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Sep 26

Christmas Necklaces to Glorify Your Elegance

Christmas Necklaces

Image Credit: bbaunach

Christmas is a day of grand celebration and is perhaps the greatest carnival in all countries of the World. And women love to celebrate it in the language they know the best i.e. jewelry, especially Christmas necklaces.

Christmas and Necklaces

Research studies show that each year the sales value touches great heights during the Christmas season for jewelry, gifts and flowers as people love to buy them in abundance. At this time a lot of people present each other with jewelry gifts to their loved ones. And guess what? The most preferred jewel in this list is Christmas necklaces.

There is a great significance that ties Christmas and Necklace tightly with each other as the meaning of the former can clearly get depicted with the later.

Women and Necklaces

Of all the folks, Women, be it an ordinary woman or Kim Kardashian seem to be fantasizing towards jewelry than men and kids; they also have this tendency of collecting jewelry to fill their wardrobes. Don’t believe me? Checkout this piece of diamond necklace as seen on Kim Kardashian.

What could be the reason behind this?

Do they simply want to transform their liquid assets into jewelry that has great investment value? Or are they simply fantasised by the very look and feel of jewels and keep them adding to their collection?

Nobody knows the answer; maybe there is need for some high level research to be carried out on this topic. But it’s a wide spread thought that women look great with their necklaces for it adds It beauty not just on their neck but to their entire self.

And no doubt women love to spend their entire fortune on nice piece neck jewelry made from precious metals and gems like diamonds and platinum that not only acts as a status symbol by pleasing their aesthetic needs but also adds more beauty to their elegance at special occasions and celebrations like a grand Christmas Eve.

Types of Christmas Necklaces

Not many people are aware of it but there are lot of different types of Christmas jewelry out there and other jewelry types. One great difference is that, necklaces, especially diamond necklaces or even diamond pendants depicts the very message and specific symbol of Christmas.

Many artisans try to weave Christmas Jewelry with ginger bread and joy sticks, Christmas trees and faces and crowns of Santa Claus, his chariot etc. they are crafted as multi-colour masterpieces and suits all apparels.

Before investing on costly Christmas necklaces, it is essential every women gain an insight about the future of the jewelry. For, many necklaces comes with true Christmas messages such as the pine tree, stars and bells, Santa’s faces etc., and can be used only at Christmas parties and on Christmas eve and are not worth investing much.

Whereas Christmas necklaces made of gold, diamonds and platinum with a simple cross or stars or in knitted fashion to depict pine trees and Christmas celebration can be used as everyday jewelry on formal and casual wears and are worth spending on them.

Necklaces as Christmas Gifts

Gift giving and receiving is the heart essence of Christmas, the festival of sharing love towards each other. It is understood the sales of gifts go higher on Christmas Eve as everyone wished to treat their close acquaintances with fabulous gifts.

Nothing can sparkle like diamonds on your close one’s necks on a grand occasion like Christmas. I am sure your girlfriend or your sister or your mother would appreciate you much if you gift them with a Christmas necklace made from yellow or white metal or with precious diamonds.

They not just add a sparkle on your close one’s face but would stay with them forever and would remind them of the great occasions you spent with each other. No worries if you are able to afford for costly metals, a simple fibre necklace on that great eve would add more meaning to your relationship and the new concept is the LED beaded necklaces that sparkles in the dark.

Ways to Purchase Christmas Necklaces

With the advent of computers and Internet technology, people have the ease of shopping their favourite products, especially diamond jewelry from the comfort of their home. And this concept holds good for Christmas necklaces as well, as many of these diamond jewelry stores provide great discount options for the members.

When buying online, you can afford to browse through a huge list of jewelry made of different materials and concepts within few mouse clicks. Also you get to pay less to these online retailers who never get to pass on their costs on maintaining physical structures.

Many online companies like PrimeStyle.com offer tremendous deals and coupon during Christmas season to add more salt to the soup. But if you wish physical inspection of the Christmas necklace, then you can also get to buy them from shops that most of these jewellers maintain from age old days with ancestral traditions.

Points to Remember

  • Though most of these diamond necklaces are available as readymade pieces, it is a much to check on their GIA, AGS and HRD certifications, they must have passed Gen Scan certifications.
  • Try to buy diamonds in day light to know their true light.
  • Go through the diamond certificate with special notice on its comments and inspect the piece for cracks during cuts and clarity.
  • And carefully monitor the diamond’s carat weight. The same rule holds good for silver and gold Christmas necklaces as well.
  • Buy from a reliable shopper who has adequate certifications to support the quality of the jewels he sells.

