May 18

18k White Gold Ring

An 18k White Gold Ring is unarguably the most elegant choice of ring for your lady. Being a reasonable alternative for platinum, white gold rings are one of the most comfortable metals to wear on a daily basis.

And the designs, you would find innumerable and the most impeccable ones. Moreover, the 18k White Gold Ring forms the latest fashion trend in jewelry.

A White Gold Ring, studded with diamonds is exclusively appealing. Talking about the metal choice, yellow gold is considered as the favorite of most traditional people. But in recent times, white gold rings are gaining higher popularity.

Comparatively, more people are showing higher interest in 18k White Gold Rings over conventional yellow gold rings.

18k white gold ring

Advantages of 18k White Gold Ring Over Other Metal Types

Well, white gold is described as classy and elegant by many, specifically when festooned with other precious or semi-precious stones to add to its innate beauty. Talking of designs, one can find unlimited designs for an 18k White Gold Ring. The best way to add to the beauty of your White Gold Ring is to get it decked with a single diamond in the center.

However, others may have a choice for other gemstones like amethyst or sapphire rather than having a diamond in the main setting.

Why choose an 18k White Gold Ring?

Cost is the largest benefit of choosing an 18k White Gold Ring over other metals. Being comparatively much inexpensive than platinum rings, White Gold Rings feature equal grace and articulacy as talking of designs and appearance.

Moreover, the amount spent to get a simple platinum ring can buy you a White Gold Ring studded with diamonds. And, choosing white gold over yellow gold for a diamond studded ring would highlight the stones in a better way. It allows better shine for the amazingly cut diamond.

Another important reason to choosing it lies in the fact that the finishing and luster of White Gold Rings has a longer life as compared to Platinum or Yellow Gold Rings. Generally, platinum rings are likely to become blunt and dull because of regular wear and tear.

White Gold, being a sturdy and strong metal, promises great durability. White Gold Rings feature much tougher prongs as compared to Platinum Rings. Prongs of a ring play a crucial role in holding the embedded stones firmly.  Adding further, 18k White Gold Ring appears trendy and goes with almost every outfit.

The unmatched élan presented by White Gold Rings adds to the wearer’s beauty by manifolds. It is the most appropriate choice for any kind of event. These are also a huge rant and rave in the world of fashion jewelry.

Tips to Buy White Gold Rings

Buying jewelry can be really an intimidating task. Therefore, before you make a final choice, it’s better to carry out a background check on the jeweler’s background for credibility and make sure that you consider only trusted jewelers. Buying from a trusted and reputable jeweler assures you to get high quality jewelry.

Also make sure to get a certificate to ensure the purity of the ring you have bought for yourself.

Other important factors that need consideration include design and size of the ring. Don’t make hasty decisions while making a choice for the design of your White Gold Ring. Also, it is very important for the ring to fit you right for an ill fitted ring may spoil the entire look of your 18k White Gold Ring.

Dec 14

Bridal Diamond Ring Sets

Bridal diamond ring sets comprises of an engagement ring as well as a matching wedding ring. The other name for the bridal diamond ring sets are matrimony sets. It is always more preferable to buy bridal ring sets because with the trend of wholesale diamonds these may actually cost you lesser than buying each ring individually.

Discount diamonds are ruling this season, and you may try to get a good deal online. Online jewelry portals have a fantastic collection of cheap wedding rings for women and any person can afford to buy diamonds nowadays. You can also shop for the rings in the brick and mortar shops if you are highly skeptical regarding the idea of shopping online, but in that case may be you will have to spend some more money. Yet you will have your peace of mind!

A little information and some adjustments can fit in a diamond bridal ring set in your budget. For example if instead of platinum and titanium, you choose some cheaper metals like tungsten or palladium you may have to spend fewer. Palladium has a lower specific gravity and hence weighs less for the same volume. This means you will have to spend less!

"Bridal Diamond Ring Sets"

Bridal Diamond Ring Sets

Tungsten is less costly than platinum. Even you could opt for 10k or 14k carat gold. I mean to say that as such, 18k gold is used for diamond jewelry and to fit this ring in your budget you can increase the alloy content in the ring. This will also increase the durability of the ring.

