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Let’s Go Shopping – Diamond Hoop Earrings

All diamonds are beautiful, but not all diamonds are equal. The same can be said of the different types of jewelry that diamonds are set into. Previously we’ve talked a little about stud earrings, and today we’re going to look at another highly popular design – the hoop earring.

Most women (and we mean most..) won’t pretend to prefer this shape or that shape when they’re presented with a diamond anything..all they can see are the shiny bits. However, there is a difference in look and wearabilty when it comes to comparing the traditional stud and the flirtatious hoop. A hooped earring hangs from the ear, it dangles rather than sits in the lobe, and one that’s encrusted with diamonds will forever catch and reflect light – as well as the eyes of others.

They’re a flirty earring, lacking the conventional appeal of the stud, if for no other reason than they’re larger, more obvious, and tend to be worn as an eye-catching piece, as opposed to the demure, subtle stud. Some people find them a little too flashy, particularly the larger hoop styles, but the truth is it’s not the jewelry that makes the wearer look as though they lack taste, and class – it’s the way in which they’re worn that affects the perception of others.

However large the hoop, the right styling, hair and makeup can and do make a woman look exactly like she wants to feel..a million dollars. Also, a larger earring has a larger surface area, which provides the designers with more scope when it comes to deciding on the finished look. Some of the most beautiful hooped earrings are dazzling as much because of the diamond’s settings as they are due to the diamonds themselves.

Further, the different sizes offer the purchaser a lot more choice:

  • something eternally delicate, a small hoop that almost hugs the ear lobe
  • hoops that are a little larger, yet they’re wide enough to lend them substance
  • alternatively a finer width, dainty yet flirty
  • all out bling – large, unmistakable, fabulous

Whatever the end choice, diamond hoop earrings are many in their design, and each one will offer something unique to the wearer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ‘look at me’ pair, or a pair that will add the finishing touch to an elegant outfit, hooped earrings are a popular style of earring, and rightly so..thousands and thousands of years of being worn by women the world over have got to mean something, right?

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