Accessories with Christmas Necklaces

If you are planning to buy a Christmas necklaces this year, then try not to stop with that single piece of jewel, try it with small and elegant pendants depicting a star or a cross or a Christmas tree and again acknowledge it with a pair of Christmas earrings.

This complete set of accessory with your tailor made Christmas gown and costume would definitely yield an astonishing eye turning gesture from your friends and acquaintances.


So rock this Christmas Eve with great and grand Christmas Necklaces that will remain in your closest and in your memories forever. Choose the best from the thousands of designs and diamond jewelry available with necklaces and enjoy an astonishing Christmas 2012.

Sep 21

Top 5 Quality Diamonds Companies in the World

quality diamondsDiamonds crown the paradigm of jewelry and in most instances are considered an excellent niche for investment. No doubt they have created a passion among on jewelry lovers and thus, there is a great hunt for Quality diamonds across the World.

But what best signifies a diamond as a best one? Well quality diamonds signify fire, the rainbow effect it produces with light dispersion, sparkling life when taken near your eyes, brilliant brightness when it reflects light and its cut, clarity and toughness.

There are many beautiful native diamonds dug from the toughest mines on earth that have been transformed into a sparkling radiance by very few companies of the World.

Let us take a moment to discuss the top five diamond companies of the World today.

Top Quality Diamonds Companies in the World

1.     De Beers

De Beers

They are the family of companies dominating the diamond world and specialize in not just diamond trading and jewelry creation but also dig their own quality diamonds from their mining sector. The company was founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes.

De Beers diamond jewelry was established as an independent store in 2001 by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. The mining department is being run under the name De Beers SA as an independent mining and marketing unit.

Headquartered in Ormond, south of Johannesburg, the company operates in almost every country of the world and has a yearly sales history of $ 5877 million in the financial year 2010.

They contribute about 40% of the total quality diamond production and distribution across the world and deal with diamond mining, extraction, sorting, cutting and jewelry making.

2.     Kay Jewelers

kay jewelers

It was in 1919, the entire perspective of diamonds totally changed with the advent of new dimensions in cutting traditional diamonds by Marcel Tolkowsky’s mathematical calculations.  Because of their ideal cut diamonds, they are considered the forerunners in the diamond industry for more than two centuries.

The diamond genius, Tolkowsky is the father of cutting dimensions of diamonds and his entire family is dedicated to the world of quality diamonds.  Since 1919, the Kay Jewelers, named after the brand through which Tolkowsky’s diamonds are sold, has expanded to about 900 countries between the coasts.

Kay jewelers are a branch of the prestigious Sterling Jewelers Inc., having its headquarters in Akron, Ohio. They progressed to be the largest quality diamond retailers in the United States and the UK. Their total sales in the fiscal year 2012,  amounts to 3.034 million dollars in the United States, 715 million dollars in the United Kingdom and sales percentage of 91% in total in the year 2012.

The quality diamonds sold at Kay Jewelers are certified by the Diamond Council of America and they offer a life time guarantee for their customers as they stock hand selected diamonds from pioneer mines of the world.

3.     Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. are the pioneers in the introduction of Engagement rings as it is widespread today. The beauties of Tiffany’s engagement rings have not been equalled till now. The quality diamonds from Tiffany have remained exemplary, and are known as the ‘king of diamonds’ early in 1948.

The company was founded as a stationery store in September 1837 by Teddy Youngand Charles Lewis Tiffany. The company is headquartered in NYCity and the company got his name in 1958.

The quality diamonds sold in Tiffany & Co. are known for their cut and clarity, with a unique shape of square mixed cut and 50 facets. Numerous patterns such as stepped facets, wide corners and a brilliant pavilion of these unique diamonds are preserved in many museums across the world.

The sales constant of Tiffany & co., keeps increasing at the rate of 15% and recorded a net sales of $2,938,771,000 in the financial year 2012.

4.     Lazare Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds

Lazare Diamonds was founded by Lazare Kaplan in 1903 which has by the swing of time become the world’s premier diamond cutting company. Lazare diamonds does not just offer the great feeling of wearing the world’s most beautiful diamond but also engraves us with the richest traditions of quality diamond jewelry on earth.

