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Mar 21

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women

When it comes to gemstone and diamond rings for women, we inevitably think, ‘the bigger the better’! Whilst the jewelries associated with the rich and famous and Hollywood celebrities are usually oversized diamonds and gemstones in unconventional designs, there are no reasons why you cannot procure such pieces at affordable rates to please the lady love of your life.

However, understanding a few basics pertaining to diamond cuts, gemstones, diamond carats will go a long way in fetching you the best deal.

gemstone and diamond rings for women

Gemstone and diamond rings Buying Tips

Diamond cut

The diamond cut is the most important factor that determines the price of the diamond and other precious gemstones. Round cut diamonds are reckoned as one of the best and are usually the most expensive ones too. Another popular and equally expensive diamond is the princess cut diamond.

If you are looking for a stylish, large size yet cheap diamond ring, you can go for oval cut diamond rings. The oval cut diamond rings not only look ultra-chic but also appears larger in size than the conventional round cut diamond rings.

Buying marquise, pear or oval shaped gemstones and diamonds embedded rings are other wonderful alternatives when it comes to budget rings for women.

The natural elongated shape of these stones makes them appear bigger in size vis-a-vis traditional round cut stones with a higher carat weight. Thus, you get a ring with a bigger looking stone that is far lighter on the wallet.

Ring Setting

Another important thing to consider while buying diamond or gemstone rings for women at economical prices is the setting of the stones. Opt for a cluster setting ring to woo your beloved lady and she is likely to go berserk on your choice of diamond or gemstone ring with a huge stone popping out!

These rings with a cluster setting have an array of precious stones put together in a single setting.

It is a universal fact that the diamonds are expensive because of their rarity. Even rarer are the larger sized diamonds. This implies that a single large diamond is much more valuable and expensive than two smaller diamonds of the same carat weight.

Thus, buying cluster setting diamond or gemstone rings allows you to have a higher combined carat value ring at a far cheaper price than a ring with a single diamond of the same weight.

A three setting gemstone ring combined with a diamond in the middle is a popular choice of multi-setting ring. The ring can be presented to commemorate special occasions like birth of your first child or your child’s graduation day.

Combination Rings

Diamonds with scads of colored gemstones around can add oodles of pizzazz, glamour and elegance to the ring. For instance, a diamond rings combined with a royal blue colored sapphire or a blazing red ruby gemstone not only makes the rings look pleasing to the eye but also adds that extra value and significance to the ring.

Several people choose to include their birthstone or their lucky zodiac gemstone to liven up the diamond ring. Adding a colorful birth stone is a stupendous way to add a personalized touch to a diamond engagement ring and slashing the cost considerably.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are expensive not because of the diamond alone but also due to superior craftsmanship, detailing and an intricate arrangement of the gemstones on them. Most people ignore the fact that the setting of the gemstones over the diamond ring plays a vital factor in adding that additional ‘wow’ factor to the diamond rings.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings for Women are available in a wide assortment of colors, designs and patterns in the market and choosing the right ring for your sweetheart wouldn’t be herculean if you know her taste in jewelry.

Mar 19

Get Cheap Heart Shaped Pendants Today!

Heart shaped pendants can unarguably make one of the most precious gifts for the lady love of your life. Reckoned as a quintessential symbol of love, the heart has held meaning for eons now. Particularly when one lover bequeaths a heart to another, the message of true love is unequivocal. And in today’s age and time, nothing conveys this emotion more beautifully than a heart shaped pendant.

Couple the heart shape with an everlasting piece of jewelry, a diamond heart pendant. The two elements put together in heart shaped pendants will perfectly showcase your eternal love.  And if you present a heart shaped diamond pendant to your heartthrob while you pop that question, you are sure to sweep her off her feet and evoke that million dollar expression on her face that you can cherish for the rest of your life!

The old adage ‘I heart you’ is the best testimonial that heart is indeed a universal sign that represents two people are deeply in love with each other.

Heart shaped pendants

Heart Shaped Pendants Buying Tips


Price is certainly a very important factor to consider prior to shopping for pendants or any other diamond jewelry item. It is wise to have a pre-determined budget and look for a pendant based on the amount you are willing to spend. For instance, if you do not have any price constraints, you can spend lavishly and buy an extravagant diamond pendant from a top-drawer designer collection.

