Apr 15

How Are Diamonds Cut

How Are Diamonds Cut

You may be bedazzled by stunning pieces of jewelry at a jewelry store when you set out for jewelry shopping but have you ever spared a thought on how are diamonds cut to create magnificent jewelry items? The cut is one of the 4 C’s that determines the worth of the diamond. A detailed discussion on diamond cutting mentioned below could be a valuable piece of insight for both shoppers as well as jewelry connoisseurs.

When the diamond is mined originally, it is extremely rough and does not look half as shiny and sparkling as you see it in retail stores. Besides, it doesn’t even have the beautiful round or square shape that is seen embedded in jewelry pieces. To achieve the look that would attract buyers in droves, diamond needs to be cut, smoothed and polished to perfection.

Diamond cutting is essentially a process that transforms the raw form of diamonds into a polished diamond. Diamond cutters use a slew of specialized techniques to make the rough crystal into tiny and glittering diamonds.

How are diamonds cutStep Wise Process

How Are Diamonds Cut

The first step involved in cutting of diamonds is marking and planning. In the marking and planning stage, the diamond cutter determines the exact shape in which the diamonds will be cut. The diamond planner carefully examines the rough diamond and decides the shape the diamond which will increase its value to the optimum. During the examining process, the planner also determines the shape keeping the color reflection in perspective. The shape of the diamond has a pivotal role in enhancing the color brightness of the diamond without tampering with the natural imperfections of the stone.

The next process involved in diamond cutting is cleaving and sawing. Both cleaving and sawing are different methods to cut the diamonds. In cleaving, the expert diamond cutter carefully analyses the rough diamond and studies the natural grains of the stone to decide where to cleave so as to achieve the possible best shape.

The diamond cutter uses another diamond to draw a line on the exact spot where the diamond is to be cleaved. The cutter then uses chisel and hammer to break the rough and separate the diamond from it.

Sawing in another process commonly used to cut diamonds. While studying about how are diamonds cut, it is imperative to understand that diamonds are cut using a diamond saw, which is typically a slim blade that is coated with diamond dust. It is pertinent to mention that diamonds can be cut only by using another diamond.

While the diamond saw cuts the diamond, it simultaneously collects and reuses the dust from the diamond that is being cut. Sawing is a very refined technique to cut diamonds and cuts the diamonds precisely and perfectly. Another advantage of using the sawing technique to cut diamonds is that it minimizes the risk of diamond shattering during the cutting process. However, this process is expensive as compared to cleaving.

Instead of using a diamond saw, sometimes diamonds are also cut using lasers. While this technique cuts the diamond with pin-point precision, it not commonly used because it very expensive.

Once we know how are diamonds cut, we must also know that after the diamonds are cut using any of the above mentioned methods, they are sent for the next process known as Bruting.

Bruting is a process that gives the diamonds the conical shape at the bottom. To get cone shaped diamonds, the stones are set in a lathe and spun. While the stones spin, another diamond is used against the side of spinning diamonds and they are smoothed out to get the cone shape.

The last step in diamond cutting is polishing. In this phase the diamonds are set in a clamp and are polished with a blade that is coated with diamond dust.

The above mentioned details on how are diamonds cut can certainly provide diamond lovers a deep insight into diamond cutting and what makes the diamonds jewelries look so beautiful!