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I Love Diamonds But I Don’t Have A Diamond Budget

Diamonds. We all want one (or two) but we can’t all afford them. Or can we.

Yes, we can. The secret lies in the size, the type, the quality. In jewelry speak, the four C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat.

Ok, we want the best of the best but you and I both know that with the budget we’re looking at, we’re going to gave to settle for what we can afford, rather than what we’re dreaming about. Dreams are a wonderful thing but..they sometimes cost more than we’re bargaining for. Let’s stick to our principles – ‘x’ amount is proportionately equal to ‘x’ diamond, no ifs, no buts.

In order to find the perfect piece, the one that comfortably sits within the confines of your budget, you need to aim for a combination of several things:

  1. a lesser quality diamond. One that will cost a few hundred bucks isn’t going to be on the same level as one that costs a few thousand..pure math

  2. consider a piece that’s discounted. There’s plenty of competition out there (for your money) so shop around

  3. buy online. And don’t be afraid to do so. A legitimate store will be regulated by the same guidelines of any high street jewelers. Look for the financial accreditation that all legitimate online outlets should display, call them (there should always be contact information clearly provided), read through their terms and conditions, their FAQ’s

The above are all common sense steps, and together they should help you to locate the diamond jewelry that you’re looking for.

From the bystanders perspective, it’s also worth remembering that the average friend, sister, or work colleague knows next to nothing about diamonds anyway, other than they’re stunning, rare, sought after. Sticking your hand out, in order to show off your newly acquired discount diamond ring, or baring your earlobes in order to flash you wholesale diamond stud earrings is only going to elicit one response:

oh my God they’re awesome, so beautiful. I want!”

At which point you smile demurely and keep quiet about how much and where from.

But..but..I want a real flashy diamond!

Well you can have one. You just won’t be the owner of something the size of small lump of rock. You’ll still have a diamond ring, pendant, or earrings, albeit it a piece of jewelry with a smaller diamond, or one of lesser quality.

This pair of diamond drop earrings retail for less than $300, and yet they’re simply stunning. Beautiful jewelry..affordable prices.

When it comes to diamonds, the old saying ‘they don’t make diamonds as big as brick’ is apt for a reason. In our opinion, even a small, lesser quality diamond is better than no diamond at all. And let’s face it, last time you went looking at or for diamond jewelry, did you really know the carat and color of a diamond just by looking at it?

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