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Affordable Diamond Tennis Bracelet White Gold

Tennis bracelets are becoming more popular by the day. The elegance of design, style and setting of the tennis bracelets has brought a wide range of option for women from all fields. The designs today enable women to purchase diamond tennis bracelets at an affordable price.

Diamond tennis bracelets are simple, elegant and vibrant. The string of gleaming diamonds on the bracelet is known to bedazzle a woman and enhance her delicate beauty. It is quite difficult to choose the right diamond tennis bracelet that can be within the price range of many. In order to pick out the best possible bracelet for your money’s worth is to research all the possible facts that you can about tennis bracelets and what determines their price.

In order to obtain affordable diamond tennis bracelet, it is important to look at the right places. Go into a number of jewelry stores and make a note of the prices of various designs of bracelets. You would notice that diamond tennis bracelets have certain factors that determine its price.

diamond tennis bracelets


1. 4 C’s of Diamonds

Diamonds are categorized and listed by the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat. Mostly the price of the item depends on the type of diamond being used. Since the tennis bracelet must have the same sized and cut diamonds, it is important to decide the carat and cut of the diamond before choosing the bracelet.

Higher the carat, higher would be the price. For an affordable purchase, go in for a low carat weight diamond set and a common diamond cut, like the princess cut. Try not to go in for tennis bracelets that have additional accents like tiny gems and diamonds studded in between the main sting of stones. This would increase the price by quite a margin. Slimmer the tennis bracelet, smaller would be the expense. 

2. Metal Used for Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The metal used to align the diamonds is also an important factor that determines the price of diamond tennis bracelets for women. Most commonly, the metals used for diamond tennis bracelets are gold, white gold and platinum. Among these exquisite choices, the most affordable would be white gold metal.

It is true that each of these metals have their own amazing properties and features making them absolutely desirable and unique, but price does matter. A good choice would be to go in for white gold rather than the expensive platinum.

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and few other white metals like palladium and silver. Initially white gold was created as a substitute for platinum for those who could not afford pricy jewelry. Depending on the type of alloy used to turn gold to white gold can also determine the price of the tennis bracelet.

The choice of alloys can make quite a difference in the appearance of the metal in terms of shine, metallic finish and color. There are some instances where the tennis bracelets have a faint hue of yellow with wear. In order to overcome this, rhodium alloy is used to bring a bright white metallic nature of the bracelet.

Diamond tennis bracelets for women with white gold have seen quite a change and are now affordable to many. It is, however, important to make the right choice in the various factors that have been discussed above and other factors that you might find as well. There are a number of jewelry stores online and off that provide a wide range of affordable tennis bracelets for women.

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