Apr 15

How Are Diamonds Cut

How Are Diamonds Cut

You may be bedazzled by stunning pieces of jewelry at a jewelry store when you set out for jewelry shopping but have you ever spared a thought on how are diamonds cut to create magnificent jewelry items? The cut is one of the 4 C’s that determines the worth of the diamond. A detailed discussion on diamond cutting mentioned below could be a valuable piece of insight for both shoppers as well as jewelry connoisseurs.

When the diamond is mined originally, it is extremely rough and does not look half as shiny and sparkling as you see it in retail stores. Besides, it doesn’t even have the beautiful round or square shape that is seen embedded in jewelry pieces. To achieve the look that would attract buyers in droves, diamond needs to be cut, smoothed and polished to perfection.

Diamond cutting is essentially a process that transforms the raw form of diamonds into a polished diamond. Diamond cutters use a slew of specialized techniques to make the rough crystal into tiny and glittering diamonds.

How are diamonds cutStep Wise Process

How Are Diamonds Cut

The first step involved in cutting of diamonds is marking and planning. In the marking and planning stage, the diamond cutter determines the exact shape in which the diamonds will be cut. The diamond planner carefully examines the rough diamond and decides the shape the diamond which will increase its value to the optimum. During the examining process, the planner also determines the shape keeping the color reflection in perspective. The shape of the diamond has a pivotal role in enhancing the color brightness of the diamond without tampering with the natural imperfections of the stone.

The next process involved in diamond cutting is cleaving and sawing. Both cleaving and sawing are different methods to cut the diamonds. In cleaving, the expert diamond cutter carefully analyses the rough diamond and studies the natural grains of the stone to decide where to cleave so as to achieve the possible best shape.

The diamond cutter uses another diamond to draw a line on the exact spot where the diamond is to be cleaved. The cutter then uses chisel and hammer to break the rough and separate the diamond from it.

Sawing in another process commonly used to cut diamonds. While studying about how are diamonds cut, it is imperative to understand that diamonds are cut using a diamond saw, which is typically a slim blade that is coated with diamond dust. It is pertinent to mention that diamonds can be cut only by using another diamond.

While the diamond saw cuts the diamond, it simultaneously collects and reuses the dust from the diamond that is being cut. Sawing is a very refined technique to cut diamonds and cuts the diamonds precisely and perfectly. Another advantage of using the sawing technique to cut diamonds is that it minimizes the risk of diamond shattering during the cutting process. However, this process is expensive as compared to cleaving.

Instead of using a diamond saw, sometimes diamonds are also cut using lasers. While this technique cuts the diamond with pin-point precision, it not commonly used because it very expensive.

Once we know how are diamonds cut, we must also know that after the diamonds are cut using any of the above mentioned methods, they are sent for the next process known as Bruting.

Bruting is a process that gives the diamonds the conical shape at the bottom. To get cone shaped diamonds, the stones are set in a lathe and spun. While the stones spin, another diamond is used against the side of spinning diamonds and they are smoothed out to get the cone shape.

The last step in diamond cutting is polishing. In this phase the diamonds are set in a clamp and are polished with a blade that is coated with diamond dust.

The above mentioned details on how are diamonds cut can certainly provide diamond lovers a deep insight into diamond cutting and what makes the diamonds jewelries look so beautiful!

Mar 16

Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings Ideas

Stud earrings are perhaps the most popular type of diamond earrings among women. From ladies going gaga over these diamond earrings’ elegance to getting fascinated by its designs, stud earrings, especially platinum diamond stud earrings  get all kind of compliments from around the world.

If you’re looking to purchase a great pair of diamond studded stud earrings, listed below are few that you can consider:

2.50CT Princess Cut Diamonds Stud Earrings

platinum diamond stud earrings

Among all diamond cuts, princess cut get the maximum attention from men and women. This stunning 2.50CT diamond princess cut stud earring can give you the look and feel you always wanted. It has three different metals including the platinum. So, since you prefer platinum diamond stud earrings, you can get it really affordable price point.