If you are a bit low on budget and cannot afford to buy diamond pendants, you can look for cheaper alternatives like heart shaped gold pendants with Ruby or other gem stones that your partner may like.


While buying jewelry gift items like pendants, it is imperative to consider the occasion for which the gift is being procured. If you wish to buy a pendant to gift on Valentine’s Day or while you propose her for marriage, heart shaped pendants would be make a stupendous choice.

If you wish to gift the pendant on your partner’s birthday or on your marriage anniversary day, buying heart pendants that have words like ‘love’ or ‘U & ME’ engraved on them would certainly be more discreet. Such a pendant would convey your love and feelings for your partner more aptly. Another popular choice of pendants to gift your wife or fiancé is the onewhich may have their lucky stones embedded on them.

Personal Taste and Preference

The personal taste and preference of the recipient is another crucial factor to consider while buying pendants. If you know her inclinations well, it would become easier for you to shop for a pendant of her choice. In case you are not sure of her choice, you can inquire with her close friends or siblings and then choose a pendant she may like.

If you do not want to take any risk with the gift for your beloved partner, you can surprise her by taking her to a jewelry outlet and requesting her to buy a pendant she likes. This will not only ensure that you gift the pendant of her choice, but will also allow you to get a deeper insight into her likings and taste in jewelry.

Heart shaped pendants are impeccable symbols of undying love and passion. Available in a wide plethora of sizes, styles and patterns, finding a unique piece that would ideally express your love to your love partner is definitely a cinch. If there is paucity of time, you can even buy a pendant of your choice over the Internet.

Myriads of online vendors offer a staggering range of exclusive pieces that are far cheaply priced than retail stores. However, to avert the risk of fraud, it is always advisable to buy jewelry items like heart shaped pendants from a reputable vendor that holds valid licenses, certifications and accreditations.

Mar 16

Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings Ideas

Stud earrings are perhaps the most popular type of diamond earrings among women. From ladies going gaga over these diamond earrings’ elegance to getting fascinated by its designs, stud earrings, especially platinum diamond stud earrings  get all kind of compliments from around the world.

If you’re looking to purchase a great pair of diamond studded stud earrings, listed below are few that you can consider:

2.50CT Princess Cut Diamonds Stud Earrings

platinum diamond stud earrings

Among all diamond cuts, princess cut get the maximum attention from men and women. This stunning 2.50CT diamond princess cut stud earring can give you the look and feel you always wanted. It has three different metals including the platinum. So, since you prefer platinum diamond stud earrings, you can get it really affordable price point.

There are several options w.r.to the carat weight of diamonds present in these earrings. You can choose the carat weight that best suits you. It can range anywhere from $5000 to $8000 depending on whether you increase the diamond carat weight or not.

2.00CT Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings


Another great option to consider is the round cut diamond platinum stud earrings. Of course, you can make the changes in the metal type, the carat weight and even with the quality of the diamond. However, a platinum based stud earring with 2.00CT round cut diamond makes a perfect sense – both as a gift and a regular purchase for men and women.

Purchasing this type of stud earrings shouldn’t be difficult for you; there are a several companies that offer attractive discounts on the diamond stud earrings. It wouldn’t cost you more than $4,418.99 if you purchase it from reputed companies like the PrimeStyle.com.

0.25CT Diamond Emerald Cut Earrings


Another great platinum stud earrings is to go for an emerald cut diamond based jewelry piece. Emerald cut is quite known among women of all ages. From young girls to engaged ladies to married women, almost every female drools over emerald cut diamonds.

And when it’s embedded in platinum metal, then it becomes one of the most beautiful earrings ever that you choose over the others.


Platinum diamond stud earrings make the perfect set of earrings for women. The key is to choosing the right combination of diamond cut, clarity, and platinum quality before buying one. It would help you have a jewelry piece that you can adore and your friends, relative can envy. So, go for it!

Mar 14

Heart Pendants to Choose From

No gift can be better than the heart pendants to express your love to the girl of your dreams. Heart shaped pendants have always symbolized eternal love and have been exchanged between two people as a symbol of their love. If they are made of precious gems such as diamonds, they become exceptionally special and close to your loved one’s heart.

This universal symbol of love has been in existence from the early Christian era and has been thought to be the centre of emotions.They symbolize love and intelligence in a most intimate and beautiful way.

