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When we started looking for an engagement ring online, we wanted to find a site that had real pictures of real rings with real diamonds – not just a rendered version on a web site that some graphic designer’s come up with.

So, when we found, we were pretty excited about it – they take a picture of every ring they’ve sold before it leaves the factory floor.  So you can see for yourself what the quality’s really like, not just an air brushed version of it.

You Can See For Yourself

The site’s kind of cool, because they give a little description of the ring in the photos with some of the technical details so you can compare the specs with what the ring actually looks like.

And it’s helped us to learn a lot about diamonds too, and to know what to look for in a good engagement ring.  Things like cut and clarity, and how to spot when all those little diamonds in the band are uniform in color.  And the different kinds of ways diamonds are set in a ring.

They obviously don’t use a professional photographer for the pictures, looks more like they’re snapped on a smart phone, but I like that.  Makes me think they’re transparent about their business, and not trying to hide anything.

There’s a lot to know about buying an engagement ring, and even though they have great prices at Primestyle, I want to make sure I’m getting good value for my dollars.  So the more info I can get, the better my decision’s gonna be – and that’s a good thing in my books.

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Sep 26

Christmas Necklaces to Glorify Your Elegance

Christmas Necklaces

Image Credit: bbaunach

Christmas is a day of grand celebration and is perhaps the greatest carnival in all countries of the World. And women love to celebrate it in the language they know the best i.e. jewelry, especially Christmas necklaces.

Christmas and Necklaces

Research studies show that each year the sales value touches great heights during the Christmas season for jewelry, gifts and flowers as people love to buy them in abundance. At this time a lot of people present each other with jewelry gifts to their loved ones. And guess what? The most preferred jewel in this list is Christmas necklaces.

There is a great significance that ties Christmas and Necklace tightly with each other as the meaning of the former can clearly get depicted with the later.

Women and Necklaces

Of all the folks, Women, be it an ordinary woman or Kim Kardashian seem to be fantasizing towards jewelry than men and kids; they also have this tendency of collecting jewelry to fill their wardrobes. Don’t believe me? Checkout this piece of diamond necklace as seen on Kim Kardashian.

What could be the reason behind this?

Do they simply want to transform their liquid assets into jewelry that has great investment value? Or are they simply fantasised by the very look and feel of jewels and keep them adding to their collection?

Nobody knows the answer; maybe there is need for some high level research to be carried out on this topic. But it’s a wide spread thought that women look great with their necklaces for it adds It beauty not just on their neck but to their entire self.

And no doubt women love to spend their entire fortune on nice piece neck jewelry made from precious metals and gems like diamonds and platinum that not only acts as a status symbol by pleasing their aesthetic needs but also adds more beauty to their elegance at special occasions and celebrations like a grand Christmas Eve.

Types of Christmas Necklaces

Not many people are aware of it but there are lot of different types of Christmas jewelry out there and other jewelry types. One great difference is that, necklaces, especially diamond necklaces or even diamond pendants depicts the very message and specific symbol of Christmas.

Many artisans try to weave Christmas Jewelry with ginger bread and joy sticks, Christmas trees and faces and crowns of Santa Claus, his chariot etc. they are crafted as multi-colour masterpieces and suits all apparels.

Before investing on costly Christmas necklaces, it is essential every women gain an insight about the future of the jewelry. For, many necklaces comes with true Christmas messages such as the pine tree, stars and bells, Santa’s faces etc., and can be used only at Christmas parties and on Christmas eve and are not worth investing much.

Whereas Christmas necklaces made of gold, diamonds and platinum with a simple cross or stars or in knitted fashion to depict pine trees and Christmas celebration can be used as everyday jewelry on formal and casual wears and are worth spending on them.

Necklaces as Christmas Gifts

Gift giving and receiving is the heart essence of Christmas, the festival of sharing love towards each other. It is understood the sales of gifts go higher on Christmas Eve as everyone wished to treat their close acquaintances with fabulous gifts.

Nothing can sparkle like diamonds on your close one’s necks on a grand occasion like Christmas. I am sure your girlfriend or your sister or your mother would appreciate you much if you gift them with a Christmas necklace made from yellow or white metal or with precious diamonds.

They not just add a sparkle on your close one’s face but would stay with them forever and would remind them of the great occasions you spent with each other. No worries if you are able to afford for costly metals, a simple fibre necklace on that great eve would add more meaning to your relationship and the new concept is the LED beaded necklaces that sparkles in the dark.

Ways to Purchase Christmas Necklaces

With the advent of computers and Internet technology, people have the ease of shopping their favourite products, especially diamond jewelry from the comfort of their home. And this concept holds good for Christmas necklaces as well, as many of these diamond jewelry stores provide great discount options for the members.

When buying online, you can afford to browse through a huge list of jewelry made of different materials and concepts within few mouse clicks. Also you get to pay less to these online retailers who never get to pass on their costs on maintaining physical structures.

Many online companies like offer tremendous deals and coupon during Christmas season to add more salt to the soup. But if you wish physical inspection of the Christmas necklace, then you can also get to buy them from shops that most of these jewellers maintain from age old days with ancestral traditions.

Points to Remember

  • Though most of these diamond necklaces are available as readymade pieces, it is a much to check on their GIA, AGS and HRD certifications, they must have passed Gen Scan certifications.
  • Try to buy diamonds in day light to know their true light.
  • Go through the diamond certificate with special notice on its comments and inspect the piece for cracks during cuts and clarity.
  • And carefully monitor the diamond’s carat weight. The same rule holds good for silver and gold Christmas necklaces as well.
  • Buy from a reliable shopper who has adequate certifications to support the quality of the jewels he sells.

Accessories with Christmas Necklaces

If you are planning to buy a Christmas necklaces this year, then try not to stop with that single piece of jewel, try it with small and elegant pendants depicting a star or a cross or a Christmas tree and again acknowledge it with a pair of Christmas earrings.

This complete set of accessory with your tailor made Christmas gown and costume would definitely yield an astonishing eye turning gesture from your friends and acquaintances.


So rock this Christmas Eve with great and grand Christmas Necklaces that will remain in your closest and in your memories forever. Choose the best from the thousands of designs and diamond jewelry available with necklaces and enjoy an astonishing Christmas 2012.