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Stunning Gemstones Rings for Women

Love can be expressed through many beautiful ways; one of such ways is presenting her with a ring. Rings have been a sign of devotion for centuries and continue to do so. The elegance and the charm that a ring portrays is a perfect endearment of love. There are a myriad of rings today and one of the most enticing of rings are the gemstones rings.

Gemstone rings are perfect for any given occasion or even when there’s no occasion with the sole intent to please the other person. Gemstone jewelry can be personalized into elements that mean more and can enhance the sentiment to great heights. For example, one can purchase a gemstone ring made out of his partner’s birthstone on a romantic date. Such events mark an important phase in one’s relationship.

Stunning Engagement Gemstone Rings

gemstones rings

Engagements are one of the most precious events in a woman’s life and gemstones rings can make the event mean much more. Since each gemstone has its own symbolic meaning, the stone can be chosen to fit perfectly as an engagement ring. You would be able to decide on the gemstone, cut, shape, clarity, weight and the brightness of color of the ring.

The variety of gemstones available today is enormous. The essence of a couple’s relationship can be represented by a precious gem of their choice. The beauty of the ring can be mightily enhanced with the choice of fancy cut like princess, round, emerald, asscher, heart and pear.

It would also be advisable to know the characteristics of the chosen gem. That way you would be able to decide the best option of stone setting and clarity of the gem that would ultimately magnify the beauty of the one who would wear it.

The most common styles of engagement gemstones rings is the solitaire. With a single, elegant and brilliant stone placed with an attractive prong setting, the solitaire style of ring would be absolutely divine.

Stunning Three Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

The three stone ring is considered as one of the most desirable rings by women. With its heart touching symbolic meaning for each of the three stones, the ring can be turned into so much more with beautiful selection of stunning gems.

The three stones represent the past, present and the future of one’s relationship. One gemstone can be chosen to represent each of these important phases. There are a number of ways to coordinate and design the three stone ring with gemstones.

 One possible design is to use a single gemstone like sapphire for the center with another gemstone on either side like diamonds. Another possible design is to use the same type of gemstone for all the three spots on the ring. Using intricate designs, stylish stone settings and personalized markings can turn out to be a heavenly piece of art.

Stunning Eternity Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Another brilliant and symbolic ring is the eternity ring. These rings have gems studded all around the surface of the ring symbolizing the couple’s promise of love forever. This is a perfect canvas for gemstone design. You can design an eternity gemstones rings that consists of specifically selected gemstones of different colors, combined together in a pattern that would ensure both your partners eyes and smile to glitter.

A most common design today for eternity rings are to use the same type of gemstone like sapphire, emerald, rubies or pearls with the same size and cut to adorn the entire band of the gemstones rings.

Birthstones are considered to be the most thoughtful choice for a gemstone ring. Apart from beauty, love, elegance and glamour, gemstones rings also provide protective energy and have healing properties that would certainly go more than please the lady.

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