May 29

Platinum Diamond Rings for Women

There is something special about platinum diamond rings for women. These rings have turned out to be the perfect engagement rings for a number of couples who have had heart-warming stories of love, affection and strong bond.

However, picking out the perfect platinum ring can be a little challenging. There are so many do’s and don’ts to know, several jewelry stores to buy from, and literally hundreds of designs to go through before making your decision to buy.

platinum diamond rings for women

How to Choose Platinum Diamond Rings For Women

  • The first and perhaps the most vital aspect of a good platinum diamond ring is whether its appearance appeals to you or not. A perfectly appearing diamond platinum ring would contain the following elements – finely polished and flawless diamond cut, high quality platinum, uniqueness in diamond placement, stunning diamond color, etc.
  • Learning about the specifications of the rings is another critical aspect of the entire platinum purchase process. A good store always states the diamonds and ring specifications clearly to the customers so that they know that they’re paying the right price for their platinum diamond ring.

Why Platinum?

Platinum is one of the rarest and among the costliest metals on the earth. If you’re buying pure platinum piece that has 95% of the precious metal and 5% of alloy, then it would cost you much higher. A lot of people prefer platinum over white gold and yellow gold because of it shine, purity and elegance. Few more reasons why you can opt for platinum based diamond rings:

  • Every year, around 130 tons of platinum is mined as compared to over 1,700 tons of gold.
  • In order to produce one ounce of platinum, ten tons of ore is required for a five month process.
  • It is the one of the rarest metals on earth and most of it comes from South Africa or Russia.

Fact: Ruthenium or Cobalt are commonly used platinum alloys because they are sturdy and make your ring band sturdier and stronger.

Platinum diamond rings are available in a broad range of varieties. Therefore going for the ones that you feel are completely unique should be on the top of your checklist. In order to get a unique jewelry item, you can go for custom made platinum diamond rings where you can decide the diamond carat, the diamond cut, the prongs setting, etc. This way you know that no one else has the kind of ring you’ve designed. Besides that, they also have customized rings to suit everyone’s individual preferences. Apart from uniqueness, keep your loved one’s taste in mind while picking a platinum ring.

platinum diamond rings for women


The fact that it is not easily mined, makes platinum a sought-after metal for jewelry lovers. That’s one reason why platinum rings have become so popular among the people across the world. If you’re really looking to buy a ring, then platinum diamond rings for women are definitely worth going for.

platinum diamond rings for women

The fact that celebrities have started using this metal has attracted a lot of attention to it. Recently, in Kansas City a woman mistakenly dropped her platinum ring in the cup of a homeless man. Miraculously, he tracked her down and returned it exactly the way he found it. Platinum, itself, is reaching celebrity status and it comes as no surprise that people are choosing it over gold.

You need to find a good jeweler if you want the perfect platinum ring. Take your time and choose an item that falls within your budget and looks great, as well. Platinum diamond rings for women form the perfect gift.

Mar 21

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women

When it comes to gemstone and diamond rings for women, we inevitably think, ‘the bigger the better’! Whilst the jewelries associated with the rich and famous and Hollywood celebrities are usually oversized diamonds and gemstones in unconventional designs, there are no reasons why you cannot procure such pieces at affordable rates to please the lady love of your life.

However, understanding a few basics pertaining to diamond cuts, gemstones, diamond carats will go a long way in fetching you the best deal.

gemstone and diamond rings for women

Gemstone and diamond rings Buying Tips

Diamond cut

The diamond cut is the most important factor that determines the price of the diamond and other precious gemstones. Round cut diamonds are reckoned as one of the best and are usually the most expensive ones too. Another popular and equally expensive diamond is the princess cut diamond.

If you are looking for a stylish, large size yet cheap diamond ring, you can go for oval cut diamond rings. The oval cut diamond rings not only look ultra-chic but also appears larger in size than the conventional round cut diamond rings.

Buying marquise, pear or oval shaped gemstones and diamonds embedded rings are other wonderful alternatives when it comes to budget rings for women.

The natural elongated shape of these stones makes them appear bigger in size vis-a-vis traditional round cut stones with a higher carat weight. Thus, you get a ring with a bigger looking stone that is far lighter on the wallet.

