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Feb 25

Bridal Rings Ideas and Suggestions for Brides

Bridal Rings

Bridal Rings

Your happiness and excitement is immeasurable as your wedding date is nearing. While you have tightened your belt a notch higher to get everything perfect for the wedding, do not leave the decision of buying the bridal rings all to the lucky groom.

Ask Him His Budget Well in Advance

You might have dreams of having a grand and luxurious bridal ring, but the rings after all are only symbolic of your blissful life with your husband. For a hassle free ceremony and life ahead, discuss the budget plan and allocation for the wedding ceremony and ring with your partner. It should be a healthy and beautiful journey for both of you, not trouble.

Do Some Introspection

Your friend had a very romantic flamboyant wedlock completed with lavish engagement and wedding ring recently, which can get you wishful to have a similar experience. Get some time to reflect on your relationship and present state of things. The wedding is to celebrate your bond and should be a representation of the same. As to the bridal rings, be it simple or grand; just try to remember it should be what you are.

Choosing the Right Ring

Your engagement ring can say a lot about you, so be choosy and careful when you can before buying. The brilliant round diamond ring is among the most popular diamond cut. If you are a traditionalist, you would admire the brilliant sparkle of the round cut diamond bridal ring on your finger than anything else. For the traditionalist brides with modern taste, princess cut diamond will make the perfect center stone in the engagement ring.

If you have a very active and busy lifestyle, you probably would not like accidental damage to your bridal rings because of wear and tear. In such cases, you should always choose a simple and contemporary ring style that needs minimum care and maintenance. Channel set rings or parallel rings might be more for you than the intricate integrated rings.

Different in Your Own Way

You and your better half can together design custom bridal rings for each that reflects your style and personality. Do not forget the groom’s ring in all the thrill of choosing your own ring. You can also match your wedding bands with a similar style to convey your everlasting love bond through your rings.

Respect His Feelings

He has chosen a ring for you after putting up so much effort and money, but it’s not even close to what you would have liked. You are now perplexed whether to tell the truth or not. The best thing is to tell the truth without any delay so that the amendments can be done in time. Be careful when you do so. Try not to hurt his feeling by being too bashful about your dislike for the ring. Choose your words carefully.

In the end, you and he together have to choose the best for a happy life together. A little adjustment and compromise for your love won’t hurt.

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Feb 21

Five Engagement Diamond Rings to Choose From

The prospective brides and grooms can get quite perplexed when it comes to choosing the engagement diamond ring for the soon-to-be fiancé. Solitaire diamond ring is a beautiful and most popular choice as an engagement ring but if you are looking for something different and special you may like to explore the chic fashion trends for diamond rings.

We are sharing some beautiful engagement diamond rings that can help you to get to the ring of your choice and taste. Let us have a look at these.

1. Emerald Cut Engagement Diamond Rings

Unlike the traditional cut selection, the modern and yet classic look of the elegant and elongated emerald cut diamond makes an astonishing solitaire engagement ring. If you are choosing an emerald cut diamond, make sure that the diamond is with an excellent cut, highest color and clarity because such flaws are easily visible in emerald cut diamonds.

The emerald cut solitaire diamond rings are all the rage these days. If your girl has an unconventionally classic taste, the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring is just the ring for you.

2. Coloured Engagement Diamond Rings

Another ravishing and chic trend building up these days is the coloured engagement diamond rings, which has been made popular with the star celebrities lately. Among the most celebrated fancy colours in diamonds are the canary yellow, green, blue, black, cognac & champagne and pink. Natural occurring coloured diamonds are very expensive and rare, which makes them even more special and exclusive.

But the recent development in technology, the methods of changing colour of a certain type of diamond have been developed and practiced successfully. You are not very far from your exclusive diamond engagement ring with your favourite coloured diamond.

3. Vintage Engagement Diamond Rings

Quite a rage for some time now, the vintage fever is nowhere close to come down any soon. On the contrary, the focus is being shifted from one era to another keeping it away from getting stale. The latest of the Vintage is the Art Deco period.

The intricate style and detailing of these rings makes you feel like a princess. The timeless vintage engagement rings have an added pinch of historical romance associated with it, which make it even more exclusive and special.

