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Oct 25

Four Reasons to Buy Princess Cut Engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

What better than getting engaged on Christmas? The only problem is picking a right diamond engagement ring for Christmas. Though many accessorize are available  to compliment your personality and attire on that great eve, Princess cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas have a special place in people’s heart worth to be concentrated on a festival of fun and joy.

Engagement rings mark the most romantic time of your life, filled with parties, sparkling lights, amazing garlands and fabulous food. Can you imagine transforming the same warm feeling to a grand Occasion like Christmas?

If yes, then you should think of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement rings for Christmas that would be great romantic gifts to surprise your loved ones on the grand eve and to add more color to the Party.

Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement rings?

Any gift is special on Christmas day, as it is only the love between people that matters. You may wonder, why I specify Princess cut Diamond engagement rings for Christmas, but what else could be more romantic, elegant and simply classic than a diamond solitaire ring?

The solitaire diamond rings exemplifies excellent and enduring style and this 1/10 carat Princess cut diamonds are bounded in your own choice of 10 carat gold or silver metals band that gracefully blends with the stone at the V-shaped prong setting on all four sides.

I am sure the impeccable beauty of these Princess Cut diamond engagement rings would mark a great start for your romantic life this Christmas with their understated elegance.

Credibility of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally round shaped diamonds were appreciated across the world for their natural brilliance and excellent shine owning to its total light refracting nature.

For the first time in history, in 1980, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz introduced square cut in diamonds, considered the fancy cut, to render the same brilliance spark as that of round cut diamonds.

The square cutting of diamonds makes use of a different style of diamond cutting in contract with the traditional step up cutting method. The extra faceting by this type of cutting made the Princess cut diamonds to have better scintillation of the diamonds

This enhanced cutting technique hides inclusions and unintended colors of diamonds less noticeable. This type of square cut diamonds are used in Princess cut diamond engagement rings, which is the top most reason for its popularity and scintillation.

Four Reasons to Buy Princess Cut engagement Rings for Christmas

Engagement Rings for Christmas

Style and Design

As Princess cut Diamond engagement rings are usually designed using square cut diamonds, they look more elegant and sparkling owing to the fragmented faceting done during polishing of these square diamonds.

Square cut diamonds are cut and polished using new technologies and diamond cutting techniques, to reduce the extent of inclusions that are natural birth marks on the diamond’s surface, therefore look very pure and with scintillating radiance.

With help of these square cut diamonds, many different designs and style of engagement rings can be designed on par with the creator’s creativity and as a shopper you are bundled with numerous designs to choose from these ideal Princess Cut diamond rings, and no doubt you get to amaze your girl with the enormous collection.

Lower Price

These square cut or Princess cut diamonds tend to have slightly a lesser Prince per carat rate compared with round cut and heart shaped cut diamonds. This is because, of the four pyramidal shaped cuts of these diamond stones, one half shares the same physical structure of the  octahedron rough stone from which these diamonds get cut.

This similarity gives room for two equally sizes of Princess cut diamonds to be cut from  one scrap rough stone which is much time consuming and with very less scrap waste. Study shows that about 60% of the original stone’s weight is retained after removing two equally sized princess diamonds.

This great efficiency and lower wastage costs results in fewer prices of these diamonds and your pocket money would be more than sufficient in surprising your girl with the ideal Princess cut diamond engagement ring for Christmas.

Bigger Diamonds at a Lesser Price

Engagement Rings for ChristmasPrincess cut diamonds look slightly bigger than other square cut diamonds or heart shaped cut diamonds, and gives you more prince advantage on what you spend for the diamonds.

It is because, the crown surface of the princess cut is lesser to an extent of 10% compared with the round cut diamond of same carat weight. Also the corner to corner measurement of this princess cut diamonds is greater owing to its square shape, creating an illusion of a diamond stone of greater size.

It is also true that not all princess cut diamonds are square in shape, as some of them may also be rectangular. But this is hard to detect and you get to offer you less cost buying a rectangular princess cut diamond engagement ring and run the benefit if paying less that in fact looks much bigger than square cut.

Ideal Diamond Ring With Very Less Flaws

It is known that diamond shave natural inclusions and colors that tend to decrease their brilliance and shine. Also diamonds tend to earn flaws while cutting them. But the Princess cut diamond engagement rings are always set with prongs of gold of silver from the band of the ring as four corners.