There are several options w.r.to the carat weight of diamonds present in these earrings. You can choose the carat weight that best suits you. It can range anywhere from $5000 to $8000 depending on whether you increase the diamond carat weight or not.

2.00CT Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings


Another great option to consider is the round cut diamond platinum stud earrings. Of course, you can make the changes in the metal type, the carat weight and even with the quality of the diamond. However, a platinum based stud earring with 2.00CT round cut diamond makes a perfect sense – both as a gift and a regular purchase for men and women.

Purchasing this type of stud earrings shouldn’t be difficult for you; there are a several companies that offer attractive discounts on the diamond stud earrings. It wouldn’t cost you more than $4,418.99 if you purchase it from reputed companies like the PrimeStyle.com.

0.25CT Diamond Emerald Cut Earrings


Another great platinum stud earrings is to go for an emerald cut diamond based jewelry piece. Emerald cut is quite known among women of all ages. From young girls to engaged ladies to married women, almost every female drools over emerald cut diamonds.

And when it’s embedded in platinum metal, then it becomes one of the most beautiful earrings ever that you choose over the others.


Platinum diamond stud earrings make the perfect set of earrings for women. The key is to choosing the right combination of diamond cut, clarity, and platinum quality before buying one. It would help you have a jewelry piece that you can adore and your friends, relative can envy. So, go for it!

Feb 13

Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

Diamond wedding Rings

Of all the tedious tasks associated with wedding shopping, diamond wedding rings for women remain the toughest. Not because the diamond industry lack options. But because there are so many options that give tough time to the people. Finding a suitable diamond wedding ring takes more efforts than anticipated. Know the reasons why.


Online shopping of diamond jewelry or offline shopping, merchants are many. Confusion starts right in the beginning when you don’t know of legit seller. Diamond wedding rings for women are special. So without taking any risk, they should be bought from genuine stores that give product guarantee. Online stores are a great option to go with.


Women are choosy and so are men when it comes to wedding shopping, especially for wedding rings. Evaluating options takes time. Thus, it makes the selection task more tedious. The options vary from store to store and from one jewelry item to another.

Diamond wedding rings for women remain a matter of their choice. What they choose to wear and what not determines a purchase. Careful analysis of the metal, diamond and other important things associated is the only alternative to save time.


Diamond jewelry designs contribute to decision making. More appealing and eye-catching a design, quicker it is to decide. However, the market is so full of great designs that men and women are left with no choice but to spend a lot of time figuring out what to buy.

Some of the popular designs are:

  • Plain simple design
  • Intricate pattern rings
  • Mixed colored metals


Then comes an important part – the metal selection. Some women love wearing white gold, platinum, others go for yellow gold. Based on their preference a metal can be selected. But what’s tough here is to decide the KT. White gold, yellow gold is accessible in 14KT and 18KT for jewelry, and platinum is also found in many variants.

The budget size determines what type of metal should buy; because as you go higher with KT, the price goes up as well.


The toughest part of all, diamond choice. Considering the many options such as emerald, rubies, etc. it is not that easy. Besides that, the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat weight, and color of the diamond is to be considered too.

For diamond cuts, here’s a big list to go through – princess cut, emerald cut, round cut, oval cut, heart cut, pear cut, marquise cut, and many more. Each cut carries its own charm, elegance, and sparkle. The cut should go with the design and the metal opted for diamond wedding ring. The other Cs will follow.

Size concerns

Buying a wedding ring without knowing the exact ring size? It could be a spoilsport. Do whatever it takes, but find the ring size before shelling out money. The more specific you’re about the ring size; it’s more likely you want commit a mistake.

The smile your ladylove wears on her face on the wedding day is undoubted the best memory. Don’t mess it up just because of a wrong ring size.


