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Jun 24

How Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Stores Save Your Money

There prevails a common thought that diamond jewelry wholesale stores offer the best value for money. If you have also heard this through a friend or a family member, and if you are not sure of how this happens, this blogpost will help you with the answer.

In today’s world, one particular thing that people are not willing to spare, is time. So, if you want to save time while buying diamond jewelry, you need make efforts to find out the most trusted online wholesale diamond store that offers exquisite jewelry at affordable prices. With the help of an online jewelry shop, you can purchase your favorite ornaments from the comfort of your home.

Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Stores

Also the money you spend at an online diamond jewelry store is totally worth it. Because, you not only get exciting offers and discounts, but great designs and personalized customer service too. However, you need to be careful while choosing from the several diamond jewelry wholesale stores because there are quite a few unauthentic providers as well.

Unique designs, testimonials, their refund policy, people’s reviews about the site on the Internet and the certifications obtained from authority agencies such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), etc. shows that a website is genuine. So, always try to look for these details before deciding to go for a particular jewelry store.

Save By Shopping at Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Stores

A wholesale diamond store specializes in offering the best rates in the market. This is because, unlike the retail counterparts, they do not sell merchandise at highly marked up rates to cover the overhead cost. As a result, most wholesale stores not only quote lower prices on their jewelry, but also goes ahead in extending discounts even on single items such as a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond stud earrings.

They even provide free shipping for the order you place, giving a chance to save more on your jewelry shopping. So, there are more than one ways you can save by purchasing from wholesale diamond stores.

Other Benefits of Shopping at Diamond Jewelry Wholesale Store

When compared, some jewelry stores offer excellent discounts and schemes to the customers while others don’t. Just surf through the diamond jewelers’ websites and make a rough comparison of the rates. It would be obvious that the rates differ on each site. Plus, there are few additional benefits such as:

1. Impeccable quality in jewelry

2. Better, sophisticated diamond cut

3. Larger inventory

4. Variety in designs

Most of the diamond ornaments you find on an online shopping site are usually carefully designed, manufactured with near perfection and asked for opinions from various customers, before they’re displayed on the website. This ensures that you receive a better shopping experience with an online wholesale store than with an offline store.

To conclude, check out various options and cherish the experience of buying from diamond jewelry wholesale stores.

Jun 17

Buy Diamonds Online. It’s Hassle-free!

Here, in this post, we are going to discuss the several beneficial aspects of buying diamonds online. Today, Internet is the biggest jewelry marketplace in the world with hundreds of online stores selling their products; it is also the best place where you can enjoy great deals and discounts on all your shopping.

Along with the above, the good part is – there is no difference in the quality of the diamond jewelry they offer. So, whether you buy solitaire ringsstuds, encrusted bracelets or dazzling diamond necklaces, you can be certain of the quality of the jewelry, provided that you choose a reputed seller.

buy diamond online

There is a huge collection of standard, signature jewelry besides loose diamonds available online. From color stone bracelets to diamond studded gold pendants, there are various options for the jewelry lovers. You can choose your favorite jewel or diamonds from these and place an order with few clicks.

Buy Diamonds Online for Unmatched Convenience

Online shopping for diamonds is quite interesting and convenient compared to traditional shopping. You do not have to travel from place to place, go from one diamond store to another to buy the diamonds you want. You can scroll through the deals on the diamond jewelry websites at once just by switching the browser tabs. And in order to buy, all you have to do is – select the carat weight of the diamonds, the cut and the color/clarity group and place your order with your credit card or via PayPal.

buy diamond online

Bigger and Better Options

A regular diamond jewelry retailer can hardly match the inventory and shopping experience of an online jewelry store. You can narrow down your search by selecting the specification such as the budget, the diamonds you want, the cut, so on and so forth. You can even change the diamond carat weight based on your preference / budget.

So, if you are fond of diamonds and are looking for great diamond cut options, it is highly recommended that you buy them online.

Buy Diamonds Online for Better Pricing

Yet another benefit of buying diamonds online is the reasonable rates few reputed diamond stores offer. They manufacture diamonds in bulk that decreases their production cost and they don’t have retail maintenance expenses too ultimately leading to lower price offerings for the diamond enthusiasts.

Thus, if want to save money, it is the best if you buy diamonds online, preferably an whole seller.

Buy Diamonds Online Only When You’re  Convinced

It is easy to get influenced into making a less informed buying decision when dealing with a polite salesperson at a conventional retail diamond jewelry outlet. Whereas in an online purchase, you’ll have most of the information on the website itself, allowing you to decide on your own without any intervention from the salesmen.

This also eliminates the risk of purchasing diamonds that you have less information about and helps you buy them only when you’re 100% satisfied.


Buy diamonds online just like you purchase other household products; its hassle free. You’ll save time, money, efforts, yet get the most beautiful gemstones on the planet.