Also these corners are the most prone sites for diamond chipping and stretching as these edges are the favorite sites for extra facets and inclusions from the natural stone. These flaws are absolutely covered with these prongs to present you the absolute flawless princess cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas to shine with brilliant radiance.

Among different types of square cuts, the brilliant-cut Princess diamonds achieves the same radiance as that of round diamonds making it an ideal Christmas gift or a buying choice with a relative price advantage.


It is always recommended you refer to the GIA certification for the cut, clarity and overall quality of these square Princess Cut diamond engagement rings for Christmas, to surprise you loved ones with this excellent Christmas gift this fall.

Oct 22

How to Choose Diamond Earrings for Men

Diamond Earrings for Men

Diamond earrings for menThe debate on men’s earrings revolves around trend and sexuality in modern days though the trend has been followed by humans since 3000 B.C. Modern times ponder much hindrance to choose diamond earrings for men, as the old customs have almost been forgotten.

Today earrings for men has taken up a style privilege and most men think it adds on to their personality and style, well that’s in fact true though there are other misconceptions that piercing ears denotes sexual preferences in men.

Why Do Men Wear Earrings?

Diamond earrings for men We would love to see the dazzling earrings on Women’s ears dangling in beauty and singing in perfect tune with their attires. A lot of business revolves around girl’s earrings for their passion for the same and no doubt numerous designs and patterns with different metals are available in market in recent days.

But why do men wear earrings? The concept though was not accepted by the modern society for decades, has broken all obstacles and has emerged as a well-accepted fact of today. Buy why do men actually pierce their ears? Let’s try and find the answers.

From ancient time, long ear lobes were considered as a sense of spirituality and men followed the reigns of their ancestors and wore earrings to elongate their lobes. Karnaveda or ear piercing is the ceremony followed in Hindu religion to pierce ears for both sexes at an early age of life.

Though boys are made to remove their earrings unlike girls in most families, they grow up and find these custom too fascinating and perhaps add much too their beauty and personality and get to have the best  diamond earrings for men and get them pierced with a beautiful stud just to enhance their popularity among peers.

Wearing earrings also improves their hidden strengths and showcases them as powerful adults in college and of course helps them to impress the other sex among peers.  Most guys started to select diamond earrings for men to adorn their lobes and to enhance their beauty, forcing a tough competition for diamond studs.

Some doctors choose diamond earrings for men as the acupuncture centre for vision lies in the centre of the ear lobe.

Ancient Civilization and Men’s Earrings

The tradition of wearing earrings dates back to many civilization, and ancient hunters pierced their ears with some sharp stone or bones, to symbolize his spoke of power and his ability to conquer dangerous endeavours.

Use of horns and teeth to pierce ears symbolized his difficult path in finding a survival and his ability to mate, hunt and to lead his group. Modern people’s ability to choose diamond studs for men rooted from here and has got moulded to be defined as specific style statements for them as civilisation improved.

The concept of finding diamond earrings for men has evolved to be a comfortable way of expressing their style sense and their wealth, perhaps to steal positive looks from peers of the opposite sex.

Varieties of Men’s Earrings

There are numerous collection with all jewelers to get diamond earrings for men. As most men do not prefer dangling and chandelier type of earrings, studs are mostly preferred and manufactured for the male population.

To have the top diamond earrings for men, one has to concentrate mostly as Round cut diamond studs with a silver basket or background to it, that are just of 0.25 Ct. and 4mm in thickness to sport a little star spark on the ear lobes.

Square cut diamond studs with a silver set basket weighing 0.75 Ct. and 5 mm thickness are also much preferred by college guys and young adults. Princess cut square diamond unisex stud earrings are also on the hit list for those who choose diamond earrings for men.

Though illusion tunnel stainless steel earrings and men unisex huggie stainless steel earrings are also on the hit list, most people prefer to select diamond earring for men, as it not just looks decent and stylish, and also imparts a social status of the bearer.

How to Choose Diamond Earrings for Men

Typical users of these diamond studs are in the hip-hop and rap industry, from where we should say the tradition actually spread among young boys.

