Jun 03

4 Tips to Get the Best 14k Gold Stud Earrings

14K gold stud earrings can suit any occasion. Whether you’re thinking of wearing it to your friend’s wedding or to an office party, you cannot go wrong with jewelry for your ears. While choosing for the perfect pair of studs, you need to ensure that you go through a bunch of products, the prices, the design, the online store you shop from.

It is an important investment because it will not only allow you to look good when you wear it but also allows you to get good returns if you choose to resell it.

Most people think that once you find a good jewelry store, all your problems are solved. However, this is far from truth, as there are a plethora of gold stud earrings to choose from, on the Internet and selecting the right one will depend on a number of other factors too.

14K gold stud earrings

Tips to Find the Best 14K Gold Stud Earrings

  • Be Sure of Your Budget: Knowing your budget is vital to your stud earrings purchase because one can easily get carried away with the alluring designs, shiny diamonds and exciting deals. Within your set budget you can either go for a 14K gold or an 18K gold earrings. The price also depends on the diamond carat weight that you go for. Therefore, knowing about how deep your pockets are in advance always helps. Once you are confident of exactly how much you can spend, buying your desired earrings becomes a lot easier.
  • Choose an Uncommon Design: Most diamond jewelry stores offer so many beautiful stud earrings that it will make you want to buy more than just a pair. However, once you pick up the best, and most uncommon earrings design, you’re more likely to be satisfied with just one pair. Going for an uncommon set of stud earrings also allows you to stand out of the crowd when you wear them.
  • A Reputed Jeweler: Always trust a jewelry store that knows what you want. There are many that offer interesting deals and attractive designs but when you purchase from them, you’ll realize that you received a completely different product than you bought. The right jeweler will show you stud earrings that are in line with your aesthetic taste, will be upfront with you about the payment, and will have a fair and buyer-friendly return/refund policy.
  • Look for the Markings: Most of the reputed and reliable jewelry stores provide people with markings of their brand logo or name, the karat/carat weight of gold/diamond respectively. Look for the right markings so that you know that you are paying for genuine earrings. Having said that, although a lot of companies do not have these markings, they are still among reliable providers. So, if you can find a company with markings on the gold stud earrings you buy, take it as a bonus.

14K gold stud earrings

These four tips should help you pick out perfect stud earrings.

Also, 14K gold is much sought after in stud earrings because:

  • It is harder than 18K gold. This means that jewelry fashioned out of 14K gold will stand the test of time. You can wear your earrings more frequently without worrying about it breaking or getting damaged.
  • It is obviously cheaper than 18K gold thus making it a first choice for many with lesser budget. 14K gold jewelry has over 50% of pure gold in it, thus making it a good choice.

 14K gold stud earrings

At the end, you should be looking for a pair of studs that stands out for all the right reasons. A 14KT gold stud earrings set is often considered among the smallest jewelry pieces of all, but they can make any woman look very elegant.

Mar 16

Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings Ideas

Stud earrings are perhaps the most popular type of diamond earrings among women. From ladies going gaga over these diamond earrings’ elegance to getting fascinated by its designs, stud earrings, especially platinum diamond stud earrings  get all kind of compliments from around the world.

If you’re looking to purchase a great pair of diamond studded stud earrings, listed below are few that you can consider:

2.50CT Princess Cut Diamonds Stud Earrings

platinum diamond stud earrings

Among all diamond cuts, princess cut get the maximum attention from men and women. This stunning 2.50CT diamond princess cut stud earring can give you the look and feel you always wanted. It has three different metals including the platinum. So, since you prefer platinum diamond stud earrings, you can get it really affordable price point.

There are several options w.r.to the carat weight of diamonds present in these earrings. You can choose the carat weight that best suits you. It can range anywhere from $5000 to $8000 depending on whether you increase the diamond carat weight or not.

2.00CT Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings


Another great option to consider is the round cut diamond platinum stud earrings. Of course, you can make the changes in the metal type, the carat weight and even with the quality of the diamond. However, a platinum based stud earring with 2.00CT round cut diamond makes a perfect sense – both as a gift and a regular purchase for men and women.

