Dec 28

Cheap Real Diamond Rings

 Cheap real diamond rings are available on the internet portals- do not let your jaw drop because this has been possible with the trend of wholesale diamonds! Diamond jewelry has become even more affordable now, and this season you can buy a discount diamond rings for all occasions.

So do not worry, you small pocket can surely afford discount diamond jewelry. Nevertheless, online jewelry has it due share of controversies and you must know how to differentiate a real from a fake. The best way to judge two diamonds for their genuineness is to gauge their brightness.

A real diamond will sparkle brilliantly. It will refract even little light entering it and so will look brilliant at all times. However, a fake diamond will shine only when held in light. Also, insist on seeing the certificate of authentication of the diamonds before purchasing.

Regarding the properties of diamonds, do you know that it is the hardest known material on earth? So you can comfortably wear a diamond jewelry all through the day and do your daily chores. Diamonds are passed on from generation to generation, and they never lose their value. Rather with time, their market value increases! It is also maintained with little care- little soapy water and a soft cloth can get rid of all the dust and grime that settle on the ring daily. Therefore, once you buy a diamond it will last you a lifetime.

"Cheap Real Diamond Rings"

Cheap Real Diamond Rings

Cheap real diamond ring is also the best way to express your deep love and strength of commitment. You can present it at all occasions- You could give it to your aged wife as a symbol of matured bondage, you can give it to your wife at the first anniversary to say how much you still love her, you could also give it your beau as a promise to hold her forever. A diamond has myriad other expressions that it can denote, and this is the reason whether birthdays or anniversary, it is the ideal gift for women.

Cheap real diamond rings are available in various jewelry online portals, but I would advise you that you deal with only those site of which you are sure. You must go through the reviews, testimonials, and comments of the customers available at the site and then decide about its authenticity. Call up the customer care cell and check for their professionalism. Also, try to pay via a credit card because many credit card companies will check the site before paying to them.

I will also advise you to compromise never on quality of the diamond. The reason for this is that it is a one-time investment. Therefore, you must do a thorough research regarding the prices. It is intriguing to note that even though various sites offer various prices for diamonds, they may vary from ten to fifteen percent. Therefore, do a Google Search and check the best deal for diamond wedding rings.

Cheap real diamond rings can increase your self-esteem to unattained heights and could be made for those who have a limited pocket. This has made the owning of real diamonds a dream-come-true for the common people.

Dec 22

Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Designer wedding rings are the choice of all women. Unique wedding bands for women are more preferred. Wedding rings are to be chosen with proper care. The couples shop for the wedding ring together, and this is the better way to get wedding engagement rings as matching pairs. Preferences of the partner can also be known when they try to go together to purchase the unique wedding rings. There are many ways you can make your wedding bands stand uniquely.

For this, few things are to be decided initially, speak with your partner about how much you can spend on the wedding rings. Cheap wedding rings can be found in online jewelry portals. Also, decide on the gemstone. You can choose ruby, sapphire, and diamonds. You can also mix vibrant colored gemstones and diamonds on the rings.

Design and style of different patterns occupies the shelves of the jewelry shops and online jewelry portals. Therefore, ending up on one that is trendy, stylish and unique is not a tough job. However, you should look for the quality of the metal used and the stones used in the designer jewelry. Unique wedding bands for women that are never used by others are a bit difficult to find.

Most of the diamond jewelry is purchased from the jewelry chains and hence few pieces that are similar may be found. If you are looking for a piece of design diamond jewelry that is the only piece of that style and design, you may end up searching in vain. At times, you may find singularly crafted wedding rings, but they are hugely expensive. Women, who are particular about style and design, can try out shopping the online jewelry portals.

"Unique Wedding Bands for Women"

Unique Wedding Bands for Women

Types of wedding engagement rings are of much variety. The carved band happens to be the most preferred wedding band by women. Eternity wedding rings are also perfect choices. Antique jewelry again is a good choice. The eternity bands are considered unique as they have diamonds spread all over the band. They are elegant and have an aesthetic sense, which impress many women.

Due to these features, they are priced high than others. Unique wedding bands for women in antique style can be handed as a family heirloom too. They are no more designer wedding rings that are got from previous generations alone. Prong, half styles and full styles can be chosen based on convenience and preference.