4. Halo and Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Halos are going to be continued trend with the engagement diamond rings, but with an addition of double halo engagement diamond rings to the upcoming trends. The trendy look of the double halo can be experimented with the classic round-cut centre diamond. The diamonds in the twin halos around the centre diamond makes it look larger than life. The overall appearance is that of a huge glossy diamond.

5. Conflict Free Diamond Engagement Ring

With the blood diamond mining widely discussed and opposed by most of us, the least you can do to abate the illegal and inhuman practice is to take a step forward and make an effort to buy only conflict free diamonds.

Purchase the diamonds certified by the Kimberly Certification Scheme to ensure that the diamond you hold on your finger is as conflict free as the beauty of your relationship.

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Feb 18

Secrets to Getting Discount Diamond Engagement Rings

When you know that the picture perfect image of asking her hand in marriage is not complete without quality discount diamond engagement rings, you should better find ways to get it within your means considering your budget constraints. It is not all that difficult because we are here to help you with the secrets of getting the perfect diamond ring for your perfect going-to-be bride.

The Longer, The Better

First and foremost, it is very important to know that when it comes to diamond, there is something for everyone irrespective of how small or huge your budget is. You can buy a ring with a minuscule diamond at a very small price. But, the downside could be that the diamond on the ring would be too small to be noticed.

It is always advisable to wait a little longer to ask her hand in marriage. It will not only give you enough time to put some more weight in your pocket but also to find a good discount deal on for your diamond ring.

Go Online

One of the guru mantra for your future buy is that always choose online (e-commerce) buy over the fashion street jewelers. Online shops are usually more pocket friendlier than the physical counterparts as they have much lesser overhead costs (cost of running a posh shop etc.) leading to lower cost of products.

It is indeed the right time to sit in front of your computer/ laptop and look for some real good deals on discount diamond engagement rings. Here are a few pointers to help you with your quest:

  • The online price comparisons for the available deals can be a great help to choose among the several available options.
  • You can look for the coupon codes and voucher offered by the online jewelers as these can get you a handsome discount which can be availed on the discount diamond engagement rings.
  • Do not overlook the quality of the ring and the diamond for the sake of a great price. The promise of a great saving with attractive deal prices can be a trap to make you fall for poor quality products.
  • Consider the four C’s of diamond, that is, colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, before you buy the ring.

For instance, D and G color diamonds look very similar to the ring setting. If your budget restricts you to go for the higher priced D colored diamond, you can easily substitute it with the G color diamond with a much lower cost.

Similarly, we can look for the varieties available based on cut, clarity and carat weight to choose the best within your budget.

Discount Diamond Engagement Rings

The most important of all, get to know what she wants. It can easily save you a lot of trouble of guessing and trying to hit the nail. If she likes rings with big stones, you can still find a premium quality diamond which is of a slightly lower grade of clarity and color.

As for the cut, look for the best cut you can get in your budget. Fasten your belts and get ready to dazzle her with your love and gorgeous discount diamond engagement rings on her finger.

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Feb 13

Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

Diamond wedding Rings

Of all the tedious tasks associated with wedding shopping, diamond wedding rings for women remain the toughest. Not because the diamond industry lack options. But because there are so many options that give tough time to the people. Finding a suitable diamond wedding ring takes more efforts than anticipated. Know the reasons why.


Online shopping of diamond jewelry or offline shopping, merchants are many. Confusion starts right in the beginning when you don’t know of legit seller. Diamond wedding rings for women are special. So without taking any risk, they should be bought from genuine stores that give product guarantee. Online stores are a great option to go with.


Women are choosy and so are men when it comes to wedding shopping, especially for wedding rings. Evaluating options takes time. Thus, it makes the selection task more tedious. The options vary from store to store and from one jewelry item to another.

Diamond wedding rings for women remain a matter of their choice. What they choose to wear and what not determines a purchase. Careful analysis of the metal, diamond and other important things associated is the only alternative to save time.


Diamond jewelry designs contribute to decision making. More appealing and eye-catching a design, quicker it is to decide. However, the market is so full of great designs that men and women are left with no choice but to spend a lot of time figuring out what to buy.

Some of the popular designs are:

  • Plain simple design
  • Intricate pattern rings
  • Mixed colored metals


Then comes an important part – the metal selection. Some women love wearing white gold, platinum, others go for yellow gold. Based on their preference a metal can be selected. But what’s tough here is to decide the KT. White gold, yellow gold is accessible in 14KT and 18KT for jewelry, and platinum is also found in many variants.

