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Christmas Earrings – 6 Earrings That Make a Great Christmas Jewelry

Christmas Earrings

Earrings frame the most important fashion accessory for women. Most females love to sport unique diamond earrings on par with their apparels every day, and it get more special this festival season as more girls have already started looking for fashionable Christmas earrings in the market.

The 25th December has been considered a day of immense celebration across the world and is a festival filled with presents, gifts and great shopping. The Christmas jewelry shopping season starts after the day of Thanksgiving and diamond jewelry no doubt frames an important aspect of the same.

Of all the jewels, earrings are the ones closely associated with one’s heart, and would love to get them as presents and gifts especially at great occasions such as Christmas day. But why are these Christmas earrings so special and different from others? Why do they yield such cravings and craze for women? There are reasons.

The unique design and pattern of these earrings should be the foremost reason, followed by the dazzling beauty they bring to one’s ears. And women of all age group crave these earrings and it is an integral part of their life.

Unique Pattern of Christmas Earrings

Why are these Christmas earrings so special? Is it because they signify a huge celebration that draws attention from the entire world? And the unique patterns of these earrings are eye stunning.

Some commonly preferred ones includes, Christmas tree earrings, Christmas cart reindeer earrings, start earrings, earrings signifying the pine tree, Santa Claus beaded earrings, frosty snowman patterned earrings, nativity scene Christmas earrings etc.

These modern earrings are preferred by young girls all over the world to be worn not just on Christmas day but also as part of their casual accessory to be used for every day.

Six Types of Christmas Earrings:

Though I have briefed about many types of earrings available in the market today, all the mentioned types are made of some low cost metal and will not weigh your wallets much. But are these earrings worth to be given away as Christmas gifts? Definitely no, we would love to present our loved ones with something costly, perhaps Christmas earrings made from diamonds and costly yellow and silver metals to mark their day.

Let us take this article from now on in this perspective, diamond and other attractive Christmas earrings to frame perfect Christmas gifts. Let us discuss the common type of diamond earrings and others made from costly metals available in market today, to be given away as Christmas presents.

1. Three Stone Diamond Earrings

Three Stones Earrings

Three stone diamond earrings frame the perfect accessory for your uniquely stitched Christmas costume as the diamonds gets embedded with platinum or titanium metals to add more silver to the golden throne. The three stone earrings are available in a variety of styles and fashions.

They can be either drops or studs. In the drops model, each stone is separated by a slightly long platinum strand and each diamond is embedded with rich designed platinum flowers. The three stones in a linear fashion can be of the same floral designs or fragmented into three different designs.

For those who will not prefer long drops, the three stone diamond hoop earrings would steal their hearts as the earring is neither too long nor short and has rich diamond stones embedded with white metal.

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Some of us prefer long drops wont frame professional earrings and won’t go great with your formal office wears which makes them unfit for everyday use. But no worries, diamond studs are always available to go great on any apparel are they are beautifully arranged in a triangular leaf like pattern.

The three stone stud earrings made from blue diamonds look not only different from traditional white stones but also elegant for all skin types.  Not necessary to use three stones every time even single round cut diamond with 14 KT value can be breath-taking ones with great clarity.

3. Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Image Credit: Coolspotters.com, Design: Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

These types of diamond studded earrings looks much like diamond drops except that they drop extensively and look more ornate. This would best suit your apparels if you are throwing a grand party for Christmas; however, the key is to not to make mistakes while purchasing Christmas jewelry.

These earrings drop like grand chandelier from ceilings and can either be quite ornate or simple. They cannot be used as casual wear and look grand on great events.

4. Gold and Gemstone Christmas Tree Earrings

Earring symbolising the Christmas tree has hit the market and has gained great attention from everyone. These trees can either be framed of gold and other precious metals or from gemstones.

The Christmas tree can dazzle as 14 k gold in twinkling amber design in each of your ears or be made of sapphire, ruby gemstones or from white pearl beads to accessorize your ears. It all depends on your style and spending ability to choose from the types of Christmas tree earrings.

5. Sterling Silver Christmas Earrings

Silver is the cheap and affordable metal for all and earrings made out of them would definitely draw attention from teens and college students as they can spare their pocket money to afford them.

White metal enamel snowman charm, candy charm and silver earrings depicting the chariot of SantaClaus, earrings depicting snowman and Santa caps are the few worth mentioning here and would build up enormous sales this Christmas season.

6. Pearl Christmas Earrings and Pearl Loops

Just like diamond loops, pearls can also be made in drop as loops and hangings lined by gold or platinum to form the best Christmas earring. Pearl studs are also common this Christmas season and studs supported by rings go great on kid’s ears.

Christmas Earrings – Conclusion

Earrings are inseparable for women. Designers have also kept this in mind and have framed grand Christmas earrings this season with different materials and in different colours, styles and shapes. But keep in mind that you buy jewels on par with the nature of the occasion and try to select earrings that fall within your budget to enjoy a grand and a fabulous Christmas this 2012.

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