The company has been a pioneer in innovating new diamond cutting techniques, and is the first ones to invent laser inscribed diamonds.

The company is headquartered in New York City with Maurice Tempelsman as the current chairman of board of directors.  They have an excellent merchandise of lapidary and gemology expertise that are worth a century old. Their laser gems and quality diamonds are sold all over the world enhancing their annual sales to $361.1 million and there is a continual increase in sales percentage of about 38% each year.

5.     Hearts on Fire Diamonds Company

Hearts on Fire

People across the world started bragging about Hearts on Fire diamonds owing to its shape and structure that consists a neat arrangement of 8 hearts in a ring.

The company marks its start in the year 1996 and its pioneers are Glenn and Susan Rothman. Though it is a new company, it gained lot of fame and reputation within a short time frame because of the unique cuts as denoted by Tolkowsky.

This company is the pioneer in modern quality diamonds jewelry with an annual sales turnover of 350 million dollars. United States serves as its headquarters and they deal with exceptionally cut diamonds with great clarity.


The list is confined to just few of the top companies selling quality, certified original diamonds that are one of their kinds. There are more quality diamonds companies out there to transform your life with their dazzling cuts and unique gems.

Sep 19

How to Pick Engagement or Wedding Rings for Christmas 2012

wedding rings

With Christmas comes the much-awaited shopping season. Every item is sold for discount – whether it’s diamond engagement rings, wedding rings or wedding jewelry sets, or electronic items. Be prepared to shop till you drop.

Did you decide to engage or wed during Christmas time? You may face a tough time selecting engagement rings and wedding rings. The reason – innumerable new designs are offered at a discounted price. Made from different precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, these rings will take you by storm.

Therefore, to eliminate the confusion, this post talks about buying mesmerizing engagement rings or wedding rings for Christmas 2012. Using this information, you can make a quick decision.

Type of Engagement and Wedding Rings for Christmas 2012

Considering the wide range of jewelry buyers, different types of diamond engagement/wedding rings have been designed. We name a few for you:

  • Gemstone Rings – Gemstone rings include rubies, emeralds, and sapphire. They’re found in different colors, clarity, cuts, and carat-weight.
  • Solitaire Rings – Solitaire rings are made with metals like yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, and are studded with a single diamond.
  • Three Stone Rings – Also referred as “past-present-future” rings, three stone rings are a class apart. They are known for the elegance and magnificent looks, as three gemstones are studded in a single ring – one in the centre and one on each side.
  • Eternity Rings – Eternity rings symbolize the undying love and emotional connect between the couple. Thus, are referred to as eternity rings.
Engagement/Wedding Ring Shapes for Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 is just around the corner. And so is the engagement/wedding day for thousands of guys and girls. For that reason, jewelers are geared up with bright, beautiful and stunning jewelry sets for the excited customers.

Different range of bridal sets, wedding bands, anniversary rings, engagement rings, and other jewelry is up for grab.

Take into consideration the shape of the diamond, ring’s metal, and your budget. This is apparently the first step towards owning elite rings for you and your spouse. Not sure about different diamond shapes? No worries. Here’s a quick list:

Princess Cut – One of the most expensive and sparkling diamond cut, it is most sought after in the market. They are squares without any trimming. Though princess cut diamond engagement rings are expensive, their demand never seems to fade away, just like their glitter. Besides that, unlike round cut where 60% of diamond is lost in cutting, a jeweler loses only 10% for princess cut.

Emerald Cut – It looks similar to princess cut, but can be easily identified because of the slightly cropped corners and the rectangle shape.  Emerald cut solitaire ring makes an attractive engagement or wedding ring for the would-be bride and groom.

Round Cut – Rings with two different cut diamonds can also be custom made. Generally, round cut diamond rings are suitably preferred with princess cut diamonds. While princess cut is in the middle, the round cut diamonds are on the corners and on the ring. It costs between $1000 and $3000, but is all worth for a Christmas wedding or Christmas engagement.

Oval Cut – Don’t mistake oval cut diamond engagement rings to round cut rings. They may look similar but are unique. They make a ring special and a perfect fit for the big day, especially when celebrated along with Christmas.

In addition to the above listed shapes, marquise cut, heart cut, pear cut, asscher cut, and radiant cut are other options to choose from. This Christmas season is special for the young to-be engaged or wedded couples. So, know the choice of the beloved and then go shopping for a ring of his/her choice.

