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Metal choice for your diamond earrings

While buying any piece of jewellery we have always many problems. The choice is vast, all the styles, trends, and possibilities makes us confused all the way. It makes that a simple shopping turns out to be a real adventure. Diamond earrings are a special kind of jewellery – elegant and stylish. When we want to choose a proper setting, we have to consider all the options carefully and decide for the best one, so that our diamond could give away its timeless charm. Usually, there are three basic metals that go with diamond earrings – these are gold, platinum and silver. We are going to revise them and present their influence upon the overall shape and abilities of our diamond earrings.

Gold used to be, and still is one of the most leading pieces of metal in the world of jewellery making, and its products have gained acclaimed among millions of people all over the world. Gold fever seems to be last forever. Nevertheless, is gold appropriate partner for diamond earrings? Some people like to combine the yellowish shine of gold with the peculiar, magnificent diamond sparkle, but with this combination we should be careful. It does not come along with many outfits and some of us may find it irritating. In one word, diamond earrings in golden setting is not for everyone as it may evoke sort of color conflict, especially when it’s badly designed and made.

The next metal to be mentioned is platinum. Many professionals claim that diamonds and platinum is a perfect combination. Diamonds, as the hardest and most graceful gem of all together with the hardest mineral seem to be an ideal duet. Diamond earrings in a platinum setting are strongly recommended for those, who are suffering from various diseases, especially connected with skin – which means no allergies, no rush. In addition, the timeless power of both ingredients will make that the diamond earrings will be forever, enjoying the eyes of people for the next hundreds years.

Silver – very popular mainly for the price. At the first sight very similar to platinum, but their abilities are far from being alike. Definitely those, who have skin problems, should avoid silver, for a probability of getting a rush. Moreover, silver and diamonds mixture is like to confront stars and the light of torch. Diamond earrings are an example of classical, timeless beauty and we have to treat them with respect. Diamonds wrapped in silver is a kind of misalliance – it is just something that cannot be done or accept. In time, silver will start to fade, get darker and its shine will be lost, with that, diamond earrings will not be able to provide the same effect.


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