Different Types of Heart Pendants

Love is universal and so is the heart pendant gift. They are available in different forms based on the base metal used, and thus are affordable for all classes of people. The distinct varieties of heart pendants to choose from, for gifting your valentine are listed below:

Diamond Pendants

heart pendants

Diamonds are used in pendants in different combinations and sometimes the entire pendant is made of diamonds, or diamonds are arranged at the borders of white metalled pendant.

Some people also prefer pave hearts with diamond stud at either or at both outlines. This is perhaps the most widely preferred of all the heart shaped pendants for its eye-catching gesture and beautiful design to communicate pure love.

Combination of Diamonds and Gemstones Pendant

Sapphire has been known since ages for its trust, love, serenity and honesty. These are the pre-requisites of a life binding relationship as well. Therefore, sapphire studded heart pendant lined by a row of diamonds would stun any lady and is the best gifts that can be rendered to the women you love.

Pendants Made of Gemstones

The most predominantly used precious stones are the blue sapphire and ruby and both of them make an excellent combination with white gold, crafted as a single elegant pendant.

Gold Heart Pendants

 Heart Pendants

These are economical ways of expressing pure love and are almost affordable by all classes of people. They are either puffed or hollow and sometimes encrusted with gemstones and may be either polished or left with its innate brashness.

Gold Pendants in Combinations With Diamonds

Gold Pendants in Combinations With Diamonds

Rose gold is popularly used in these pendants with many tiny hearts carved on a single pendant. Each heart within the heart shaped frame holds a tiny diamond on it.

Silver Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant

These are the most affordable type of heart pendants available, but needs high level maintenance to maintain their clarity. Sometimes they are available as lockets to preserve photos or your loved one’s fond memories.

How to Choose the Best Heart Pendant

Finding the right type of pendant can be easy, if one knows what to look for. There can be many variations in a pendant based on its size, shape, design and the type of material, the pendant and chain it is made from. But there are few basic points to be noted before choosing the right pendant.

Price is an important factor in choosing the right type of heart pendant. The chain attached to the pendant also needs to be checked for quality and consistency. The shine factor needs to be considered as well as nobody would want to spend on something that would fade as time passes.

The small sized pendants look more elegant and beautiful compared to the larger sized gaudy looking pendants. Moreover, if you are comfortable with spending some extra money, you can always go for the beautiful but expensive white gold metal setting with diamond pendants. If not, then the yellow gold or silver heart pendants make an excellent choice for the gift.

Mar 12

Solitaire Ring Settings to Match Your Taste

Buying a distinct and perfect diamond ring is a very important decision. This is certainly true when you are purchasing a solitaire ring for your engagement day, a marriage ceremony or an anniversary event. The whole process of buying a perfect solitaire band can go in vain, if you fail to choose suitable solitaire ring settings.

Choosing the setting is the first step in designing your solitaire ring. However, a lot of factors have to be considered in great detail to get the right ring. Some of the important things to consider for selecting the perfect setting for your solitaire ring are listed below.

solitaire ring settings

In order to ensure an ideal solitaire ring settings, consider the center stone of the ring. Since a solitaire ring comes with one single gemstone, it becomes essential to pay attention to minute details of setting to get the most out of your ring.

If you wish to choose the diamond as the center stone, you must pick the setting that will match the stone, and focuses on your diamond band.

Consider the lifestyle and traits of your beloved lady before choosing the setting. Does she like traditional styles, or modern designs, or a mix of both? Make sure that the selected setting is in accordance with the preferences of your beloved lady.

Consider the width and metal of the band. The wider the band, the costly will be the ring. Finally, determine your budget. Once you have done your homework in advance, it’s time to pick solitaire ring settings that match your taste.

Bar setting

Such a setting employs a thin bar of metals for holding stones on both the sides. This kind of setting works well with circular bands that feature a diamond as a gemstone. You can attain a dramatic and tempting look with this setting.

The prong setting

Prong setting is the best of all solitaire ring settings. Such a setting is simple yet elegant. It gives a pleasing and enticing appearance to the overall band. Prong setting involves two or more metal pongs. The gemstone is grasped by presenting metal prongs that form the base.