Price remains a concern for many. Affordable pricing is what everyone looks for. You too can check out online stores and buy where you find the cheapest diamond wedding rings.

Make a quick decision on all the above factors. And you’ll be able to make a snap decision on what diamond engagement rings for women to buy and what not to.

Feb 09

How Three Stone Diamond Ring Makes a Perfect Engagement Ring

 Three Stone Diamond Ring

Diamond rings have always been a symbol of love and desire and one of the most enduring symbols of love is portrayed by the Three Stone Diamond ring. This ring holds the most romantic meaning in its design of the three stones.

Meaning Portrayed by the Three Stones in the Ring

The three stone diamond ring that depicts three stones on its surface has a deep and most lovely meaning of devotion.  Some say, these three stones represent the three main phases of a couple’s life – Past, Present and the Future. Most often designs of the ring show the center diamond to be larger than the ones on its sides.

This particular design tells us that the center, representing the ‘Present’ phase of the couple’s relationship is the most important. For a ring that displays such depth of devotion, would be a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

History of the Three Stone Diamond Ring

This classic 19th century Victorian style ring has become one of the most sought after by women from all backgrounds. Over the years, this style of ring has gained more value as a symbol of devotion to women. This style was first brought to America as an anniversary band and in time due to the rich symbolism of the three stones, the relevance of occasion changed from anniversary ring to an engagement ring.

It seems more appropriate to use this figurative resonance for an event that brings a man and a woman into a bond of eternal love. And since women have always been enticed by the beauty of love, what better than to use the three stone diamond ring, that’s full of rich meaning, as an engagement ring.

Modern Style of the Three Stone Diamond ring

Through the years, craftsmen have turned the classic design of the three stone diamond ring into a myriad of breathtaking designs that would truly render a woman speechless. The best and the most popular is the design where the center stone is larger than the side stones and having contrasting fancy diamond cuts.

The styles are done in a way where no matter which design is chosen, the center stone is always highlighted in some way or the other. With beautiful diamond cuts, color, metal type, additional assets, diamond settings and the inclusion of gemstones can turn the ring into a magnificent work of art.

Diamond Cuts

For engagement rings, it would be best to go in for popular diamond cuts like the solitaire, round brilliant, princess, emerald or the marquise cut. Each of these cuts have a significance of their own.

Diamond Color

Different shades and colors can be used for the diamond stones to highlight their beauty.

Metal Type

Gold (white and yellow), platinum and silver are some of the metals that are used for the band of the three stone diamond ring. According to the lady’s taste, the ring can be designed into a most beautiful engagement ring.


With assets like tiny diamond stones placed around the three main diamonds, the ring would portray a more royal look.

Diamond Settings

To create a more modern look to the classic style of the three stone diamond ring, various settings can be used to enhance the look of the diamonds. With the right choice, the ring can be chosen as an amazing engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a symbol for the start of a new life with the one you love. And three stone diamond rings would perfectly represent the true meaning of eternal devotion.

Nov 24

Diamond Jewelry Sale

Diamond is always considered as a precious and expensive asset and thus diamond jewelry too. But it’s true as well that everyone loose his/her heart for designer diamond jewelry. It doesn’t only enhance your personality but makes you different from others in a gathering or party.

People tend to search the jewelry which is cheap, attractive and suitable to their personality. Not every piece of diamond jewelry can suit well to you therefore while buying diamond jewelry always keep in mind that jewelry should be according to your look. Additionally, you can go for the taste you like.

Diamond jewelry sale always attracts the bunch of audience because it offers them a chance to get the jewelry they love; especially for whom who can’t afford expensive diamond jewelry. You can avail costly diamond earrings, diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings etc in a diamond jewelry sale at very cheap prices. But at the same time you should be aware some essential points so that you don’t meet a fraud seller accidentally, more particularly, if you are buying jewelry online.