The budget size determines what type of metal should buy; because as you go higher with KT, the price goes up as well.


The toughest part of all, diamond choice. Considering the many options such as emerald, rubies, etc. it is not that easy. Besides that, the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat weight, and color of the diamond is to be considered too.

For diamond cuts, here’s a big list to go through – princess cut, emerald cut, round cut, oval cut, heart cut, pear cut, marquise cut, and many more. Each cut carries its own charm, elegance, and sparkle. The cut should go with the design and the metal opted for diamond wedding ring. The other Cs will follow.

Size concerns

Buying a wedding ring without knowing the exact ring size? It could be a spoilsport. Do whatever it takes, but find the ring size before shelling out money. The more specific you’re about the ring size; it’s more likely you want commit a mistake.

The smile your ladylove wears on her face on the wedding day is undoubted the best memory. Don’t mess it up just because of a wrong ring size.


Price remains a concern for many. Affordable pricing is what everyone looks for. You too can check out online stores and buy where you find the cheapest diamond wedding rings.

Make a quick decision on all the above factors. And you’ll be able to make a snap decision on what diamond engagement rings for women to buy and what not to.

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Feb 09

How Three Stone Diamond Ring Makes a Perfect Engagement Ring

 Three Stone Diamond Ring

Diamond rings have always been a symbol of love and desire and one of the most enduring symbols of love is portrayed by the Three Stone Diamond ring. This ring holds the most romantic meaning in its design of the three stones.

Meaning Portrayed by the Three Stones in the Ring

The three stone diamond ring that depicts three stones on its surface has a deep and most lovely meaning of devotion.  Some say, these three stones represent the three main phases of a couple’s life – Past, Present and the Future. Most often designs of the ring show the center diamond to be larger than the ones on its sides.

This particular design tells us that the center, representing the ‘Present’ phase of the couple’s relationship is the most important. For a ring that displays such depth of devotion, would be a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

History of the Three Stone Diamond Ring

This classic 19th century Victorian style ring has become one of the most sought after by women from all backgrounds. Over the years, this style of ring has gained more value as a symbol of devotion to women. This style was first brought to America as an anniversary band and in time due to the rich symbolism of the three stones, the relevance of occasion changed from anniversary ring to an engagement ring.

It seems more appropriate to use this figurative resonance for an event that brings a man and a woman into a bond of eternal love. And since women have always been enticed by the beauty of love, what better than to use the three stone diamond ring, that’s full of rich meaning, as an engagement ring.

Modern Style of the Three Stone Diamond ring

Through the years, craftsmen have turned the classic design of the three stone diamond ring into a myriad of breathtaking designs that would truly render a woman speechless. The best and the most popular is the design where the center stone is larger than the side stones and having contrasting fancy diamond cuts.

The styles are done in a way where no matter which design is chosen, the center stone is always highlighted in some way or the other. With beautiful diamond cuts, color, metal type, additional assets, diamond settings and the inclusion of gemstones can turn the ring into a magnificent work of art.

Diamond Cuts

For engagement rings, it would be best to go in for popular diamond cuts like the solitaire, round brilliant, princess, emerald or the marquise cut. Each of these cuts have a significance of their own.

Diamond Color

Different shades and colors can be used for the diamond stones to highlight their beauty.

Metal Type

Gold (white and yellow), platinum and silver are some of the metals that are used for the band of the three stone diamond ring. According to the lady’s taste, the ring can be designed into a most beautiful engagement ring.


With assets like tiny diamond stones placed around the three main diamonds, the ring would portray a more royal look.

Diamond Settings

To create a more modern look to the classic style of the three stone diamond ring, various settings can be used to enhance the look of the diamonds. With the right choice, the ring can be chosen as an amazing engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a symbol for the start of a new life with the one you love. And three stone diamond rings would perfectly represent the true meaning of eternal devotion.

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Feb 07

Bridal Diamond Set Ideas to Consider

It is a fact that no gift or present can be more appealing than diamond jewelry. This is certainly true in the case of a bridal diamond set. Diamonds play an important role in making the marriage event more memorable and meaningful.

