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Jan 29

Affordable Diamond Tennis Bracelet White Gold

Tennis bracelets are becoming more popular by the day. The elegance of design, style and setting of the tennis bracelets has brought a wide range of option for women from all fields. The designs today enable women to purchase diamond tennis bracelets at an affordable price.

Diamond tennis bracelets are simple, elegant and vibrant. The string of gleaming diamonds on the bracelet is known to bedazzle a woman and enhance her delicate beauty. It is quite difficult to choose the right diamond tennis bracelet that can be within the price range of many. In order to pick out the best possible bracelet for your money’s worth is to research all the possible facts that you can about tennis bracelets and what determines their price.

In order to obtain affordable diamond tennis bracelet, it is important to look at the right places. Go into a number of jewelry stores and make a note of the prices of various designs of bracelets. You would notice that diamond tennis bracelets have certain factors that determine its price.

diamond tennis bracelets


1. 4 C’s of Diamonds

Diamonds are categorized and listed by the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat. Mostly the price of the item depends on the type of diamond being used. Since the tennis bracelet must have the same sized and cut diamonds, it is important to decide the carat and cut of the diamond before choosing the bracelet.

Higher the carat, higher would be the price. For an affordable purchase, go in for a low carat weight diamond set and a common diamond cut, like the princess cut. Try not to go in for tennis bracelets that have additional accents like tiny gems and diamonds studded in between the main sting of stones. This would increase the price by quite a margin. Slimmer the tennis bracelet, smaller would be the expense. 

2. Metal Used for Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The metal used to align the diamonds is also an important factor that determines the price of diamond tennis bracelets for women. Most commonly, the metals used for diamond tennis bracelets are gold, white gold and platinum. Among these exquisite choices, the most affordable would be white gold metal.

It is true that each of these metals have their own amazing properties and features making them absolutely desirable and unique, but price does matter. A good choice would be to go in for white gold rather than the expensive platinum.

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and few other white metals like palladium and silver. Initially white gold was created as a substitute for platinum for those who could not afford pricy jewelry. Depending on the type of alloy used to turn gold to white gold can also determine the price of the tennis bracelet.

The choice of alloys can make quite a difference in the appearance of the metal in terms of shine, metallic finish and color. There are some instances where the tennis bracelets have a faint hue of yellow with wear. In order to overcome this, rhodium alloy is used to bring a bright white metallic nature of the bracelet.

Diamond tennis bracelets for women with white gold have seen quite a change and are now affordable to many. It is, however, important to make the right choice in the various factors that have been discussed above and other factors that you might find as well. There are a number of jewelry stores online and off that provide a wide range of affordable tennis bracelets for women.

Jan 24

The History of Tennis Bracelets

People who wish to present diamond bracelets to their loved ones, but are unsure about buying the right type of bracelet, can go for tennis bracelets. When people hear about a tennis bracelet they think that the piece might be something like a charm bracelet featuring tiny rackets and tennis balls hanging on the piece.

tennis bracelets

How the Bracelet Got Its New Name?

The link to the game is not as obvious as it appears to be. Before 1987, this particular piece of jewelry was called as an in-line bracelet. So, how does the piece got its new name?

tennis bracelet

Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

During the match at the US open in 1987, Chris Evert who was one of the participants in the tournament happened to lose her in-line bracelet. She realized that her bracelet was missing while playing the match; she stopped the match mid way to search for the missing bracelet. She thought that she won’t be able to continue with the match until the bracelet was found.

While she was hunting for the bracelet, the whole world was watching her. Some people watched her in the arena, while many people all over the world saw her searching for the jewelry piece live on television screens.

Her hunt for the bracelet was interesting and people became fascinated for the said bracelet. This is how the in-line bracelet came to be known as tennis bracelet after the match. The liking for the bracelet by Chris Evert made people attracted toward the in-line bracelet and people started calling the in-line bracelet with the new name.

Design and Style of a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets use small diamonds to make a single bracelet. The price of such a bracelet is as high as thousands of dollars depending upon the size, style and the stones used in crafting the piece.

The form or shape of the tennis or eternity bracelet makes it suitable for athletic women. Their active lifestyle does not permit them to wear bangles or any other heavy jewelry. The bracelet is flexible and light in weight. As a result, the chances of dinging or banging of the piece is reduced to a great extent while playing sports like tennis.

However, great care has to be taken while buying a tennis bracelet, specially if you are involved in some kind of sporty activity. The most important thing to consider is the safety clasp. Make sure that the bracelet you are buying has a safety clasp included so that you can tightly secure the piece to prevent loosening of the piece.