Ring Setting

Another important thing to consider while buying diamond or gemstone rings for women at economical prices is the setting of the stones. Opt for a cluster setting ring to woo your beloved lady and she is likely to go berserk on your choice of diamond or gemstone ring with a huge stone popping out!

These rings with a cluster setting have an array of precious stones put together in a single setting.

It is a universal fact that the diamonds are expensive because of their rarity. Even rarer are the larger sized diamonds. This implies that a single large diamond is much more valuable and expensive than two smaller diamonds of the same carat weight.

Thus, buying cluster setting diamond or gemstone rings allows you to have a higher combined carat value ring at a far cheaper price than a ring with a single diamond of the same weight.

A three setting gemstone ring combined with a diamond in the middle is a popular choice of multi-setting ring. The ring can be presented to commemorate special occasions like birth of your first child or your child’s graduation day.

Combination Rings

Diamonds with scads of colored gemstones around can add oodles of pizzazz, glamour and elegance to the ring. For instance, a diamond rings combined with a royal blue colored sapphire or a blazing red ruby gemstone not only makes the rings look pleasing to the eye but also adds that extra value and significance to the ring.

Several people choose to include their birthstone or their lucky zodiac gemstone to liven up the diamond ring. Adding a colorful birth stone is a stupendous way to add a personalized touch to a diamond engagement ring and slashing the cost considerably.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are expensive not because of the diamond alone but also due to superior craftsmanship, detailing and an intricate arrangement of the gemstones on them. Most people ignore the fact that the setting of the gemstones over the diamond ring plays a vital factor in adding that additional ‘wow’ factor to the diamond rings.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are available in a wide assortment of colors, designs and patterns in the market and choosing the right ring for your sweetheart wouldn’t be herculean if you know her taste in jewelry.

Feb 25

Bridal Rings Ideas and Suggestions for Brides

Bridal Rings

Bridal Rings

Your happiness and excitement is immeasurable as your wedding date is nearing. While you have tightened your belt a notch higher to get everything perfect for the wedding, do not leave the decision of buying the bridal rings all to the lucky groom.

Ask Him His Budget Well in Advance

You might have dreams of having a grand and luxurious bridal ring, but the rings after all are only symbolic of your blissful life with your husband. For a hassle free ceremony and life ahead, discuss the budget plan and allocation for the wedding ceremony and ring with your partner. It should be a healthy and beautiful journey for both of you, not trouble.

Do Some Introspection

Your friend had a very romantic flamboyant wedlock completed with lavish engagement and wedding ring recently, which can get you wishful to have a similar experience. Get some time to reflect on your relationship and present state of things. The wedding is to celebrate your bond and should be a representation of the same. As to the bridal rings, be it simple or grand; just try to remember it should be what you are.

Choosing the Right Ring

Your engagement ring can say a lot about you, so be choosy and careful when you can before buying. The brilliant round diamond ring is among the most popular diamond cut. If you are a traditionalist, you would admire the brilliant sparkle of the round cut diamond bridal ring on your finger than anything else. For the traditionalist brides with modern taste, princess cut diamond will make the perfect center stone in the engagement ring.

If you have a very active and busy lifestyle, you probably would not like accidental damage to your bridal rings because of wear and tear. In such cases, you should always choose a simple and contemporary ring style that needs minimum care and maintenance. Channel set rings or parallel rings might be more for you than the intricate integrated rings.

Different in Your Own Way

You and your better half can together design custom bridal rings for each that reflects your style and personality. Do not forget the groom’s ring in all the thrill of choosing your own ring. You can also match your wedding bands with a similar style to convey your everlasting love bond through your rings.

Respect His Feelings

He has chosen a ring for you after putting up so much effort and money, but it’s not even close to what you would have liked. You are now perplexed whether to tell the truth or not. The best thing is to tell the truth without any delay so that the amendments can be done in time. Be careful when you do so. Try not to hurt his feeling by being too bashful about your dislike for the ring. Choose your words carefully.

In the end, you and he together have to choose the best for a happy life together. A little adjustment and compromise for your love won’t hurt.

Feb 18

Secrets to Getting Discount Diamond Engagement Rings

When you know that the picture perfect image of asking her hand in marriage is not complete without quality discount diamond engagement rings, you should better find ways to get it within your means considering your budget constraints. It is not all that difficult because we are here to help you with the secrets of getting the perfect diamond ring for your perfect going-to-be bride.