The glittering shine of these precious gems is so amazing that it can rock anyone in the world. Folks who are planning for their wedding must definitely consider bridal diamond set ideas to find a suitable match.

The advancement in techniques and technology has offered the convenience to explore a range of styles and designs of bridal jewelry quickly in no time. Moreover, many reputed jewelers provide a wide variety of bridal jewelry to suit the varying requirements of different classes of people. Some of the popular ideas for bridal diamond sets are as follows.

Princess Cut Bridal Set

bridal diamond set

A 3.20 CT princess cut bridal set is made out of 14K white gold, and features exclusive diamonds with VS2-Sl1 group clarity. Since young girls wish to be dressed in princess outfits, this charming bridal diamond set is a perfect way to match the bridal dress on the auspicious wedding day. The glittering shine of the diamond crafted in a princess cut makes it a piece of attraction on the marriage day.

A 3.50 cut princess diamond emerald set is another hot choice for a wedding day. If money is not a problem, then this particular set is the best one for the big day. The color, the cut, the clarity and the carat weight of these sets make them unmatched.

Round Cut Diamond Bridal Sets

bridal diamond set

f you have limited finance, then round cut diamond bridal sets are the best choice without sacrificing the quality. You have the option to buy either very low priced round cut items featuring 1.25 cut diamonds or medium price 2.35 round cut items. A perfectly design round bands and earrings make a perfect fit signifying the unending love depicted by the circle shape of the jewelry items.

Platinum Metal Diamond Sets

bridal diamond set

Bridal jewelry can be crafted from gold, platinum or palladium as well. Depending upon your tastes and preferences, you can choose the metal for designing the jewelry pieces. When it comes to choosing metals for designing bridal diamond sets, gold is the popular choice. The glittering diamond pieces resting in yellow gold gives a striking look to the bride on the wedding day.

Similarly, palladium and platinum also works well for bridal jewelry. You can go for custom designs including contemporary styles as well as traditional designs. Moreover, you have the option to choose different color as opposed to traditional gold color bridal jewelry.

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Feb 04

What Do You Think of These Gemstone Rings?

Gemstone rings may not the traditional choice but in today’s time, gemstone rings are becoming extremely popular as wedding and engagement ring choices. These rings are the perfect choice as they are much cheaper than diamond rings. To make the rings more dazzling, you can use low quality diamonds as additional accents around the gems.

This world is blessed with an amazing range of gemstones that are glamorous in color and they are also known to have mystical healing powers. The range of rings that are available today is just amazing.

From stunning sapphire rings to spectacular emerald rings and everything in between that you can ever imagine. We have put together a list of gemstone rings for you to take a look at.

gemstone rings

1. Solitaire Rings

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and timeless types of ring, the solitaire sport a single elegant gemstone in the center with a metal band around it. These rings can be transformed into beautiful renditions of luxury with the choice of gemstone, cut and brilliance.

Since this enchanting ring consists of a single gemstone, it is important to make sure the gem is brilliant with a good range of clarity.

2. Eternity Rings

This type of gemstone rings has a deep symbolic meaning that represents the love and devotion of a person to another for as long as an eternity. An eternity ring consists of a metal band, embedded with gemstones throughout the surface of the metal. The gemstones chosen must have the same cut and size.

The type of setting usually used for these gemstone rings are channel or claw setting. At times women find it uncomfortable wearing eternity rings with larger sized gems studded all around the surface. In such cases, half eternity rings are preferred. Having the same symbolism, the band would be covered with gems only on the face of metal.

3. Three Stone Rings

Another symbolic ring for love and devotion, the three stone ring represents three important aspects of one’s relationship – past, present and the future. This is a beautiful type of ring that can be transformed in any style depending on the gemstones selected.

This gemstone rings can portray varied designs of cut, brilliance, size, type of gems and also choice of additional assets.

4. Cluster Rings

These rings sport a number of gemstones in a beautiful cluster. This is another type of ring that enables a large room for design and variations. Usually, a cluster ring consists of a large gemstone in the center with a number of tiny other gemstones around it. The gemstone in the center is usually either round in shape or square. Most often, the smaller surrounding gems that are chosen are diamonds.

