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Most Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

When you have found the woman of your dreams and ready to tie the knot, it is then time to purchase the perfect engagement ring. Through history men have been known to take great troubles in trying to choose the right diamond engagement ring style for the love of their life.

In order to purchase the perfect ring for your soul mate it is vital that you choose the ring that has a brilliant gem. It is also important to see that the cut, color and quality match your lady’s personality and desire.

There are a number of beautiful and elegant styles to choose from, any of which would cause the eyes of the woman to sparkle. We have put together a list of the most popular diamond engagement ring styles that you can choose from.

Rings with a Tinge of Color

Diamonds are usually the common choice for engagement rings, but with a touch of color, you can make turn the diamond stone into a unique piece of art. A number of women have shown desires in gemstones like emerald and sapphires along with the brightness of the diamond. Always make sure that the stone is evenly colored and keep an eye out for the clarity as well.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

Women these days are becoming more and more specific by wanting to have their wedding band match their engagement ring. Taking on this new trend of choice, craftsmen are designing sets that fit perfectly with each other.

Split Shank Style

Many women have expressed their desire to forego the wedding band altogether and just choose an exquisite diamond engagement ring style that would stand out. This brings us to the split shank style. This one of a kind style has a design of splitting the ring in half with intricate detail in between. Having an aesthetic sense, this style is becoming popular by the day.

Three Stone Ring

The three stone ring is a perfect choice to express your feelings. Each stone has a symbolic meaning to your life with your lady. The stones represent the past, present and future of your relationship, thereby, making it an ideal choice. This diamond engagement ring style is known to be exquisitely glamorous and has brilliant sparkle.

Fancy Shapes Ring Style

diamond engagement ring styles

There are a number of fancy shapes that can adorn a ring. Round stone, princess cut, oval, asscher, cushion, heart, pear, radiant and the list goes on. The beauty of each one gives its own touch of distinction to the person wearing the brilliant diamond stone.

The Solitaire

diamond engagement ring style

A timeless classic. The solitaire is a single diamond fit on a slender band and is known as the definitive engagement ring. The elegance that it portrays enhances the beauty of the one wearing it.

It is true that choosing the right diamond engagement ring style for the love of your life is not an easy task. But it can be made so if you directly ask her opinion on it and note down a few of her favorite choices.

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