You can find a range of styles of tennis bracelets. However, the basic idea of the bracelet is the same, setting the stones in a line. Diamond bracelets with no other stones will be a perfect choice, if you prefer a conventional design. However, you have the option to substitute the stones with other gemstones such as sapphires or rubies.

The gems are round-shaped, and set in four pronged settings. Certain designs feature a little gap between stones, integrating a twisted “X” or “S” shaped metal design to form patterns.

Since this particular piece of jewelry is highly expensive, make sure to shop from a reliable jeweler that has better business bureau affiliation. Similarly, ensure that the jeweler is registered as such a jeweler can assure you about the value and the quality of the bracelet.

Final words

Due care must be taken while buying tennis bracelets. Ensure that the piece has a perfect setting and comes with stones which give you the much needed charm. Look for traditional characteristic features, cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and buy the right bracelet matching your budget and use.

Jan 22

Three Stone Ring Ideas for Women

Three stone rings are among the most elegant and glamorous rings available today. These rings are made up gold or platinum with a center stone and two stones placed on either sides of it. The setting of the precious stones highlights the center gem in an incredible way.

In times like ours where imagination knows no bounds, designs and styles of rings are crafted in a way that would certainly make the women feel on top of the world. Each of the three stones represents the three most important phases of one’s relationship – past, present and the future.

The symbolic nature of the three stone ring enhances the beauty of the item more than anything else.

With the numerous varieties of designs available, the following is a description of the most popular ideas and designs of three stone rings for women.

1. Diamond Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Ring

This is by far the most popular style of ring today. In this setting, diamonds are used for all three stones and are a perfect choice as an engagement ring. There are quite a few ways to make this setting look unique.

You could choose a larger diamond for the center while the other two are smaller in comparison. You can also make adjustments for the center diamond to be elevated slightly above the other two.

This setting would highlight the center stone and add more brilliance to it. This setting can also be used when the diamond stones are selected of the same size and can have the same effect.

When it comes to design, an important factor is the cut of the diamonds. The most popular options of diamond cuts are the fancy diamond cuts like princess, round, asscher and emerald. Each of these shapes brings a rich appearance to the three stone ring.

Another addition to the classic three diamond stones, is the placement of tiny diamonds on the side embedded into the ring band. Diamond three stone rings are usually made with either gold (white and yellow) or platinum.

2. Emerald / Sapphire Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Ring

Apart from the common diamond ring settings, other gemstones like emerald and sapphire can be used to make an exquisite three stone ring. Emerald and Sapphire are among the most popular choices of gemstones used today. With these choices, it is possible to make different combinations of rings.

The gemstones are usually combined with white diamonds to make the ring. In a three stone ring setting, one possible combination would be to use the gemstone in the very center with white diamonds on either side of it. Whether the stones are of different size or the same is your choice.

Another possible combination would be to use different gemstones representing different phases of your relationship. They can be entwined in a beautiful fashion so that each stone can be highlighted in its own special way.

3. Classic and Pronged Setting

To make a unique three stone ring, you can choose a certain kind of setting from the variable range that is available today. Most common and popular style of stone setting is the prong setting, also known as the tiffany setting.

This type of style holds the stone in a way to allow ample light to fall on it. To enhance this effect, the center stone is elevated slightly above the other two side stones. The prongs are placed at the corners of the stone, evenly spaced between each other.

Another possible design is the V or u prong setting, commonly used for marquise cut and pear shaped gemstones. This is specifically used in order to protect the sharp edges of the stones.

These ideas can help both men and women – men who buy three stone ring for their women and women who buy it for themselves.

Jan 18

Stunning Gemstones Rings for Women

Love can be expressed through many beautiful ways; one of such ways is presenting her with a ring. Rings have been a sign of devotion for centuries and continue to do so. The elegance and the charm that a ring portrays is a perfect endearment of love. There are a myriad of rings today and one of the most enticing of rings are the gemstones rings.

Gemstone rings are perfect for any given occasion or even when there’s no occasion with the sole intent to please the other person. Gemstone jewelry can be personalized into elements that mean more and can enhance the sentiment to great heights. For example, one can purchase a gemstone ring made out of his partner’s birthstone on a romantic date. Such events mark an important phase in one’s relationship.

Stunning Engagement Gemstone Rings

gemstones rings

Engagements are one of the most precious events in a woman’s life and gemstones rings can make the event mean much more. Since each gemstone has its own symbolic meaning, the stone can be chosen to fit perfectly as an engagement ring. You would be able to decide on the gemstone, cut, shape, clarity, weight and the brightness of color of the ring.

The variety of gemstones available today is enormous. The essence of a couple’s relationship can be represented by a precious gem of their choice. The beauty of the ring can be mightily enhanced with the choice of fancy cut like princess, round, emerald, asscher, heart and pear.

