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Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings Collection

Diamond rings are found in many designs and patterns. The more you search for a good ring, the more options you’ll find. But, the best of all types, which is also loved by women, are 3-stone diamond rings. These rings have 3 shining stones embedded in a line with each diamond talking loud about the relationship of the couple.

One diamond represents past. The other two represent present and future. Generally, the one in the middle is larger in size and one on each side is a bit smaller. What adds to the advantage is the beautiful and costly metal on which these diamonds are placed.

You can buy and add the best 3 stone diamond rings to your collection. But before that know what the best ones in the market are.

Combination of Emerald and Round Cut

Diamond Rings

A ring made with white gold, platinum and has both emerald cut and round cut diamonds in it. While the three diamonds in focus are in emerald cut, tiny round-cut ones are engraved on either side of the side stones.

One can choose a diamond based on the quality and also the total weight, and as for the metal is concerned, different grade of metal is available too. You’ve 14KT, 18KT options for both white gold and yellow gold. And then platinum too can be bought for good grades.

Combination of Princess and Round Cut


Princess cut and round cut combination also makes a perfect 3-stone ring for you. This ring is regarded probably one of the best for you. Reason? It has beautiful, shiny diamonds and at the same time it is pretty cheap. You can add it to your collection.

Unlike the first ring we discussed, the ring band here is made with gold. Two variants depending upon the pricing and quality factor can be chosen.  14KT or 18KT yellow gold. Apart from that, the other good thing is the placement of shiny stones on the band. The 3 stones are placed with perfect balance.

Princess Cut 3 Stone Rings


If you’re not sure of what combination of diamonds to go for, you can go for the one cut rings. For example, princess cut rings.  What’s important after all are the three stones that give a glimpse of the good old, beautiful present and wonderful upcoming life of togetherness.

Anyway, princess cut diamond rings are just perfect for your collection. They aren’t pricey, but are striking. They’re suitable for one and every occasion from Valentines, engagement to wedding and anniversaries. Why not add this 3-stone diamond ring to your collection?

Round Cut 3 Stone Rings


Round cut 3 stone rings are never out of fashion. They’re always in demand throughout the year for various occasions, be it Christmas or Valentines or just any other time. You can add this ring to your collection as well. And we say so because there are more reasons than just one.

  • First, round cut diamonds have a sparkle and shine that beats every other cut.
  • Second, round diamonds are loved by women for their shape and elegance.
  • Third, they make a perfect 3-stone ring that you would love to add to your collection.


Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings also come with different stone combinations. Ruby, tanzanites, sapphires, etc. can also be preferred along with other diamonds such the round-cut, princess cut, heart cut, etc.

At the end, whichever 3-stone diamond ring you choose, it will totally glow your jewelry collection and make you proud of your choice. Cheer up! There are more options than just the ones discussed above.

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