The Longer, The Better

First and foremost, it is very important to know that when it comes to diamond, there is something for everyone irrespective of how small or huge your budget is. You can buy a ring with a minuscule diamond at a very small price. But, the downside could be that the diamond on the ring would be too small to be noticed.

It is always advisable to wait a little longer to ask her hand in marriage. It will not only give you enough time to put some more weight in your pocket but also to find a good discount deal on for your diamond ring.

Go Online

One of the guru mantra for your future buy is that always choose online (e-commerce) buy over the fashion street jewelers. Online shops are usually more pocket friendlier than the physical counterparts as they have much lesser overhead costs (cost of running a posh shop etc.) leading to lower cost of products.

It is indeed the right time to sit in front of your computer/ laptop and look for some real good deals on discount diamond engagement rings. Here are a few pointers to help you with your quest:

  • The online price comparisons for the available deals can be a great help to choose among the several available options.
  • You can look for the coupon codes and voucher offered by the online jewelers as these can get you a handsome discount which can be availed on the discount diamond engagement rings.
  • Do not overlook the quality of the ring and the diamond for the sake of a great price. The promise of a great saving with attractive deal prices can be a trap to make you fall for poor quality products.
  • Consider the four C’s of diamond, that is, colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, before you buy the ring.

For instance, D and G color diamonds look very similar to the ring setting. If your budget restricts you to go for the higher priced D colored diamond, you can easily substitute it with the G color diamond with a much lower cost.

Similarly, we can look for the varieties available based on cut, clarity and carat weight to choose the best within your budget.

Discount Diamond Engagement Rings

The most important of all, get to know what she wants. It can easily save you a lot of trouble of guessing and trying to hit the nail. If she likes rings with big stones, you can still find a premium quality diamond which is of a slightly lower grade of clarity and color.

As for the cut, look for the best cut you can get in your budget. Fasten your belts and get ready to dazzle her with your love and gorgeous discount diamond engagement rings on her finger.

Feb 09

How Three Stone Diamond Ring Makes a Perfect Engagement Ring

 Three Stone Diamond Ring

Diamond rings have always been a symbol of love and desire and one of the most enduring symbols of love is portrayed by the Three Stone Diamond ring. This ring holds the most romantic meaning in its design of the three stones.

Meaning Portrayed by the Three Stones in the Ring

The three stone diamond ring that depicts three stones on its surface has a deep and most lovely meaning of devotion.  Some say, these three stones represent the three main phases of a couple’s life – Past, Present and the Future. Most often designs of the ring show the center diamond to be larger than the ones on its sides.

This particular design tells us that the center, representing the ‘Present’ phase of the couple’s relationship is the most important. For a ring that displays such depth of devotion, would be a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

History of the Three Stone Diamond Ring

This classic 19th century Victorian style ring has become one of the most sought after by women from all backgrounds. Over the years, this style of ring has gained more value as a symbol of devotion to women. This style was first brought to America as an anniversary band and in time due to the rich symbolism of the three stones, the relevance of occasion changed from anniversary ring to an engagement ring.

It seems more appropriate to use this figurative resonance for an event that brings a man and a woman into a bond of eternal love. And since women have always been enticed by the beauty of love, what better than to use the three stone diamond ring, that’s full of rich meaning, as an engagement ring.

Modern Style of the Three Stone Diamond ring

Through the years, craftsmen have turned the classic design of the three stone diamond ring into a myriad of breathtaking designs that would truly render a woman speechless. The best and the most popular is the design where the center stone is larger than the side stones and having contrasting fancy diamond cuts.

The styles are done in a way where no matter which design is chosen, the center stone is always highlighted in some way or the other. With beautiful diamond cuts, color, metal type, additional assets, diamond settings and the inclusion of gemstones can turn the ring into a magnificent work of art.

Diamond Cuts

For engagement rings, it would be best to go in for popular diamond cuts like the solitaire, round brilliant, princess, emerald or the marquise cut. Each of these cuts have a significance of their own.

Diamond Color

Different shades and colors can be used for the diamond stones to highlight their beauty.