Another way of getting unique wedding bands for women is to engrave or inscribe words on them. You can inscribe initials, which is more common. Pet names can also be inscribed on the rings. If you are at a loss of words, to be inscribed, try getting some phrases of poetry.

Many online jewelry portals offer this customization for genuine costs and even conventional shops let customers engrave or inscribe letters at inexpensive rates. Luxurious styles and designs are found for less cost these days. If you are pressed for low budget, then try out wholesale diamond jewelry that is afforded at factory price.

Oct 25

Four Reasons to Buy Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

What better than getting engaged on Christmas? The only problem is picking a right diamond engagement ring for Christmas. Though many accessorize are available  to compliment your personality and attire on that great eve, Princess cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas have a special place in people’s heart worth to be concentrated on a festival of fun and joy.

Engagement rings mark the most romantic time of your life, filled with parties, sparkling lights, amazing garlands and fabulous food. Can you imagine transforming the same warm feeling to a grand Occasion like Christmas?

If yes, then you should think of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement rings for Christmas that would be great romantic gifts to surprise your loved ones on the grand eve and to add more color to the Party.

Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement rings?

Any gift is special on Christmas day, as it is only the love between people that matters. You may wonder, why I specify Princess cut Diamond engagement rings for Christmas, but what else could be more romantic, elegant and simply classic than a diamond solitaire ring?

The solitaire diamond rings exemplifies excellent and enduring style and this 1/10 carat Princess cut diamonds are bounded in your own choice of 10 carat gold or silver metals band that gracefully blends with the stone at the V-shaped prong setting on all four sides.

I am sure the impeccable beauty of these Princess Cut diamond engagement rings would mark a great start for your romantic life this Christmas with their understated elegance.

Credibility of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally round shaped diamonds were appreciated across the world for their natural brilliance and excellent shine owning to its total light refracting nature.

For the first time in history, in 1980, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz introduced square cut in diamonds, considered the fancy cut, to render the same brilliance spark as that of round cut diamonds.

The square cutting of diamonds makes use of a different style of diamond cutting in contract with the traditional step up cutting method. The extra faceting by this type of cutting made the Princess cut diamonds to have better scintillation of the diamonds

This enhanced cutting technique hides inclusions and unintended colors of diamonds less noticeable. This type of square cut diamonds are used in Princess cut diamond engagement rings, which is the top most reason for its popularity and scintillation.

Four Reasons to Buy Princess Cut engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

Style and Design

As Princess cut Diamond engagement rings are usually designed using square cut diamonds, they look more elegant and sparkling owing to the fragmented faceting done during polishing of these square diamonds.

Square cut diamonds are cut and polished using new technologies and diamond cutting techniques, to reduce the extent of inclusions that are natural birth marks on the diamond’s surface, therefore look very pure and with scintillating radiance.

With help of these square cut diamonds, many different designs and style of engagement rings can be designed on par with the creator’s creativity and as a shopper you are bundled with numerous designs to choose from these ideal Princess Cut diamond rings, and no doubt you get to amaze your girl with the enormous collection.

Lower Price

These square cut or Princess cut diamonds tend to have slightly a lesser Prince per carat rate compared with round cut and heart shaped cut diamonds. This is because, of the four pyramidal shaped cuts of these diamond stones, one half shares the same physical structure of the  octahedron rough stone from which these diamonds get cut.

This similarity gives room for two equally sizes of Princess cut diamonds to be cut from  one scrap rough stone which is much time consuming and with very less scrap waste. Study shows that about 60% of the original stone’s weight is retained after removing two equally sized princess diamonds.

This great efficiency and lower wastage costs results in fewer prices of these diamonds and your pocket money would be more than sufficient in surprising your girl with the ideal Princess cut diamond engagement ring for Christmas.

Bigger Diamonds at a Lesser Price

Engagement Rings for ChristmasPrincess cut diamonds look slightly bigger than other square cut diamonds or heart shaped cut diamonds, and gives you more prince advantage on what you spend for the diamonds.

It is because, the crown surface of the princess cut is lesser to an extent of 10% compared with the round cut diamond of same carat weight. Also the corner to corner measurement of this princess cut diamonds is greater owing to its square shape, creating an illusion of a diamond stone of greater size.

It is also true that not all princess cut diamonds are square in shape, as some of them may also be rectangular. But this is hard to detect and you get to offer you less cost buying a rectangular princess cut diamond engagement ring and run the benefit if paying less that in fact looks much bigger than square cut.

