Apr 25

Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

In case you are looking for an engagement ring that symbolizes the three most important facets of your life – your sweet past, your current present, and a positive future – perfectly, then the three stone princess cut engagement ring would make an ideal choice. Leading the trends in the recent years, the three stone engagement rings depict a great fusion of traditional diamonds with a trendy yet iconographic meaning.

A princess cut diamond ring has additional faceting that emits natural scintillation and magnified fire. Count on a three stone princess cut engagement ring and you are sure to garner only a positive response from the woman you want to spend your life with.The brilliant shine of not one or two but three precious stones together set in gold, platinum or white gold will certainly dazzle your fiancé on one of the most significant occasions of your life.

three stone princess cut engagement ring

It is often said that it is the thought that counts and when you select a ring that is special and the best you can afford, it goes to show the enormous amount of planning and thought you have put in while choosing the ring as you pop the question.

What Sets It Apart


As compared to a solitaire diamond engagement ring which did rule the roost for eons, the three stone princess cut engagement ring offers a more contemporary style and versatility. It could have a central diamond flanked by either emeralds or rubies or any other gemstones preferred by your soon-to-be wife. It could also be three diamonds together: a large solitaire in the center flanked by smaller princess cut diamonds on either side. This combination adds to the luster of the central diamond and creates a dazzling sparkle.


The princess-cut is the second most preferred cut after round brilliant cut diamonds. While both these cuts are equally good at enhancing the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond or any other gemstone for that matter, the princess-cut is the popular choice of the woman of today. The square shape of the face of this diamond has a more modern feel than that of the classic round brilliant.

Affordability and Availability

Princess cut diamonds are more easily available and are more affordable than their counter parts primarily because this cut happens to be very popular with gem cutters. This is due to the cut’s ability to retain more crystal weight.

Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring:  The Right Choice

three stone princess cut engagement ring

Every young man in love would love nothing but the best for his sweetheart but many a times, the best also translates into being the most expensive. Here is where the princess cut diamond scores and comes to the rescue of a young lover who perhaps is still to make it big financially.

The princess cut diamonds is generally a little lighter on the pocket vis-a-vis round cut diamonds of the same carat weight because they with hold eighty percent of the rough cut diamond.  Thus, they are less wasteful, more economical and equally resplendent to look at than other cut diamonds.

The three stone princess cut engagement ring goes a long way in taking the load off a young man’s shoulders when he is ready to pop the question.Since there is a wider choice when 3 stones are combined, he is sure to please his soul mate with his choice and make her feel special.

Choosing the right precious metal that aggrandizes the three stones to the hilt is also very crucial. Avoid yellow gold as it is likely to mitigate the sparkle of the diamonds. Three stone princess cut engagement ring in platinum, white gold or palladium would make perfect choices to impress the love of your life!

Apr 12

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The name emerald cut diamond engagement rings was first derived when a diamond cutter decided to cut a rough diamond piece in the shape of an emerald. Tagged as rings of royalty, emerald-cut diamond rings exemplify elegance and luxury to the hilt. However, the emerald cut diamond rings emit less dazzle and brilliance vis-à-vis traditional round cut or Asscher cut diamond ring due to the size, shape and angle of their facets. Nevertheless, the subtlety and understated flash of these rings make it a classic choice among the rich and the elite.

The emerald cut diamonds are also referred as step cut diamonds primarily because they have a row of facets. The large facets act like mirrors and resemble a staircase. They are usually rectangular in shape and available in a plethora of settings and styles.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings buying tips

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Whether you decide to shop at a retail jewelry store or over the internet for an emerald cut diamond ring, it is pivotal to consider the 4C’s of the ring to ensure you get the perfect ring for your partner. The 4C’s stand for color, clarity, cut and carat.

As the name suggests, the cut of the ring would be emerald. Historically, the rectangular emerald cut diamond rings were more well-received than square-cut. Since the natural shape of rough diamonds is usually rectangular, emerald cut is the easiest and cheapest to cut.Therefore, emerald cut diamond engagement rings can be the most economical bet for couples with a stringent budget.