  • Before opting to choose diamond earrings for men, it is wise to analyze if his profession allows him to wear such studs as these are not allowed in some corporate. It is equally important to analyze if our culture and tradition allows us to pierce our ears.
  • Type of metal of the earring is also to be considered, as bright yellow metal are considered feminine and most boys prefer earrings made from platinum, diamonds, silver and steel  as they also yield a certain amount of ruggedness.
  • While getting diamond earrings for men, the symbol of the stud also matters. Though most guys prefer simple studs with square or dice cut, symbols depicting US dollars also is popular as it symbolizes power and wealth.
  • For those who fear the pain of piercing ears, magnetic earrings have also evolved and more recently with precious gem stones to prevent teens from pain and allergies.
  • And never forget the 4 Cs when you find diamond earrings for men, which includes inspecting the cut, clarity, color and the carat weight, and of course the GIA certification for pure diamonds. This is a must to check, to add real value to the money you spend on diamonds.

Dos and Don’ts with Men’s Earrings

Once you choose diamond earring for men, there are some common mistakes you should never commit to avoid running the risk of spoiling the entire concept of wearing studs. Read through to gain a better insight on these common mistakes…

Though these diamond earrings add a spark to your entire appearance, never try to wear them while playing sports, to avoid getting them dirty and damaged.

Match your attires in perfect tune with your earrings and try wearing them with a pair of jean and t-shirt to enhance your looks and your style. And refrain from wearing hoops and large diamond earrings to refrain from being criticized feminine.

When it comes to diamond studs, try to wear a simple stone with a round or diamond cut, for that itself has a tendency to sparkle and stand out a little more. Avoid using large rocks of diamonds; they look really stupid on your ears.


It’s high time for all guys to complete their looks with men’s diamond earrings and to choose from hundredths of styles and designs to enhance their looks and it’s time for girls to start gifting back their guys and get the best diamond earrings for men as their heart pleasing special day gifts.

Oct 16

Diamond Jewelry Tips for Teens

Diamond Jewelry TipsTeenagers today have rightly understood that jewels are a part of fashion and many of them wear diamond jewelry or as a statement of social class or to reflect their wealth, but as a pure fashion trend to satisfy their aesthetic thirst.

Diamond Jewelry Tips for Teens

Diamond jewelry tips for teens would definitely help them in carving the best piece of jewelry for their future bought out of their hard earned savings.

Gone are the days when traditional women in their teenage sported long neck chain and throbbing earrings made of white or yellow metal to portray their social status and also as a gesture that she is ready for marriage.

  • The first diamond jewelry tip for teenagers is to dress up light and appropriate to their outfits with light weight diamond jewelry. They sparkle with radiance though they wear minimal jewels and gems and are quite speculative and judgemental in selecting jewelry that best suits them.
  • A survey done on this domain has clearly stated that teenagers like and opted for jewelry that are less expensive and are less complicated in designs such as diamond studs. Though they’re of lower carat count, but of beautiful cuts and designs that are either arranged in a geometrical or floral arrangement.
  • The next diamond jewelry tip for teens is to buy purity rings and chastity rings to denote their purity and their personal commitment to work and life. And charm bracelets studded with precious stones to fit all their wardrobes and styles.
  • Pendant necklaces studded with diamond hearts are also on the hit list of teens and is excellent diamond jewelry buying tips for teen guys to take advantage of these pendants to give away as their love presents to their beloved ones.

Teens wear diamond jewelry to show off their status and wealth to their peers and others. They also use mobiles phones and gadgets studded with diamonds and covers full of diamond studs.

Trends in Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have been applauded and liked by all teens but as per Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, the one who is able to stand ahead of the rest be declared the winner.

Therefore, it is essential to declare the ways to understand the recent new trends in diamond jewelry to avoid running the risk of monotony in jewelry.

  • One trend in diamonds is purity ring, which is given to a child abstaining from mal adaptive and socially abusive activities. Gaining and wearing such a ring would surely get to stand aloof amidst regular others.
  • Add bead necklaces, where a teen keeps adding beads of diamond or gold to his necklace to mark a unique achievement, such as completing a semester completely. This not only sports you with great looks but also as a person of direction, motivation and achievement.
  •  Yet another trend in ten diamond jewelry is to wear a necklace with a name pendant of the wearer with his name crafted with small and unique pieces of diamonds. Charm bracelets and diamond friendship band bracelets are also soon to hit the market shortly.