Metal Type

Gold (white and yellow), platinum and silver are some of the metals that are used for the band of the three stone diamond ring. According to the lady’s taste, the ring can be designed into a most beautiful engagement ring.


With assets like tiny diamond stones placed around the three main diamonds, the ring would portray a more royal look.

Diamond Settings

To create a more modern look to the classic style of the three stone diamond ring, various settings can be used to enhance the look of the diamonds. With the right choice, the ring can be chosen as an amazing engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a symbol for the start of a new life with the one you love. And three stone diamond rings would perfectly represent the true meaning of eternal devotion.

Dec 30

Cheap Womens Diamond Wedding Band

Wedding bands should complement the diamond engagement rings. Hence, it becomes a tedious task to choose the appropriate wedding rings. Cheap womens diamond wedding band is available in many designs and styles, and if you know how to choose and what to choose, it becomes more convenient. While you shop for designer wedding rings, you need to arrive at a decision of the style you intend to buy and the price tag you can afford.

When you want to buy cheap womens diamond wedding band, you need to look for recent trends. Diamond wedding rings need not be filled with diamond always. You can also choose designer wedding bands that also have gemstones of vibrant colors, contrasting the diamond stones. In addition, you need to consider the cut of the stone. Princess cut diamonds; oval diamonds, round diamonds are few popular designs.

The princess cut and the oval designs are the most preferred designs. You can also get diamond stones of different colors. Based on the colors of the stones, the cost may go down. For instance, a blue diamond is hugely expensive while yellow shade in the stone actually makes the price tag somewhat low.

"Cheap Womens Diamond Wedding Band"

Cheap Womens Diamond Wedding Band

When you want to buy cheap womens wedding ring, you should not only look for the design of the wedding ring, but for the engagement ring also. When you wear the wedding ring, it should go well with the engagement ring. Look for the cuts of the diamonds in the engagement ring and try to get the wedding band filled with diamonds of the same cut. If the engagement ring is stuffed with many diamond stones, make the designer wedding ring look simple. A round band that has small diamonds goes well with many designs like oval, pear shaped and solitaire engagement rings.

Do not stick to the rulebook too much. Consider your personality choices. You should choose a metal that can be cleaned easily if you need to do many chores. Gold is the best choice. Also, try the band when you purchase it. Of course, this option is not available in online jewelry stores, though they have a vast collection. On the other hand, they make your shopping experience cozy and comfort.

Many jewelry online portals offer you discount diamond rings. You need to be careful when you decide to purchase diamond jewelry online. Many sites that claim to offer cheap wedding rings for women are found to be fraudulent. Hence, choose a reliable site.

When you want to get cheap womens diamond wedding band, try to decide on the metal. You can find diamond wedding rings in metals like yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Titanium and platinum are the most expensive metals.

However, men only generally prefer titanium. When you choose silver, the cost of the wedding ring is much lower compared to that of gold and platinum. Also, take time and look into brochures and price lists of various jewelers, to get the wedding band at a good bargain.

Dec 28

Cheap Real Diamond Rings

 Cheap real diamond rings are available on the internet portals- do not let your jaw drop because this has been possible with the trend of wholesale diamonds! Diamond jewelry has become even more affordable now, and this season you can buy a discount diamond rings for all occasions.

So do not worry, you small pocket can surely afford discount diamond jewelry. Nevertheless, online jewelry has it due share of controversies and you must know how to differentiate a real from a fake. The best way to judge two diamonds for their genuineness is to gauge their brightness.

A real diamond will sparkle brilliantly. It will refract even little light entering it and so will look brilliant at all times. However, a fake diamond will shine only when held in light. Also, insist on seeing the certificate of authentication of the diamonds before purchasing.

Regarding the properties of diamonds, do you know that it is the hardest known material on earth? So you can comfortably wear a diamond jewelry all through the day and do your daily chores. Diamonds are passed on from generation to generation, and they never lose their value. Rather with time, their market value increases! It is also maintained with little care- little soapy water and a soft cloth can get rid of all the dust and grime that settle on the ring daily. Therefore, once you buy a diamond it will last you a lifetime.