Emerald cut diamond rings are available in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, blue, black, etc. These colored diamonds can be a great choice for engagement as they match with various types of outfits rather well. Besides, the unique color of the diamond will make the wearer standout from the crowd. Typically, most people tend to choose the traditional sparkling white diamond ring and it remains a perennial favorite for engagement or wedding ceremonies. Pure white diamonds with a clear appearance are far more expensive than colored diamonds.

Another important thing to consider while buying emerald cut diamond engagement rings is the carat weight of the stone. Higher the carat weight of the diamond, costlier the ring would be. Only on rare occasion does it happen that diamonds with higher carat weight are sold at a cheaper price. This happens only when the quality of the diamond is poor. The grade work and the quality of the diamond go hand in hand in determining the exact worth of diamond.

When one talks about the clarity of the diamond, it refers to the transparent quality of the gemstone. Finding an absolutely flawless diamond is an arduous task since it is extremely rare. When a diamond is formed, scores of imperfections develop on it naturally. Diamonds with minimal imperfection are considered high on quality as their ability to reflect and shine is naturally high.

Reasons for popularity of emerald cut diamond rings

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

One of the main reasons why a large number of people prefer buying emerald cut diamond engagement rings over the traditional round cut or the princess cut diamond rings is their affordability. At a cheaper rate, you can buy a ring with a larger size diamond.

The unique appearance of the emerald cut diamond rings sets them apart from the other conventionally cut rings. It is the ideal choice of ring for those looking for an exclusive yet beautiful ring that would make them stand out amid the crowd.

Several renowned celebrities from Hollywood are often seen sporting emerald cut diamond rings and make a style statement during their public appearances. This has further fuelled the popularity of emerald cut rings.

Simply follow the above mentioned guide to buy emerald cut diamond engagement rings and you are likely to make an informed choice for one of the most important occasions of your life!

Apr 09

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Symbolic of emotions that are deeper than words can communicate, 1 carat diamond engagement rings beautifully convey a man’s wish to honor and enrapture the love of his life. However, shopping for your engagement ring should not be a cause of over anxiety for you.

1 carat diamond engagement rings

The right measure of research and knowledge coupled with your excitement can surely bag you worthy deal and this exercise an enjoyable one in more ways than one. A 1 carat diamond ring is a popular choice nowadays primarily because many couples view 1k as the only appropriate diamond for an engagement ceremony and other designs mal-apropos for such a significant jewelry piece.

1 carat diamond engagement rings buying guide

The 4C’s (carat, color, clarity and cut) should be well-considered while buying 1 carat diamond engagement rings.


This is the unit for measuring the size of the diamond. Higher the carat size of the diamond, higher is the cost of the ring. Diamonds rings are available in a wide range plenitude of carat sizes.Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy a designer piece or a simple 1K diamond studded ring.


1 karat diamonds are available in multitudinous colors such as pink, yellow, blue and black, but the crystal clear white diamond is the most popular choice for 1 carat diamond engagement rings. Owing to natural imperfections, diamonds have colors on the prism. This however, diminishes their worth. Flawless diamonds with supreme clarity are rare and therefore, pretty expensive.


Clarity is one of the important aspects that determine the worth of the stone. All diamonds have little scratches or inclusions on them but they are very tiny and are very hard to notice with naked eyes. Diamonds that have more inclusions are valued low as compared to the clear ones.


The cut of the diamond plays a vital role in adding elegance and sparkle to 1 carat diamond engagement rings. Diamond engagement rings come in a plethora of cuts such as emerald cut, princess cut and other unconventional diamond cuts but the traditional round cut diamonds are still considered to be a classical choice when it comes to engagement rings.

Retail Shopping

1 carat diamond engagement rings  1

The place where you shop from also plays a vital role in ensuring you get the best ring. Typically, most people prefer buying engagement rings by personally visiting the retail jewelry stores. This is understandable because, at jewelry stores, you can see, touch and inspect the carat size of the engagement ring physically. After all, you would surely want to make your engagement a special moment for your beloved.

Another important factor to consider while choosing the right 1 carat diamond engagement rings is the base metal of the ring band. Depending on the personal preference of your soon to be bride and your budget, you can choose to buy a simple silver ring or the more exotic platinum or white gold ring.