Bezel setting

In this kind of setting, a collar or a rim, that encircles the sides of the gemstone, holds the diamond or the gemstone in place. This kind of setting gives the look of a smoothie surface. The best thing about bezel setting is it can fit for any shape stone. In simple words, you can customize your band with this type of setting choosing any diamond shape.

Pave setting

This is a classical setting wherein the diamond rests into tiny fashioned holes set in line with the surface of the ring. The best thing about pave setting is it makes the diamond appear bigger than its actual size.

If you have limited budget, you can choose a small diamond and work with a pave setting to attain the illusion of a bigger diamond.


Determining the setting of a ring is the most important step in buying a perfect solitaire ring. Hence, it is important to follow all essential steps to pick the right setting and have an appealing ring. After determining your budget and tastes, you can work with various settings before you design your final band.

With the existence of so many solitaire ring settings, finding the right one that matches your taste is not a problem. Evaluate your tastes and preferences; pick an ideal setting, and you will be able to own a perfect solitaire ring for any type of occasion. If you choose the setting wisely, getting the best band becomes easy and hassles free without investing much.

Mar 09

Top 5 Diamond Bracelets for Women

When it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry items, many people go for diamond rings. However, if you are interested in trying something new and different, diamond bracelets are a perfect option.

Moreover, bracelets can be blended with various other accessories such as earrings, necklaces and lot more. In this way, you can customize your jewelry items without spending anything with the addition of a bracelet.

There are many types of bracelets. Some are distinctive in styles, whereas others fall in the general categories of diamond bracelets. Following are top 5 diamond bracelets for women.

1. Diamond tennis bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are widely popular among majority of individuals. These bracelets were initially called inline bracelets as the diamonds rest in a line throughout the length of the bracelet. The diamonds are evenly spaced along the length of the bracelet or are set flush beside one another.

This bracelet got its new name at the US open tournament in 1987. During a match, Chris Evert, who was wearing a diamond inline bracelet, happened to break his bracelet while he was playing.

The diamonds from the broken bracelet got scattered all over the play court. Chris Evert stopped playing and started collecting the diamonds and his bracelet. Since then, diamond inline bracelets came to be known as diamond tennis bracelets.

2. Diamond bangle bracelets


These are unbending bracelets that hold their shape tightly, and are made with no clasp. The bangles are made from metal, and the diamonds are set around the circumference of the bangle or along the part of the bangle.

Since you cannot adjust bangle sizes, the size of the bangles with respect to your hand is important to ensure that the bracelet fits perfectly in your hand. At the same time, the bangle size must not be very large so that it falls off from your hand.

3. Diamond charm bracelets


This type of bracelet consists of metal links. The links serve as the structure, and constitutes the complete length of the bracelet. Charms are attached to the links and hang from the bracelet.

The shape of the charms can be anything from hearts, flowers to initials of the wearer. A charm might be made completely of diamonds, or contain a diamond focal point in the charm such as the eye of an animal or the center of the flower.

4. Spiral diamond bracelets

tennis Bracelets for women

As the name indicates, these bracelets are in the shape of spirals. Such a bracelet is a great way to customize a simple necklace or an earring into a lovely piece.

The sheen and brilliance of the diamond enhances the look and appearance of a simple necklace into a contemporary design making it a point of attraction on any given day. Such bracelets are also useful in transforming silver based jewelry items into beautiful pendant.

5. Beaded diamond bracelets

A beaded bracelet is made out of beads; the beads are usually made from diamonds of uniform shape. The biggest benefit of beaded diamond bracelets is it makes a perfect match for any type of jewelry, especially necklaces that feature beads.

Though pricey, but these types of bracelets can transform simple jewelry items in to sparkling beauty. Moreover, you can add these bracelets to your imitation jewelry and attain the look of real diamonds without spending much. Thus, beaded bracelet sallow you choices to improve your collection of jewelry items.

Final words

A Diamond bracelet is a great way to complement your jewelry items quickly to fit any occasion. Luckily, these top 5 diamond bracelets for women help you to enhance your look and appearance by accessorizing your jewelry items.

The choices to accessorize your jewelry items are countless with a diamond bracelet. This is why most of the women prefer to have a diamond bracelet in their collection of jewelry.

Mar 07

How to Buy the Best Diamond Bridal Set?

