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Diamond Jewelry Tips for Teens

Diamond Jewelry TipsTeenagers today have rightly understood that jewels are a part of fashion and many of them wear diamond jewelry or as a statement of social class or to reflect their wealth, but as a pure fashion trend to satisfy their aesthetic thirst.

Diamond Jewelry Tips for Teens

Diamond jewelry tips for teens would definitely help them in carving the best piece of jewelry for their future bought out of their hard earned savings.

Gone are the days when traditional women in their teenage sported long neck chain and throbbing earrings made of white or yellow metal to portray their social status and also as a gesture that she is ready for marriage.

  • The first diamond jewelry tip for teenagers is to dress up light and appropriate to their outfits with light weight diamond jewelry. They sparkle with radiance though they wear minimal jewels and gems and are quite speculative and judgemental in selecting jewelry that best suits them.
  • A survey done on this domain has clearly stated that teenagers like and opted for jewelry that are less expensive and are less complicated in designs such as diamond studs. Though they’re of lower carat count, but of beautiful cuts and designs that are either arranged in a geometrical or floral arrangement.
  • The next diamond jewelry tip for teens is to buy purity rings and chastity rings to denote their purity and their personal commitment to work and life. And charm bracelets studded with precious stones to fit all their wardrobes and styles.
  • Pendant necklaces studded with diamond hearts are also on the hit list of teens and is excellent diamond jewelry buying tips for teen guys to take advantage of these pendants to give away as their love presents to their beloved ones.

Teens wear diamond jewelry to show off their status and wealth to their peers and others. They also use mobiles phones and gadgets studded with diamonds and covers full of diamond studs.

Trends in Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have been applauded and liked by all teens but as per Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, the one who is able to stand ahead of the rest be declared the winner.

Therefore, it is essential to declare the ways to understand the recent new trends in diamond jewelry to avoid running the risk of monotony in jewelry.

  • One trend in diamonds is purity ring, which is given to a child abstaining from mal adaptive and socially abusive activities. Gaining and wearing such a ring would surely get to stand aloof amidst regular others.
  • Add bead necklaces, where a teen keeps adding beads of diamond or gold to his necklace to mark a unique achievement, such as completing a semester completely. This not only sports you with great looks but also as a person of direction, motivation and achievement.
  •  Yet another trend in ten diamond jewelry is to wear a necklace with a name pendant of the wearer with his name crafted with small and unique pieces of diamonds. Charm bracelets and diamond friendship band bracelets are also soon to hit the market shortly.

Finding the right diamond for teens

Wearing diamond is not just to add elegance and beauty to your looks and to add on your value among your peers, the very essence of diamond jewelry is to make the wearer accountable and responsible to be careful about the precious gem he possesses. This exactly is the motive for this narration of diamond jewelry tips for teens.

Diamond jewelry tips for teens and their parents is to complement their friends and children with precious gems as gits to honour them for their achievements and awards.

Modern birthstones jewelry with specific birth gems for each birth sign is a bit hit in the market today and gets excellent with complimentary shapes and faceting on the stone.  High school and college graduation days can be complimented with diamond bracelets or pendants with the tens initials on it.

They would not only remember these jewels as a success symbol and will also appreciate your love and concern towards them as parents and well-wishers.

Buying guide of diamonds for teens

Most teens opt not to disturb their parents and to choose the best diamond jewelry of their choice by themselves through their part time earnings and savings. Hope this diamond buying guide as one aspect for diamond jewelry tips for teens helps you in choosing the best and quality jewelry within their budget.

  • It is crucial for a teenager in understanding the 4Cs of diamonds before opting to purchase one. The Internet offers more than required knowledge regarding the cut, clarity, and color and carat weight of diamonds and how to monitor and measure them.
  • One essential diamond jewelry tip for teens is to perform a basic research on the background of the shop where they are planning to purchase the diamond jewelry from. And whether diamonds in that particular shop has been certified by the Gemmological institute of America (GIA certification)
  • Make sure to perform a basic background research on what other teens of your age opt to buy in diamond jewelry, perhaps from the shop owner or the sales person, so that you don’t run the risk of standing alone in the crowd.
  • Try buying diamond jewelry through online shops from your house comfort, where you can buy jewelry at a comparatively cheaper rate as they don’t have to pass overhead costs on you.
  • If you visit a store to buy loose diamonds, don’t forget to inspect the gem under direct sunlight to refrain yourself from fraudulent sellers.
  • Check for you preference for that particular jewel, whether it can be used as regular use or for special occasion and plan your budget and spending accordingly.
  • The most important diamond jewelry tip for teens is to educate themselves on the 4Cs of diamonds, its certification and most importantly storage of diamonds as improper preservation and storage can damage the quality of the jewelry all together.


Diamonds have become teen’s best friends and teens have started to like and wear diamond jewelry. Hope this diamond jewelry tips for teens will be useful in guiding through a very fruitful experience of buying diamonds in future.

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