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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Ain’t that the truth? Diamonds are a girls best friend. Why? Because women love beautiful things. They love being beautiful, felling beautiful, and what’s more everlasting in its beauty than a diamond?

Remember watching Marilyn Monroe cavorting around in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Remember the words of the now famous song? Maybe you don’t but you’ll definitely remember the chorus, and probably have an image of Marilyn, in that vibrant pink dress, playing a group of guys lie a fine piano, burned into your memory.

The point? That the song, that particular clip and the lyric perfectly sum up what’s so eternally alluring about diamonds. They never fade, they never crumble, they won’t ever lose their intensity, how ever long you own them.

Once a diamond has been mined, processed, graded and cut, their beauty is beyond timeless, and the old adage ‘what women want’ can be summed up in one little word..diamonds. Or a few..three stone rings, journey pendants, diamond bracelets – you get the picture.

Presenting a woman with the gift of a fabulous pair of three stone diamond earrings is the ultimate way to show your love. And that you don’t mind spending some of your hard earned cash on her. Of course you can go too far and set the goal a little high by going completely crazy and buying her a huge rock but any man worth his salt start small and perfectly formed.

That way you can always move through the gamut of sizes and grades as you hit the occasional stumbling block, and need to say sorry in a very big way..

Joking aside, there are many sentimental reasons regarding the purchase of diamond jewelry, but none is more sincere, nor as beautiful, as simply using them to say ‘I love you’. This is perhaps the single biggest reason as to why diamonds are commonly used in wedding jewelry, and related relationship-inspired pieces.

A diamond represents dependability, longevity, natural beauty, and knowing that every woman will display nothing but delight at being presented with a unique piece encrusted with diamonds makes the buying of them so worth while. And, you know..you may just become her second new best friends, right after her diamonds.

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