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Heart Pendants to Choose From

No gift can be better than the heart pendants to express your love to the girl of your dreams. Heart shaped pendants have always symbolized eternal love and have been exchanged between two people as a symbol of their love. If they are made of precious gems such as diamonds, they become exceptionally special and close to your loved one’s heart.

This universal symbol of love has been in existence from the early Christian era and has been thought to be the centre of emotions.They symbolize love and intelligence in a most intimate and beautiful way.

Different Types of Heart Pendants

Love is universal and so is the heart pendant gift. They are available in different forms based on the base metal used, and thus are affordable for all classes of people. The distinct varieties of heart pendants to choose from, for gifting your valentine are listed below:

Diamond Pendants

heart pendants

Diamonds are used in pendants in different combinations and sometimes the entire pendant is made of diamonds, or diamonds are arranged at the borders of white metalled pendant.

Some people also prefer pave hearts with diamond stud at either or at both outlines. This is perhaps the most widely preferred of all the heart shaped pendants for its eye-catching gesture and beautiful design to communicate pure love.

Combination of Diamonds and Gemstones Pendant

Sapphire has been known since ages for its trust, love, serenity and honesty. These are the pre-requisites of a life binding relationship as well. Therefore, sapphire studded heart pendant lined by a row of diamonds would stun any lady and is the best gifts that can be rendered to the women you love.

Pendants Made of Gemstones

The most predominantly used precious stones are the blue sapphire and ruby and both of them make an excellent combination with white gold, crafted as a single elegant pendant.

Gold Heart Pendants

 Heart Pendants

These are economical ways of expressing pure love and are almost affordable by all classes of people. They are either puffed or hollow and sometimes encrusted with gemstones and may be either polished or left with its innate brashness.

Gold Pendants in Combinations With Diamonds

Gold Pendants in Combinations With Diamonds

Rose gold is popularly used in these pendants with many tiny hearts carved on a single pendant. Each heart within the heart shaped frame holds a tiny diamond on it.

Silver Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant

These are the most affordable type of heart pendants available, but needs high level maintenance to maintain their clarity. Sometimes they are available as lockets to preserve photos or your loved one’s fond memories.

How to Choose the Best Heart Pendant

Finding the right type of pendant can be easy, if one knows what to look for. There can be many variations in a pendant based on its size, shape, design and the type of material, the pendant and chain it is made from. But there are few basic points to be noted before choosing the right pendant.

Price is an important factor in choosing the right type of heart pendant. The chain attached to the pendant also needs to be checked for quality and consistency. The shine factor needs to be considered as well as nobody would want to spend on something that would fade as time passes.

The small sized pendants look more elegant and beautiful compared to the larger sized gaudy looking pendants. Moreover, if you are comfortable with spending some extra money, you can always go for the beautiful but expensive white gold metal setting with diamond pendants. If not, then the yellow gold or silver heart pendants make an excellent choice for the gift.

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