Shopping over the Internet

While visiting the jewelry shops physically would require you to hop around different shops to choose the best ring to fit within your budget, you can consider the easier option for shopping, i.e. online shopping. Hordes of reputed jewelers have their websites on the internet wherein you can browse through hundreds of designs as per your convenience in order to choose the best ring.

Most online stores offer attractive discounts on engagement rings and shopping for engagement rings online can be fruitful in multiple ways. However, to avert  However, to avert the risk of fraud, make sure to investigate thoroughly before making the final purchase. Check for certificates, testimonials, accreditation’s and past records so as to ensure an informed choice while shopping for 1 carat diamond engagement rings through the internet.

Apr 06

How to Get Engagement Rings Yellow Gold with Ease?

An engagement ring quintessentially epitomizes unconditional love and unyielding trust between two partners and there is no better way to seal this bond of love than by exchanging engagement rings yellow gold during the engagement ceremony. The ritual of exchanging rings is an old but important one and is followed in most of the European countries since decades now.

When it comes to engagement rings, yellow gold rings make uncontroversial and budget-friendly choices. Besides, these rings are available in a wide plethora of designs and patterns including those studded with diamonds and other precious gems such as sapphire, topaz, emerald and ruby etc. With legions of options to choose from, finding the best ring to suit the taste of your soon-to-be wife is no more a herculean task.

Yellow gold rings are preferred choices of engagement rings amongst hordes of people today especially among those who cannot afford to buy platinum or white gold rings. Apart from being inexpensive, engagement rings yellow gold also with hold cultural significance. They define simplicity and have been traditionally worn during engagement and wedding ceremonies in several cultures across the world.

Engagement rings yellow gold

Valuable Tips to Buy Engagement Rings Yellow Gold with Ease

While you go shopping for yellow gold engagement rings, you have the option to choose from different carat size rings. Typically, the yellow gold rings are available in 14K, 18K and 24K.

Carat is the unit used to measure the purity of gold jewelries and indicates the actual purity of gold and other metal used in making the ring. Higher the karat amount, higher the purity of gold. 24K gold is the purest form of gold.

The 24K yellow gold ring is made of 100% gold. However, since gold is a naturally soft material vis-à-vis other metals like silver, nickel or copper used for making rings, it is advisable to buy an 18K or 14K gold ring. These rings are made from gold that are combined with other tougher materials. This lends the 14k rings far higher tenacity and durability.

Prior to setting out for shopping, decide on your budget. Once you have a defined budget in place, you can easily decide whether you can buy a 9K, 14K, 18K or 24K gold ring. The true worth of gold rings is determined by the karat weight and the weight of the ring itself.

Gold jewelries are essentially weighed in grams. Higher the gram weight of the ring, the more expensive the ring would be. Gold rings with higher gram weight are heavier and thicker. Thus, these rings have the capacity to endure daily wear and tear and offer stupendous resilience.

All gold jewelries including the engagement rings yellow gold carry a trademark. While buying your engagement ring make sure that it has a trademark that easily identifies the manufacturer of the jewelry piece.

Another important tip to consider while buying yellow gold engagement ring is to ensure that the receipt provided by the jeweler for the ring you buy has a clear mention of the gold karat quality on it. Also, remember to collect the certificate of authenticity as well as a separate certificate that authenticates the purity and quality of the valuable gems embedded on the ring from your jeweler.

Online Jewelry Shopping

If you are sure about the ring size and the preferences of your partner, buying an engagement ring should not be an arduous job at all. Multitudes of online jewelry stores offer a staggering range of gold engagement rings at reasonable rates. However, when it comes to online shopping, the risk of fraudulence cannot be ruled out.

Make sure to enquire about the reputation and authenticity of the store in detail before making the final purchase. Check for accreditations and testimonials prior to shopping for engagement rings yellow gold over the Internet.

Apr 03

14K White Gold Ring – Why Choose One?

A 14K white gold ring has become a much preferred choice amongst today’s youth for a slew of occasions such as engagement, wedding or anniversary. Available in a plenitude of designs and styles, 14k white gold rings appeal to both men and women equally. The sparkling beauty of a white gold ring is second to none.

