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Eternity Diamond Bands

Love is eternal and to show the fathom of the everlasting love, the eternity bands are the perfect choice. Many designer wedding rings are in the market, but most of the people thing what is so remarkable about the eternity rings! Eternity diamond bands are diamond wedding rings that have diamonds placed all around the ring. The band of the ring wraps around the thin row of diamonds.

Diamonds of any cuts can be used for these bands while round cuts happen to be the popular choice. Eternity bands keep gaining more audience for their aesthetic sense. Diamonds are not the only stones present; you can also couple it up with the birthstones or any precious stone.

De Beers popularized eternity diamond bands in 1960s. An agreement, intrinsic between Soviet Union and the diamond seller had been the reason the eternity wedding ring came into existence. The conventional style of the eternity rings, often known as full style, has the diamond stones all around the ring. This is the popular choice of women still. However, even those who like the style feel it clumsy to wear it every day or through work. Manufacturers make it a point to place smaller stones instead of large ones to make it easy to wear.

"Eternity Diamond Bands"

Eternity Diamond Bands

Not for all the diamond jewelry lovers full style is comfortable even with the smaller diamond stones. This brought in the necessity of the half style wedding ring design of the eternity band. Half style wedding rings are the designs that do not shed off the full style perfectly while it never made wearing the ring a cumbersome process.

The stones in the half styles are placed only in the face portion of the ring. Not only the rings are much comfortable to wear, but also they are also much affordable compared to the full style eternity wedding rings. Many always think twice to get the half style as they feel the eternity of love is lowered. If you feel half style is an imperfect metaphor that your love is not eternal and if you can afford money then full style unique wedding rings are perfect.

Eternity diamond bands can be worn alone as a piece of diamond jewelry, it goes well. You can also add it to the wedding engagement rings it complements them. You can get them in all sorts of styles and designs, like prong, bezel, or channel set. You can stack them together and wear them to match your mood and occasion. You wear the eternity diamond bands for travel.

They are seamless for any occasion. You can also add stones of vibrant colors like ruby, blue sapphire. With a mix and match of these, you can prove how versatile you are. You can also choose any shape you desire – squares, oblongs, and rectangles. With many such styles and designs, the eternity bands are the best choice for the wedding anniversary. Articulating love on the anniversary is better with the eternity wedding engagement rings. This is a distinctive symbol of eternal love.

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