Engagement/Wedding Ring Metals for Christmas 2012

Selecting a metal too is an important criterion to buy ring for Christmas 2012. This year, you’ve plenty of metals to go for. The list of the best known and most sought after metals for engagement rings and wedding rings is below. Have a quick go-through:

White Gold ­– White gold is platinum’s competitor. It looks very much the same. However, it is obtainable either in 14K or 18K. Engagement rings made with white gold are in demand throughout the year for engagements and weddings. And especially during the Christmas season as they’re inexpensive compared to the similar looking metal, platinum.

Yellow Gold – The yellow gold prices have gone passed the reach of many. But still, their charm and elegance doesn’t fade so easily. Most preferred for diamond studded engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets, 24k yellow gold is highly preferred.

Platinum – Much more expensive than other metals, platinum is a preferred choice over white gold. It doesn’t lose metal when scratched, and is easier to restore its shine. One time polishing make it look all new. Besides that, platinum engagement rings are heavier when compared to other metals, especially the yellow gold.

Titanium – This metal is most preferred for men’s rings. Women often buy this for their men because Titanium is stronger and is a good choice for rough use. Also, it is light weighted, in fact it is practically weightless, and is a perfect fit for men who don’t wear heavy jewelry.

Other metals that are in demand are rose gold, palladium, tungsten carbide, etc. Every metal is apparently a perfect choice for engagement ring and wedding ring for Xmas 2012.


The ring type, diamond shape, and of course the metal determines the price of the engagement ring. So carefully decide on each of these elements before rushing to any online jewelry store or a regular retail store. More prepared you’re, less the confusion will be. And the chances of owning a great ring for your beloved this Christmas automatically improve.

Sep 16

Buying Loose Diamonds – Top Tips to Buying Loose Diamonds for Christmas

Buying Loose Diamonds

Christmas is the most special time of the year. Celebrated with high spirit throughout the world, this day brings surprise gifts, visits, and parties from families & friends, and not to forget the famous Santa Claus.

Sale of every product from electronics to jewelry including loose diamonds goes up drastically. And women are the ones benefitting the most from discount offers from jewelry merchants. In the last few years, buying loose diamonds for Christmas has become more like a tradition.

A man to his wife, boyfriend to his girlfriend, a son to his mother, a brother to his sister, and sometimes even men are gifted with loose diamonds on Christmas. They represent a sign of love and togetherness. Though the diamonds cost a lot, they’re preferred over other diamond necklaces and Christmas earrings.

With the growing demand for diamond during the Christmas season, there’s chaos all around. People don’t know how to and what to buy. In fact, buying loose diamonds for Xmas day has become an art, which everyone wants to learn.

So, after a mind boggling session and hours of online research, we’ve accumulated valuable information for the diamond lovers. This will help them find gemstones worth their money in December this year.

Tips to Buying Loose Diamonds for Christmas

Set a Budget – Setting a budget doesn’t mean you’re short of money or something. It simply means to manage the finances well. That’s it. Loose diamonds are inexpensive compared to diamond necklaces, diamond engagement rings, earrings, etc. Therefore, check the pricing earlier and have a financial plan in place.

Doing so allows you to celebrate Christmas in a carefree way without thinking of the monetary issues.

Research Well – Visit nearby jewelry stores that deal with loose diamond sales. Take a look at different type of diamonds and their pricing. Compare the quality and pricing of the various wholesalers and figure out which store fits your budget and needs.

It is important for you to assess this before paying out your hard earned money. This keeps you away from fraud and at the same time helps you buy diamonds worth your money.

Check Certification – Diamonds are certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and International Gemological Institute (IGI). These institutes are an authority in gemology. They’re responsible for grading of diamonds, doing gemology research, and providing jewelry education.

Hence, you’re advised to check the certification of the loose diamonds for Christmas before buying them.

The 4 Cs – Do check all the 4Cs carefully – cut, color, clarity, and carat-weight.

  • The first C is cut. Shape of a diamond is determined by the way its cut. The different types of cuts that are often seen in diamonds are heart, oval, princess, radiant, round, and pear cut.
  • The second C is color. You can buy loose diamonds for Christmas in any rainbow color. GIA rates diamonds based on their color from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow).