Crafted in dazzling white gold metal, these rings exude a dash of elegance and have become iconic of good taste. The recent upswing in of white gold rings in the modern fashion scenario could be attributed to several factors discussed below.

14K white gold ring

Reasons to choose a 14K choose a white gold ring

The biggest benefit of buying a white gold ring over platinum rings is the cost. White gold rings are much cheaper than platinum and yet they have the same kind of grace and eloquence in terms of appearance and design. For the price you may shell to buy a simple platinum ring, you can buy a diamond studded white gold ring.

If you are buying a diamond studded ring, it is better to choose a white gold ring because unlike yellow gold, it would highlight the stone in a better way. White gold rings allow the clarity and the elegant cut of the diamond to shine through emphatically.

White gold id primarily an alloy and a 14K white gold ring is made with a mixture of gold and some other metal such as nickel, zinc, copper, silver etc. When sturdier metals are combined with gold, it lends the white gold ring with additional strength and tenacity.

Another significant benefit of opting for a 14K white gold ring is that the finish and the luster of these rings stays brighter for a much longer period vis-a-vis yellow gold or platinum rings. Often times, it is seen that the platinum rings tend to become dull and blunt due to routine wear and tear.

Being a strong and sturdy metal,white gold offers great durability. The prongs of white gold rings are much tougher than the platinum rings. The prongs are a crucial part of the ring since they firmly hold the diamonds or other precious gems embedded on it.

White gold rings look trendy and match with most outfits. These rings ooze unrivalled panache and dazzle that heightens the beauty of the wearer by manifolds. They are apt for most events and are a huge rage in the fashion world today.

14K White Gold Ring buying tips

Picking up jewelry can be a gargantuan task. Before making the final purchase, it is always advisable to conduct a background check on the credibility of the jeweler and ensure that only reputed jewelers are considered. When you shop from a reputed jeweler, you can be sure of the quality of the jewelry to a certain extent.

Thus, you are likely to get valuable returns if you ever wish to sell the ring in future. Do not forget to ask your jeweler to provide a certificate that indicates the purity of the jewelry you buy.

Design is probably the most important factor to consider while buying a 14K white gold ring. Take your time and consider the liking of your partner to choose the best design engagement ring for her.

Regardless of the kind of design, shape or pattern you choose, make sure that you pick the pick the right size ring. You would definitely not want to the ring to be ill fitting on your partner’s fingers while you present it to her on your engagement or wedding day.

White gold rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. With multiples of options to choose from, you would definitely find the perfect 14K white gold ring for the love of your life.

Mar 21

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women

When it comes to gemstone and diamond rings for women, we inevitably think, ‘the bigger the better’! Whilst the jewelries associated with the rich and famous and Hollywood celebrities are usually oversized diamonds and gemstones in unconventional designs, there are no reasons why you cannot procure such pieces at affordable rates to please the lady love of your life.

However, understanding a few basics pertaining to diamond cuts, gemstones, diamond carats will go a long way in fetching you the best deal.

gemstone and diamond rings for women

Gemstone and diamond rings Buying Tips

Diamond cut

The diamond cut is the most important factor that determines the price of the diamond and other precious gemstones. Round cut diamonds are reckoned as one of the best and are usually the most expensive ones too. Another popular and equally expensive diamond is the princess cut diamond.

If you are looking for a stylish, large size yet cheap diamond ring, you can go for oval cut diamond rings. The oval cut diamond rings not only look ultra-chic but also appears larger in size than the conventional round cut diamond rings.

Buying marquise, pear or oval shaped gemstones and diamonds embedded rings are other wonderful alternatives when it comes to budget rings for women.

The natural elongated shape of these stones makes them appear bigger in size vis-a-vis traditional round cut stones with a higher carat weight. Thus, you get a ring with a bigger looking stone that is far lighter on the wallet.

Ring Setting

Another important thing to consider while buying diamond or gemstone rings for women at economical prices is the setting of the stones. Opt for a cluster setting ring to woo your beloved lady and she is likely to go berserk on your choice of diamond or gemstone ring with a huge stone popping out!

