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How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

No matter how sparkly the diamond nor how shiny the metal, diamond jewelry gets dull and dirty after a while. Hand lotion tends to build up on rings and bracelets, while hair products tend to leave a dingy coating on diamond earrings. If not cleaned properly and regularly, the coating and residue can build up. This can eventually change the way the light reflects through the diamond or block it altogether, making your bling lose its zing.

1 carat dimaond earrings

1 carat dimaond earrings

Even though diamonds are one of the hardest elements on earth, harsh chemicals and abrasive substances can damage any coatings used to enhance the stone, or worse, do permanent damage to the gold, silver or platinum setting.

For jewelry that you wear every day, such as your wedding band, engagement ring or anniversary bracelet, give it a quick cleaning every few weeks to keep it sparkling and like new.

  1.  Make a cleaning solution using warm water and a few drops of a very mild dish soap. Let your diamond jewelry soak in the solution for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. If your jewelry needs more than a soak, use a very soft brush (a soft-bristled toothbrush works well) to clean any remaining residue.
  3. After brushing the jewelry, give it a brisk swish back through the soapy solution, and then rinse it thoroughly in warm water. To avoid discovering that your diamond earrings have gone down the drain, close the sink drain first, put the earrings in a strainer or colander to rinse or rinse them in a bowl of warm water.
  4. Use a lint-free cloth to dry and shine your jewelry.

If you’ve got a lot of black build-up on your diamond jewelry, use a dental Water Pik or wooden toothpick to get the last bits off. Remember that you can permanently scratch or damage the settings if you’re not careful, so be gentle. You can also take your diamonds to a jeweler who will be happy to professionally clean them for a fairly low price.

If your diamond jewelry also has other gemstones in the setting, be very careful as you clean it. Diamonds are very tough, but not all gemstones are and you risk permanently damaging them if you’re not careful.

To avoid nasty buildup on your diamond jewelry, remove all rings and bracelets before applying hand lotion, washing dishes or handling any cleaning solution that has chlorine. Remove your diamond earrings before you apply hair spray, and you’ll find that you can wait a little bit longer in between cleanings.


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