5. Birthstone Rings

This is another popular choice of ring. Gemstone rings with the choice of birthstones bring out a personal touch to a certain event. These rings can also be used as wedding, engagement, anniversary rings or can be designed for the one you love for no reason at all.

You would be able to choose from a wide range of fancy shapes and cuts to turn a gemstone into an amazing work of art. Dazzle the lady by choosing her birthstone and presenting it with a beautiful cut and a brilliant setting.


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Feb 01

Know The Facts About Tennis Bracelets for Women

Jewelry has become an integral part of a woman’s lifestyle and attire. So much so that it has become common for a woman to feel uncomfortable without wearing a pretty piece of jewelry.

In the course of time, craftsmen have improved upon their skill to create beautiful patterns and designs of different types of jewelry. One such creation that is both elegant and glamorous is the tennis bracelet for women.

When purchasing a jewelry item, it is important for every woman to do her own research about the item and decide the best design that would suit her. The same goes for a woman’s tennis bracelet. There are some interesting facts that need to be known about tennis bracelets for women.

tennis bracelets for women

1. Tennis Bracelet (Diamond Line Bracelet or Eternity Bracelet):

They are called so, since, the tennis bracelets for women is designed as a sting of the same sized diamonds to fit the wrist. This delicate wrist ornament shows the rich sparkle of diamonds that are embedded into the metal.

The line bracelet is known to speak volumes and set a bold statement of fashion and elegance. According to the size, style and design, tennis bracelets for women can be very expensive.

2. History of the Tennis Bracelet:

It wasn’t until 1987 that these bracelets were nicknamed tennis bracelets. Chris Evert, a tennis player, played a strong and spirited match in the US open of 1987 wearing a diamond bracelet. But during the game, the bracelet unclasped and fell onto the ground.

She requested for time to search for the bracelet. It was due to this incident that the bracelet is known today as a tennis bracelet.

3. Look of the Bracelet:

The bracelet is known as an eternity bracelet since it has a similar design to the eternity ring. The symbolism for the bracelet to have a deeper meaning can be a romantic gesture to a woman in love.

The form, in which tennis bracelets for women are made, is quite apt for sporty women who like to give out a fashion statement while playing a serious match. Due to this fact, the tennis bracelets now have a stronger clasp so that the incident of falling off would not happen again. The bracelet is light in weight and made in a way to avoid getting banged and bruised.

4. Colored Features:

Though most women prefer their tennis bracelets to sport diamonds, there are a number of women who prefer a dash of color as well. There are a number of designs using various gemstones aligned in a specific pattern that transforms the very look of a delicate bracelet.

The pattern of color and gems are made to suit every taste and desire since women’s tastes are just as unique as they are. Some go in for softer tones of color while others prefer bright contrasting color combination of gemstones.

Caution: It is important that tennis bracelets for women have an extra safety clasp on. There are many jewelry stores that add a safety clasp only after the customer requests it to be done.

Other factors: When purchasing a tennis bracelet, it is vital to take a look at the stone’s 4C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat. Make sure that these aspects compliment you beauty and not hinder or make you feel uncomfortable. The bracelets must be light in weight and be flexible on your wrist.

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Jan 29

Affordable Diamond Tennis Bracelet White Gold

Tennis bracelets are becoming more popular by the day. The elegance of design, style and setting of the tennis bracelets has brought a wide range of option for women from all fields. The designs today enable women to purchase diamond tennis bracelets at an affordable price.

Diamond tennis bracelets are simple, elegant and vibrant. The string of gleaming diamonds on the bracelet is known to bedazzle a woman and enhance her delicate beauty. It is quite difficult to choose the right diamond tennis bracelet that can be within the price range of many. In order to pick out the best possible bracelet for your money’s worth is to research all the possible facts that you can about tennis bracelets and what determines their price.

In order to obtain affordable diamond tennis bracelet, it is important to look at the right places. Go into a number of jewelry stores and make a note of the prices of various designs of bracelets. You would notice that diamond tennis bracelets have certain factors that determine its price.

diamond tennis bracelets


1. 4 C’s of Diamonds

Diamonds are categorized and listed by the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat. Mostly the price of the item depends on the type of diamond being used. Since the tennis bracelet must have the same sized and cut diamonds, it is important to decide the carat and cut of the diamond before choosing the bracelet.