These rings with a cluster setting have an array of precious stones put together in a single setting.

It is a universal fact that the diamonds are expensive because of their rarity. Even rarer are the larger sized diamonds. This implies that a single large diamond is much more valuable and expensive than two smaller diamonds of the same carat weight.

Thus, buying cluster setting diamond or gemstone rings allows you to have a higher combined carat value ring at a far cheaper price than a ring with a single diamond of the same weight.

A three setting gemstone ring combined with a diamond in the middle is a popular choice of multi-setting ring. The ring can be presented to commemorate special occasions like birth of your first child or your child’s graduation day.

Combination Rings

Diamonds with scads of colored gemstones around can add oodles of pizzazz, glamour and elegance to the ring. For instance, a diamond rings combined with a royal blue colored sapphire or a blazing red ruby gemstone not only makes the rings look pleasing to the eye but also adds that extra value and significance to the ring.

Several people choose to include their birthstone or their lucky zodiac gemstone to liven up the diamond ring. Adding a colorful birth stone is a stupendous way to add a personalized touch to a diamond engagement ring and slashing the cost considerably.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are expensive not because of the diamond alone but also due to superior craftsmanship, detailing and an intricate arrangement of the gemstones on them. Most people ignore the fact that the setting of the gemstones over the diamond ring plays a vital factor in adding that additional ‘wow’ factor to the diamond rings.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are available in a wide assortment of colors, designs and patterns in the market and choosing the right ring for your sweetheart wouldn’t be herculean if you know her taste in jewelry.

Mar 05

4 Beautiful Diamonds Engagement Rings for Your Engagement

Since the engagement ceremony is a once in a life time event, great care has to be taken while buying rings for this auspicious occasion. Various choices and options exist to match up your likings and preferences. So, carefully choose from diamonds engagement rings to make the engagement event a more memorable one.

These engagement rings can be found in various ranges. Hence, picking the right one can be a bit daunting chore. Still, you can get a suitable band by considering the following 4 beautiful diamond engagement rings for your occasion.


1. Round cut diamonds engagement rings

diamonds engagement rings

Round cut ring is a popular choice of most of the would-be-couples for the engagement day. The circle of the band represents endless love and long lasting relationship. The 1.35 CT round cut diamond engagement band is an ideal choice, if money is not an issue. The sheen and glitter of this band grabs the attention of the crowd on the engagement day.

If you have limited finances, you can opt for 0.65 CT round cut diamond engagement rings. These bands are low-priced yet appealing. In this way, you will be able to gift your beloved lady a shiny and brilliant radiance without breaking your bank account.


2. Princess cut diamond engagement rings


Many people wish to make their engagement occasion a more special one by gifting something unique other than the usual round shaped band. A princess cut engagement band is the best alternative to try something unique and distinct. It provides various innovative designs and styles matching your preferences and budget.

The best thing about such a band is they can be bought at almost half the price of the round shaped diamond band of equal carat weight. Besides this, ladies prefer to achieve a princess look on their engagement ceremony.

The princess cut diamond band coupled with princess bridal dress succeeds in attaining such a look. This is why, many grooms prefer to gift princess cut diamond band for their lady. 


3. Solitaire diamonds engagement rings


Though technological advancement has made it possible to explore various designs and styles of engagement bands, but solitaire engagement rings are considered as the most adorable gift to your sweetheart on the engagement day. Such a ring symbolizes eternal love, and indicates promises and commitment that couples share with each other for their entire life.

Solitaire rings are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and metals. You can find several diamond cuts like emerald, pear, heart, oval and square shaped solitaire diamond engagement rings, but a brilliant cut piece is the hot choice of many. Such bands allow you to customize the ring in various ways without emptying your wallet.

The simple reason is these rings feature one solitaire diamond. You can have a thin band and choose a small diamond to save on budget. Similarly, you have the option to pick a colored diamond to save money. Determine your budget, and choose the best solitaire engagement ring matching your likings and budget.


4. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings


Such rings are widely known for their long lines. Due to these long lines, the cut of the diamond tends to be less sparkly and fiery as the conventional round shaped diamond, but the reflections coming from an emerald cut diamond are more impressive and broader. Since the facets in an emerald cut diamond are fewer, the reflections are bolder and bigger.

If you wish to gift something creative with modern as well as traditional design, emerald cut diamond engagement rings are the best option. Select the best piece according to your tastes and budget, and gift your girlfriend a unique and elegant piece of jewelry for the engagement day.

Final words 

With choice between these 4 beautiful diamonds engagement rings, choosing the best one is never an issue. Shop smartly in accordance with your preferences, and get the best band for your beloved lady.

Mar 01

Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings Collection

Diamond rings are found in many designs and patterns. The more you search for a good ring, the more options you’ll find. But, the best of all types, which is also loved by women, are 3-stone diamond rings. These rings have 3 shining stones embedded in a line with each diamond talking loud about the relationship of the couple.

One diamond represents past. The other two represent present and future. Generally, the one in the middle is larger in size and one on each side is a bit smaller. What adds to the advantage is the beautiful and costly metal on which these diamonds are placed.

You can buy and add the best 3 stone diamond rings to your collection. But before that know what the best ones in the market are.

Combination of Emerald and Round Cut

Diamond Rings

A ring made with white gold, platinum and has both emerald cut and round cut diamonds in it. While the three diamonds in focus are in emerald cut, tiny round-cut ones are engraved on either side of the side stones.

One can choose a diamond based on the quality and also the total weight, and as for the metal is concerned, different grade of metal is available too. You’ve 14KT, 18KT options for both white gold and yellow gold. And then platinum too can be bought for good grades.

Combination of Princess and Round Cut


Princess cut and round cut combination also makes a perfect 3-stone ring for you. This ring is regarded probably one of the best for you. Reason? It has beautiful, shiny diamonds and at the same time it is pretty cheap. You can add it to your collection.

Unlike the first ring we discussed, the ring band here is made with gold. Two variants depending upon the pricing and quality factor can be chosen.  14KT or 18KT yellow gold. Apart from that, the other good thing is the placement of shiny stones on the band. The 3 stones are placed with perfect balance.

Princess Cut 3 Stone Rings


If you’re not sure of what combination of diamonds to go for, you can go for the one cut rings. For example, princess cut rings.  What’s important after all are the three stones that give a glimpse of the good old, beautiful present and wonderful upcoming life of togetherness.

Anyway, princess cut diamond rings are just perfect for your collection. They aren’t pricey, but are striking. They’re suitable for one and every occasion from Valentines, engagement to wedding and anniversaries. Why not add this 3-stone diamond ring to your collection?

Round Cut 3 Stone Rings


Round cut 3 stone rings are never out of fashion. They’re always in demand throughout the year for various occasions, be it Christmas or Valentines or just any other time. You can add this ring to your collection as well. And we say so because there are more reasons than just one.

  • First, round cut diamonds have a sparkle and shine that beats every other cut.
  • Second, round diamonds are loved by women for their shape and elegance.
  • Third, they make a perfect 3-stone ring that you would love to add to your collection.


Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings also come with different stone combinations. Ruby, tanzanites, sapphires, etc. can also be preferred along with other diamonds such the round-cut, princess cut, heart cut, etc.

At the end, whichever 3-stone diamond ring you choose, it will totally glow your jewelry collection and make you proud of your choice. Cheer up! There are more options than just the ones discussed above.

Feb 21

Five Engagement Diamond Rings to Choose From

The prospective brides and grooms can get quite perplexed when it comes to choosing the engagement diamond ring for the soon-to-be fiancé. Solitaire diamond ring is a beautiful and most popular choice as an engagement ring but if you are looking for something different and special you may like to explore the chic fashion trends for diamond rings.

We are sharing some beautiful engagement diamond rings that can help you to get to the ring of your choice and taste. Let us have a look at these.

1. Emerald Cut Engagement Diamond Rings

Unlike the traditional cut selection, the modern and yet classic look of the elegant and elongated emerald cut diamond makes an astonishing solitaire engagement ring. If you are choosing an emerald cut diamond, make sure that the diamond is with an excellent cut, highest color and clarity because such flaws are easily visible in emerald cut diamonds.