It won’t be wrong to say that searching and choosing the engagement and wedding rings is one of the exciting time of your life. It is usually advisable to plan and buy the rings well in advance to avoid the last minute haste and pressure.

Choosing a diamond bridal set is usually a better option to go for than buying the engagement ring and wedding band separately. It can save you a lot of time, effort and money.

The important decision is to choose the right ring set for your beautiful bride that is best in style and is friendly to your pocket. Couples can be easily swayed by the exemplary trends started by the star celebrities and fashion magazines. A few tips can definitely help you to get through this business.

diamond bridal set

How Much Should You Spend?

The size of everybody’s profit differs from one another. How much you want and can spend on the diamond bridal set and other wedding expenses is a completely personal decision. Many couples are deciding to share the wedding expenses these days as it becomes more convenient for them to afford an expensive wedding. It is best for both of you and your future life together to mutually decide how much should you churn out for the rings.

How About His Ring?

Buying the perfect diamond bridal set for your beautiful bride is all right, but you can also discuss your own wedding band with your partner and decide if you can buy it along with the bride’s rings. You can buy matching bands to reflect your eternal love. Many jewelers are offering a trio wedding ring set owing to the popularity of this trend because of its convenience of time and money. You can both spend some good time together while shopping for your wedding rings.

Get to Know Her Better

If you are planning to surprise her with the diamond bridal set, it could be very difficult to know what kind of ring would she like. To see the sheen of the diamond reflecting in her eyes, it becomes even more important for you to know her choice and style by hook or crook. Try to bring up the topic casually to know what she likes. Do not forget to take her ring size. You take take help of one of her friends or family members.

Choose the Perfect Stone

Now that you know exactly what she likes, you are in a better position to choose the perfect stone for her diamond bridal set. However, you must remember to look at the quality of the diamond before investing. The quality of the diamond is determined by 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat. Do some research to understand these 4 Cs. Her rings are meant to be forever for her and it is necessary to take an expert look at the stones before you decide to set it on the rings.

The design and Style to Reflect Her Personality

The diamond bridal set can be a set of classic parallel rings or a set of intricate integrated rings. The integrated rings can only be worn together as a complete set and are more delicate compared to the parallel rings that are more suitable for an active lifestyle. You can choose your bridal set accordingly.

Diamond setting needs to be strong and durable and thus platinum, white gold or yellow gold is usually preferred for the purpose. Tungsten, stainless steel and titanium are other suitable and affordable choices of metal available for diamond bridal set setting. You can choose one that suits you best.

The bridal rings set is going to be with her forever and is a symbol of your love and devotion for her. It is your duty as well as right to make it special for her. All the best for that!

Mar 05

4 Beautiful Diamonds Engagement Rings for Your Engagement

Since the engagement ceremony is a once in a life time event, great care has to be taken while buying rings for this auspicious occasion. Various choices and options exist to match up your likings and preferences. So, carefully choose from diamonds engagement rings to make the engagement event a more memorable one.

These engagement rings can be found in various ranges. Hence, picking the right one can be a bit daunting chore. Still, you can get a suitable band by considering the following 4 beautiful diamond engagement rings for your occasion.


1. Round cut diamonds engagement rings

diamonds engagement rings

Round cut ring is a popular choice of most of the would-be-couples for the engagement day. The circle of the band represents endless love and long lasting relationship. The 1.35 CT round cut diamond engagement band is an ideal choice, if money is not an issue. The sheen and glitter of this band grabs the attention of the crowd on the engagement day.

If you have limited finances, you can opt for 0.65 CT round cut diamond engagement rings. These bands are low-priced yet appealing. In this way, you will be able to gift your beloved lady a shiny and brilliant radiance without breaking your bank account.


2. Princess cut diamond engagement rings


Many people wish to make their engagement occasion a more special one by gifting something unique other than the usual round shaped band. A princess cut engagement band is the best alternative to try something unique and distinct. It provides various innovative designs and styles matching your preferences and budget.

The best thing about such a band is they can be bought at almost half the price of the round shaped diamond band of equal carat weight. Besides this, ladies prefer to achieve a princess look on their engagement ceremony.

The princess cut diamond band coupled with princess bridal dress succeeds in attaining such a look. This is why, many grooms prefer to gift princess cut diamond band for their lady. 


