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Five Engagement Diamond Rings to Choose From

The prospective brides and grooms can get quite perplexed when it comes to choosing the engagement diamond ring for the soon-to-be fiancé. Solitaire diamond ring is a beautiful and most popular choice as an engagement ring but if you are looking for something different and special you may like to explore the chic fashion trends for diamond rings.

We are sharing some beautiful engagement diamond rings that can help you to get to the ring of your choice and taste. Let us have a look at these.

1. Emerald Cut Engagement Diamond Rings

Unlike the traditional cut selection, the modern and yet classic look of the elegant and elongated emerald cut diamond makes an astonishing solitaire engagement ring. If you are choosing an emerald cut diamond, make sure that the diamond is with an excellent cut, highest color and clarity because such flaws are easily visible in emerald cut diamonds.

The emerald cut solitaire diamond rings are all the rage these days. If your girl has an unconventionally classic taste, the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring is just the ring for you.

2. Coloured Engagement Diamond Rings

Another ravishing and chic trend building up these days is the coloured engagement diamond rings, which has been made popular with the star celebrities lately. Among the most celebrated fancy colours in diamonds are the canary yellow, green, blue, black, cognac & champagne and pink. Natural occurring coloured diamonds are very expensive and rare, which makes them even more special and exclusive.

But the recent development in technology, the methods of changing colour of a certain type of diamond have been developed and practiced successfully. You are not very far from your exclusive diamond engagement ring with your favourite coloured diamond.

3. Vintage Engagement Diamond Rings

Quite a rage for some time now, the vintage fever is nowhere close to come down any soon. On the contrary, the focus is being shifted from one era to another keeping it away from getting stale. The latest of the Vintage is the Art Deco period.

The intricate style and detailing of these rings makes you feel like a princess. The timeless vintage engagement rings have an added pinch of historical romance associated with it, which make it even more exclusive and special.

4. Halo and Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Halos are going to be continued trend with the engagement diamond rings, but with an addition of double halo engagement diamond rings to the upcoming trends. The trendy look of the double halo can be experimented with the classic round-cut centre diamond. The diamonds in the twin halos around the centre diamond makes it look larger than life. The overall appearance is that of a huge glossy diamond.

5. Conflict Free Diamond Engagement Ring

With the blood diamond mining widely discussed and opposed by most of us, the least you can do to abate the illegal and inhuman practice is to take a step forward and make an effort to buy only conflict free diamonds.

Purchase the diamonds certified by the Kimberly Certification Scheme to ensure that the diamond you hold on your finger is as conflict free as the beauty of your relationship.

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