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April Rocks

Oh yes it does. Do you know why? Because the diamond is the gemstone of April.

There is no other gemstone quite so rare, so beautiful, so darned expensive as the diamond. Fired deep within the mighty heart of Mt Doom … kidding. Just a little.

Diamonds are created over long (long, long, long) expanses of time. They are, for want of a lengthier description (but this one will do) not much more than a lump of crystallized carbon. A pretty one mind, but carbon based nonetheless.

So are we but we look a bit different to start with, and wouldn’t look too good if subjected to the same process that each diamond undergoes..

As they come, diamonds are nothing short of unimpressive – in terms of how they look. However, given over to the hands of a skilled diamond cutter and voila! – you have something more beautiful than any Hollywood siren, than any painting, than any Hugh Jackman.

Diamonds are unique, each one is different from the next. Yes, they can all end up becoming Princess or Heart shaped diamonds, they can all end up being set as pendants. Or wedding bands but … the cut, clarity, color and carat are what make them so incomparable. We love the four c’s.

Ok, there was only ever one Elizabeth Taylor, but was her talent and beauty unrivaled? No. And maybe sapphires and rubies are beautiful, precious stones that they are. But are they comparable to diamonds? No. Nothing compares. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Except perhaps a bigger, better diamond.

And that’s why April rocks. Those born within the month are blessed with the fabulous diamond as their birthstone, and what a stone to be blessed with. Let’s face it, being blessed with a brick doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it now?

For the record, I was born in April. And I readily accept all gifts, with a particular leaning towards any that contain or are finished off by a nice shiny rock. Thanks.

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