Purchasing this type of stud earrings shouldn’t be difficult for you; there are a several companies that offer attractive discounts on the diamond stud earrings. It wouldn’t cost you more than $4,418.99 if you purchase it from reputed companies like the PrimeStyle.com.

0.25CT Diamond Emerald Cut Earrings


Another great platinum stud earrings is to go for an emerald cut diamond based jewelry piece. Emerald cut is quite known among women of all ages. From young girls to engaged ladies to married women, almost every female drools over emerald cut diamonds.

And when it’s embedded in platinum metal, then it becomes one of the most beautiful earrings ever that you choose over the others.


Platinum diamond stud earrings make the perfect set of earrings for women. The key is to choosing the right combination of diamond cut, clarity, and platinum quality before buying one. It would help you have a jewelry piece that you can adore and your friends, relative can envy. So, go for it!

Mar 01

Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings Collection

Diamond rings are found in many designs and patterns. The more you search for a good ring, the more options you’ll find. But, the best of all types, which is also loved by women, are 3-stone diamond rings. These rings have 3 shining stones embedded in a line with each diamond talking loud about the relationship of the couple.

One diamond represents past. The other two represent present and future. Generally, the one in the middle is larger in size and one on each side is a bit smaller. What adds to the advantage is the beautiful and costly metal on which these diamonds are placed.

You can buy and add the best 3 stone diamond rings to your collection. But before that know what the best ones in the market are.

Combination of Emerald and Round Cut

Diamond Rings

A ring made with white gold, platinum and has both emerald cut and round cut diamonds in it. While the three diamonds in focus are in emerald cut, tiny round-cut ones are engraved on either side of the side stones.

One can choose a diamond based on the quality and also the total weight, and as for the metal is concerned, different grade of metal is available too. You’ve 14KT, 18KT options for both white gold and yellow gold. And then platinum too can be bought for good grades.

Combination of Princess and Round Cut


Princess cut and round cut combination also makes a perfect 3-stone ring for you. This ring is regarded probably one of the best for you. Reason? It has beautiful, shiny diamonds and at the same time it is pretty cheap. You can add it to your collection.

Unlike the first ring we discussed, the ring band here is made with gold. Two variants depending upon the pricing and quality factor can be chosen.  14KT or 18KT yellow gold. Apart from that, the other good thing is the placement of shiny stones on the band. The 3 stones are placed with perfect balance.

Princess Cut 3 Stone Rings


If you’re not sure of what combination of diamonds to go for, you can go for the one cut rings. For example, princess cut rings.  What’s important after all are the three stones that give a glimpse of the good old, beautiful present and wonderful upcoming life of togetherness.

Anyway, princess cut diamond rings are just perfect for your collection. They aren’t pricey, but are striking. They’re suitable for one and every occasion from Valentines, engagement to wedding and anniversaries. Why not add this 3-stone diamond ring to your collection?

Round Cut 3 Stone Rings


Round cut 3 stone rings are never out of fashion. They’re always in demand throughout the year for various occasions, be it Christmas or Valentines or just any other time. You can add this ring to your collection as well. And we say so because there are more reasons than just one.

  • First, round cut diamonds have a sparkle and shine that beats every other cut.
  • Second, round diamonds are loved by women for their shape and elegance.
  • Third, they make a perfect 3-stone ring that you would love to add to your collection.


Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings also come with different stone combinations. Ruby, tanzanites, sapphires, etc. can also be preferred along with other diamonds such the round-cut, princess cut, heart cut, etc.

At the end, whichever 3-stone diamond ring you choose, it will totally glow your jewelry collection and make you proud of your choice. Cheer up! There are more options than just the ones discussed above.

Jan 12

How to Choose the Best Bridal Set for Women

The Wedding day is the most important day of a woman’s life. And for this special day, months of planning and shopping is done to make the final day perfect. One important aspect in this process is choosing the best bridal set for the bride.

There is more to wedding jewelry than sparkling gems. For a woman, everything that would adorn her on her wedding day must be chosen with the utmost care. Bridal sets have a large range of different jewelry like elegant diamond hair piece with matching diamond necklace, or a three piece set of a luxurious diamond necklace with a set of exquisite earrings.

