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4 Beautiful Diamonds Engagement Rings for Your Engagement

Since the engagement ceremony is a once in a life time event, great care has to be taken while buying rings for this auspicious occasion. Various choices and options exist to match up your likings and preferences. So, carefully choose from diamonds engagement rings to make the engagement event a more memorable one.

These engagement rings can be found in various ranges. Hence, picking the right one can be a bit daunting chore. Still, you can get a suitable band by considering the following 4 beautiful diamond engagement rings for your occasion.


1. Round cut diamonds engagement rings

diamonds engagement rings

Round cut ring is a popular choice of most of the would-be-couples for the engagement day. The circle of the band represents endless love and long lasting relationship. The 1.35 CT round cut diamond engagement band is an ideal choice, if money is not an issue. The sheen and glitter of this band grabs the attention of the crowd on the engagement day.

If you have limited finances, you can opt for 0.65 CT round cut diamond engagement rings. These bands are low-priced yet appealing. In this way, you will be able to gift your beloved lady a shiny and brilliant radiance without breaking your bank account.


2. Princess cut diamond engagement rings


Many people wish to make their engagement occasion a more special one by gifting something unique other than the usual round shaped band. A princess cut engagement band is the best alternative to try something unique and distinct. It provides various innovative designs and styles matching your preferences and budget.

The best thing about such a band is they can be bought at almost half the price of the round shaped diamond band of equal carat weight. Besides this, ladies prefer to achieve a princess look on their engagement ceremony.

The princess cut diamond band coupled with princess bridal dress succeeds in attaining such a look. This is why, many grooms prefer to gift princess cut diamond band for their lady. 


3. Solitaire diamonds engagement rings


Though technological advancement has made it possible to explore various designs and styles of engagement bands, but solitaire engagement rings are considered as the most adorable gift to your sweetheart on the engagement day. Such a ring symbolizes eternal love, and indicates promises and commitment that couples share with each other for their entire life.

Solitaire rings are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and metals. You can find several diamond cuts like emerald, pear, heart, oval and square shaped solitaire diamond engagement rings, but a brilliant cut piece is the hot choice of many. Such bands allow you to customize the ring in various ways without emptying your wallet.

The simple reason is these rings feature one solitaire diamond. You can have a thin band and choose a small diamond to save on budget. Similarly, you have the option to pick a colored diamond to save money. Determine your budget, and choose the best solitaire engagement ring matching your likings and budget.


4. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings


Such rings are widely known for their long lines. Due to these long lines, the cut of the diamond tends to be less sparkly and fiery as the conventional round shaped diamond, but the reflections coming from an emerald cut diamond are more impressive and broader. Since the facets in an emerald cut diamond are fewer, the reflections are bolder and bigger.

If you wish to gift something creative with modern as well as traditional design, emerald cut diamond engagement rings are the best option. Select the best piece according to your tastes and budget, and gift your girlfriend a unique and elegant piece of jewelry for the engagement day.

Final words 

With choice between these 4 beautiful diamonds engagement rings, choosing the best one is never an issue. Shop smartly in accordance with your preferences, and get the best band for your beloved lady.

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