Ideal Diamond Ring With Very Less Flaws

It is known that diamond shave natural inclusions and colors that tend to decrease their brilliance and shine. Also diamonds tend to earn flaws while cutting them. But the Princess cut diamond engagement rings are always set with prongs of gold of silver from the band of the ring as four corners.

Also these corners are the most prone sites for diamond chipping and stretching as these edges are the favorite sites for extra facets and inclusions from the natural stone. These flaws are absolutely covered with these prongs to present you the absolute flawless princess cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas to shine with brilliant radiance.

Among different types of square cuts, the brilliant-cut Princess diamonds achieves the same radiance as that of round diamonds making it an ideal Christmas gift or a buying choice with a relative price advantage.


It is always recommended you refer to the GIA certification for the cut, clarity and overall quality of these square Princess Cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas, to surprise you loved ones with this excellent Christmas gift this fall.

Sep 19

How to Pick Engagement or Wedding Rings for Christmas 2012

wedding rings

With Christmas comes the much-awaited shopping season. Every item is sold for discount – whether it’s diamond engagement rings, wedding rings or wedding jewelry sets, or electronic items. Be prepared to shop till you drop.

Did you decide to engage or wed during Christmas time? You may face a tough time selecting engagement rings and wedding rings. The reason – innumerable new designs are offered at a discounted price. Made from different precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, these rings will take you by storm.

Therefore, to eliminate the confusion, this post talks about buying mesmerizing engagement rings or wedding rings for Christmas 2012. Using this information, you can make a quick decision.

Type of Engagement and Wedding Rings for Christmas 2012

Considering the wide range of jewelry buyers, different types of diamond engagement/wedding rings have been designed. We name a few for you:

  • Gemstone Rings – Gemstone rings include rubies, emeralds, and sapphire. They’re found in different colors, clarity, cuts, and carat-weight.
  • Solitaire Rings – Solitaire rings are made with metals like yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, and are studded with a single diamond.
  • Three Stone Rings – Also referred as “past-present-future” rings, three stone rings are a class apart. They are known for the elegance and magnificent looks, as three gemstones are studded in a single ring – one in the centre and one on each side.
  • Eternity Rings – Eternity rings symbolize the undying love and emotional connect between the couple. Thus, are referred to as eternity rings.
Engagement/Wedding Ring Shapes for Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 is just around the corner. And so is the engagement/wedding day for thousands of guys and girls. For that reason, jewelers are geared up with bright, beautiful and stunning jewelry sets for the excited customers.

Different range of bridal sets, wedding bands, anniversary rings, engagement rings, and other jewelry is up for grab.

Take into consideration the shape of the diamond, ring’s metal, and your budget. This is apparently the first step towards owning elite rings for you and your spouse. Not sure about different diamond shapes? No worries. Here’s a quick list:

Princess Cut – One of the most expensive and sparkling diamond cut, it is most sought after in the market. They are squares without any trimming. Though princess cut diamond engagement rings are expensive, their demand never seems to fade away, just like their glitter. Besides that, unlike round cut where 60% of diamond is lost in cutting, a jeweler loses only 10% for princess cut.

Emerald Cut – It looks similar to princess cut, but can be easily identified because of the slightly cropped corners and the rectangle shape.  Emerald cut solitaire ring makes an attractive engagement or wedding ring for the would-be bride and groom.

Round Cut – Rings with two different cut diamonds can also be custom made. Generally, round cut diamond rings are suitably preferred with princess cut diamonds. While princess cut is in the middle, the round cut diamonds are on the corners and on the ring. It costs between $1000 and $3000, but is all worth for a Christmas wedding or Christmas engagement.

Oval Cut – Don’t mistake oval cut diamond engagement rings to round cut rings. They may look similar but are unique. They make a ring special and a perfect fit for the big day, especially when celebrated along with Christmas.

In addition to the above listed shapes, marquise cut, heart cut, pear cut, asscher cut, and radiant cut are other options to choose from. This Christmas season is special for the young to-be engaged or wedded couples. So, know the choice of the beloved and then go shopping for a ring of his/her choice.