There are indeed, a large variety  of  beautiful and graceful bridal jewelry that can be chosen for the lovely bride. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right bridal set for the bride.

Bridal set

1. Match with the Wedding Gown

This can be a great way to narrow down some options in choosing a bridal set. It would be best to select jewelry that would match the gown. If the gown has beautiful beads designed into it, then diamond jewelry would be perfect. The engagement ring can also be an inspiration to choose an elegant set.

2. Choose a Piece that Represents One Statement

Most brides like expressing themselves with one statement piece. And, it is important not to over accessorize when it comes to wedding jewelry. It is best to balance out the beauty of the gown and the wedding jewelry by going in for a one statement set. These would range through beautiful bracelets, earrings, necklaces and exquisite hair jewelry.

3. Make Sure to Choose According to the Bride’s Personality

It wouldn’t be right to choose something that the bride would feel uncomfortable in. The bridal set can be chosen based on her personality. Personalizing the overall look would make the bride feel more beautiful. Her jewelry should be able to set her apart from everyone else.

4. Classic styles in modern forms

It is difficult to find bridal sets that give a classic and aesthetic feel along with a modern touch, but not impossible. There are several online bridal jewelry stores that provide a detailed guide of jewelry consisting of modern designs taking on a classical note. Remember to choose the set that would look exquisite even after years from the wedding day.

5. Custom made bridal sets

There are a number of brides who love to get their bridal jewelry designed to their tastes. This is quite a trend today as many brides search out craftsmen to bring unique and elegant designs that go with their personality and gown. Also, make sure to match well before the final decision. This is because there have been many brides who have often chosen pearls but ended regretting their decision after wearing them with their ivory gown.

6. Start early

This is a very important aspect. It is vital to start as early as possible in choosing bridal sets for women, going through various stores and picking out the right design can be very crucial with regards to the time available. Most importantly, the bride would not be as stressed as if she had to go jewelry shopping a few days before the big event.

Weddings are beautiful in every way and the bride portrays that beauty to a heavenly extent. For a bride to have her beauty enhanced by the perfect choice of a bridal set would go a long way in keeping her happy.

Nov 11

Round Cut Diamond Earrings

A diamond is that kind of a gem, which is given to a special person in one’s life. For every woman, an ideal cherished gift would be diamond jewelry, and if that happens to be diamond, stud earrings then she will be the happiest and overwhelmed person on this planet earth. The toughest challenge for every man is to decide the perfect diamond cut that will suit his ladylove being the best-fit option, which she will cherish for her entire life.

When it comes to decide the ideal diamond cut, the most famous is the round one, which is extremely widely used in the diamond studs, making the earrings look extravagantly beautiful; just picture your woman wearing these diamond studs and appearing in front of the mirror. Wow! How beautiful she would look and how happy she would be wearing those earrings! Her expressions, her eyes would disclose it all!

Diamond stud earrings can also be used on a daily basis, whereas designer jewelry is usually worn at parties, ceremonies, and in official functions as they provide a complete, rich, and stylish look when they are put on. Ask for any woman and she will tell how rich she feels when those gems are connected with ears. That would be an ideal feeling of being on the top of the world.

Talking about round cut diamond earrings; they tend to stand out in any form of diamond jewelry all because of their perfect shape and the crafting ability that allows the light to shine brightly throughout the diamond, providing the earring with stunning effulgence and a sparkle.

"Round Cut Diamond Earrings"

Round Cut Diamond Earrings

The round cut diamond earrings also are clubbed with gold and appeared in colors like white, yellow, and platinum (a whitish grey color). Well, there are other types of cut-shapes (shape of a square), which appear in diamond jewelry such as the princess cut diamond; marquise cut diamond, oval cut diamond, bevel cut diamond, pave cut diamond, and finally the emerald cut diamond.

Lately, there has been the evolution of two new diamond cut-shapes, which are gaining more popularity among the feminine gender, those are called triangle shaped, and heart shaped diamonds. All these shapes give a diamond, a distinctive look making the gem a richest one amongst the other jewelry items.