The emerald cut solitaire diamond rings are all the rage these days. If your girl has an unconventionally classic taste, the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring is just the ring for you.

2. Coloured Engagement Diamond Rings

Another ravishing and chic trend building up these days is the coloured engagement diamond rings, which has been made popular with the star celebrities lately. Among the most celebrated fancy colours in diamonds are the canary yellow, green, blue, black, cognac & champagne and pink. Natural occurring coloured diamonds are very expensive and rare, which makes them even more special and exclusive.

But the recent development in technology, the methods of changing colour of a certain type of diamond have been developed and practiced successfully. You are not very far from your exclusive diamond engagement ring with your favourite coloured diamond.

3. Vintage Engagement Diamond Rings

Quite a rage for some time now, the vintage fever is nowhere close to come down any soon. On the contrary, the focus is being shifted from one era to another keeping it away from getting stale. The latest of the Vintage is the Art Deco period.

The intricate style and detailing of these rings makes you feel like a princess. The timeless vintage engagement rings have an added pinch of historical romance associated with it, which make it even more exclusive and special.

4. Halo and Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Halos are going to be continued trend with the engagement diamond rings, but with an addition of double halo engagement diamond rings to the upcoming trends. The trendy look of the double halo can be experimented with the classic round-cut centre diamond. The diamonds in the twin halos around the centre diamond makes it look larger than life. The overall appearance is that of a huge glossy diamond.

5. Conflict Free Diamond Engagement Ring

With the blood diamond mining widely discussed and opposed by most of us, the least you can do to abate the illegal and inhuman practice is to take a step forward and make an effort to buy only conflict free diamonds.

Purchase the diamonds certified by the Kimberly Certification Scheme to ensure that the diamond you hold on your finger is as conflict free as the beauty of your relationship.

Feb 18

Secrets to Getting Discount Diamond Engagement Rings

When you know that the picture perfect image of asking her hand in marriage is not complete without quality discount diamond engagement rings, you should better find ways to get it within your means considering your budget constraints. It is not all that difficult because we are here to help you with the secrets of getting the perfect diamond ring for your perfect going-to-be bride.

The Longer, The Better

First and foremost, it is very important to know that when it comes to diamond, there is something for everyone irrespective of how small or huge your budget is. You can buy a ring with a minuscule diamond at a very small price. But, the downside could be that the diamond on the ring would be too small to be noticed.

It is always advisable to wait a little longer to ask her hand in marriage. It will not only give you enough time to put some more weight in your pocket but also to find a good discount deal on for your diamond ring.

Go Online

One of the guru mantra for your future buy is that always choose online (e-commerce) buy over the fashion street jewelers. Online shops are usually more pocket friendlier than the physical counterparts as they have much lesser overhead costs (cost of running a posh shop etc.) leading to lower cost of products.

It is indeed the right time to sit in front of your computer/ laptop and look for some real good deals on discount diamond engagement rings. Here are a few pointers to help you with your quest:

  • The online price comparisons for the available deals can be a great help to choose among the several available options.
  • You can look for the coupon codes and voucher offered by the online jewelers as these can get you a handsome discount which can be availed on the discount diamond engagement rings.
  • Do not overlook the quality of the ring and the diamond for the sake of a great price. The promise of a great saving with attractive deal prices can be a trap to make you fall for poor quality products.
  • Consider the four C’s of diamond, that is, colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, before you buy the ring.

For instance, D and G color diamonds look very similar to the ring setting. If your budget restricts you to go for the higher priced D colored diamond, you can easily substitute it with the G color diamond with a much lower cost.

Similarly, we can look for the varieties available based on cut, clarity and carat weight to choose the best within your budget.

Discount Diamond Engagement Rings

The most important of all, get to know what she wants. It can easily save you a lot of trouble of guessing and trying to hit the nail. If she likes rings with big stones, you can still find a premium quality diamond which is of a slightly lower grade of clarity and color.

As for the cut, look for the best cut you can get in your budget. Fasten your belts and get ready to dazzle her with your love and gorgeous discount diamond engagement rings on her finger.