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Cleaning Diamond Earrings – When And Why

Diamond earrings are beautiful, delicate and high on the list of most women’s jewelry must-have’s. However, as gorgeous as they look when they’re new, time and regular use will render them a little less than ‘brilliant’.

Fortunately knowing when to clean them will help preserve their unrivaled sheen, as well as keep them looking as good as they did the day that they were purchased.

Dull Diamonds Are Not A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds, despite their reputation as being one of Nature’s toughest gem stones, can and do tarnish. Regular wear, every-day handling and being poorly stored will eventually dull the stone’s surface, as the facets collect a build up of minute bits and pieces of debris.

The lusterless appearance isn’t something that you see happening, it’s more something that you notice once it’s happened, and that’s when it’s time to think about getting them cleaned.

How often? That will depend on how often the diamond earrings are worn, how much they’re handled and so on. As an example, some women have a tendency to absentmindedly fiddle around with their earrings, whilst others only touch them to put them in or take them out again. Added to that is how long a period they’re worn for. An occasional airing is one thing, wearing them day after day is another.

Regular wear means that they’re handled more, affected by things such as showering/bathing, exposure to the elements, the list goes on. So saying that the diamond/s will take on a dull, flat-looking sheen quicker than a pair worn/used less often. That’s when they’ll require a clean, and in effect only the owner of the earrings will truly know when they’re ready for a little diamond-shining maintenance.

Generally, when they do require a clean up, a little buffing with a lint-free cloth will suffice. On the occasion that they require a deeper clean then there are two choices available:

  • have them cleaned by a professional

  • learn how to do it yourself at home

If the earrings are highly prized, either for their financial or sentimental value, antique, or set into a metal that can’t be cleaned using home-made cleaning solutions, leave the delicate job of returning them to their former glory to the professional jewelry cleaners, otherwise you may well end up with more than just a tarnished gem stone on your hands.

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