To buy the round cut diamond earrings one can visit an online jewelry store, or jewelry online store, or diamond jewelry online store while searching for the ideal diamond. There are many online stores that offer discount jewelry in case diamond shopping is done in large numbers, which many women love to do because a diamond is addressed as the best friend, one close to the heart.

One can even get discounts on designer jewelry or on diamond studs earrings if those are purchased as wholesale diamonds. There are certain exclusive online jewelry stores that are specialized in selling wholesale diamonds or wholesale diamond jewelry that too at discount rates.

In the recent past, it has been closely monitored that men have also started liking and admiring diamonds in close comparison to that of a woman, but as mentioned earlier, diamond is that expensive gem, which is as, an asset for a woman making her feel like a complete woman.


Nov 09

Cheap Earrings for Women

 Women always have a fancy for a variety of earrings. The most stylish, trendy and the elegant models of earrings are available in the diamonds too. Diamond stud earrings are liked all. Only thing that keeps people off from the diamond jewelry is the value of the jewelry. However, these days you can buy cheap earrings for women in diamonds too. You need to know how to get them.

You can buy pearl and diamond drop earrings, wedding rings, bracelets, brooch and all other designer jewelry in lower costs these days. Diamond stud earrings are the favorite jewelry for most of the women as they are suitable for all formal and informal occasions. You can also get different styles of these, and you can wear them for different occasions. You can also find unique wedding rings, designer diamond rings and all sorts of the diamond jewelry.

When you get designer diamond jewelry, you need to know about few things. There are 4 Cs you must know about when you want to buy the diamond jewelry. The cut, clarity, cost, and carat are to be noted keenly. The cut of the diamond stone makes it shine well; the clarity of course makes the stone flawless.

When you make a basic internet research on these, you would be able to know the real design diamond jewelry you desire to buy. When you look for cheap earrings for women, remember the saying, wise for a penny and a fool for pounds. Do not try to get the stones that have defects because they are cheap.

"Cheap Earrings for Women"

Instead, you can get the diamond jewelry from the online diamond jewelry retailers. They sell wholesale diamonds and thus you get a fair bargain. However, you want to be sure that the retailer is a genuine dealer of the online diamond jewelry.

When you buy design diamond jewelry, you should make sure that you keep them from any kind of impurities. If you stay in hot weather climatic condition, you need to be more careful about this. In addition, you should make sure that water does not meet with pearl and diamond drop earrings.

When you buy, cheap earrings for women do not pick the one that is common. You should look for trendy and smart ones. The looks of the woman who wears should be taken into account. The face and appearance are more beautified only if the right diamond stud earrings are chosen. The size of the ear is also to be considered.

You have several options in the category of diamond earrings. The online diamond jewelry shop is the best way to get all the latest fashion in the design diamond jewelry at one place. There are hoops, danglers, chandeliers you can choose from.

If the drop earrings are the favorite of the woman who wears it then pearl drops are the best choices, you get smart pearl drop diamond earrings over. Diamond stud earrings are no more sign of luxury and sophistication just. Your affordability is also no longer a barrier. You can get loads of them to fit in your budget.

Nov 07

Cheap Diamond Stud Earrings

It is quite common in women to possess a pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings. The diamond earrings are above all in improving the attractiveness and the charm of the person who wears it. Only reason that keeps of many from going for them is the cost of the design diamond jewelry. Not all can afford the design diamond jewelry.

That does not mean that diamond earrings are far from all. Cheap diamond stud earrings are available in the market. In spite of the diamond jewelry design, being attractive and unique, one can still get them at an inexpensive cost.

Cheap diamond stud earrings are the choice of many. However, you need to check for few things in these too. Look for the certification. The diamond should include any of the following certification – EGL or GIA. In addition, knowledge about the carat, cut, clarity and the color of the diamond would undoubtedly prove to be useful when you buy diamond stud earrings, princess cut diamond and every other diamond jewelry.

When you want to buy diamond jewelry at lower rates it should not be that, you should look for stones that are of inferior quality. These are important because the cut makes the diamond sparkle. When you select the stones that contain few defects, keep in mind, they are nothing but waste of your money. The visitor can get to see the defects remarkably smoothly.