3. Solitaire diamonds engagement rings


Though technological advancement has made it possible to explore various designs and styles of engagement bands, but solitaire engagement rings are considered as the most adorable gift to your sweetheart on the engagement day. Such a ring symbolizes eternal love, and indicates promises and commitment that couples share with each other for their entire life.

Solitaire rings are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and metals. You can find several diamond cuts like emerald, pear, heart, oval and square shaped solitaire diamond engagement rings, but a brilliant cut piece is the hot choice of many. Such bands allow you to customize the ring in various ways without emptying your wallet.

The simple reason is these rings feature one solitaire diamond. You can have a thin band and choose a small diamond to save on budget. Similarly, you have the option to pick a colored diamond to save money. Determine your budget, and choose the best solitaire engagement ring matching your likings and budget.


4. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings


Such rings are widely known for their long lines. Due to these long lines, the cut of the diamond tends to be less sparkly and fiery as the conventional round shaped diamond, but the reflections coming from an emerald cut diamond are more impressive and broader. Since the facets in an emerald cut diamond are fewer, the reflections are bolder and bigger.

If you wish to gift something creative with modern as well as traditional design, emerald cut diamond engagement rings are the best option. Select the best piece according to your tastes and budget, and gift your girlfriend a unique and elegant piece of jewelry for the engagement day.

Final words 

With choice between these 4 beautiful diamonds engagement rings, choosing the best one is never an issue. Shop smartly in accordance with your preferences, and get the best band for your beloved lady.

Mar 01

Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings Collection

Diamond rings are found in many designs and patterns. The more you search for a good ring, the more options you’ll find. But, the best of all types, which is also loved by women, are 3-stone diamond rings. These rings have 3 shining stones embedded in a line with each diamond talking loud about the relationship of the couple.

One diamond represents past. The other two represent present and future. Generally, the one in the middle is larger in size and one on each side is a bit smaller. What adds to the advantage is the beautiful and costly metal on which these diamonds are placed.

You can buy and add the best 3 stone diamond rings to your collection. But before that know what the best ones in the market are.

Combination of Emerald and Round Cut

Diamond Rings

A ring made with white gold, platinum and has both emerald cut and round cut diamonds in it. While the three diamonds in focus are in emerald cut, tiny round-cut ones are engraved on either side of the side stones.

One can choose a diamond based on the quality and also the total weight, and as for the metal is concerned, different grade of metal is available too. You’ve 14KT, 18KT options for both white gold and yellow gold. And then platinum too can be bought for good grades.

Combination of Princess and Round Cut


Princess cut and round cut combination also makes a perfect 3-stone ring for you. This ring is regarded probably one of the best for you. Reason? It has beautiful, shiny diamonds and at the same time it is pretty cheap. You can add it to your collection.

Unlike the first ring we discussed, the ring band here is made with gold. Two variants depending upon the pricing and quality factor can be chosen.  14KT or 18KT yellow gold. Apart from that, the other good thing is the placement of shiny stones on the band. The 3 stones are placed with perfect balance.

Princess Cut 3 Stone Rings


If you’re not sure of what combination of diamonds to go for, you can go for the one cut rings. For example, princess cut rings.  What’s important after all are the three stones that give a glimpse of the good old, beautiful present and wonderful upcoming life of togetherness.

Anyway, princess cut diamond rings are just perfect for your collection. They aren’t pricey, but are striking. They’re suitable for one and every occasion from Valentines, engagement to wedding and anniversaries. Why not add this 3-stone diamond ring to your collection?

Round Cut 3 Stone Rings


Round cut 3 stone rings are never out of fashion. They’re always in demand throughout the year for various occasions, be it Christmas or Valentines or just any other time. You can add this ring to your collection as well. And we say so because there are more reasons than just one.

  • First, round cut diamonds have a sparkle and shine that beats every other cut.
  • Second, round diamonds are loved by women for their shape and elegance.
  • Third, they make a perfect 3-stone ring that you would love to add to your collection.


Best 3 Stone Diamond Rings also come with different stone combinations. Ruby, tanzanites, sapphires, etc. can also be preferred along with other diamonds such the round-cut, princess cut, heart cut, etc.

At the end, whichever 3-stone diamond ring you choose, it will totally glow your jewelry collection and make you proud of your choice. Cheer up! There are more options than just the ones discussed above.