Engagement/Wedding Ring Metals for Christmas 2012

Selecting a metal too is an important criterion to buy ring for Christmas 2012. This year, you’ve plenty of metals to go for. The list of the best known and most sought after metals for engagement rings and wedding rings is below. Have a quick go-through:

White Gold ­– White gold is platinum’s competitor. It looks very much the same. However, it is obtainable either in 14K or 18K. Engagement rings made with white gold are in demand throughout the year for engagements and weddings. And especially during the Christmas season as they’re inexpensive compared to the similar looking metal, platinum.

Yellow Gold – The yellow gold prices have gone passed the reach of many. But still, their charm and elegance doesn’t fade so easily. Most preferred for diamond studded engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets, 24k yellow gold is highly preferred.

Platinum – Much more expensive than other metals, platinum is a preferred choice over white gold. It doesn’t lose metal when scratched, and is easier to restore its shine. One time polishing make it look all new. Besides that, platinum engagement rings are heavier when compared to other metals, especially the yellow gold.

Titanium – This metal is most preferred for men’s rings. Women often buy this for their men because Titanium is stronger and is a good choice for rough use. Also, it is light weighted, in fact it is practically weightless, and is a perfect fit for men who don’t wear heavy jewelry.

Other metals that are in demand are rose gold, palladium, tungsten carbide, etc. Every metal is apparently a perfect choice for engagement ring and wedding ring for Xmas 2012.


The ring type, diamond shape, and of course the metal determines the price of the engagement ring. So carefully decide on each of these elements before rushing to any online jewelry store or a regular retail store. More prepared you’re, less the confusion will be. And the chances of owning a great ring for your beloved this Christmas automatically improve.

Sep 13

Christmas Earrings – 6 Earrings That Make a Great Christmas Jewelry

Christmas Earrings

Earrings frame the most important fashion accessory for women. Most females love to sport unique diamond earrings on par with their apparels every day, and it get more special this festival season as more girls have already started looking for fashionable Christmas earrings in the market.

The 25th December has been considered a day of immense celebration across the world and is a festival filled with presents, gifts and great shopping. The Christmas jewelry shopping season starts after the day of Thanksgiving and diamond jewelry no doubt frames an important aspect of the same.

Of all the jewels, earrings are the ones closely associated with one’s heart, and would love to get them as presents and gifts especially at great occasions such as Christmas day. But why are these Christmas earrings so special and different from others? Why do they yield such cravings and craze for women? There are reasons.

The unique design and pattern of these earrings should be the foremost reason, followed by the dazzling beauty they bring to one’s ears. And women of all age group crave these earrings and it is an integral part of their life.

Unique Pattern of Christmas Earrings

Why are these Christmas earrings so special? Is it because they signify a huge celebration that draws attention from the entire world? And the unique patterns of these earrings are eye stunning.

Some commonly preferred ones includes, Christmas tree earrings, Christmas cart reindeer earrings, start earrings, earrings signifying the pine tree, Santa Claus beaded earrings, frosty snowman patterned earrings, nativity scene Christmas earrings etc.

These modern earrings are preferred by young girls all over the world to be worn not just on Christmas day but also as part of their casual accessory to be used for every day.

Six Types of Christmas Earrings:

Though I have briefed about many types of earrings available in the market today, all the mentioned types are made of some low cost metal and will not weigh your wallets much. But are these earrings worth to be given away as Christmas gifts? Definitely no, we would love to present our loved ones with something costly, perhaps Christmas earrings made from diamonds and costly yellow and silver metals to mark their day.

Let us take this article from now on in this perspective, diamond and other attractive Christmas earrings to frame perfect Christmas gifts. Let us discuss the common type of diamond earrings and others made from costly metals available in market today, to be given away as Christmas presents.

1. Three Stone Diamond Earrings

Three Stones Earrings

Three stone diamond earrings frame the perfect accessory for your uniquely stitched Christmas costume as the diamonds gets embedded with platinum or titanium metals to add more silver to the golden throne. The three stone earrings are available in a variety of styles and fashions.

They can be either drops or studs. In the drops model, each stone is separated by a slightly long platinum strand and each diamond is embedded with rich designed platinum flowers. The three stones in a linear fashion can be of the same floral designs or fragmented into three different designs.

For those who will not prefer long drops, the three stone diamond hoop earrings would steal their hearts as the earring is neither too long nor short and has rich diamond stones embedded with white metal.

