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How To Keep Jewelry Safe When On Vacation

Keeping your jewelry safe when traveling is as much about common sense as it is about taking the correct precautions. Ok, maybe you rarely if ever take your three stone earrings out of your ears but what about the days when you want to wear something different?

Vacations tend to make even the best of us pack more than the kitchen sink and taking along pieces of jewelry is no different.  However there are high levels of jewelry thefts reported globally year on year, and it’s definitely a major concern for both those doing the traveling and the insurance companies that have to keep handing out the cash.

So, what do you do to keep your gemstone bracelets safe, and how do you prevent an undesirable from sneaking into your hotel room and stealing your heart cut diamonds?

The first line of defense is that you would be crazy to take anything out of your home unless it’s insured. Jewelry insurance is readily available, it’s hardly poor-value-for-money and the bottom line is the fact that you’re covered in the event that you do lose one of your precious pieces. So, rule number one? Insure your jewelry.

Next you need to weigh up whether or not it’s truly practical that you take your one and a half carat Marquise diamond pendant on your vacation. How often do you intend to wear it, and why? Is the wearing of it (and feeling like a million dollars) really worth the risk associated with taking jewelry out of your home and away on your vacation? Bearing in mind that jewelry insurance can have a cut-off payout amount, is your pendant even fully insured?

In short, rule number two – is it really necessary (or sensible) to take high value items?

Ok so now we’re at the stage whereby you’ve decided what you’re taking, now what? For the travel part of your vacation, make sure that you either wear your jewelry or, if that’s impractical, that you keep it stored in your hand luggage. You’re far less likely to be parted from your hand luggage than you are your larger bags. In the event that you’re not flying, keep your jewelry close to hand, in your purse or securely stored in your vehicle. Rule number three – keep your valuables close when you’re in transit.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you need to make sure that your jewelry is safely stored away. If your jewelry is highly valuable, ask if you can store your items in the hotel safe. If that’s not possible, check to see if there’s one in your hotel room – many hotel chains do provide this facility. In the event that there’s no safe whatsoever then store your jewelry somewhere insignificant, in a part of your accommodation that would be overlooked as a place to store valuables. Rule number four – be careful where you stash your jewelry.

Finally, a quick overview of the main guidelines:

1. insure jewelry against potential loss

2. choose wisely – don’t take what you’d hate to lose

3. when in transit ensure your jewelry is close to hand

4. store your jewelry in as safe a place as possible



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