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Diamond Earrings Have Real Appeal

The title is a little misleading, as it should say ‘sex appeal’, because that’s exactly what the humble earring has, by the bucket load. There’s always been something inherently erotic about a woman’s ears, and since time immemorial women have worn earrings as a means of adding to their allure.

Way back in the annals of time, women adorned themselves with various types of jewelry but then, as now, earrings were always used to attract attention, to demonstrate, without words, a woman’s status, her religious leaning, who her family were or what tribe she came from, and, in times when flirting and dalliance was more acceptable, her allure and appeal.

Rarely, in modern times, are earrings ever worn as a means of declaring ‘I’m Christian’, or ‘I am from Family ‘X”, instead they’re worn for status, to add detail to an outfit, a look, or simply because they’re a piece of jewelry that can add to a woman’s seductiveness.

The right choice of earrings, teamed with the right hairstyle, can attract the eye of the opposite sex in an incredibly subtle way..and it’s subtlety that’s a lot to do with a woman’s sensuality. A delicate diamond hoop, a flirty diamond drop, drags the eye to the eras, the neck, the nape.

Why do you think that the rich and famous wear such fabulous jewelry every time they’re working the public arena? It’s not just about ‘hey! I’m super-rich!’, it’s also about adding to their charisma, their attractiveness. That and the fact that even if you’re not blessed with a million bucks in the bank, the right earrings can make it look like you have.

As with anything, it’s good to know which ones suit what occasion..as in which ones are best for the coquettish woman:

  • hoop earrings can be flirtatious, depending upon the style and size
  • dangle earrings more so, as there’s much more movement
  • chandelier earrings are unmistakably devilish, and a popular choice

However you want to have others perceive you, it’s always worth remembering that any type of jewelry will speak volumes about you, your personal tastes and the person that you are. In the event that you want to win that new job you’ve been after..don’t wear your outrageously playful diamond chandelier earrings to the interview.

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