"Cheap Diamond Stud Earrings"

Cheap Diamond Stud Earrings

When you select the cheap diamond stud earrings, you need to select the ones that fit into your budget. You should also pay attention to the pattern and style. You should also note the size and color of the design diamond jewelry. These are ideal if you like the diamond stud earrings to suit your looks.

When you choose design diamond jewelry, you should also look for the factors like style and design that you can use to your workplace and even to parties. When you make them look extremely elegant, the design diamond jewelry would get the desired appreciation from you colleagues and friends. You need to be careful in choosing the wedding rings and studs, as they should let you be worn in all occasions.

When you want to look for diamond jewelry at cheaper prices, you can get loads of them online. Online diamond jewelry is the latest trend. You have too many advantages like getting to know all modern trends. You would get discount diamond rings and other ornaments because these online shops sell wholesale diamond jewelry. Hence, you can buy genuine quality diamonds at significantly better prices.

You also need not waste time in moving from one shop to another when you opt for the online diamond jewelry retailers. A word of caution is that you need to ensure that you buy the cheap wedding rings or the earrings from an authentic dealer. This ensures you receive the finest quality designer diamond jewelry at the right price.

When talking about getting diamond stud earrings at cheaper prices, you can also select the metals, which are inexpensive. You cannot look for platinum if you want the diamond jewelry to be cheap. You can look for either silver or gold. Again, this has to be settled down based on your budget.

Oct 22

How to Choose Diamond Earrings for Men

Diamond Earrings for Men

Diamond earrings for menThe debate on men’s earrings revolves around trend and sexuality in modern days though the trend has been followed by humans since 3000 B.C. Modern times ponder much hindrance to choose diamond earrings for men, as the old customs have almost been forgotten.

Today earrings for men has taken up a style privilege and most men think it adds on to their personality and style, well that’s in fact true though there are other misconceptions that piercing ears denotes sexual preferences in men.

Why Do Men Wear Earrings?

Diamond earrings for men We would love to see the dazzling earrings on Women’s ears dangling in beauty and singing in perfect tune with their attires. A lot of business revolves around girl’s earrings for their passion for the same and no doubt numerous designs and patterns with different metals are available in market in recent days.

But why do men wear earrings? The concept though was not accepted by the modern society for decades, has broken all obstacles and has emerged as a well-accepted fact of today. Buy why do men actually pierce their ears? Let’s try and find the answers.

From ancient time, long ear lobes were considered as a sense of spirituality and men followed the reigns of their ancestors and wore earrings to elongate their lobes. Karnaveda or ear piercing is the ceremony followed in Hindu religion to pierce ears for both sexes at an early age of life.

Though boys are made to remove their earrings unlike girls in most families, they grow up and find these custom too fascinating and perhaps add much too their beauty and personality and get to have the best  diamond earrings for men and get them pierced with a beautiful stud just to enhance their popularity among peers.

Wearing earrings also improves their hidden strengths and showcases them as powerful adults in college and of course helps them to impress the other sex among peers.  Most guys started to select diamond earrings for men to adorn their lobes and to enhance their beauty, forcing a tough competition for diamond studs.

Some doctors choose diamond earrings for men as the acupuncture centre for vision lies in the centre of the ear lobe.

Ancient Civilization and Men’s Earrings

The tradition of wearing earrings dates back to many civilization, and ancient hunters pierced their ears with some sharp stone or bones, to symbolize his spoke of power and his ability to conquer dangerous endeavours.

Use of horns and teeth to pierce ears symbolized his difficult path in finding a survival and his ability to mate, hunt and to lead his group. Modern people’s ability to choose diamond studs for men rooted from here and has got moulded to be defined as specific style statements for them as civilisation improved.

The concept of finding diamond earrings for men has evolved to be a comfortable way of expressing their style sense and their wealth, perhaps to steal positive looks from peers of the opposite sex.

Varieties of Men’s Earrings

There are numerous collection with all jewelers to get diamond earrings for men. As most men do not prefer dangling and chandelier type of earrings, studs are mostly preferred and manufactured for the male population.

