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Girls – Lock Up Your Earrings

Has anyone noticed lately just how many men are sporting a diamond earring? Be it a cuff, a small hoop (a la Jack Sparrow) or a stud, diamonds are appearing in the ears of men across the globe. And women everywhere are either appalled by the seemingly feminine characteristic in their men, or intrigued and rather taken with it.

For those that don’t know, you can be forgiven for assuming that this (worrisome?) trend is a modern one..unfortunately it’s not. Since man first discovered himself language, and how to wield it with the mighty pen, the non-fairer sex of our species has been known to sport an earring (or two) in their ears.

There’s a world famous painting, Chandos portrait (believed to be of William Shakespeare no less), that was painted in the early 1600′s. As you can see from the image, the painting’s subject is wearing a small earring in his left ear. In the 1600′s! Pray..for man art mad and presumptuous to bear such a woman’s trinket upon their person!

We jest, for even Chandro’s Portrait is not the earliest known evidence of man’s fascination with jewelry, albeit just a little bit girly. Even the Persians, thousands of years ago, were known to favor the wearing of earrings, usually several at once. Sailors through the ages have worn them, as have their seafaring counterparts, pirates.

Rogues they may have been but vain they were..just a little bit. Johnny Depps portrayal of the blackguardly Captain Jack Sparrow, though theatrical, is based upon the accepted characterization of what a pirate looked like. Brash, mismatched clothing, largely unkempt looking, and adorned with jewelry.

Going back to Mr Depp, he wears earrings irrespective of whether he’s in character or not, which brings us to the modern-day man, and his liking for the diamond cuff. Famous sports stars, actors and pop stars are all known to be fond of Hollywood style bling, and sporting a huge rock in your ear is considered to be de rigeur among the rich and famous.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that lesser known men (husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers) appear to find earrings an acceptable accessory for the modern man. This is why you need to start thinking about how your next (new) pair of diamond studs might look in your husband or partners ears. Or your sons. There’s no real obvious definition between a woman’s diamond earrings and those of a man.

However there is an upshot to all this – in the event that you lose an earring, you could always pass the spare one as a gift to your man…just don’t tell him where it came from.

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