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Solitaire Ring Settings to Match Your Taste

Buying a distinct and perfect diamond ring is a very important decision. This is certainly true when you are purchasing a solitaire ring for your engagement day, a marriage ceremony or an anniversary event. The whole process of buying a perfect solitaire band can go in vain, if you fail to choose suitable solitaire ring settings.

Choosing the setting is the first step in designing your solitaire ring. However, a lot of factors have to be considered in great detail to get the right ring. Some of the important things to consider for selecting the perfect setting for your solitaire ring are listed below.

solitaire ring settings

In order to ensure an ideal solitaire ring settings, consider the center stone of the ring. Since a solitaire ring comes with one single gemstone, it becomes essential to pay attention to minute details of setting to get the most out of your ring.

If you wish to choose the diamond as the center stone, you must pick the setting that will match the stone, and focuses on your diamond band.

Consider the lifestyle and traits of your beloved lady before choosing the setting. Does she like traditional styles, or modern designs, or a mix of both? Make sure that the selected setting is in accordance with the preferences of your beloved lady.

Consider the width and metal of the band. The wider the band, the costly will be the ring. Finally, determine your budget. Once you have done your homework in advance, it’s time to pick solitaire ring settings that match your taste.

Bar setting

Such a setting employs a thin bar of metals for holding stones on both the sides. This kind of setting works well with circular bands that feature a diamond as a gemstone. You can attain a dramatic and tempting look with this setting.

The prong setting

Prong setting is the best of all solitaire ring settings. Such a setting is simple yet elegant. It gives a pleasing and enticing appearance to the overall band. Prong setting involves two or more metal pongs. The gemstone is grasped by presenting metal prongs that form the base.

Bezel setting

In this kind of setting, a collar or a rim, that encircles the sides of the gemstone, holds the diamond or the gemstone in place. This kind of setting gives the look of a smoothie surface. The best thing about bezel setting is it can fit for any shape stone. In simple words, you can customize your band with this type of setting choosing any diamond shape.

Pave setting

This is a classical setting wherein the diamond rests into tiny fashioned holes set in line with the surface of the ring. The best thing about pave setting is it makes the diamond appear bigger than its actual size.

If you have limited budget, you can choose a small diamond and work with a pave setting to attain the illusion of a bigger diamond.


Determining the setting of a ring is the most important step in buying a perfect solitaire ring. Hence, it is important to follow all essential steps to pick the right setting and have an appealing ring. After determining your budget and tastes, you can work with various settings before you design your final band.

With the existence of so many solitaire ring settings, finding the right one that matches your taste is not a problem. Evaluate your tastes and preferences; pick an ideal setting, and you will be able to own a perfect solitaire ring for any type of occasion. If you choose the setting wisely, getting the best band becomes easy and hassles free without investing much.

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