Diamond Jewelry Sale

Diamond Jewelry Sale

Here are some significant points:

  • Authenticity of the Jeweler: If you are buying jewelry through an offline jewelry store then you should go with the jewelers to whom you know well but if you are buying jewelry online then you should check the authenticity of the jeweler first otherwise you may fall in pits. Remember, authentic jewelers don’t allure the customers with luring offers.
  • Quality of Diamond: Next thing to consider while purchasing the jewelry is the quality of diamond used in jewelry. Quality depends on diamond cuts, carets etc. So, before finalizing the order check if the diamond if of high quality.
  • International Standards: Other significant factor to consider if the diamond jewelry follows the international standards set by different organizations. It secures your investment and in case you sell diamond jewelry then you can get handsome return on your investment. Don’t forget that buying diamond jewelry is a kind of investment too.
  • Website Security: If you are making your purchase through an online jewelry store then you should be sure that your financial data will be secure in the hand of store owner. Check out if the site has SSL certificate and using 128 bit security. Also, check if the URL where you are making payment starts with “https”.

However, these points are the most important but some other points are there too which you can opt for more security on your purchase.

Today, online jewelry shopping is in trend and it’s a good option too. You can find a diamond jewelry sale on internet virtually all the time. Some leading online jewelry stores do offer sale on special occasions like New Year, Christmas, and Black Friday etc. Shopping in festive season is a good option since jewelers offer discount diamond jewelry on festive seasons.

So just start your PC, go online and shop through a sale from reputed diamond jewelry store online. Happy Shopping!


Jun 11

Get the Affordable Yellow Diamond Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are such that any woman would love to have them! They adorn the ear lobe and give a distinctive appearance to the woman, it can be a sign of consistent love and commitment, and it can be gifted on any occasion.

Depending on your budget, you ought to choose your diamond earrings. Of course, there are endless varieties in cuts, clarity, color, and carat but some of the hugely popular trends in the market are the single diamond stud earring and the diamond drop earrings. When a pearl is coupled, the pearl and diamond drop earrings can look elegant and stylish. Even the diamond drop earrings are exquisite and depending on the diamonds used is the price.

diamond earrings

diamond earrings

In case you have a limited budget, you need to know that you can have 1-carat diamond earrings for remarkably affordable prices. Yellow diamond earrings can be extremely affordable, and if you can strike a deal properly, it may cost you only sixteen hundred dollars. In that case, you may have to compromise with the diamond cuts, the color, and clarity.

The colorless varieties are priceless, and the yellow diamond earrings can cost about half the price in the same carat. Technically speaking they will have a milky or graying appearance close to yellow, and there may be even dark crystals in the diamond. There may even be fractures, but surely, they are affordable.

A perfect cut, flawless diamond stud earrings, can be seen in between the locks from a distance of even five feet. Such is the brilliance that it draws immediate attraction. Nevertheless, the price can be as high as forty eight thousand dollars. In case you want to fit a diamond in the budget, you will have to compromise with the quality. The flawless diamonds studs earrings are rare, but the round cut and princes cut are immensely popular and available in the market.

Jun 07

1 Carat Diamond Earrings- Wear the Elegancy

Diamonds are forever going the adage, and it holds true. It is suitable for all occasions for the engaged couple it is a sign of their togetherness, for the wedded couple it is the sign of fidelity and commitment, for the old couple it is the sign of togetherness forever and ever. At all junctures in life, princess cut diamond engagement rings and diamond drop earrings can be ideally gifted.

Most common question that arises in mind is how to decide which diamond earrings to buy! Well this is a relative question because it depends a lot on your budget. Rather we will take a particular example, say you want a 1-carat diamond earring.

1 carat dimaond earrings

1 carat dimaond earrings

 The price of a diamond depends on the color, cut, clarity, and carat. The color of the diamond is higher when it is clear, free from opaque spots, and colorless. The priceless ones are colorless whereas yellow diamond earrings are slightly cheaper in range.

