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Jun 24

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

No matter how sparkly the diamond nor how shiny the metal, diamond jewelry gets dull and dirty after a while. Hand lotion tends to build up on rings and bracelets, while hair products tend to leave a dingy coating on diamond earrings. If not cleaned properly and regularly, the coating and residue can build up. This can eventually change the way the light reflects through the diamond or block it altogether, making your bling lose its zing.

1 carat dimaond earrings

1 carat dimaond earrings

Even though diamonds are one of the hardest elements on earth, harsh chemicals and abrasive substances can damage any coatings used to enhance the stone, or worse, do permanent damage to the gold, silver or platinum setting.

For jewelry that you wear every day, such as your wedding band, engagement ring or anniversary bracelet, give it a quick cleaning every few weeks to keep it sparkling and like new.

  1.  Make a cleaning solution using warm water and a few drops of a very mild dish soap. Let your diamond jewelry soak in the solution for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. If your jewelry needs more than a soak, use a very soft brush (a soft-bristled toothbrush works well) to clean any remaining residue.
  3. After brushing the jewelry, give it a brisk swish back through the soapy solution, and then rinse it thoroughly in warm water. To avoid discovering that your diamond earrings have gone down the drain, close the sink drain first, put the earrings in a strainer or colander to rinse or rinse them in a bowl of warm water.
  4. Use a lint-free cloth to dry and shine your jewelry.

If you’ve got a lot of black build-up on your diamond jewelry, use a dental Water Pik or wooden toothpick to get the last bits off. Remember that you can permanently scratch or damage the settings if you’re not careful, so be gentle. You can also take your diamonds to a jeweler who will be happy to professionally clean them for a fairly low price.

If your diamond jewelry also has other gemstones in the setting, be very careful as you clean it. Diamonds are very tough, but not all gemstones are and you risk permanently damaging them if you’re not careful.

To avoid nasty buildup on your diamond jewelry, remove all rings and bracelets before applying hand lotion, washing dishes or handling any cleaning solution that has chlorine. Remove your diamond earrings before you apply hair spray, and you’ll find that you can wait a little bit longer in between cleanings.


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Jun 21

Insuring Diamond Earrings

Buying diamond earrings usually goes hand in hand with a significant spend – after all, diamonds don’t come cheap. If you’re on the cusp of buying a new pair, then it’s worth knowing what your options are regarding insurance cover. Unfortunately one size does not fit all and it’s always advisable to make sure that you’re fully covered in the event of an unfortunate loss.

Why Insure Your Jewelry?

Many people either don’t think it’s worth the hassle or don’t realize that certain possessions are not covered under a standard renters or home owners policy. As a typical piece of jewelry can run in to the many hundred, if not thousands of dollars, it’s the wise man (or woman) that takes care of their investment.

Accidents happen, losses do occur, and if there’s one thing that’s worse than the actual loss itself, it’s that moment of realization when you remember that your beautiful diamond drop earrings weren’t covered – and you can’t afford to replace them. Insuring them as soon as you’ve bought them (as with any precious item or possession) is the sensible and right thing to do.

Maybe crying over spilled milk is a trite and silly figure of speech but crying over a pair of lost marquise cut diamonds is something else entirely.

How To Insure Your Earrings

First things first – check with your current insurers as to whether they will extend the existing policy to cover your earrings. In the event that they don’t, speak to the jewelers to find out who they use for commercial insurance, or ask if they can recommend a specialist insurance company.

In the event that your existing plan can be adapted, great. Now you need to find out what it will cover, how much and what the claims procedure entails. If you find out that your jewelry is covered for its full amount, in all eventualities, fantastic – close the deal, sign along the dotted line and take the cover.

In case that they don’t, check with the specialist insurers, as you need to make sure that the full value is covered, otherwise there’s no point. Imagine you get a 40% coverage, and only then if the earrings are accidentally damaged beyond repair, or stolen from your ears whilst you’re sleeping (not likely but we’re throwing silly scenarios out there anyway), then what?

Bottom line is this: make sure of what it is you need, and what the insurance company are willing to cover.

Remember – Ask The Right Questions

So now you’ve decided who you’re going to take out the insurance with, let’s make sure that you ask all the right questions before you sign up:

  • because you’ll need an appraisal of your jewelry, ask if there’s a specific company that they use

  • how much will the cover cost, annually/monthly?