Finding the right diamond for teens

Wearing diamond is not just to add elegance and beauty to your looks and to add on your value among your peers, the very essence of diamond jewelry is to make the wearer accountable and responsible to be careful about the precious gem he possesses. This exactly is the motive for this narration of diamond jewelry tips for teens.

Diamond jewelry tips for teens and their parents is to complement their friends and children with precious gems as gits to honour them for their achievements and awards.

Modern birthstones jewelry with specific birth gems for each birth sign is a bit hit in the market today and gets excellent with complimentary shapes and faceting on the stone.  High school and college graduation days can be complimented with diamond bracelets or pendants with the tens initials on it.

They would not only remember these jewels as a success symbol and will also appreciate your love and concern towards them as parents and well-wishers.

Buying guide of diamonds for teens

Most teens opt not to disturb their parents and to choose the best diamond jewelry of their choice by themselves through their part time earnings and savings. Hope this diamond buying guide as one aspect for diamond jewelry tips for teens helps you in choosing the best and quality jewelry within their budget.

  • It is crucial for a teenager in understanding the 4Cs of diamonds before opting to purchase one. The Internet offers more than required knowledge regarding the cut, clarity, and color and carat weight of diamonds and how to monitor and measure them.
  • One essential diamond jewelry tip for teens is to perform a basic research on the background of the shop where they are planning to purchase the diamond jewelry from. And whether diamonds in that particular shop has been certified by the Gemmological institute of America (GIA certification)
  • Make sure to perform a basic background research on what other teens of your age opt to buy in diamond jewelry, perhaps from the shop owner or the sales person, so that you don’t run the risk of standing alone in the crowd.
  • Try buying diamond jewelry through online shops from your house comfort, where you can buy jewelry at a comparatively cheaper rate as they don’t have to pass overhead costs on you.
  • If you visit a store to buy loose diamonds, don’t forget to inspect the gem under direct sunlight to refrain yourself from fraudulent sellers.
  • Check for you preference for that particular jewel, whether it can be used as regular use or for special occasion and plan your budget and spending accordingly.
  • The most important diamond jewelry tip for teens is to educate themselves on the 4Cs of diamonds, its certification and most importantly storage of diamonds as improper preservation and storage can damage the quality of the jewelry all together.


Diamonds have become teen’s best friends and teens have started to like and wear diamond jewelry. Hope this diamond jewelry tips for teens will be useful in guiding through a very fruitful experience of buying diamonds in future.

Oct 12

History of Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

History of DiamondsThe word Diamond means, unbreakable in Greek and as per experts in mineralogy, diamonds are allotropes of carbon, arranged as multi-faceted cubic crystals referred to as the diamond lattice. The history of diamonds dates back to thousands of years and was first found in the valleys of India.

These diamonds take about 1-3.3 billion years to get formed at the earth’s mantle at a very high temperature and pressure and brought up to the Earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions.

History of Diamonds

The alluvial deposits of the rivers Krishna, Penner and Godavari first documented the presence of this precious stone in India before 4000 years. And these diamonds were also known to Greek and Roman Empires.

People started considering diamonds as some divine units; perhaps the tears of Gods or the remnants of falling start and started using them in deities and in royal thrones. Diamonds were soon associated with success and good luck and were applauded for their influence in astrology.

Some also wanted to wear diamonds as charms, to attract others as it added more glory to their beauty. Let us go ahead in discussing the history of diamonds with specific to different era in history.

History of Diamonds in Dark Ages

Diamonds were initially valued for their unique ability to refract light into seven different rainbow colours. People in dark ages used diamonds in two different ways, as a decorative ornament, that added beauty to them and heightened their sexual desires, and to destroy their enemies in battle.

Some ancient healers, used diamonds as medical aid. They were used as anecdotes and were believed to extend healing properties in healing wounds and curing illnesses by holding it in hand.

Some people even ingested diamonds, for they believed it cured sickness, first among the list was Pope Clement in the middle ages who turned unsuccessful with the treatment.

History of Diamonds in the Middle Ages

The dynasties in the middle ages, concentrated much on the physical and materialistic properties of diamonds rather than its mystical and healing powers. The value of diamonds prolapsed day by day resulting in new myths popping up every day.