To have the top diamond earrings for men, one has to concentrate mostly as Round cut diamond studs with a silver basket or background to it, that are just of 0.25 Ct. and 4mm in thickness to sport a little star spark on the ear lobes.

Square cut diamond studs with a silver set basket weighing 0.75 Ct. and 5 mm thickness are also much preferred by college guys and young adults. Princess cut square diamond unisex stud earrings are also on the hit list for those who choose diamond earrings for men.

Though illusion tunnel stainless steel earrings and men unisex huggie stainless steel earrings are also on the hit list, most people prefer to select diamond earring for men, as it not just looks decent and stylish, and also imparts a social status of the bearer.

How to Choose Diamond Earrings for Men

Typical users of these diamond studs are in the hip-hop and rap industry, from where we should say the tradition actually spread among young boys.

  • Before opting to choose diamond earrings for men, it is wise to analyze if his profession allows him to wear such studs as these are not allowed in some corporate. It is equally important to analyze if our culture and tradition allows us to pierce our ears.
  • Type of metal of the earring is also to be considered, as bright yellow metal are considered feminine and most boys prefer earrings made from platinum, diamonds, silver and steel  as they also yield a certain amount of ruggedness.
  • While getting diamond earrings for men, the symbol of the stud also matters. Though most guys prefer simple studs with square or dice cut, symbols depicting US dollars also is popular as it symbolizes power and wealth.
  • For those who fear the pain of piercing ears, magnetic earrings have also evolved and more recently with precious gem stones to prevent teens from pain and allergies.
  • And never forget the 4 Cs when you find diamond earrings for men, which includes inspecting the cut, clarity, color and the carat weight, and of course the GIA certification for pure diamonds. This is a must to check, to add real value to the money you spend on diamonds.

Dos and Don’ts with Men’s Earrings

Once you choose diamond earring for men, there are some common mistakes you should never commit to avoid running the risk of spoiling the entire concept of wearing studs. Read through to gain a better insight on these common mistakes…

Though these diamond earrings add a spark to your entire appearance, never try to wear them while playing sports, to avoid getting them dirty and damaged.

Match your attires in perfect tune with your earrings and try wearing them with a pair of jean and t-shirt to enhance your looks and your style. And refrain from wearing hoops and large diamond earrings to refrain from being criticized feminine.

When it comes to diamond studs, try to wear a simple stone with a round or diamond cut, for that itself has a tendency to sparkle and stand out a little more. Avoid using large rocks of diamonds; they look really stupid on your ears.


It’s high time for all guys to complete their looks with men’s diamond earrings and to choose from hundredths of styles and designs to enhance their looks and it’s time for girls to start gifting back their guys and get the best diamond earrings for men as their heart pleasing special day gifts.

Oct 06

How to Purchase Semi Mounts for Christmas

Semi Mounts Diamond RingsThe festival of Christmas is associated with blessings and gifts. Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas is the best idea for presenting gifts to your loved ones. Unfortunately, many people lack knowledge about choosing the right type of gifts for Christmas occasion.

Basically, there are two groups of jewelry buying population. The first group of customers is the one that exactly knows what to buy for Christmas. In other words, they have a clear idea about buying the right type of Christmas gifts for their friends and relatives. The second group of customers is the one who believe that all types of gifts are suitable for Christmas. However, that’s not the case. Christmas gifts are unique and distinct from other gifts.

Hence, it is important to figure out the right kind of jewelry gifts for Christmas occasion. Semi mounts make a perfect gift for Christmas. They are available in various forms and types to choose from. You can find semi mounts in earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and lot more. However, buying suitable semi mounts require thorough research in order to buy the best item matching your needs and budget.

How to find genuine venues for Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas:

semi-mount diamond ringMany folks have no idea about how to buy semi mounts for Christmas. However, there is no need to worry as buying semi mounts for the big day is not an impossible job. A host of options and venues exist which you can explore in order to get the best semi mount for the auspicious occasion.