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Some of us prefer long drops wont frame professional earrings and won’t go great with your formal office wears which makes them unfit for everyday use. But no worries, diamond studs are always available to go great on any apparel are they are beautifully arranged in a triangular leaf like pattern.

The three stone stud earrings made from blue diamonds look not only different from traditional white stones but also elegant for all skin types.  Not necessary to use three stones every time even single round cut diamond with 14 KT value can be breath-taking ones with great clarity.

3. Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Image Credit:, Design: Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

These types of diamond studded earrings looks much like diamond drops except that they drop extensively and look more ornate. This would best suit your apparels if you are throwing a grand party for Christmas; however, the key is to not to make mistakes while purchasing Christmas jewelry.

These earrings drop like grand chandelier from ceilings and can either be quite ornate or simple. They cannot be used as casual wear and look grand on great events.

4. Gold and Gemstone Christmas Tree Earrings

Earring symbolising the Christmas tree has hit the market and has gained great attention from everyone. These trees can either be framed of gold and other precious metals or from gemstones.

The Christmas tree can dazzle as 14 k gold in twinkling amber design in each of your ears or be made of sapphire, ruby gemstones or from white pearl beads to accessorize your ears. It all depends on your style and spending ability to choose from the types of Christmas tree earrings.

5. Sterling Silver Christmas Earrings

Silver is the cheap and affordable metal for all and earrings made out of them would definitely draw attention from teens and college students as they can spare their pocket money to afford them.

White metal enamel snowman charm, candy charm and silver earrings depicting the chariot of SantaClaus, earrings depicting snowman and Santa caps are the few worth mentioning here and would build up enormous sales this Christmas season.

6. Pearl Christmas Earrings and Pearl Loops

Just like diamond loops, pearls can also be made in drop as loops and hangings lined by gold or platinum to form the best Christmas earring. Pearl studs are also common this Christmas season and studs supported by rings go great on kid’s ears.

Christmas Earrings – Conclusion

Earrings are inseparable for women. Designers have also kept this in mind and have framed grand Christmas earrings this season with different materials and in different colours, styles and shapes. But keep in mind that you buy jewels on par with the nature of the occasion and try to select earrings that fall within your budget to enjoy a grand and a fabulous Christmas this 2012.

Sep 10

Christmas Jewelry – 5 Common Christmas Jewelry Buying Mistakes

Christmas Jewelry

Image Credit:

Christmas is round the corner, all set to hit each one’s door in 3 months from now. I am sure the Christmas climate and the fever has spread among everybody who are all set for great shopping of clothes, Christmas jewelry, sweets, gifts and everything to create the perfect festival mood.

But in our hurry to make the perfect shopping for the great day, all of us are bound to make few mistakes. Therefore, the purpose of this blog post is to provide some insights among the public about the common Christmas jewelry buying mistakes. So that you can be aware of the same and avoid them the next time they do Christmas jewelry shopping.

Importance of Christmas Jewelry

When we closely monitor the whole of jewelry buying population, we can easily segregate them into two different groups. One group of customers knows exactly what they want to buy for Christmas or perhaps what Christmas jewelry gifts to buy for their acquaintances.

Whereas the next set of people stand absolutely clueless trying out every other jewel that has been suggested for them. When it comes to buying Christmas Jewelry, one need to have a clear mind set on what to buy for it is a day of immense joy and celebration for all people and the gift you are presenting to people should add more joy to their ecstasy.

The festival is associated with gifts and blessings. We have also created an imaginary character named Santa Claus who will bring us surprising gifts on Christmas Eve. Therefore choosing the right jewelry, having the common Christmas jewelry mistakes people usually commit in mind can help you have the best jewelry for yourself.

Common Christmas Jewelry Buying Mistakes

 1.     Lack of Proper Research

Good research at least avoids you to stand as dolls before the shopkeeper while he starts invading your mind to nod for everything he says. Remember you are buying Christmas jewelry either for yourself or for your close acquaintances as Christmas presents.

That particular piece of Christmas jewelry should really be an intimate one and it surely deserves a little of research from your end. Learn what the market trends are, what type of jewelry is under limelight etc.

With a quick search over the World Wide Web, you may get clear idea about the latest Christmas earrings or diamond rings, with beautiful cross patterns and with designs depicting the Christmas tree, the pine tree model and even diamond earrings depicting Santa Claus has also hit the market recently.