Higher the carat, higher would be the price. For an affordable purchase, go in for a low carat weight diamond set and a common diamond cut, like the princess cut. Try not to go in for tennis bracelets that have additional accents like tiny gems and diamonds studded in between the main sting of stones. This would increase the price by quite a margin. Slimmer the tennis bracelet, smaller would be the expense. 

2. Metal Used for Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The metal used to align the diamonds is also an important factor that determines the price of diamond tennis bracelets for women. Most commonly, the metals used for diamond tennis bracelets are gold, white gold and platinum. Among these exquisite choices, the most affordable would be white gold metal.

It is true that each of these metals have their own amazing properties and features making them absolutely desirable and unique, but price does matter. A good choice would be to go in for white gold rather than the expensive platinum.

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and few other white metals like palladium and silver. Initially white gold was created as a substitute for platinum for those who could not afford pricy jewelry. Depending on the type of alloy used to turn gold to white gold can also determine the price of the tennis bracelet.

The choice of alloys can make quite a difference in the appearance of the metal in terms of shine, metallic finish and color. There are some instances where the tennis bracelets have a faint hue of yellow with wear. In order to overcome this, rhodium alloy is used to bring a bright white metallic nature of the bracelet.

Diamond tennis bracelets for women with white gold have seen quite a change and are now affordable to many. It is, however, important to make the right choice in the various factors that have been discussed above and other factors that you might find as well. There are a number of jewelry stores online and off that provide a wide range of affordable tennis bracelets for women.

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Jan 24

The History of Tennis Bracelets

People who wish to present diamond bracelets to their loved ones, but are unsure about buying the right type of bracelet, can go for tennis bracelets. When people hear about a tennis bracelet they think that the piece might be something like a charm bracelet featuring tiny rackets and tennis balls hanging on the piece.

tennis bracelets

How the Bracelet Got Its New Name?

The link to the game is not as obvious as it appears to be. Before 1987, this particular piece of jewelry was called as an in-line bracelet. So, how does the piece got its new name?

tennis bracelet

Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

During the match at the US open in 1987, Chris Evert who was one of the participants in the tournament happened to lose her in-line bracelet. She realized that her bracelet was missing while playing the match; she stopped the match mid way to search for the missing bracelet. She thought that she won’t be able to continue with the match until the bracelet was found.

While she was hunting for the bracelet, the whole world was watching her. Some people watched her in the arena, while many people all over the world saw her searching for the jewelry piece live on television screens.

Her hunt for the bracelet was interesting and people became fascinated for the said bracelet. This is how the in-line bracelet came to be known as tennis bracelet after the match. The liking for the bracelet by Chris Evert made people attracted toward the in-line bracelet and people started calling the in-line bracelet with the new name.

Design and Style of a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets use small diamonds to make a single bracelet. The price of such a bracelet is as high as thousands of dollars depending upon the size, style and the stones used in crafting the piece.

The form or shape of the tennis or eternity bracelet makes it suitable for athletic women. Their active lifestyle does not permit them to wear bangles or any other heavy jewelry. The bracelet is flexible and light in weight. As a result, the chances of dinging or banging of the piece is reduced to a great extent while playing sports like tennis.

However, great care has to be taken while buying a tennis bracelet, specially if you are involved in some kind of sporty activity. The most important thing to consider is the safety clasp. Make sure that the bracelet you are buying has a safety clasp included so that you can tightly secure the piece to prevent loosening of the piece.

You can find a range of styles of tennis bracelets. However, the basic idea of the bracelet is the same, setting the stones in a line. Diamond bracelets with no other stones will be a perfect choice, if you prefer a conventional design. However, you have the option to substitute the stones with other gemstones such as sapphires or rubies.

The gems are round-shaped, and set in four pronged settings. Certain designs feature a little gap between stones, integrating a twisted “X” or “S” shaped metal design to form patterns.

Since this particular piece of jewelry is highly expensive, make sure to shop from a reliable jeweler that has better business bureau affiliation. Similarly, ensure that the jeweler is registered as such a jeweler can assure you about the value and the quality of the bracelet.

Final words

Due care must be taken while buying tennis bracelets. Ensure that the piece has a perfect setting and comes with stones which give you the much needed charm. Look for traditional characteristic features, cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and buy the right bracelet matching your budget and use.