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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The name emerald cut diamond engagement rings was first derived when a diamond cutter decided to cut a rough diamond piece in the shape of an emerald. Tagged as rings of royalty, emerald-cut diamond rings exemplify elegance and luxury to the hilt. However, the emerald cut diamond rings emit less dazzle and brilliance vis-à-vis traditional round cut or Asscher cut diamond ring due to the size, shape and angle of their facets. Nevertheless, the subtlety and understated flash of these rings make it a classic choice among the rich and the elite.

The emerald cut diamonds are also referred as step cut diamonds primarily because they have a row of facets. The large facets act like mirrors and resemble a staircase. They are usually rectangular in shape and available in a plethora of settings and styles.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings buying tips

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Whether you decide to shop at a retail jewelry store or over the internet for an emerald cut diamond ring, it is pivotal to consider the 4C’s of the ring to ensure you get the perfect ring for your partner. The 4C’s stand for color, clarity, cut and carat.

As the name suggests, the cut of the ring would be emerald. Historically, the rectangular emerald cut diamond rings were more well-received than square-cut. Since the natural shape of rough diamonds is usually rectangular, emerald cut is the easiest and cheapest to cut.Therefore, emerald cut diamond engagement rings can be the most economical bet for couples with a stringent budget.

Emerald cut diamond rings are available in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, blue, black, etc. These colored diamonds can be a great choice for engagement as they match with various types of outfits rather well. Besides, the unique color of the diamond will make the wearer standout from the crowd. Typically, most people tend to choose the traditional sparkling white diamond ring and it remains a perennial favorite for engagement or wedding ceremonies. Pure white diamonds with a clear appearance are far more expensive than colored diamonds.

Another important thing to consider while buying emerald cut diamond engagement rings is the carat weight of the stone. Higher the carat weight of the diamond, costlier the ring would be. Only on rare occasion does it happen that diamonds with higher carat weight are sold at a cheaper price. This happens only when the quality of the diamond is poor. The grade work and the quality of the diamond go hand in hand in determining the exact worth of diamond.

When one talks about the clarity of the diamond, it refers to the transparent quality of the gemstone. Finding an absolutely flawless diamond is an arduous task since it is extremely rare. When a diamond is formed, scores of imperfections develop on it naturally. Diamonds with minimal imperfection are considered high on quality as their ability to reflect and shine is naturally high.

Reasons for popularity of emerald cut diamond rings

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

One of the main reasons why a large number of people prefer buying emerald cut diamond engagement rings over the traditional round cut or the princess cut diamond rings is their affordability. At a cheaper rate, you can buy a ring with a larger size diamond.

The unique appearance of the emerald cut diamond rings sets them apart from the other conventionally cut rings. It is the ideal choice of ring for those looking for an exclusive yet beautiful ring that would make them stand out amid the crowd.

Several renowned celebrities from Hollywood are often seen sporting emerald cut diamond rings and make a style statement during their public appearances. This has further fuelled the popularity of emerald cut rings.

Simply follow the above mentioned guide to buy emerald cut diamond engagement rings and you are likely to make an informed choice for one of the most important occasions of your life!

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