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Choosing the Right Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are the perfect gift for just about any occasion, but choosing the right style of earrings can be a challenge. Before you can figure out the best type of earrings to buy, you’ll have to give a little bit of thought as to the giftee’s tastes, lifestyle and age into consideration.

diamond earrings

diamond earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a good choice for just about anyone, particularly younger girls and teens, women who lead a very active lifestyle or those involved in a profession where they have to keep the jewelry to a minimum. They are perfect for a sweet sixteen, quinceanera or graduation. Be careful about purchasing plain diamond stud earrings for a women in her 30s or 40s unless they are several carats in weight.

Hoops and semi-hoops are also a popular and timeless style in diamond earrings. For a younger woman, choose larger hoops that have just one or two stones highlighted on the hoop. For an older woman, particularly if this is an anniversary gift, choose a smaller but heavier hoop that is crusted with diamonds.

Pendants are also a very popular style in diamond earrings, although they usually are a more formal style. These make a great birthday or holiday gift, or just a little something to say “I love you.” This is one style where it is particularly important that you have a good grasp of the recipient’s tastes. Some diamond pendant earrings are simple, sleek and sophisticated, while others are elegant and ornate. Some who like things simple most likely won’t be fond of a pair of heavy pave pendant earrings.

Keep the giftee’s size in consideration as well. Petite women look better with earrings that can add some length without being overpowering. Tall women should stick with studs or small hoops or pendants.

Observe the type of jewelry your giftee wears over a period of time. If she’s the type that wears subtle jewelry every day, she might appreciate a more ornate set of earrings that she can wear during the evening. If you see her wearing jewelry that looks very different from what you usually see, it might be time to custom-design earrings.


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