If diamond jewelry fascinates you, then take a little time in gaining knowledge about how to find the perfect and the original diamonds, how to assess their cut and clarity and purity etc. the same research may also be held for gem stones.

Remember never to step out of your house without having the market trends and rates of jewelry at your finger tip.

2.     Know What the Other Person Loves to Wear

As it is widely known, people love giving and receiving gifts and presents for Christmas. It is utter foolishness to buy presents, especially diamond presents for someone without knowing their preferences, likes and dislikes.

Spend time in doing a little spying and ask around to figure out aptly what exactly the recipient likes to wear, whether she loves Christmas earrings or bracelets for Christmas or watches, bracelets etc.

At the same time also learn their preferences for metals. Most young girls today prefer a white metal over yellow metal; some may like Christmas necklaces and Christmas bracelets with gemstones impregnated on them.

Special care is to be taken in buying Christmas jewelry for people who are allergic to nickel as they cannot wear jewelry made from 14k gold. Research shows that these are the most returned Jewelry after Christmas to the jewel shops worldwide.

3.     Never Retire on the Sales Flyer

Remember the famous saying, don’t judge a book based on its cover? The same rule holds good here as well. Never frame your Christmas jewelry ideas based on what you see in a weekly magazine or a newspaper. You might have sported your favorite model posing with that spotted Christmas earrings or Christmas necklace, but the same may not suit you.

You should also have to think laterally here, for the piece of jewel most often placed in advertisements are the ones the company wants to get rid of at the earliest ( in some cases) and there is also a benefit of doubt to the quality of these jewels here.

Also, so many people would have ordered for the same piece of jewelry, you are sure to lose your uniqueness here.

4.     Don’t Rely Too Much on Your Instincts

Don’t assume for yourself that your wife or girlfriend would also like the jewelry that you like. It is also better to take the person with you while buying fits for them. If you trust the surprising factor too much, you might end up buying something that they totally dislike.

Also never let the sales person does all the shopping for you. You can give them all the information required to choose your best fit or you choose the Christmas jewelry yourself, for you know better what best suits her. And be careful on the hidden costs of jewels, the salesman may not always tell you about this.

5.     Inspect the Piece Yourself

Learn the art of distinguishing original gems and metal from fraudulent ones. If you feel that particular Christmas jewelry is not proper, then ask for a new one. If at all you are very doubtful about the jewel, do not buy it at all.

Some of us may rely on the family jewels to supply all the jewels to form perfect Christmas costume jewelry, but you should trust your instincts and never buy doubtful jewels no matter if they are suggested by your most trusted family friends.


Be wise and be conscious of the common mistakes most people commit to buying jewelry, particularly when you’re dealing with diamond jewelry. Remember these are lifetime commitments and even silly Christmas jewelry buying mistakes can spoil the important festival of your life.

Aug 27

Bracelets for Christmas – How to Buy Bracelets for Christmas 2012

Bracelets for Christmas

Image credit:

Bracelets have always been one of the leading jewelries among women especially around Christmas. But But most women always wondered how they can buy beautiful diamond-studded bracelets for Christmas. Well, the answer to that is everywhere. You just have to look around to get the best bracelet for yourself.

Anyway, today, we’re going to make it easy for you to be able to select the best and gear up for Christmas 2012. Whether you’re looking for good diamond jewelry online for your girl this Christmas season or you’re trying to get it for yourself; you’ll learn how to do it in the following lines.

Common Types of Bracelets for Christmas

1.   Tennis Bracelets

When Chris Evert, the former World No. 1 Tennis player, was playing in the US, her diamond bracelet with a unique design flew and fell on the ground. The incident got so much media glare that it was termed as the Tennis bracelet incident.

Jewelry stores and diamond jewelry designers started creating a completely new set of wrist ornaments and named it Tennis bracelets. The rest is history.

These usually contain only one strip of diamonds. While some designs are created with a combination of gold and round cut diamonds; others are created with platinum and oval cut. So, it depends and differs from designer to designer.

2.  Diamond Bracelets

“Diamonds are women’s best friend.” And, so are bracelets for Christmas. Women love anything diamond-studded because they help them look more attractive. Now, there are various types of diamonds used to create these beautiful wrist-ornaments.

