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Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women

When it comes to gemstone and diamond rings for women, we inevitably think, ‘the bigger the better’! Whilst the jewelries associated with the rich and famous and Hollywood celebrities are usually oversized diamonds and gemstones in unconventional designs, there are no reasons why you cannot procure such pieces at affordable rates to please the lady love of your life.

However, understanding a few basics pertaining to diamond cuts, gemstones, diamond carats will go a long way in fetching you the best deal.

gemstone and diamond rings for women

Gemstone and diamond rings Buying Tips

Diamond cut

The diamond cut is the most important factor that determines the price of the diamond and other precious gemstones. Round cut diamonds are reckoned as one of the best and are usually the most expensive ones too. Another popular and equally expensive diamond is the princess cut diamond.

If you are looking for a stylish, large size yet cheap diamond ring, you can go for oval cut diamond rings. The oval cut diamond rings not only look ultra-chic but also appears larger in size than the conventional round cut diamond rings.

Buying marquise, pear or oval shaped gemstones and diamonds embedded rings are other wonderful alternatives when it comes to budget rings for women.

The natural elongated shape of these stones makes them appear bigger in size vis-a-vis traditional round cut stones with a higher carat weight. Thus, you get a ring with a bigger looking stone that is far lighter on the wallet.

Ring Setting

Another important thing to consider while buying diamond or gemstone rings for women at economical prices is the setting of the stones. Opt for a cluster setting ring to woo your beloved lady and she is likely to go berserk on your choice of diamond or gemstone ring with a huge stone popping out!

These rings with a cluster setting have an array of precious stones put together in a single setting.

It is a universal fact that the diamonds are expensive because of their rarity. Even rarer are the larger sized diamonds. This implies that a single large diamond is much more valuable and expensive than two smaller diamonds of the same carat weight.

Thus, buying cluster setting diamond or gemstone rings allows you to have a higher combined carat value ring at a far cheaper price than a ring with a single diamond of the same weight.

A three setting gemstone ring combined with a diamond in the middle is a popular choice of multi-setting ring. The ring can be presented to commemorate special occasions like birth of your first child or your child’s graduation day.

Combination Rings

Diamonds with scads of colored gemstones around can add oodles of pizzazz, glamour and elegance to the ring. For instance, a diamond rings combined with a royal blue colored sapphire or a blazing red ruby gemstone not only makes the rings look pleasing to the eye but also adds that extra value and significance to the ring.

Several people choose to include their birthstone or their lucky zodiac gemstone to liven up the diamond ring. Adding a colorful birth stone is a stupendous way to add a personalized touch to a diamond engagement ring and slashing the cost considerably.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are expensive not because of the diamond alone but also due to superior craftsmanship, detailing and an intricate arrangement of the gemstones on them. Most people ignore the fact that the setting of the gemstones over the diamond ring plays a vital factor in adding that additional ‘wow’ factor to the diamond rings.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are available in a wide assortment of colors, designs and patterns in the market and choosing the right ring for your sweetheart wouldn’t be herculean if you know her taste in jewelry.

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