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Learn Why Diamond Heart Pendants White Gold Rock

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife to celebrate your first anniversary, the birth of your first child or even 25th wedding anniversary, choosing diamond heart pendants white gold would make a stellar choice. Iconic of eternal love and unremitting trust, heart shaped diamond pendants look ultra-cute on women of all age-groups.

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Why buy Diamond Heart Pendants?

Diamonds carry immense significance for women since eons.Most women would probably state a jewelry piece in diamond as one of the most romantic gifts ever received. And if it is a diamond heart pendant, it speaks volumes of pampering, care, love and luxury. Even if you lived with your wife for years, gifting her with diamond heart pendants white gold is the ideal way to express your love and convey the message that she is the most cherished woman of your life.

Diamond heart pendants are not merely pieces of jewelry; there is much more to them. They are tangible evidences of unbridled sentiments you share with your beloved partner. A veritable classic in every sense, diamond heart pendants white gold are the most coveted when it comes to heart shaped jewelry.

Diamond heart pendants white gold Buying Tips

diamond heart pendants white gold

When you decide to shop for diamond heart shaped pendants, having the budget in place is paramount. Depending on your spending plan, you can start research on the different types of white gold heart pendants available. Since heart pendants are available in a legion of designs and styles’, getting a piece of your choice is a cinch.

Besides, these pendants are available in a wide range of price options too; you can find pendants as cheap as $100 to expensive ones up to $25,000. Whether you opt for a pendant with a cluster of diamonds or a single stone pendant, you are certain to find a diamond heart shaped pendant to fit your particular price realm.

Another vital thing to consider while buying a diamond heart pendant is the personal taste and preference of your partner in jewelries. If you know the preference of your partner,it will help you to narrow down your reach for the right heart pendant white gold. Depending on how much you can afford to spend on the gift, you can choose to buy a simple and elegant 1K diamond heart pendants white gold or you can go for an exquisite, lavish and expensive 4K designer heart pendant piece.

While choosing diamond heart pendants, paying weightage to the 4c’s of the diamonds is crucial. The color, clarity, carat and cut of the diamond play a pivotal role in the overall impact of the pendant. Poor quality diamonds will not only make the pendant appear lackluster but will hold no resale value either.

Customized heart pendants

If you are looking for a heart pendant that carries a deeper sense of emotional value, you can also choose to get it customized. As per your choice, you can either complement the diamonds on the heart pendant with your partner’s favorite gemstones or get the layout of the diamonds in the shape of the letter with which your sweetheart’s name starts. Conduct a recce on the internet and you will find hosts of jewelry vendors catering to personalized services on the same.

Diamond heart pendants never appear out of vogue. In addition, they are easy to buy as gifts because you do not require the size of the wearer while procuring them. Besides, diamond pendants in white gold are far affordable vis-à-vis other precious metal options such as platinum. Reckoned as legendary fashion accessories, diamond heart pendants white gold are prize possessions for every woman.

Mar 19

Get Cheap Heart Shaped Pendants Today!

Heart shaped pendants can unarguably make one of the most precious gifts for the lady love of your life. Reckoned as a quintessential symbol of love, the heart has held meaning for eons now. Particularly when one lover bequeaths a heart to another, the message of true love is unequivocal. And in today’s age and time, nothing conveys this emotion more beautifully than a heart shaped pendant.

Couple the heart shape with an everlasting piece of jewelry, a diamond heart pendant. The two elements put together in heart shaped pendants will perfectly showcase your eternal love.  And if you present a heart shaped diamond pendant to your heartthrob while you pop that question, you are sure to sweep her off her feet and evoke that million dollar expression on her face that you can cherish for the rest of your life!

The old adage ‘I heart you’ is the best testimonial that heart is indeed a universal sign that represents two people are deeply in love with each other.

Heart shaped pendants

Heart Shaped Pendants Buying Tips


Price is certainly a very important factor to consider prior to shopping for pendants or any other diamond jewelry item. It is wise to have a pre-determined budget and look for a pendant based on the amount you are willing to spend. For instance, if you do not have any price constraints, you can spend lavishly and buy an extravagant diamond pendant from a top-drawer designer collection.

If you are a bit low on budget and cannot afford to buy diamond pendants, you can look for cheaper alternatives like heart shaped gold pendants with Ruby or other gem stones that your partner may like.