The number of diamonds used, the length of precious metal like Gold, white gold and the design contributes to the price of this piece of jewelry.  The key is to strike a balance between your choice and the price.

3.  Color Stone Bracelets  

Everything colorful looks beautiful and color stone bracelets for Christmas are no different. These gorgeous wrist ornaments studded with attractive color stones. These are comparatively priced slightly lower than other types, unless it uses stones like rubies, sapphires, gemstones and emeralds.

These are amazing pieces of jewelry that adds glamour to your overall Christmas appearance. The good thing about these bracelets is that – you can choose whatever stone you like along with whatever whatever metal you like.

And, these are basically bought on varied occasions by men and women including Christmas, Birthday’s and New Year and other festivals.

Bracelet Style

1.  Bangle

Bangle styles bracelets are traditional wrist-bands in the form of bangles. These can be created with unique jewelry designs and metal of choice. The stones, diamonds can also be chosen by the buyer.

2.   Charm

This is another type of jewelry worn around the wrists. These generally have beautiful charms that hang around the main wrist band.

3.   Cuff

These generally don’t cover the entire wrist. Cuff bracelets are available in quite fascinating designs and covers wrists like the cuffs of a shirt.

4.  Fashion

Just like the name, Fashion bracelets are the most popular type of wrist bands across the fashion world. These generally appeal to the younger and trendier generation.

How to Figure Out If Bracelets for Christmas are Good?

  • A well-made chain – one of the key factors to consider while buying bracelets for Christmas is that, it must have a well-made chain.
  • A secure clasp – lots of women lose their Christmas necklaces, Christmas pendants, Christmas bracelets etc., on the event only because of insecure clasps. Make sure that the clasp gets safely locked before you finalize it.
  • A flexible band – flexibility is another way to analyze the quality of the bracelets for Christmas. Just try and roll it on to your finger and you’ll understand if it is flexible enough or not.
  • Lose yet safely placed – they should be elegantly draped across your wrist in a way that it neither stretched over the skin nor have the risk of falling down.
  • Must be of choice – whether it is Christmas jewelry or a Christmas tree, everything you buy should be of choice and preference. After what you like is always good for you, right?
  • Fits your budget – a lot of times, after choosing a right one, people find it to be unaffordable. So, while choosing any jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, be sure to know your budget. These pieces differ depending on the materials used on it.

Where to Buy From?

Now, the most difficult question that always exists is – where do you buy the best jewelry that you want to buy from? Well, the answer is – there are several online and offline places that you can purchase good bracelets from.

A list of such stores is mentioned below:


There are several online stores that promise to quality jewelry and diamonds for Christmas, but most of them don’t deliver what they promise. is one such site that delivers exactly what it promises to jewelry and bracelets lovers.

From engagement rings to semi mounts; from pendants to earrings and top quality bracelets, PrimeStyle provides top-notch jewelry including engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, etc. at affordable prices.


MervisDiamond is another option that people can consider to get quality diamond jewelry on sale. The site is established by renowned gemologist and renowned co-owner of MervisDiamond. Ronnie provides nearly 30 years of experience and industry expertise to the people buying bracelets for Christmas 2012.

If you’re a Tennis bracelet lover, then this video in which Ronnie gives some useful tips to purchase one would be immensely helpful.

Get Custom Designed Bracelets for Christmas 2012?

Do you wish to get custom designed bracelets for Christmas 2012 for yourself? Sure, here’s a quick list of materials you can choose, customize and create your jewelry in:

Stone Type

  • Emeralds
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Crystal
  • Opal
  • Jade
  • Garnet
  • Multi Stone
  • Colored Stones
  • Topaz
  • Tanzanite
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Sapphire
  • Spinels
  • Aquamarines
  • Alexandrites
  • Tourmaline
  • Moonstone

Apart from these, there are metal types that you need to choose from. Depending on your personal preference and your affordability, bracelets can be bought in the following metals:

  • Gold
  • Platinum or White Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Titanium
  • Vermeil

With all these jewelry design options, creating Christmas bracelets for women shouldn’t be a big deal. Just play around with different stones, metals and bracelet styles and figure out what fits your choice the best way.

Each part of the entire bracelet can be measured in its own specific way. While quality of diamonds are checked in 4 C’s i.e. Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity.


Getting the right bracelets for Christmas 2012 is all about being sure of what you want, your budget and the above details. As simple as that!