It would also be advisable to know the characteristics of the chosen gem. That way you would be able to decide the best option of stone setting and clarity of the gem that would ultimately magnify the beauty of the one who would wear it.

The most common styles of engagement gemstones rings is the solitaire. With a single, elegant and brilliant stone placed with an attractive prong setting, the solitaire style of ring would be absolutely divine.

Stunning Three Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

The three stone ring is considered as one of the most desirable rings by women. With its heart touching symbolic meaning for each of the three stones, the ring can be turned into so much more with beautiful selection of stunning gems.

The three stones represent the past, present and the future of one’s relationship. One gemstone can be chosen to represent each of these important phases. There are a number of ways to coordinate and design the three stone ring with gemstones.

 One possible design is to use a single gemstone like sapphire for the center with another gemstone on either side like diamonds. Another possible design is to use the same type of gemstone for all the three spots on the ring. Using intricate designs, stylish stone settings and personalized markings can turn out to be a heavenly piece of art.

Stunning Eternity Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Another brilliant and symbolic ring is the eternity ring. These rings have gems studded all around the surface of the ring symbolizing the couple’s promise of love forever. This is a perfect canvas for gemstone design. You can design an eternity gemstones rings that consists of specifically selected gemstones of different colors, combined together in a pattern that would ensure both your partners eyes and smile to glitter.

A most common design today for eternity rings are to use the same type of gemstone like sapphire, emerald, rubies or pearls with the same size and cut to adorn the entire band of the gemstones rings.

Birthstones are considered to be the most thoughtful choice for a gemstone ring. Apart from beauty, love, elegance and glamour, gemstones rings also provide protective energy and have healing properties that would certainly go more than please the lady.

Jan 16

4 Easy Tips to Purchase Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Buying appropriate jewelry item like diamond tennis bracelets for your loved one is an important decision, especially because there is a considerable amount of investment involved with the purchase. Making sure that you pick the right diamond jewelry piece requires certain considerations and planning.

Without careful panning and consideration, you will end up buying a wrong piece. In order to avoid such a scenario, follow the 4 easy tips and pick the right diamond tennis bracelets of your choice.

diamond tennis bracelets

Determine the Style

Select the style that matches with the personality of the gift receiver. A dynamic and contemporary design, comprising of small diamonds and large colored semi-precious stones, will make a perfect choice for a flamboyant personality. On the other hand, a simple style will be an ideal choice for a quiet personality. Similarly, a retro style or a single style tennis bracelet will be the best one for a cool personality.

Choose the Metal

The bracelet will set in a metal, usually yellow gold. However, you have the option to choose platinum or white gold as we. Depending upon your budget, you can choose the metal you want for designing the final bracelet.

Similarly, the amount of metal used in making diamond tennis bracelets is another worth considering aspect. The style of the bracelet will determine the amount of metal to be used in designing the final piece. Usually, a tennis style bracelet requires less amount of metal compared to a bangle style piece.

Besides this, the shape and size of the bracelet will also determine the quantity of metal used for making the bracelet. If you choose a narrow piece, the metal used will be lesser in quantity. On the other hand, a wider bracelet will consume more metal.

Evaluate the Lifestyle of the Recipient

If the recipient is adventurous, a hard wearing bracelet will be a perfect gift. Such a piece will ensure that it does not fall off or breaks while traveling from one place to another. However, if the item will be worn once in a while, then choosing a delicate piece is a better bet.

Make sure to consider the lifestyle and mindset of the recipient while picking the bracelet. A little evaluation of the daily activities and mindset of the recipient will help you in picking the right product without any sort of problem.


Be sure to buy diamond tennis bracelets from a reliable and reputable jeweler. This will ensure that the items you are buying are made of good quality materials. Moreover, you can be rest assured that the product is well made employing skilled craftsmanship. Similarly, the jeweler must be able to offer a quality guarantee that is in line with the consumer goods act.

Spending some time in ascertaining the quality of the item is always a worthwhile idea. In this way, you can ascertain that you are getting the most out of your money.

Buying the right type of diamond tennis bracelet certainly takes time and careful planning. However, you can ease the buying bracelet buying process by being smart and diligent. List down necessary tips; formulate a well planned budget. Explore multiple jewelers online as well as offline; compare product features as well as pricing policy at each of the outlets.

These easy tips will assist you in making a prudent purchase, and you can be certain that the diamond tennis bracelets you are buying will bring a smile on the face of the recipient.

Jan 12

How to Choose the Best Bridal Set for Women

The Wedding day is the most important day of a woman’s life. And for this special day, months of planning and shopping is done to make the final day perfect. One important aspect in this process is choosing the best bridal set for the bride.