Jun 10

What Buying Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry Mean to Women

“Jewelry” – the word itself makes women go weak on their knees. Some women like it whereas other women love it, but you won’t find a single woman who hates jewelry, especially diamonds. Buying diamonds means a lot more than buying gold, silver and platinum jewelry to women. That is exactly why it is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

buying diamond

How do Women Figure Out their Budget for Buying Diamonds?

Women always frame a budget before they choose to buy diamonds. They look out for shops that give them best quality diamonds at the most inexpensive rates. They usually set a jewelry shopping budget considering the following aspects:

1. How much have they spent recently (typically, in the past 6 months to one year) on other jewelry?

2. Are they doing it as a hobby or as a financial investment?

3. What is the least they could spend without having to compromise on the diamond quality or the carat weight?

There prevails a myth that only rich and royal people can afford to buy diamonds and diamond ornaments; however, the fact is – middle class women also spend a lot of money on diamonds after considering the above mentioned issues.

Basics of Diamond Jewelry Making

More than the cost or the diamond clarity and color, women are keen about the diamond cut and carat. There are a number of diamond cuts available in the market and depending on your budget, you can get diamonds of higher carat weight too.

buying diamond

When it comes to diamond jewelry, it is not just the design that matters to women. There are three major aspects along with the design that they usually look into. First is again the diamond cut. Second is the precious metal that is used to create the jewelry item. Last are the carat weight of diamond(s) and karat weight of the precious metal.

After considering all these diamond elements, they come down to the pricing before actually buying it.

Along with these, women also check for certification of the diamond jewelry. This helps them in attaining a better idea about the quality standards of the diamond products they buy.

If you’re also considering purchasing diamonds, then you can also try doing what most women do to get the best quality diamond jewelry. In conclusion, buying diamonds and diamond jewelry have always been a special experience for women. They love it, flaunt it among their friends and families, and adore it.

Jun 03

4 Tips to Get the Best 14k Gold Stud Earrings

14K gold stud earrings can suit any occasion. Whether you’re thinking of wearing it to your friend’s wedding or to an office party, you cannot go wrong with jewelry for your ears. While choosing for the perfect pair of studs, you need to ensure that you go through a bunch of products, the prices, the design, the online store you shop from.

It is an important investment because it will not only allow you to look good when you wear it but also allows you to get good returns if you choose to resell it.

Most people think that once you find a good jewelry store, all your problems are solved. However, this is far from truth, as there are a plethora of gold stud earrings to choose from, on the Internet and selecting the right one will depend on a number of other factors too.

14K gold stud earrings

Tips to Find the Best 14K Gold Stud Earrings

  • Be Sure of Your Budget: Knowing your budget is vital to your stud earrings purchase because one can easily get carried away with the alluring designs, shiny diamonds and exciting deals. Within your set budget you can either go for a 14K gold or an 18K gold earrings. The price also depends on the diamond carat weight that you go for. Therefore, knowing about how deep your pockets are in advance always helps. Once you are confident of exactly how much you can spend, buying your desired earrings becomes a lot easier.
  • Choose an Uncommon Design: Most diamond jewelry stores offer so many beautiful stud earrings that it will make you want to buy more than just a pair. However, once you pick up the best, and most uncommon earrings design, you’re more likely to be satisfied with just one pair. Going for an uncommon set of stud earrings also allows you to stand out of the crowd when you wear them.
  • A Reputed Jeweler: Always trust a jewelry store that knows what you want. There are many that offer interesting deals and attractive designs but when you purchase from them, you’ll realize that you received a completely different product than you bought. The right jeweler will show you stud earrings that are in line with your aesthetic taste, will be upfront with you about the payment, and will have a fair and buyer-friendly return/refund policy.
  • Look for the Markings: Most of the reputed and reliable jewelry stores provide people with markings of their brand logo or name, the karat/carat weight of gold/diamond respectively. Look for the right markings so that you know that you are paying for genuine earrings. Having said that, although a lot of companies do not have these markings, they are still among reliable providers. So, if you can find a company with markings on the gold stud earrings you buy, take it as a bonus.

14K gold stud earrings

These four tips should help you pick out perfect stud earrings.

Also, 14K gold is much sought after in stud earrings because:

  • It is harder than 18K gold. This means that jewelry fashioned out of 14K gold will stand the test of time. You can wear your earrings more frequently without worrying about it breaking or getting damaged.
  • It is obviously cheaper than 18K gold thus making it a first choice for many with lesser budget. 14K gold jewelry has over 50% of pure gold in it, thus making it a good choice.

 14K gold stud earrings

At the end, you should be looking for a pair of studs that stands out for all the right reasons. A 14KT gold stud earrings set is often considered among the smallest jewelry pieces of all, but they can make any woman look very elegant.