An individual without much knowledge cannot differentiate between different color diamonds; it takes years of experience and learning. Therefore, when you buy loose diamonds for the festive season, buy it from reputed and an established store.

  • The third C is clarity. Clarity of a diamond is viewed depending upon the number of flaws and their locations. Its clarity is defined in about six ways. They are:
  1. Flawless (F)
  2. Internally Flawless (IF)
  3. Very Very Small Inclusions (VVS)
  4. Very Small Inclusions (VS)
  5. Small Inclusions (SI)
  6. Imperfect Eye-Ball Inclusions (I)
  • The fourth C is carat-weight. The more the carat-weight of a diamond, the more its price and rarity will be. It determines the size of the loose diamonds from 1.00 carat to 3.00 carat. However, this doesn’t mean diamonds of same carat-weight may price the same. No, their prices can significantly differ based on their quality. So do check the diamond type as well.

Regardless of whether you are buying loose diamonds for Christmas, loose diamonds for thanksgiving or loose diamonds for Easter, these tips will surely help you out.

Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds for Christmas

  • Save Money – Buying loose diamonds for Christmas will save you considerable amount of money; because they’re inexpensive compared to diamond sets and other jewelry type.
  • Excess Options – You’ve plenty of options to choose from. The size, shape, color, and carat-weight can be considered according to the budget constraints.
  •  Utilize them the Way You Want – Rather than restriction your options by buying a particular jewelry, you can utilize the loose diamonds the way you want.

Below are some ways you can make use of your investment in loose diamonds:

  1. Create beautiful necklace sets, earrings, engagement rings, or a special diamond set for your beloved on Christmas.
  2. Make use of your creativity and come up with exceptional jewelry designs.
  3. Keep the loose diamonds for Christmas and turn them into diamond jewelry later on. Thus, it saves money on making charges.

Loose Diamonds for Christmas – Are They a Better Option?

No doubt buying loose diamonds for Christmas is a great way to bring a big grin on the face of your loved ones. But, diamond investment is and has always been a wonderful investment option as well.

Compared to other options loose diamonds are cheaper and has more benefits. Women love gemstones more than anything else. And no wonder they are considered as women’s best friend.


Anyone can be buying loose diamonds with ease now. It’s an art to pick the right stones for your beloved. Because, it requires you to consider the gemstones of their choice without compromising on anything i.e. cut, color, clarity, and of course the carat-weight.

Sep 13

Christmas Earrings – 6 Earrings That Make a Great Christmas Jewelry

Christmas Earrings

Earrings frame the most important fashion accessory for women. Most females love to sport unique diamond earrings on par with their apparels every day, and it get more special this festival season as more girls have already started looking for fashionable Christmas earrings in the market.

The 25th December has been considered a day of immense celebration across the world and is a festival filled with presents, gifts and great shopping. The Christmas jewelry shopping season starts after the day of Thanksgiving and diamond jewelry no doubt frames an important aspect of the same.

Of all the jewels, earrings are the ones closely associated with one’s heart, and would love to get them as presents and gifts especially at great occasions such as Christmas day. But why are these Christmas earrings so special and different from others? Why do they yield such cravings and craze for women? There are reasons.

The unique design and pattern of these earrings should be the foremost reason, followed by the dazzling beauty they bring to one’s ears. And women of all age group crave these earrings and it is an integral part of their life.

Unique Pattern of Christmas Earrings

Why are these Christmas earrings so special? Is it because they signify a huge celebration that draws attention from the entire world? And the unique patterns of these earrings are eye stunning.

Some commonly preferred ones includes, Christmas tree earrings, Christmas cart reindeer earrings, start earrings, earrings signifying the pine tree, Santa Claus beaded earrings, frosty snowman patterned earrings, nativity scene Christmas earrings etc.

These modern earrings are preferred by young girls all over the world to be worn not just on Christmas day but also as part of their casual accessory to be used for every day.

Six Types of Christmas Earrings:

Though I have briefed about many types of earrings available in the market today, all the mentioned types are made of some low cost metal and will not weigh your wallets much. But are these earrings worth to be given away as Christmas gifts? Definitely no, we would love to present our loved ones with something costly, perhaps Christmas earrings made from diamonds and costly yellow and silver metals to mark their day.

Let us take this article from now on in this perspective, diamond and other attractive Christmas earrings to frame perfect Christmas gifts. Let us discuss the common type of diamond earrings and others made from costly metals available in market today, to be given away as Christmas presents.