One such popular myth propaganded by mine owners is that diamonds were poisonous to condemn the increasing popularity on the value of diamonds among public and to prevent mine workers smuggling diamonds out of the mines by swallowing and storing them in their mouth.

Middle ages witnessed the decline of diamonds as many other attractive, large and precious stones were simultaneously discovered at river banks such as the Blue hope and Koh-I-Noor

History of Diamonds in Modern Ages

History of diamonds at recent time’s dates back to the 19th century, when diamonds were also discovered and mined in Australia other than India, but it took 7 years for it to sustain as a diamond producer.

In 1979, the richest diamond deposits were found near Argyle pipe near the lake Argyle, which later became the world’s largest producer of diamonds and became responsible of producing over 1/3rd of the world’s diamond requirement every year.

Today, Africa serves as a world’s leading producer of diamonds and it is quite essential to discuss the history of diamonds in Africa here.

History of Diamonds in Africa

Soon, the Indian diamond industry failed and its reserves got exhausted, though smaller finds of diamonds in Brazil and Borneo were recorded, they were not sufficient in meeting the demands. Then the mid-nineteenth century recorded diamond deposits in the Orange river banks of South Africa that lightened the world’s rush for diamonds.

The history of diamonds in Africa dates back to 600 million to 3 billion years as erupting molten rock brings its diamond reserves close to the Earth’s surface. But still Africa stays as a poor country as most of them are sold to giant economies in exchange of basic requirements of the citizens.

And this revenue is also integral in treating its population against HIV/AIDS.

Many countries started exploiting Africa for their diamond reserves as the myth that the stone is precious and valuable still revolves around it. The World Diamond council then inflicted a law to combat illegal trading of African diamonds in 2000.

History of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond JewelryDiamond jewelry has their significance across the world and is preserved as status symbols throughout recorded history. The art of cutting and polishing diamonds to refract the maximum light through diamond jewelry is a relatively new concept that came into existence probably 150 years or so and from then on continuously yields public support and loyalty.

Before 150 years, diamonds were associates with royalty and common people had no access to it. They were used to décor the thrones of royal empires and worn by princess of dynasties. The earliest example of this dates back to the time of Norman invasion of England when Arpad kings of Hungary cut diamonds to set a beautiful crown for his queen.

Martin Luther from Germany and Henry VIII of England broke through the Church of Rome in 1500 and Ivan IV started invading Russia and Ottoman Sultan extended the Turkish Empire and led to the formation of the diamond cutters association in Antwerp, Belgium.

This soon spread the awareness on the necessity of an industry to appraise loose diamond to be arranged in a definite form to yield a great start for the modern day diamond jewelry. Antwerp remains as the centre for international diamond jewelry trade even at recent times.

People started apprising loose diamonds based on 4Cs to frame beautiful diamond jewelry of recent times which has been appraised and applauded by people across the world.


When we date back the history of diamonds from ancient ages, it has always been considered as a precious stone associated with royalty, wealth, status and healing powers.

People believe the stone is rare and thus valuable, but it is not so, there are adequate world reserves of diamonds.

And many advanced technologies challenge that they can create synthetic diamonds by simulating the same atmosphere as that of the Earth’s crust in an artificial environment which would in turn decrees the rarity of the gem and soon would be available for common people’s use as well.

Oct 06

How to Purchase Semi Mounts for Christmas

Semi Mounts Diamond RingsThe festival of Christmas is associated with blessings and gifts. Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas is the best idea for presenting gifts to your loved ones. Unfortunately, many people lack knowledge about choosing the right type of gifts for Christmas occasion.

Basically, there are two groups of jewelry buying population. The first group of customers is the one that exactly knows what to buy for Christmas. In other words, they have a clear idea about buying the right type of Christmas gifts for their friends and relatives. The second group of customers is the one who believe that all types of gifts are suitable for Christmas. However, that’s not the case. Christmas gifts are unique and distinct from other gifts.

Hence, it is important to figure out the right kind of jewelry gifts for Christmas occasion. Semi mounts make a perfect gift for Christmas. They are available in various forms and types to choose from. You can find semi mounts in earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and lot more. However, buying suitable semi mounts require thorough research in order to buy the best item matching your needs and budget.