Women love to wear diamonds. Designer diamond rings are what women expect from their beau. However, do not be disheartened, you can fit in your budget. Recall the four C’s; if you go for the VS or VVS variety, your purpose is served as well as fit in your budget.

Instead of a flawless variety you can go for a slightly colored variety and believe me this will go un-noticed against the contour of the skin. Again, instead of going for a large one, go for multiple diamonds. This way you could cut down your prices by over sixty per cent.

Some bridal diamond ring sets even come with three rings-two for women and one wedding ring for the man. Some couples like the idea of wearing identical rings and for them; they can shop for their rings together. This invites even more discounts.

From another aspect, shopping for all the three rings individually may be a pain. Again, they may not match with each other. Therefore, the best way to do so is to go for sets. In the sets, a lovely solitaire ring may be coupled with a decent wedding band. In case the engagement ring is ornamental, the same pattern is followed in the wedding bands also. It is intriguing to note that most men are simply confused when it comes to the rings, and for them the best way to shop is to go for sets.

The best reason for buying in sets at the end of the day is to avoid confusion as well as earn discounts.

Nov 27

Designer Wedding Diamond Bands

Wedding is a festival which comes with lots of joy, excitement and fun. For the wedding couple it’s a thrilling moment as they are about to start a new life together with a partner now – A quite strange felling. But the wedding isn’t complete without the designer wedding diamond bands; this diamond jewelry is the essential part of any wedding festival.

However, there are lots of other diamond jewelries available for wedding like wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants but still the significance of designer wedding diamond bands comes first always. And if they are designer then they make you feel some more especial on your most anticipated day of life.

Everyone has some dreams for his/her marriage; on the wedding day couple is being treated like prince and princess hence there should be something that can improve their persona which can match the crown’s status. And designer wedding diamonds bands do the same with elegance. In fact, these types of diamond wedding rings have become the wedding symbol now.

Wedding bands are considered as the most romantic asset you receive or gift on your wedding and it defines a lifetime bond in between you and your life partner. So, just don’t ignore the fact and go for the best wedding jewelry which can symbolize your forever love and dedication with each other.

"Designer Wedding Diamond Bands"

Designer Wedding Diamond Bands

However, some considerations are required when you shop diamond jewelry through online jewelry store or an offline one. Be sure that the diamond ring, you have decided to buy, is reviewed by other customers and rated too. Look if the reviews are genuine and don’t look like articulated. Ask the details of diamond band with the jeweler about its make, design, metal used etc. Additionally, if you are concerned with designer wedding diamond bands then you should choose the designs carefully.

An ideal diamond band carries the same sized diamond on its upper side and it should clearly observable. The dimensions of a wedding band are already standardized by the leading diamond jewelry designers. Well, it all depends on your budget; as you choose the diamond jewelry settings the price varies accordingly. Cheap diamond wedding bands usually do have the diamond studded approx 1/5 of the overall circumference.

Today, white gold wedding bands are in trends whilst the yellow gold diamond bands are the things of past. The trends depend on what customers’ need actually. But where the customers’ do lack is the proper information therefore it is recommended to study at least some basic terms so that you can shop diamond jewelry while staying on safe side.

However, if you choose platinum as the metal for your diamond wedding band then it may increase the overall cost. Platinum came into diamond jewelry scenario before about 15-16 years and now it has become the primary choice of the customers. Especially, it has dominated the diamond jewelry made of white gold metal.

So, make your wedding especial and enjoy it like a festival with designer wedding diamond bands.

Nov 18

Diamond Bands for Women

Designer wedding rings are in vogue and with the availability of wholesale diamond bands for women have become extremely affordable. There is no need to break your bank. You can get some of the diamond jewelry online at affordable rates.

As the diamonds have become extremely affordable, there has also arisen a need for fair prices of diamond jewelries. The industry is resplendent with frauds and violence regarding diamond, and we are aware of it. The chains of hands that trade the diamonds often are deceptive and can commit frauds. This is the reason it is essential that you get an assured and fair deal for diamond jewelry, and I will tell you how to do so.

