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How Three Stone Diamond Ring Makes a Perfect Engagement Ring

 Three Stone Diamond Ring

Diamond rings have always been a symbol of love and desire and one of the most enduring symbols of love is portrayed by the Three Stone Diamond ring. This ring holds the most romantic meaning in its design of the three stones.

Meaning Portrayed by the Three Stones in the Ring

The three stone diamond ring that depicts three stones on its surface has a deep and most lovely meaning of devotion.  Some say, these three stones represent the three main phases of a couple’s life – Past, Present and the Future. Most often designs of the ring show the center diamond to be larger than the ones on its sides.

This particular design tells us that the center, representing the ‘Present’ phase of the couple’s relationship is the most important. For a ring that displays such depth of devotion, would be a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

History of the Three Stone Diamond Ring

This classic 19th century Victorian style ring has become one of the most sought after by women from all backgrounds. Over the years, this style of ring has gained more value as a symbol of devotion to women. This style was first brought to America as an anniversary band and in time due to the rich symbolism of the three stones, the relevance of occasion changed from anniversary ring to an engagement ring.

It seems more appropriate to use this figurative resonance for an event that brings a man and a woman into a bond of eternal love. And since women have always been enticed by the beauty of love, what better than to use the three stone diamond ring, that’s full of rich meaning, as an engagement ring.

Modern Style of the Three Stone Diamond ring

Through the years, craftsmen have turned the classic design of the three stone diamond ring into a myriad of breathtaking designs that would truly render a woman speechless. The best and the most popular is the design where the center stone is larger than the side stones and having contrasting fancy diamond cuts.

The styles are done in a way where no matter which design is chosen, the center stone is always highlighted in some way or the other. With beautiful diamond cuts, color, metal type, additional assets, diamond settings and the inclusion of gemstones can turn the ring into a magnificent work of art.

Diamond Cuts

For engagement rings, it would be best to go in for popular diamond cuts like the solitaire, round brilliant, princess, emerald or the marquise cut. Each of these cuts have a significance of their own.

Diamond Color

Different shades and colors can be used for the diamond stones to highlight their beauty.

Metal Type

Gold (white and yellow), platinum and silver are some of the metals that are used for the band of the three stone diamond ring. According to the lady’s taste, the ring can be designed into a most beautiful engagement ring.


With assets like tiny diamond stones placed around the three main diamonds, the ring would portray a more royal look.

Diamond Settings

To create a more modern look to the classic style of the three stone diamond ring, various settings can be used to enhance the look of the diamonds. With the right choice, the ring can be chosen as an amazing engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a symbol for the start of a new life with the one you love. And three stone diamond rings would perfectly represent the true meaning of eternal devotion.

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