamonds. Though some find it as a beautifying ornament, for the rest it is a source of investment.

Therefore it is essential to undertake an informed and an educated decision to get quality and certified diamonds that last for a lifetime and continue rendering its exhilarating feel.

Grade of Certification for Diamonds

There is a standard certification for diamonds that is common universally and is given by the Gemological institute of America. Commonly referred to as the GIA certification, one can be assured of the quality of diamonds one purchases.

The GIA certification was opted in 1931, about 73 years ago and employs eminent scientists, diamond graders and other experts on diamonds and precious stones. They are also the pioneers in introducing the 4Cs of diamonds as discussed later in this article.

Across the world, every jeweler and buyer of diamonds recognizes GIA as the standard for the quality of diamonds they buy, including the biggest diamond jewelry brands in the industry.

Another standard for certifying diamonds is the AGS system, which is a ten point scale to grade diamonds based on their cut, color and clarity in a definite format. Zero refers to absolute flawless diamonds whereas 10 denote flawed ones.

Why Buy Certified Diamonds?

Buying certified diamonds not just add value to your money but also ensures piece of mind in making such a big investment on a single piece of jewelry.

Ten different types of appraisals and six different types of grades are available with each independent jeweler when it comes to the quality and 4Cs of diamonds. To remove this bizarre opinion and to introduce a common standard for certified diamonds, this GIA certification was formerly introduced.

When buying diamond jewelry from an independent jeweler, make sure the jeweler is certified under GIA standards as it is the most accurate certification ensuring unbiased opinions while grading diamonds.

Parameters for Certifying Diamonds

So far, in this article, we were talking about the 4Cs of diamond certification, based on which the GIA accredits the jeweler. It is now time to know the details of these parameters.

a.      Cut

Diamonds when mined from earthly sources has its own shape, color and shine. But every piece of diamond regardless of its natural properties gets its brilliant shine and scintillation by cutting and polishing its facets.

Proper cut of these gems, allows the maximum amount of light to be absorbed and reflected towards its top enhancing the glow of the gem. This property is lost if it gets cut too shallow or too deep.

b.     Color

Remember VIBGYOR in school? Yes the colors of the rainbow, every quality diamond is available in each of these colors, though diamonds in the white range are most commonly preferred by most people.

GIA certifies white diamonds ranging from D-colorless to Z-light yellow based on the color. But the best form of this diamond is no colorless. This also allows light to easily pass through it and disperses it in seven different colors of the rainbow.

Only experts can minutely watch these differences in the color of diamonds and certify them as those present with GIA.

c.      Clarity

Certified diamonds have excellent clarity with less flaws and blemishes when viewed through a magnifying glass of 10 power magnification. GIA gives grading from flawless to imperfect 3 based on the amount of location of flaws and blemishes.

Inclusions or birth marks are inseparable from diamonds. But abundance of these may interfere with reflection of light. So lesser the inclusions, greater is the quality of these certified diamonds. A diamond that is completely free from inclusions and blemishes is very rare and quite valuable.

d.     Carat Weight

This is the weight of the diamonds and is measured in carats. The carat weight also reflects on the rarity and of course the price of these certified diamonds.

Carat weight of diamonds in the unit is measured by dividing one Carat into 100 points. If a diamond weighs 70 points, then its weight is 75 carats. But each single diamond does not fall in one single category even if they measure the same, as they can differ greatly in their color, cut and clarity.

Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Diamonds

Though there may not be any physical difference between certified diamonds and a non-certified diamonds, and a minor material on paper in the name of certificate won’t affect diamond quality in anyway, there is still a tangibility associated with certified diamonds.

Anyway, certified diamonds assure you with legal assurances while making your investment on diamonds along with ensuring the quality of diamonds you purchase worth it

Certified diamonds informally tells its owners that it has been independently recognized as the gem possessing all basic and essential qualities specified by the standards. And it adds beauty and pedigree to your loved ones.

Uncertified diamonds does not pass these standards and are purely sold by the sales talents and skills of the jeweler. However not all uncertified diamonds are bad ones.

Advantages of Buying Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds have a room for making informed decision about the purchase. Customers can compare and contrast the qualities of diamonds in one shop with the other which may not be possible with uncertified ones, as they precisions differ from one jeweler to another.

GIA and AGS certification of diamonds enhances its quality and value as they are recognized worldwide. This may also set standards for their insurance and replacements as well. Resale value may be very less for uncertified diamonds.


After having known the details behind certified diamonds, never rush onto making your purchase. Millions of years have been acquired for formation of these precious stones and for experts to frame guidelines in ensuring their quality.

Therefore spend quality time in buying certified diamonds and add more value to your time and money you spend on them.