You should just ask the following questions to the seller- are these diamonds blood free. Where have they originated? Who cut and polished them? Do you have the papers for all the dealings you did on this diamond? Please show me the published documents of your policy. The dealer, who is genuine, will surely be able to give you all the satisfactory answers and documents.

It is rather sad that the diamonds that are brought from the third world countries are symbolic of much tyranny. Innocent people are forced to work in acute conditions only in exchange of few pennies. It is better avoiding these kinds of diamond jewelries made from such kind of diamonds. Then which diamonds are not taxing people? Well the diamonds that are being shipped from certain countries are better because there people are not exploited.

"Diamond Bands for Women"

Diamond Bands for Women

The only way to stop this exploitation from happening in the third world countries is to shun their diamonds and wedding rings or bands made by it. Wedding is an auspicious occasion, and in this state, it is essential that you do not have any negative vibes attached to it.

As for choosing, the ideal diamond bands for women, the first you should know is the ring size. Check the diamond ring that she is already wearing. If you do not want to make her aware then you can just take a size and match it with the chart. Next, that you must know is that whether she is allergic to Nickel or any other metal.

Most people are not aware that nickel used in the metallic part in the diamond engagement rings causes allergies to many women. The third criterion that you need to know is that whether she is fond of the traditional designs, or she likes more of the designer wedding rings. Wedding engagement rings come in a variety of choices.

Women have certain peculiarities, and they even like to match the material of the ring with their skin tone. Some women like to wear Silver, Platinum, and Titanium since it comes close to their contour. Similarly, some women prefer only gold for their unique engagement rings because they have gold like color! Women are afflicted with unlimited fancies, but they are distinct and you need to know the fancies that rule your women to decide the ideal diamond bands for women.

Nov 16

Diamond Jewelry Online Shopping

Diamond jewelry is no more luxury; especially on the days of tying knots, it becomes necessary. All women love to get designer wedding rings on the special day. Here, wedding rings that consist of diamond are the hallmark of love and affection.

It is not enough that you are just glad to get a diamond ring for your lady love, you should know too many other things to make sure that you spend on the designer wedding rings is worth the money. Since the advent of online shopping, all the tasks have been made easy. You can get the shopping done from the comfort of your home.

The greatest advantage in online jewelry shopping is that you get to see a massive collection. Hence, the reason the diamond jewelry online shopping is gaining more fans each day. There are many online retailers on the virtual space. You can see them offering discount diamond jewelry. You get them a lot cheaper compared to the conventional retailers.

The reason that the diamond jewelry and unique wedding rings are available for a cheaper price is that the existence of competition among the numerous online retailers. In addition, they sell wholesale diamonds. Additionally, they need not pay for infrastructure and related items in online jewelry store.

With the advantages, you need to be aware of the shortcomings too. It is particularly appropriate that you see few more things if you like diamond jewelry online shopping for getting your designer diamond jewelry and cheap wedding rings. Many sites are not reliable, only from genuine wholesale diamond jewelry dealer you will be able to get decent quality-wedding engagement rings.

"Diamond Jewelry Online Shopping"

Diamond Jewelry Online Shopping

You should not fail to verify if the website is safe for online transactions, which you would be doing when you look for jewelry online. Again, when you have the advantages like selecting from thousands of styles and designs and the ability to compare and contrast the price and features of the online jewelry you want to buy, you can forgo the tedious job of being meticulous.

When you have decided to go ahead with the diamond jewelry online shopping, you need to be careful about few things aside of the online jewelry dealer. Knowledge about the 4Cs is necessary. They are nothing but the cut, clarity, color and carat of the diamond jewelry. Only based on the four the quality of the design diamond jewelry is arrived at.

Then, you need to look for the mounting of the gemstone in the design diamond jewelry. See to that the style and design suits the person who would wear the wedding engagement ring.

You must also realize that discount jewelry is not the only way to get cheap wedding rings. Without compromising the carat, color, cut, or the clarity of the diamond, you can get them for lower prices. Choose the right metal. If you can spend more money, then go for the platinum. If you are pressed for your wallet’s weight, then you need to choose either silver or gold. You get refined and stunning designs from silver and gold also.