1. Enquiring with people in your contacts and touch is an easy way to buy a suitable semi mount for Christmas. People who are expert in buying Christmas gifts will come handy in this regard. They will offer you valuable suggestion about choosing the right type of semi mount. Since people in your relations and contacts are trustworthy folks, you can be assured that their valuable advice will help you in getting the best gift for the event.

2. People at your place of work may also offer valuable insight about buying the right type of semi mount for the big day. Those who have bought semi mounts as Christmas gift may help you with this. They might also offer valuable insight about problems they faced while buying the gift. Similarly, they may also provide negotiation tips on buying the right kind of jewelry.

3. Many people overlook the advice of seniors. In fact, seniors can be very helpful while buying semi mounts for any occasion. Christmas is no exception to this. Enquire with senior members in your relations, and you may be surprised to know how useful they can be while buying the right kind of semi mount.

4. People residing in your neighboring areas are other worth exploring source for help. Those who have bought semi mounts or have a liking for semi mount will assist you in buying the right type of items as Christmas gifts.

5. Internet is the best pace to seek advice. Lot of information can be found online. Browse the World Wide Web with relevant search terms and you will come up with a list of search results matching your specific needs and requirements. Make a list of reputed sites that offer useful suggestion about buying the right type of Christmas jewelry.

6. Read online reviews about these sites. Folks who have bought Christmas gifts based on recommendations from these sites will provide a clear picture about these websites. Websites that get good ratings and reviews are worth exploring.

7. Visit these sites in order to obtain valuable suggestions and recommendations about buying the right kind of semi mount. Read all posts on these sites in order to get considerable amount of information about different types of semi mounts that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Tips on Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas

Semi Mount Diamond Ring

After exploring all possible options, it’s time to buy a suitable semi mount diamond rings or earrings for the great day. Fortunately, you can browse offline as well as online sources in order to get the right kind of jewelry matching your requirements. However, due care must be taken to avoid getting ripped off while buying precious metals.

- First and foremost, decide the type of semi mounts you want to buy. Determine whether you want to buy earrings or rings as gift. Decide the style, color beforehand to avoid any ambiguity later. Figuring out the right type of gift will avoid problems and hassles later. Moreover, this will help you in finding the right item with ease.

- Next, formulate your budget. A well planned budget will keep you within your buying limit and avoid over spending. Moreover, it will also avoid impulsive purchase.

- Search about legitimate and genuine venues for buying the right kind of jewelry. Always choose genuine venues to buy suitable item. Buying items from reputable brands will ensure that you get what you are presented. Moreover, you can be assured about the quality of the product you are buying.

- Make a list of reputed brands after inquiring online as well as offline. Reputable online jewelry stores have their outlets in all major cities. Browse a couple of stores close to your place of residence in order to buy items of your likings and preferences.

-  Surf through the wide variety available at these outlets. Compare product features as well as prices of different products before making a final choice. After evaluating different products, choose quality semi mounts that are appealing as well as affordable.


Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas can be a daunting task. However, you cannot simply buy any kind of gift for the big day. Thankfully, you can buy the right item with thorough research and useful tips.

Follow simple and smart tips on buying the right gift for Christmas; explore legitimate venues and choose the perfect item. Present the best gift to your loved ones, and feel happy and honored when your loved ones smile and feel joyous at that moment.

Sep 13

Christmas Earrings – 6 Earrings That Make a Great Christmas Jewelry

Christmas Earrings

Earrings frame the most important fashion accessory for women. Most females love to sport unique diamond earrings on par with their apparels every day, and it get more special this festival season as more girls have already started looking for fashionable Christmas earrings in the market.

The 25th December has been considered a day of immense celebration across the world and is a festival filled with presents, gifts and great shopping. The Christmas jewelry shopping season starts after the day of Thanksgiving and diamond jewelry no doubt frames an important aspect of the same.

Of all the jewels, earrings are the ones closely associated with one’s heart, and would love to get them as presents and gifts especially at great occasions such as Christmas day. But why are these Christmas earrings so special and different from others? Why do they yield such cravings and craze for women? There are reasons.

The unique design and pattern of these earrings should be the foremost reason, followed by the dazzling beauty they bring to one’s ears. And women of all age group crave these earrings and it is an integral part of their life.

