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Popular Diamond Earrings – Studs

There are many different styles of diamond earrings, and one of the most popular is the stud. Often quite small by design, the diamond stud is favored by those that are looking for a pair of earrings that are simple yet elegant and feminine.

Despite being the smallest type of earrings, a diamond stud can be worn again and again, in part due to its size, in part due to its design. Diminutive they may be, diamond studs are highly prized and can, surprisingly enough, run into many thousands of dollars due to the size, cut and carat of the diamond.

The old saying ‘diamonds don’t come as big as bricks’ is very apt with this type of jewelry, more so when you realize just how big a rock you can get on a small gold stud. Surprisingly enough it’s not unknown for the rich and the famous to walk around with a whole lot of carat pinned onto their ears.

For those that are interested in buying a pair, the two most favored diamond shapes are the round and the princess cut. Both are classic designs, relying on the diamonds beauty and the facets as opposed to a larger, more pretentious stone or setting.

Happily, yo don’t need a huge bank balance in order to purchase a pair, as there are plenty of budget-friendly pairs on the market. A good way to purchase a pair that won’t blow a massive whole in your finances is to opt for something classy yet inexpensive.

A low carat diamond, set onto a nine carat gold stud will be within reach of most peoples budgets. One thing to remember with diamonds – any that are deemed fit enough to appear on the market have already been graded beautiful enough to be there.

Diamonds, being naturally occurring gemstones, are full of flaws, and each and every one is subjected to an extremely critical analysis before it’s viewed as being good enough for sale. Meaning, in other words, that even an inexpensive diamond is still a thing of great beauty.

Whatever your budget, at least you now know that choosing a delicate pair of diamond stud earrings puts you right up there with the best of them. Diamonds are beautiful, how ever they come, and none more attractive than when set into a pair of stud earrings.

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