  • in the event that the earrings are damage-repairable, is that a go, or does the policy just do new-for-old?

  • is the lost/damaged item replaced or paid out on?

  • what’s the deductible? What will you need to pay out before the insurers pay up?

  • is accidental loss covered the same as stolen items are?

Of course the above list isn’t all that you can ask, and some of the questions that you’ll need to ask will be personal to your particular requirements. However the questions listed are the ones most people need to ask, so make sure that you do. Hopefully, once you’re covered, you won’t need it but, in the event that you do, you’ll suffer the loss but soon recoup and recover from the effects.

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Jun 20

Cleaning Diamond Earrings – When And Why

Diamond earrings are beautiful, delicate and high on the list of most women’s jewelry must-have’s. However, as gorgeous as they look when they’re new, time and regular use will render them a little less than ‘brilliant’.

Fortunately knowing when to clean them will help preserve their unrivaled sheen, as well as keep them looking as good as they did the day that they were purchased.

Dull Diamonds Are Not A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds, despite their reputation as being one of Nature’s toughest gem stones, can and do tarnish. Regular wear, every-day handling and being poorly stored will eventually dull the stone’s surface, as the facets collect a build up of minute bits and pieces of debris.

The lusterless appearance isn’t something that you see happening, it’s more something that you notice once it’s happened, and that’s when it’s time to think about getting them cleaned.

How often? That will depend on how often the diamond earrings are worn, how much they’re handled and so on. As an example, some women have a tendency to absentmindedly fiddle around with their earrings, whilst others only touch them to put them in or take them out again. Added to that is how long a period they’re worn for. An occasional airing is one thing, wearing them day after day is another.

Regular wear means that they’re handled more, affected by things such as showering/bathing, exposure to the elements, the list goes on. So saying that the diamond/s will take on a dull, flat-looking sheen quicker than a pair worn/used less often. That’s when they’ll require a clean, and in effect only the owner of the earrings will truly know when they’re ready for a little diamond-shining maintenance.

Generally, when they do require a clean up, a little buffing with a lint-free cloth will suffice. On the occasion that they require a deeper clean then there are two choices available:

  • have them cleaned by a professional

  • learn how to do it yourself at home

If the earrings are highly prized, either for their financial or sentimental value, antique, or set into a metal that can’t be cleaned using home-made cleaning solutions, leave the delicate job of returning them to their former glory to the professional jewelry cleaners, otherwise you may well end up with more than just a tarnished gem stone on your hands.

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Jun 11

Get the Affordable Yellow Diamond Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are such that any woman would love to have them! They adorn the ear lobe and give a distinctive appearance to the woman, it can be a sign of consistent love and commitment, and it can be gifted on any occasion.

Depending on your budget, you ought to choose your diamond earrings. Of course, there are endless varieties in cuts, clarity, color, and carat but some of the hugely popular trends in the market are the single diamond stud earring and the diamond drop earrings. When a pearl is coupled, the pearl and diamond drop earrings can look elegant and stylish. Even the diamond drop earrings are exquisite and depending on the diamonds used is the price.

diamond earrings

diamond earrings

In case you have a limited budget, you need to know that you can have 1-carat diamond earrings for remarkably affordable prices. Yellow diamond earrings can be extremely affordable, and if you can strike a deal properly, it may cost you only sixteen hundred dollars. In that case, you may have to compromise with the diamond cuts, the color, and clarity.

The colorless varieties are priceless, and the yellow diamond earrings can cost about half the price in the same carat. Technically speaking they will have a milky or graying appearance close to yellow, and there may be even dark crystals in the diamond. There may even be fractures, but surely, they are affordable.

A perfect cut, flawless diamond stud earrings, can be seen in between the locks from a distance of even five feet. Such is the brilliance that it draws immediate attraction. Nevertheless, the price can be as high as forty eight thousand dollars. In case you want to fit a diamond in the budget, you will have to compromise with the quality. The flawless diamonds studs earrings are rare, but the round cut and princes cut are immensely popular and available in the market.

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Jun 07

1 Carat Diamond Earrings- Wear the Elegancy

Diamonds are forever going the adage, and it holds true. It is suitable for all occasions for the engaged couple it is a sign of their togetherness, for the wedded couple it is the sign of fidelity and commitment, for the old couple it is the sign of togetherness forever and ever. At all junctures in life, princess cut diamond engagement rings and diamond drop earrings can be ideally gifted.