Unique Pattern of Christmas Earrings

Why are these Christmas earrings so special? Is it because they signify a huge celebration that draws attention from the entire world? And the unique patterns of these earrings are eye stunning.

Some commonly preferred ones includes, Christmas tree earrings, Christmas cart reindeer earrings, start earrings, earrings signifying the pine tree, Santa Claus beaded earrings, frosty snowman patterned earrings, nativity scene Christmas earrings etc.

These modern earrings are preferred by young girls all over the world to be worn not just on Christmas day but also as part of their casual accessory to be used for every day.

Six Types of Christmas Earrings:

Though I have briefed about many types of earrings available in the market today, all the mentioned types are made of some low cost metal and will not weigh your wallets much. But are these earrings worth to be given away as Christmas gifts? Definitely no, we would love to present our loved ones with something costly, perhaps Christmas earrings made from diamonds and costly yellow and silver metals to mark their day.

Let us take this article from now on in this perspective, diamond and other attractive Christmas earrings to frame perfect Christmas gifts. Let us discuss the common type of diamond earrings and others made from costly metals available in market today, to be given away as Christmas presents.

1. Three Stone Diamond Earrings

Three Stones Earrings

Three stone diamond earrings frame the perfect accessory for your uniquely stitched Christmas costume as the diamonds gets embedded with platinum or titanium metals to add more silver to the golden throne. The three stone earrings are available in a variety of styles and fashions.

They can be either drops or studs. In the drops model, each stone is separated by a slightly long platinum strand and each diamond is embedded with rich designed platinum flowers. The three stones in a linear fashion can be of the same floral designs or fragmented into three different designs.

For those who will not prefer long drops, the three stone diamond hoop earrings would steal their hearts as the earring is neither too long nor short and has rich diamond stones embedded with white metal.

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Some of us prefer long drops wont frame professional earrings and won’t go great with your formal office wears which makes them unfit for everyday use. But no worries, diamond studs are always available to go great on any apparel are they are beautifully arranged in a triangular leaf like pattern.

The three stone stud earrings made from blue diamonds look not only different from traditional white stones but also elegant for all skin types.  Not necessary to use three stones every time even single round cut diamond with 14 KT value can be breath-taking ones with great clarity.

3. Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Image Credit: Coolspotters.com, Design: Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

These types of diamond studded earrings looks much like diamond drops except that they drop extensively and look more ornate. This would best suit your apparels if you are throwing a grand party for Christmas; however, the key is to not to make mistakes while purchasing Christmas jewelry.

These earrings drop like grand chandelier from ceilings and can either be quite ornate or simple. They cannot be used as casual wear and look grand on great events.

4. Gold and Gemstone Christmas Tree Earrings

Earring symbolising the Christmas tree has hit the market and has gained great attention from everyone. These trees can either be framed of gold and other precious metals or from gemstones.

The Christmas tree can dazzle as 14 k gold in twinkling amber design in each of your ears or be made of sapphire, ruby gemstones or from white pearl beads to accessorize your ears. It all depends on your style and spending ability to choose from the types of Christmas tree earrings.

5. Sterling Silver Christmas Earrings

Silver is the cheap and affordable metal for all and earrings made out of them would definitely draw attention from teens and college students as they can spare their pocket money to afford them.

White metal enamel snowman charm, candy charm and silver earrings depicting the chariot of SantaClaus, earrings depicting snowman and Santa caps are the few worth mentioning here and would build up enormous sales this Christmas season.

6. Pearl Christmas Earrings and Pearl Loops

Just like diamond loops, pearls can also be made in drop as loops and hangings lined by gold or platinum to form the best Christmas earring. Pearl studs are also common this Christmas season and studs supported by rings go great on kid’s ears.

Christmas Earrings – Conclusion

Earrings are inseparable for women. Designers have also kept this in mind and have framed grand Christmas earrings this season with different materials and in different colours, styles and shapes. But keep in mind that you buy jewels on par with the nature of the occasion and try to select earrings that fall within your budget to enjoy a grand and a fabulous Christmas this 2012.