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How to Clean Diamond Ring at Home Like a Professional

diamond ring

Image Credit: Somma (Creative Commons)

I am sure everyone loves to enjoy a diamond studded life. However, though most people love it, most of them have concerns on how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry to elongate its life and to treasure them forever with them.

Diamond as a gemstone has a very high refractive index and it glitters with a high index of 2.417. But they tend to lose their shine and glitter as days pass by due to contact with excessive dirt, daily usage, pollution and styling products such as hair gels, lotions etc., Therefore it is essential that people learn the art of cleaning diamond jewelry by themselves to improve its spark and prolong its usage.

If you find your diamond jewelry dull and lifeless with less shine, then determine to clean your diamond jewelry either by taking it to the shop to get it professionally cleaned or trying to clean diamond jewelry at home with homely methods.

I am sure you would find the latter option more feasible because it is your own jewelry and, would also learn how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry at Home

Though professionals can clean your diamond jewelry in no time with good results, they are quite costly. And it is possible to learn how to clean diamond ring at home. Follow the points stated below to endure the same:

  • Try spraying a small quantity of glass cleaner on your diamond rings and other diamond jewelry and gently scrub away the debris. Try to concentrate on the inner portions of the ring that may contain hidden areas, where soaps, lotions and other debris tends to accumulate. After rinsing off, run the ring under tap water, and clean them with a soft cloth.
  •  Mild chemicals such as household Ammonia can also be used to cleanse off dirt from diamond jewelry.  Mix half portion of Ammonia in water and gently soak the diamond jewelry for 15-20 seconds. Remove them and scrub them with a gentle toothbrush and dry them off using an abrasive cloth.
  •  Lest oil can also be used the same way as Ammonia, with little soaking and cleansing off with a soft toothbrush can remove excessive dirt and let your diamond jewels spark like before.
  • Dishwashing detergent and liquids can be used to abrase off excessive oil and grease beneath diamond studded jewelry. It does an excellent job though it is mild and safe.
  • Try to use mild abrasive cloth or a soft flannel, microfiber cloth while you dry your diamond jewels and always try to run them under warm running water to remove accumulated oil, dirt and grease.

Here is some more useful info on cleaning diamond rings:

Commonly Used Diamond Jewels and Ways to Clean Them

how to clean diamond ring

Image Credit: PrimeStyle.com

Though I have tried to summarize the commonly used house hold remedies to clean diamond jewels, most of you may have concerns on the ways to clean specific diamond jewelry you possess. So, let’s learn more about cleaning specific jewelry types:

1.     Engagement Rings

Solitaire diamond rings are the most commonly possessed diamond jewelry by all people and is usually associated with intimate occasions of their life.

Method 1Using Toothbrush and Detergent Solution

They can be best cleaned with a toothbrush and mild detergents such as dishwashing liquids or even using tooth paste.

Soak them in the detergent solution for few minutes and then brush off the debris using toothbrush. Most importantly leave your solitairerings, in a blotted paper under air for few minutes and dry them with a soft, gentle cloth.

Method 2 – Using Grease Lightening Lotion

Yet another method to clean your solitaire engagement rings is to spray grease lightening lotion onto the ring placed in a cup, and soak it for about five minutes. Take it out and scrub with a brush, later place your rings in a cup of lukewarm water and toothbrush it again.

This is an excellent method to be used as many times as needed, and is will also prolong the life of your rings, as the ultrasonic machines used by professionals tends to loosed the stone from the rings.

Method 3 – Soda Bicarbonate with Mild Detergents

Soda bicarbonate mixed with mild detergents works quite well for these three stone engagement rings, and less commonly gin and vodka has also been proven to be effective in resuming their spark after soaking them under it for few minutes.

2.     Three Stone Engagement Rings

Also known as trinity rings, these three stone engagement rings demand high level of cleaning and maintenance, as it tends to possess many loop holes where dirt and grease tends to accumulate.

Soda bicarbonate mixed with mild detergents works quite well for these three stone engagement rings, and less commonly gin and vodka has also been proven to be effective in resuming their spark after soaking them under it for few minutes.

The good thing about above mentioned jewelry cleaning methods is that, they can be used for cleaning other types of engagement rings including:

Loose Diamonds

Now, that you‘ve learnt how to clean diamond ring, let’s just quickly go through how to clean loose diamonds.

Some of you may also wish to possess loose diamonds for jewelry making, or to improve on your class and style. The cleaning process of these loose diamonds is different, and is can best be rid off from dirt and grease using table salt placed on your palm and gently rubbing the gem with the salt using your index and forefingers.

The method that we discussed for cleaning loose diamonds can also be used for cleaning other diamond jewelry items such as:

  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • And, any other custom ring

How to Clean Diamond Ring – Conclusion

I am sure, all of you must have developed adequate knowledge on ‘how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry’ as taking them to a professional every time can be a hectic and time consuming  process. Also, this will leave you with no jewels for few days and involves huge sum of money every time.

Some adverse machinery and rays used by the professionals, may also get the gem loosen from the jewel leaving behind mental and economic distress. So it is best to learn techniques of how to clean diamond ring like a professional to enhance the maintenance of the gem at home.

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