How to find genuine venues for Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas:

semi-mount diamond ringMany folks have no idea about how to buy semi mounts for Christmas. However, there is no need to worry as buying semi mounts for the big day is not an impossible job. A host of options and venues exist which you can explore in order to get the best semi mount for the auspicious occasion.

1. Enquiring with people in your contacts and touch is an easy way to buy a suitable semi mount for Christmas. People who are expert in buying Christmas gifts will come handy in this regard. They will offer you valuable suggestion about choosing the right type of semi mount. Since people in your relations and contacts are trustworthy folks, you can be assured that their valuable advice will help you in getting the best gift for the event.

2. People at your place of work may also offer valuable insight about buying the right type of semi mount for the big day. Those who have bought semi mounts as Christmas gift may help you with this. They might also offer valuable insight about problems they faced while buying the gift. Similarly, they may also provide negotiation tips on buying the right kind of jewelry.

3. Many people overlook the advice of seniors. In fact, seniors can be very helpful while buying semi mounts for any occasion. Christmas is no exception to this. Enquire with senior members in your relations, and you may be surprised to know how useful they can be while buying the right kind of semi mount.

4. People residing in your neighboring areas are other worth exploring source for help. Those who have bought semi mounts or have a liking for semi mount will assist you in buying the right type of items as Christmas gifts.

5. Internet is the best pace to seek advice. Lot of information can be found online. Browse the World Wide Web with relevant search terms and you will come up with a list of search results matching your specific needs and requirements. Make a list of reputed sites that offer useful suggestion about buying the right type of Christmas jewelry.

6. Read online reviews about these sites. Folks who have bought Christmas gifts based on recommendations from these sites will provide a clear picture about these websites. Websites that get good ratings and reviews are worth exploring.

7. Visit these sites in order to obtain valuable suggestions and recommendations about buying the right kind of semi mount. Read all posts on these sites in order to get considerable amount of information about different types of semi mounts that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Tips on Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas

Semi Mount Diamond Ring

After exploring all possible options, it’s time to buy a suitable semi mount diamond rings or earrings for the great day. Fortunately, you can browse offline as well as online sources in order to get the right kind of jewelry matching your requirements. However, due care must be taken to avoid getting ripped off while buying precious metals.

- First and foremost, decide the type of semi mounts you want to buy. Determine whether you want to buy earrings or rings as gift. Decide the style, color beforehand to avoid any ambiguity later. Figuring out the right type of gift will avoid problems and hassles later. Moreover, this will help you in finding the right item with ease.

- Next, formulate your budget. A well planned budget will keep you within your buying limit and avoid over spending. Moreover, it will also avoid impulsive purchase.

- Search about legitimate and genuine venues for buying the right kind of jewelry. Always choose genuine venues to buy suitable item. Buying items from reputable brands will ensure that you get what you are presented. Moreover, you can be assured about the quality of the product you are buying.

- Make a list of reputed brands after inquiring online as well as offline. Reputable online jewelry stores have their outlets in all major cities. Browse a couple of stores close to your place of residence in order to buy items of your likings and preferences.

-  Surf through the wide variety available at these outlets. Compare product features as well as prices of different products before making a final choice. After evaluating different products, choose quality semi mounts that are appealing as well as affordable.


Buying Semi Mounts for Christmas can be a daunting task. However, you cannot simply buy any kind of gift for the big day. Thankfully, you can buy the right item with thorough research and useful tips.

Follow simple and smart tips on buying the right gift for Christmas; explore legitimate venues and choose the perfect item. Present the best gift to your loved ones, and feel happy and honored when your loved ones smile and feel joyous at that moment.

Oct 04

Certified Diamonds – The Know-How of Getting Certified Diamonds

certified diamonds

Finding you a unique piece of diamond jewelry can be an exhilarating and soul rejuvenating experience especially for those with a passion for diamonds. Though some find it as a beautifying ornament, for the rest it is a source of investment.

Therefore it is essential to undertake an informed and an educated decision to get quality and certified diamonds that last for a lifetime and continue rendering its exhilarating feel.

Grade of Certification for Diamonds

There is a standard certification for diamonds that is common universally and is given by the Gemological institute of America. Commonly referred to as the GIA certification, one can be assured of the quality of diamonds one purchases.