"Cheap Real Diamond Rings"

Cheap Real Diamond Rings

Cheap real diamond ring is also the best way to express your deep love and strength of commitment. You can present it at all occasions- You could give it to your aged wife as a symbol of matured bondage, you can give it to your wife at the first anniversary to say how much you still love her, you could also give it your beau as a promise to hold her forever. A diamond has myriad other expressions that it can denote, and this is the reason whether birthdays or anniversary, it is the ideal gift for women.

Cheap real diamond rings are available in various jewelry online portals, but I would advise you that you deal with only those site of which you are sure. You must go through the reviews, testimonials, and comments of the customers available at the site and then decide about its authenticity. Call up the customer care cell and check for their professionalism. Also, try to pay via a credit card because many credit card companies will check the site before paying to them.

I will also advise you to compromise never on quality of the diamond. The reason for this is that it is a one-time investment. Therefore, you must do a thorough research regarding the prices. It is intriguing to note that even though various sites offer various prices for diamonds, they may vary from ten to fifteen percent. Therefore, do a Google Search and check the best deal for diamond wedding rings.

Cheap real diamond rings can increase your self-esteem to unattained heights and could be made for those who have a limited pocket. This has made the owning of real diamonds a dream-come-true for the common people.

Dec 25

Cheap Diamond Anniversary Bands

With each passing year, your love grows stronger, and you realize how much you want her in your life. Do you need the best way to express it to your wife? Gift her anniversary band. With the advent of discount diamonds, cheap diamond anniversary bands are available in the market, and you can choose one from it.

Gone are the days when a diamond put a hole in your pocket! Now there are discount diamond rings on the internet portals from where you may get your choice of cheap diamond anniversary bands. Do not worry each and every site will woo you with attractive prices and you need to do a good deal of research to get the best deal. Moreover, diamonds have the capability to enamor your woman. She will be enthralled at the sight of the diamond rings. Being in a pair, they give you to a chance to celebrate this occasion of love.

Anniversary sets of rings are extremely good options. They may be metallic form or encrusted with diamonds. Some couple like wearing similar rings and buying in sets makes surely for the matching criteria. Two rings will have similar design but one for a man and one for a woman, and they cry the slogan- together the man and woman are complete in love.

Therefore, the anniversary bands are most suitable for this form of occasion especially first anniversary. Wholesale diamond rings bought in pairs also cost you lesser than buying them separately. So celebrate your union with gifting each other an anniversary band.

"Cheap Diamond Anniversary Bands"

Cheap Diamond Anniversary Bands

Do you still think that antique rings are still for older couples? The times have changed and women nowadays enjoy wearing antique rings too. They are often associated with deep pride and possessiveness because it is symbolic of the elite protégé. It is undeniable that antique cheap anniversary bands have a level of artisanship, which is incomparable to the contemporary designs.

So presenting your other half with an antique ring is befitting since it is symbolic of matured love and bonding. Nevertheless, antique rings too vary in prices at certain times and so do some research to buy it at the correct time.

Creating cheap anniversary bands by you is also a brilliant idea. This will also signify how much you care for the relationship with your wife. Plan from beforehand and buy the stone separately. Apart from diamonds, sapphires and rubies too look extremely elegant in rings. The ring must also be bought separately as per the size of your and your wives finger.

Then from a reliable and known jeweler get the two assimilated. You can even get the dates or even messages like ‘I love thee’ encrusted at the inner edge. However, creating your own unique piece of cheap diamond anniversary bands must begin beforehand because this needs time to get in shape.

I personally feel that diamonds can be gifted at all occasions any every woman needs at least one diamond to cherish through her life. Remember anniversary bands will surely make the occasion special but with the diamond, you will make your ladylove cherish the diamond rings forever.

Dec 23

Cheap Diamonds

Diamond jewelry is considered perfect gift for women, especially for engagement. We all know that diamond is associated with expensive price tags, and cheap diamonds are available without compromising quality on them. When you want to cut down the cost of the diamond, wedding engagement rings you need to know few things, which can fetch you a good bargain and the best quality too. When you want to buy cheap wedding rings, know about the 4cs, the cut, clarity, carat, and color.

These factors have a lot of impact on the cost of the diamonds. For instance, the princess cut diamond is popular and inexpensive compared to the round brilliant cut. This is because in the latter, a major portion of the diamond is lost while cutting the stone. Few colors may add up the price of the diamond, as blue diamonds are expensive and a shade of yellow color in the stone will bring down the cost.