Most common question that arises in mind is how to decide which diamond earrings to buy! Well this is a relative question because it depends a lot on your budget. Rather we will take a particular example, say you want a 1-carat diamond earring.

1 carat dimaond earrings

1 carat dimaond earrings

 The price of a diamond depends on the color, cut, clarity, and carat. The color of the diamond is higher when it is clear, free from opaque spots, and colorless. The priceless ones are colorless whereas yellow diamond earrings are slightly cheaper in range.

Next is the cut. The better the diamond cuts, the better will it shine! To see if the 1-carat diamond earring has a clear cut, just hold it in light and it must shine in a uniform pattern. If the diamond, cuts are, too shallow it will appear more opaque and fail to reflect light brilliantly. Next is the clarity of a diamond stud earring. The flawless ones are extremely costly and rare.

The diamond earrings that usually rule the market is the flawed ones but the flaws are not visible to the naked eye. There are also flawed diamond stud earrings in which the flaws are visible to the naked eye, and they are less costly. The last point on which the price of diamond earrings is dependent is the carat. Carat is actually the size of the diamond and, needless to say, the larger the size the costlier it is.

Decide your diamond studs earrings keeping these points in mind!

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Jun 04

Diamond Earrings – a Gift to Be Cherished Forever

When we talk about the ornaments, Gold and then Silver are the names that we often consider. However, Diamond is the possibility that is certainly more enduring and memorable way to express your feelings for your better half. Diamond Earrings can be the best possible way to give a gift to your spouse as a diamond represents ever lasting and enduring feelings you have!



Having talked about the importance of the diamonds 1-carat diamond earrings can be a proper and quite likable option for the gift. Diamond earrings as a valentine memory itself speak volume about its true beauty and the importance it can communicate through it.

1 2 carat diamond earrings have many benefits that can happen out to be decisive factors while you choose your gift. It must be said that these 1 carat diamond earrings are available in small, cute and trendy fashion. If you look for the affordability, then 1 carat diamond earrings are the perfect combination of the 4Cs. While talking about these diamond studs earrings, some points that are worthy about diamond are essentially mentioned.

diamond earrings

diamond earrings

Four Cs are crucial in case of the 1 2 carat diamond earrings. First is cut that is related with the brilliance. Then comes the ‘C’ of clarity, which is about the flawlessness and the quality of the color. Third ‘C’ represents the color, while fourth ‘C’ is the carat of the diamond drop earrings. Yellow diamond earrings are the right choice as it suits any person with the transparent and stunning looks.

Single diamond stud or pearl and diamond drop earrings are also among the other options that you have. Overall speaking, diamond is certainly an option that can be preferred over the gold or silver given the quality and the changing patterns it offers. So, why not satisfy your valentine on the upcoming Valentine Day by giving a brilliant collection of 1 carat diamond earrings.

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May 31

Diamond Earrings – Show the Eternity of Love

“Gold is a virtue but Diamond is eternity!” is a wisely said and very true statement by a wise man. It proves out to be even more significant when you are planning to present 1-carat diamond earrings to your valentine, what can be the perfect gift to express your love. Diamond earrings are in many ways an appropriate and viable option that is available until day.

On the other hand, 1 2 carat diamond earrings can be stylish, affordable, yet adorable choice for your spouse on any precious occasion. Moreover, diamonds represent the eternity and the stability of your love towards her, something that she will cherish forever. Hence, 1-carat diamond earrings are what we would suggest you for the reasons that are mentioned also here.

Diamond stud earring is the entities that support the four Cs. Those are Cut, Clarity, Color, and the Carat. As you have decided, to go with the 1 carat item the issue of carat is solved there itself. As far as the color, part is concerned, yellow diamond earrings, is the best available option to go with as it reflects the beauty of the diamond, and is a transparent color that will surely suit your partner.

The clarity of the diamond talks about the flawlessness of it and hence single diamond stud is another particularly compelling choice that can be chosen. Finally, diamond cuts are the factor that defines the brilliance of the diamond, and it can be safely said that there is no other better option possible other than 1 2 carat diamond earrings as far as this aspect is concerned.

Diamond stud earrings are usually small, reliable and are in the exact size that can only enhance the beauty of your spouse. These 1-carat magical stones of diamond drop earrings would be something your valentine has ever desired for. Hence, this is surely the moment you grab it and the gift it to her!