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Four Reasons to Buy Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

What better than getting engaged on Christmas? The only problem is picking a right diamond engagement ring for Christmas. Though many accessorize are available  to compliment your personality and attire on that great eve, Princess cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas have a special place in people’s heart worth to be concentrated on a festival of fun and joy.

Engagement rings mark the most romantic time of your life, filled with parties, sparkling lights, amazing garlands and fabulous food. Can you imagine transforming the same warm feeling to a grand Occasion like Christmas?

If yes, then you should think of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement rings for Christmas that would be great romantic gifts to surprise your loved ones on the grand eve and to add more color to the Party.

Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement rings?

Any gift is special on Christmas day, as it is only the love between people that matters. You may wonder, why I specify Princess cut Diamond engagement rings for Christmas, but what else could be more romantic, elegant and simply classic than a diamond solitaire ring?

The solitaire diamond rings exemplifies excellent and enduring style and this 1/10 carat Princess cut diamonds are bounded in your own choice of 10 carat gold or silver metals band that gracefully blends with the stone at the V-shaped prong setting on all four sides.

I am sure the impeccable beauty of these Princess Cut diamond engagement rings would mark a great start for your romantic life this Christmas with their understated elegance.

Credibility of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally round shaped diamonds were appreciated across the world for their natural brilliance and excellent shine owning to its total light refracting nature.

For the first time in history, in 1980, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz introduced square cut in diamonds, considered the fancy cut, to render the same brilliance spark as that of round cut diamonds.

The square cutting of diamonds makes use of a different style of diamond cutting in contract with the traditional step up cutting method. The extra faceting by this type of cutting made the Princess cut diamonds to have better scintillation of the diamonds

This enhanced cutting technique hides inclusions and unintended colors of diamonds less noticeable. This type of square cut diamonds are used in Princess cut diamond engagement rings, which is the top most reason for its popularity and scintillation.

Four Reasons to Buy Princess Cut engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

Style and Design

As Princess cut Diamond engagement rings are usually designed using square cut diamonds, they look more elegant and sparkling owing to the fragmented faceting done during polishing of these square diamonds.

Square cut diamonds are cut and polished using new technologies and diamond cutting techniques, to reduce the extent of inclusions that are natural birth marks on the diamond’s surface, therefore look very pure and with scintillating radiance.

With help of these square cut diamonds, many different designs and style of engagement rings can be designed on par with the creator’s creativity and as a shopper you are bundled with numerous designs to choose from these ideal Princess Cut diamond rings, and no doubt you get to amaze your girl with the enormous collection.

Lower Price

These square cut or Princess cut diamonds tend to have slightly a lesser Prince per carat rate compared with round cut and heart shaped cut diamonds. This is because, of the four pyramidal shaped cuts of these diamond stones, one half shares the same physical structure of the  octahedron rough stone from which these diamonds get cut.

This similarity gives room for two equally sizes of Princess cut diamonds to be cut from  one scrap rough stone which is much time consuming and with very less scrap waste. Study shows that about 60% of the original stone’s weight is retained after removing two equally sized princess diamonds.

This great efficiency and lower wastage costs results in fewer prices of these diamonds and your pocket money would be more than sufficient in surprising your girl with the ideal Princess cut diamond engagement ring for Christmas.

Bigger Diamonds at a Lesser Price

Engagement Rings for ChristmasPrincess cut diamonds look slightly bigger than other square cut diamonds or heart shaped cut diamonds, and gives you more prince advantage on what you spend for the diamonds.

It is because, the crown surface of the princess cut is lesser to an extent of 10% compared with the round cut diamond of same carat weight. Also the corner to corner measurement of this princess cut diamonds is greater owing to its square shape, creating an illusion of a diamond stone of greater size.

It is also true that not all princess cut diamonds are square in shape, as some of them may also be rectangular. But this is hard to detect and you get to offer you less cost buying a rectangular princess cut diamond engagement ring and run the benefit if paying less that in fact looks much bigger than square cut.

Ideal Diamond Ring With Very Less Flaws

It is known that diamond shave natural inclusions and colors that tend to decrease their brilliance and shine. Also diamonds tend to earn flaws while cutting them. But the Princess cut diamond engagement rings are always set with prongs of gold of silver from the band of the ring as four corners.

Also these corners are the most prone sites for diamond chipping and stretching as these edges are the favorite sites for extra facets and inclusions from the natural stone. These flaws are absolutely covered with these prongs to present you the absolute flawless princess cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas to shine with brilliant radiance.

Among different types of square cuts, the brilliant-cut Princess diamonds achieves the same radiance as that of round diamonds making it an ideal Christmas gift or a buying choice with a relative price advantage.


It is always recommended you refer to the GIA certification for the cut, clarity and overall quality of these square Princess Cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas, to surprise you loved ones with this excellent Christmas gift this fall.

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