Cheap diamonds can be got easily if you know when and where to get them. Few diamonds are sold at good discount percentages on momentous occasions. A striking example is the heart shape diamond jewelry that is sold at heavy discounts during Valentine’s Day. You can also get them cheap during the whole year at the auction sites. If you do not prefer used diamond jewelry, discount jewelry can be found in online jewelry sites. They are great places to buy, and vast collections are available.

"Cheap Diamonds"

Cheap Diamonds

When you decide to get diamond jewelry from online jewelry shops, go through the reviews and testimonies. Getting an idea on choosing diamonds and jewelry online helps in getting the diamond jewelry, which is worth the money. Another place you can get cheap diamonds is the pawnshops, provided you know about the diamond jewelry design. If not you may end up being cheated. Another warning is that, since more people are after cheap diamonds, there are many fraud sites selling wholesale diamonds and wedding engagement rings.

Another way to get cheap diamonds is to decide on the design. Designs that are not much popular are sold at lower rates. They are elegant and stylish, still may not be a popular choice, hence the reason they are available at lower rates. You can also choose loose diamonds from online diamond jewelry shops, and even from the retailers in the neighborhood.

Another way to get cheap wedding rings is to decide on the budget and choose metals for the rings. Try to conclude if the budget is for the whole ring or just the diamond stone. You can choose metals like silver that are less expensive and you can spend on the diamonds a lot. You can also choose wholesale diamonds. Wholesale diamond rings are available in online jewelry portals and come for a lot cheaper.

When you want to get cheap wedding rings, you need to choose them meticulously as there are many fraudulent activities involved. In addition, most of the cheap designer wedding rings are not refundable, so you need to verify before you buy them. Beyond all these, if the wedding ring you buy is able to articulate your love, then there is no need to feel low about the price being cheaper.

Nov 24

Diamond Jewelry Sale

Diamond is always considered as a precious and expensive asset and thus diamond jewelry too. But it’s true as well that everyone loose his/her heart for designer diamond jewelry. It doesn’t only enhance your personality but makes you different from others in a gathering or party.

People tend to search the jewelry which is cheap, attractive and suitable to their personality. Not every piece of diamond jewelry can suit well to you therefore while buying diamond jewelry always keep in mind that jewelry should be according to your look. Additionally, you can go for the taste you like.

Diamond jewelry sale always attracts the bunch of audience because it offers them a chance to get the jewelry they love; especially for whom who can’t afford expensive diamond jewelry. You can avail costly diamond earrings, diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings etc in a diamond jewelry sale at very cheap prices. But at the same time you should be aware some essential points so that you don’t meet a fraud seller accidentally, more particularly, if you are buying jewelry online.

Diamond Jewelry Sale

Diamond Jewelry Sale

Here are some significant points:

  • Authenticity of the Jeweler: If you are buying jewelry through an offline jewelry store then you should go with the jewelers to whom you know well but if you are buying jewelry online then you should check the authenticity of the jeweler first otherwise you may fall in pits. Remember, authentic jewelers don’t allure the customers with luring offers.
  • Quality of Diamond: Next thing to consider while purchasing the jewelry is the quality of diamond used in jewelry. Quality depends on diamond cuts, carets etc. So, before finalizing the order check if the diamond if of high quality.
  • International Standards: Other significant factor to consider if the diamond jewelry follows the international standards set by different organizations. It secures your investment and in case you sell diamond jewelry then you can get handsome return on your investment. Don’t forget that buying diamond jewelry is a kind of investment too.
  • Website Security: If you are making your purchase through an online jewelry store then you should be sure that your financial data will be secure in the hand of store owner. Check out if the site has SSL certificate and using 128 bit security. Also, check if the URL where you are making payment starts with “https”.

However, these points are the most important but some other points are there too which you can opt for more security on your purchase.

Today, online jewelry shopping is in trend and it’s a good option too. You can find a diamond jewelry sale on internet virtually all the time. Some leading online jewelry stores do offer sale on special occasions like New Year, Christmas, and Black Friday etc. Shopping in festive season is a good option since jewelers offer discount diamond jewelry on festive seasons.

So just start your PC, go online and shop through a sale from reputed diamond jewelry store online. Happy Shopping!