Next is the cut. The better the diamond cuts, the better will it shine! To see if the 1-carat diamond earring has a clear cut, just hold it in light and it must shine in a uniform pattern. If the diamond, cuts are, too shallow it will appear more opaque and fail to reflect light brilliantly. Next is the clarity of a diamond stud earring. The flawless ones are extremely costly and rare.

The diamond earrings that usually rule the market is the flawed ones but the flaws are not visible to the naked eye. There are also flawed diamond stud earrings in which the flaws are visible to the naked eye, and they are less costly. The last point on which the price of diamond earrings is dependent is the carat. Carat is actually the size of the diamond and, needless to say, the larger the size the costlier it is.

Decide your diamond studs earrings keeping these points in mind!

Jun 04

Diamond Earrings – a Gift to Be Cherished Forever

When we talk about the ornaments, Gold and then Silver are the names that we often consider. However, Diamond is the possibility that is certainly more enduring and memorable way to express your feelings for your better half. Diamond Earrings can be the best possible way to give a gift to your spouse as a diamond represents ever lasting and enduring feelings you have!



Having talked about the importance of the diamonds 1-carat diamond earrings can be a proper and quite likable option for the gift. Diamond earrings as a valentine memory itself speak volume about its true beauty and the importance it can communicate through it.

1 2 carat diamond earrings have many benefits that can happen out to be decisive factors while you choose your gift. It must be said that these 1 carat diamond earrings are available in small, cute and trendy fashion. If you look for the affordability, then 1 carat diamond earrings are the perfect combination of the 4Cs. While talking about these diamond studs earrings, some points that are worthy about diamond are essentially mentioned.

diamond earrings

diamond earrings

Four Cs are crucial in case of the 1 2 carat diamond earrings. First is cut that is related with the brilliance. Then comes the ‘C’ of clarity, which is about the flawlessness and the quality of the color. Third ‘C’ represents the color, while fourth ‘C’ is the carat of the diamond drop earrings. Yellow diamond earrings are the right choice as it suits any person with the transparent and stunning looks.

Single diamond stud or pearl and diamond drop earrings are also among the other options that you have. Overall speaking, diamond is certainly an option that can be preferred over the gold or silver given the quality and the changing patterns it offers. So, why not satisfy your valentine on the upcoming Valentine Day by giving a brilliant collection of 1 carat diamond earrings.

May 31

Diamond Earrings – Show the Eternity of Love

“Gold is a virtue but Diamond is eternity!” is a wisely said and very true statement by a wise man. It proves out to be even more significant when you are planning to present 1-carat diamond earrings to your valentine, what can be the perfect gift to express your love. Diamond earrings are in many ways an appropriate and viable option that is available until day.

On the other hand, 1 2 carat diamond earrings can be stylish, affordable, yet adorable choice for your spouse on any precious occasion. Moreover, diamonds represent the eternity and the stability of your love towards her, something that she will cherish forever. Hence, 1-carat diamond earrings are what we would suggest you for the reasons that are mentioned also here.

Diamond stud earring is the entities that support the four Cs. Those are Cut, Clarity, Color, and the Carat. As you have decided, to go with the 1 carat item the issue of carat is solved there itself. As far as the color, part is concerned, yellow diamond earrings, is the best available option to go with as it reflects the beauty of the diamond, and is a transparent color that will surely suit your partner.

The clarity of the diamond talks about the flawlessness of it and hence single diamond stud is another particularly compelling choice that can be chosen. Finally, diamond cuts are the factor that defines the brilliance of the diamond, and it can be safely said that there is no other better option possible other than 1 2 carat diamond earrings as far as this aspect is concerned.

Diamond stud earrings are usually small, reliable and are in the exact size that can only enhance the beauty of your spouse. These 1-carat magical stones of diamond drop earrings would be something your valentine has ever desired for. Hence, this is surely the moment you grab it and the gift it to her!