While buying jewelry gift items like pendants, it is imperative to consider the occasion for which the gift is being procured. If you wish to buy a pendant to gift on Valentine’s Day or while you propose her for marriage, heart shaped pendants would be make a stupendous choice.

If you wish to gift the pendant on your partner’s birthday or on your marriage anniversary day, buying heart pendants that have words like ‘love’ or ‘U & ME’ engraved on them would certainly be more discreet. Such a pendant would convey your love and feelings for your partner more aptly. Another popular choice of pendants to gift your wife or fiancé is the onewhich may have their lucky stones embedded on them.

Personal Taste and Preference

The personal taste and preference of the recipient is another crucial factor to consider while buying pendants. If you know her inclinations well, it would become easier for you to shop for a pendant of her choice. In case you are not sure of her choice, you can inquire with her close friends or siblings and then choose a pendant she may like.

If you do not want to take any risk with the gift for your beloved partner, you can surprise her by taking her to a jewelry outlet and requesting her to buy a pendant she likes. This will not only ensure that you gift the pendant of her choice, but will also allow you to get a deeper insight into her likings and taste in jewelry.

Heart shaped pendants are impeccable symbols of undying love and passion. Available in a wide plethora of sizes, styles and patterns, finding a unique piece that would ideally express your love to your love partner is definitely a cinch. If there is paucity of time, you can even buy a pendant of your choice over the Internet.

Myriads of online vendors offer a staggering range of exclusive pieces that are far cheaply priced than retail stores. However, to avert the risk of fraud, it is always advisable to buy jewelry items like heart shaped pendants from a reputable vendor that holds valid licenses, certifications and accreditations.

Mar 14

Heart Pendants to Choose From

No gift can be better than the heart pendants to express your love to the girl of your dreams. Heart shaped pendants have always symbolized eternal love and have been exchanged between two people as a symbol of their love. If they are made of precious gems such as diamonds, they become exceptionally special and close to your loved one’s heart.

This universal symbol of love has been in existence from the early Christian era and has been thought to be the centre of emotions.They symbolize love and intelligence in a most intimate and beautiful way.

Different Types of Heart Pendants

Love is universal and so is the heart pendant gift. They are available in different forms based on the base metal used, and thus are affordable for all classes of people. The distinct varieties of heart pendants to choose from, for gifting your valentine are listed below:

Diamond Pendants

heart pendants

Diamonds are used in pendants in different combinations and sometimes the entire pendant is made of diamonds, or diamonds are arranged at the borders of white metalled pendant.

Some people also prefer pave hearts with diamond stud at either or at both outlines. This is perhaps the most widely preferred of all the heart shaped pendants for its eye-catching gesture and beautiful design to communicate pure love.

Combination of Diamonds and Gemstones Pendant

Sapphire has been known since ages for its trust, love, serenity and honesty. These are the pre-requisites of a life binding relationship as well. Therefore, sapphire studded heart pendant lined by a row of diamonds would stun any lady and is the best gifts that can be rendered to the women you love.

Pendants Made of Gemstones

The most predominantly used precious stones are the blue sapphire and ruby and both of them make an excellent combination with white gold, crafted as a single elegant pendant.

Gold Heart Pendants

 Heart Pendants

These are economical ways of expressing pure love and are almost affordable by all classes of people. They are either puffed or hollow and sometimes encrusted with gemstones and may be either polished or left with its innate brashness.

Gold Pendants in Combinations With Diamonds

Gold Pendants in Combinations With Diamonds

Rose gold is popularly used in these pendants with many tiny hearts carved on a single pendant. Each heart within the heart shaped frame holds a tiny diamond on it.

Silver Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant

These are the most affordable type of heart pendants available, but needs high level maintenance to maintain their clarity. Sometimes they are available as lockets to preserve photos or your loved one’s fond memories.

How to Choose the Best Heart Pendant

Finding the right type of pendant can be easy, if one knows what to look for. There can be many variations in a pendant based on its size, shape, design and the type of material, the pendant and chain it is made from. But there are few basic points to be noted before choosing the right pendant.

Price is an important factor in choosing the right type of heart pendant. The chain attached to the pendant also needs to be checked for quality and consistency. The shine factor needs to be considered as well as nobody would want to spend on something that would fade as time passes.

The small sized pendants look more elegant and beautiful compared to the larger sized gaudy looking pendants. Moreover, if you are comfortable with spending some extra money, you can always go for the beautiful but expensive white gold metal setting with diamond pendants. If not, then the yellow gold or silver heart pendants make an excellent choice for the gift.