The GIA certification was opted in 1931, about 73 years ago and employs eminent scientists, diamond graders and other experts on diamonds and precious stones. They are also the pioneers in introducing the 4Cs of diamonds as discussed later in this article.

Across the world, every jeweler and buyer of diamonds recognizes GIA as the standard for the quality of diamonds they buy, including the biggest diamond jewelry brands in the industry.

Another standard for certifying diamonds is the AGS system, which is a ten point scale to grade diamonds based on their cut, color and clarity in a definite format. Zero refers to absolute flawless diamonds whereas 10 denote flawed ones.

Why Buy Certified Diamonds?

Buying certified diamonds not just add value to your money but also ensures piece of mind in making such a big investment on a single piece of jewelry.

Ten different types of appraisals and six different types of grades are available with each independent jeweler when it comes to the quality and 4Cs of diamonds. To remove this bizarre opinion and to introduce a common standard for certified diamonds, this GIA certification was formerly introduced.

When buying diamond jewelry from an independent jeweler, make sure the jeweler is certified under GIA standards as it is the most accurate certification ensuring unbiased opinions while grading diamonds.

Parameters for Certifying Diamonds

So far, in this article, we were talking about the 4Cs of diamond certification, based on which the GIA accredits the jeweler. It is now time to know the details of these parameters.

a.      Cut

Diamonds when mined from earthly sources has its own shape, color and shine. But every piece of diamond regardless of its natural properties gets its brilliant shine and scintillation by cutting and polishing its facets.

Proper cut of these gems, allows the maximum amount of light to be absorbed and reflected towards its top enhancing the glow of the gem. This property is lost if it gets cut too shallow or too deep.

b.     Color

Remember VIBGYOR in school? Yes the colors of the rainbow, every quality diamond is available in each of these colors, though diamonds in the white range are most commonly preferred by most people.

GIA certifies white diamonds ranging from D-colorless to Z-light yellow based on the color. But the best form of this diamond is no colorless. This also allows light to easily pass through it and disperses it in seven different colors of the rainbow.

Only experts can minutely watch these differences in the color of diamonds and certify them as those present with GIA.

c.      Clarity

Certified diamonds have excellent clarity with less flaws and blemishes when viewed through a magnifying glass of 10 power magnification. GIA gives grading from flawless to imperfect 3 based on the amount of location of flaws and blemishes.

Inclusions or birth marks are inseparable from diamonds. But abundance of these may interfere with reflection of light. So lesser the inclusions, greater is the quality of these certified diamonds. A diamond that is completely free from inclusions and blemishes is very rare and quite valuable.

d.     Carat Weight

This is the weight of the diamonds and is measured in carats. The carat weight also reflects on the rarity and of course the price of these certified diamonds.

Carat weight of diamonds in the unit is measured by dividing one Carat into 100 points. If a diamond weighs 70 points, then its weight is 75 carats. But each single diamond does not fall in one single category even if they measure the same, as they can differ greatly in their color, cut and clarity.

Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Diamonds

Though there may not be any physical difference between certified diamonds and a non-certified diamonds, and a minor material on paper in the name of certificate won’t affect diamond quality in anyway, there is still a tangibility associated with certified diamonds.

Anyway, certified diamonds assure you with legal assurances while making your investment on diamonds along with ensuring the quality of diamonds you purchase worth it

Certified diamonds informally tells its owners that it has been independently recognized as the gem possessing all basic and essential qualities specified by the standards. And it adds beauty and pedigree to your loved ones.

Uncertified diamonds does not pass these standards and are purely sold by the sales talents and skills of the jeweler. However not all uncertified diamonds are bad ones.

Advantages of Buying Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds have a room for making informed decision about the purchase. Customers can compare and contrast the qualities of diamonds in one shop with the other which may not be possible with uncertified ones, as they precisions differ from one jeweler to another.

GIA and AGS certification of diamonds enhances its quality and value as they are recognized worldwide. This may also set standards for their insurance and replacements as well. Resale value may be very less for uncertified diamonds.


After having known the details behind certified diamonds, never rush onto making your purchase. Millions of years have been acquired for formation of these precious stones and for experts to frame guidelines in ensuring their quality.

Therefore spend quality time in buying certified diamonds and add more value to your time and money you spend on them.