1. Three Stone Diamond Earrings

Three Stones Earrings

Three stone diamond earrings frame the perfect accessory for your uniquely stitched Christmas costume as the diamonds gets embedded with platinum or titanium metals to add more silver to the golden throne. The three stone earrings are available in a variety of styles and fashions.

They can be either drops or studs. In the drops model, each stone is separated by a slightly long platinum strand and each diamond is embedded with rich designed platinum flowers. The three stones in a linear fashion can be of the same floral designs or fragmented into three different designs.

For those who will not prefer long drops, the three stone diamond hoop earrings would steal their hearts as the earring is neither too long nor short and has rich diamond stones embedded with white metal.

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Some of us prefer long drops wont frame professional earrings and won’t go great with your formal office wears which makes them unfit for everyday use. But no worries, diamond studs are always available to go great on any apparel are they are beautifully arranged in a triangular leaf like pattern.

The three stone stud earrings made from blue diamonds look not only different from traditional white stones but also elegant for all skin types.  Not necessary to use three stones every time even single round cut diamond with 14 KT value can be breath-taking ones with great clarity.

3. Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Image Credit: Coolspotters.com, Design: Chopard Oversized Diamond Chandelier Earrings

These types of diamond studded earrings looks much like diamond drops except that they drop extensively and look more ornate. This would best suit your apparels if you are throwing a grand party for Christmas; however, the key is to not to make mistakes while purchasing Christmas jewelry.

These earrings drop like grand chandelier from ceilings and can either be quite ornate or simple. They cannot be used as casual wear and look grand on great events.

4. Gold and Gemstone Christmas Tree Earrings

Earring symbolising the Christmas tree has hit the market and has gained great attention from everyone. These trees can either be framed of gold and other precious metals or from gemstones.

The Christmas tree can dazzle as 14 k gold in twinkling amber design in each of your ears or be made of sapphire, ruby gemstones or from white pearl beads to accessorize your ears. It all depends on your style and spending ability to choose from the types of Christmas tree earrings.

5. Sterling Silver Christmas Earrings

Silver is the cheap and affordable metal for all and earrings made out of them would definitely draw attention from teens and college students as they can spare their pocket money to afford them.

White metal enamel snowman charm, candy charm and silver earrings depicting the chariot of SantaClaus, earrings depicting snowman and Santa caps are the few worth mentioning here and would build up enormous sales this Christmas season.

6. Pearl Christmas Earrings and Pearl Loops

Just like diamond loops, pearls can also be made in drop as loops and hangings lined by gold or platinum to form the best Christmas earring. Pearl studs are also common this Christmas season and studs supported by rings go great on kid’s ears.

Christmas Earrings – Conclusion

Earrings are inseparable for women. Designers have also kept this in mind and have framed grand Christmas earrings this season with different materials and in different colours, styles and shapes. But keep in mind that you buy jewels on par with the nature of the occasion and try to select earrings that fall within your budget to enjoy a grand and a fabulous Christmas this 2012.

Sep 10

Christmas Jewelry – 5 Common Christmas Jewelry Buying Mistakes

Christmas Jewelry

Image Credit: Opals-On-Black.com

Christmas is round the corner, all set to hit each one’s door in 3 months from now. I am sure the Christmas climate and the fever has spread among everybody who are all set for great shopping of clothes, Christmas jewelry, sweets, gifts and everything to create the perfect festival mood.

But in our hurry to make the perfect shopping for the great day, all of us are bound to make few mistakes. Therefore, the purpose of this blog post is to provide some insights among the public about the common Christmas jewelry buying mistakes. So that you can be aware of the same and avoid them the next time they do Christmas jewelry shopping.

Importance of Christmas Jewelry

When we closely monitor the whole of jewelry buying population, we can easily segregate them into two different groups. One group of customers knows exactly what they want to buy for Christmas or perhaps what Christmas jewelry gifts to buy for their acquaintances.

Whereas the next set of people stand absolutely clueless trying out every other jewel that has been suggested for them. When it comes to buying Christmas Jewelry, one need to have a clear mind set on what to buy for it is a day of immense joy and celebration for all people and the gift you are presenting to people should add more joy to their ecstasy.

The festival is associated with gifts and blessings. We have also created an imaginary character named Santa Claus who will bring us surprising gifts on Christmas Eve. Therefore choosing the right jewelry, having the common Christmas jewelry mistakes people usually commit in mind can help you have the best jewelry for yourself.