There is more to wedding jewelry than sparkling gems. For a woman, everything that would adorn her on her wedding day must be chosen with the utmost care. Bridal sets have a large range of different jewelry like elegant diamond hair piece with matching diamond necklace, or a three piece set of a luxurious diamond necklace with a set of exquisite earrings.

There are indeed, a large variety  of  beautiful and graceful bridal jewelry that can be chosen for the lovely bride. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right bridal set for the bride.

Bridal set

1. Match with the Wedding Gown

This can be a great way to narrow down some options in choosing a bridal set. It would be best to select jewelry that would match the gown. If the gown has beautiful beads designed into it, then diamond jewelry would be perfect. The engagement ring can also be an inspiration to choose an elegant set.

2. Choose a Piece that Represents One Statement

Most brides like expressing themselves with one statement piece. And, it is important not to over accessorize when it comes to wedding jewelry. It is best to balance out the beauty of the gown and the wedding jewelry by going in for a one statement set. These would range through beautiful bracelets, earrings, necklaces and exquisite hair jewelry.

3. Make Sure to Choose According to the Bride’s Personality

It wouldn’t be right to choose something that the bride would feel uncomfortable in. The bridal set can be chosen based on her personality. Personalizing the overall look would make the bride feel more beautiful. Her jewelry should be able to set her apart from everyone else.

4. Classic styles in modern forms

It is difficult to find bridal sets that give a classic and aesthetic feel along with a modern touch, but not impossible. There are several online bridal jewelry stores that provide a detailed guide of jewelry consisting of modern designs taking on a classical note. Remember to choose the set that would look exquisite even after years from the wedding day.

5. Custom made bridal sets

There are a number of brides who love to get their bridal jewelry designed to their tastes. This is quite a trend today as many brides search out craftsmen to bring unique and elegant designs that go with their personality and gown. Also, make sure to match well before the final decision. This is because there have been many brides who have often chosen pearls but ended regretting their decision after wearing them with their ivory gown.

6. Start early

This is a very important aspect. It is vital to start as early as possible in choosing bridal sets for women, going through various stores and picking out the right design can be very crucial with regards to the time available. Most importantly, the bride would not be as stressed as if she had to go jewelry shopping a few days before the big event.

Weddings are beautiful in every way and the bride portrays that beauty to a heavenly extent. For a bride to have her beauty enhanced by the perfect choice of a bridal set would go a long way in keeping her happy.

Jan 07

Most Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

When you have found the woman of your dreams and ready to tie the knot, it is then time to purchase the perfect engagement ring. Through history men have been known to take great troubles in trying to choose the right diamond engagement ring style for the love of their life.

In order to purchase the perfect ring for your soul mate it is vital that you choose the ring that has a brilliant gem. It is also important to see that the cut, color and quality match your lady’s personality and desire.

There are a number of beautiful and elegant styles to choose from, any of which would cause the eyes of the woman to sparkle. We have put together a list of the most popular diamond engagement ring styles that you can choose from.

Rings with a Tinge of Color

Diamonds are usually the common choice for engagement rings, but with a touch of color, you can make turn the diamond stone into a unique piece of art. A number of women have shown desires in gemstones like emerald and sapphires along with the brightness of the diamond. Always make sure that the stone is evenly colored and keep an eye out for the clarity as well.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

Women these days are becoming more and more specific by wanting to have their wedding band match their engagement ring. Taking on this new trend of choice, craftsmen are designing sets that fit perfectly with each other.

Split Shank Style

Many women have expressed their desire to forego the wedding band altogether and just choose an exquisite diamond engagement ring style that would stand out. This brings us to the split shank style. This one of a kind style has a design of splitting the ring in half with intricate detail in between. Having an aesthetic sense, this style is becoming popular by the day.

Three Stone Ring

The three stone ring is a perfect choice to express your feelings. Each stone has a symbolic meaning to your life with your lady. The stones represent the past, present and future of your relationship, thereby, making it an ideal choice. This diamond engagement ring style is known to be exquisitely glamorous and has brilliant sparkle.

Fancy Shapes Ring Style

diamond engagement ring styles

There are a number of fancy shapes that can adorn a ring. Round stone, princess cut, oval, asscher, cushion, heart, pear, radiant and the list goes on. The beauty of each one gives its own touch of distinction to the person wearing the brilliant diamond stone.

The Solitaire

diamond engagement ring style

A timeless classic. The solitaire is a single diamond fit on a slender band and is known as the definitive engagement ring. The elegance that it portrays enhances the beauty of the one wearing it.

It is true that choosing the right diamond engagement ring style for the love of your life is not an easy task. But it can be made so if you directly ask her opinion on it and note down a few of her favorite choices.