Common Christmas Jewelry Buying Mistakes

 1.     Lack of Proper Research

Good research at least avoids you to stand as dolls before the shopkeeper while he starts invading your mind to nod for everything he says. Remember you are buying Christmas jewelry either for yourself or for your close acquaintances as Christmas presents.

That particular piece of Christmas jewelry should really be an intimate one and it surely deserves a little of research from your end. Learn what the market trends are, what type of jewelry is under limelight etc.

With a quick search over the World Wide Web, you may get clear idea about the latest Christmas earrings or diamond rings, with beautiful cross patterns and with designs depicting the Christmas tree, the pine tree model and even diamond earrings depicting Santa Claus has also hit the market recently.

If diamond jewelry fascinates you, then take a little time in gaining knowledge about how to find the perfect and the original diamonds, how to assess their cut and clarity and purity etc. the same research may also be held for gem stones.

Remember never to step out of your house without having the market trends and rates of jewelry at your finger tip.

2.     Know What the Other Person Loves to Wear

As it is widely known, people love giving and receiving gifts and presents for Christmas. It is utter foolishness to buy presents, especially diamond presents for someone without knowing their preferences, likes and dislikes.

Spend time in doing a little spying and ask around to figure out aptly what exactly the recipient likes to wear, whether she loves Christmas earrings or bracelets for Christmas or watches, bracelets etc.

At the same time also learn their preferences for metals. Most young girls today prefer a white metal over yellow metal; some may like Christmas necklaces and Christmas bracelets with gemstones impregnated on them.

Special care is to be taken in buying Christmas jewelry for people who are allergic to nickel as they cannot wear jewelry made from 14k gold. Research shows that these are the most returned Jewelry after Christmas to the jewel shops worldwide.

3.     Never Retire on the Sales Flyer

Remember the famous saying, don’t judge a book based on its cover? The same rule holds good here as well. Never frame your Christmas jewelry ideas based on what you see in a weekly magazine or a newspaper. You might have sported your favorite model posing with that spotted Christmas earrings or Christmas necklace, but the same may not suit you.

You should also have to think laterally here, for the piece of jewel most often placed in advertisements are the ones the company wants to get rid of at the earliest ( in some cases) and there is also a benefit of doubt to the quality of these jewels here.

Also, so many people would have ordered for the same piece of jewelry, you are sure to lose your uniqueness here.

4.     Don’t Rely Too Much on Your Instincts

Don’t assume for yourself that your wife or girlfriend would also like the jewelry that you like. It is also better to take the person with you while buying fits for them. If you trust the surprising factor too much, you might end up buying something that they totally dislike.

Also never let the sales person does all the shopping for you. You can give them all the information required to choose your best fit or you choose the Christmas jewelry yourself, for you know better what best suits her. And be careful on the hidden costs of jewels, the salesman may not always tell you about this.

5.     Inspect the Piece Yourself

Learn the art of distinguishing original gems and metal from fraudulent ones. If you feel that particular Christmas jewelry is not proper, then ask for a new one. If at all you are very doubtful about the jewel, do not buy it at all.

Some of us may rely on the family jewels to supply all the jewels to form perfect Christmas costume jewelry, but you should trust your instincts and never buy doubtful jewels no matter if they are suggested by your most trusted family friends.


Be wise and be conscious of the common mistakes most people commit to buying jewelry, particularly when you’re dealing with diamond jewelry. Remember these are lifetime commitments and even silly Christmas jewelry buying mistakes can spoil the important festival of your life.

Sep 04

How to Clean Diamond Ring at Home Like a Professional

diamond ring

Image Credit: Somma (Creative Commons)

I am sure everyone loves to enjoy a diamond studded life. However, though most people love it, most of them have concerns on how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry to elongate its life and to treasure them forever with them.

Diamond as a gemstone has a very high refractive index and it glitters with a high index of 2.417. But they tend to lose their shine and glitter as days pass by due to contact with excessive dirt, daily usage, pollution and styling products such as hair gels, lotions etc., Therefore it is essential that people learn the art of cleaning diamond jewelry by themselves to improve its spark and prolong its usage.

If you find your diamond jewelry dull and lifeless with less shine, then determine to clean your diamond jewelry either by taking it to the shop to get it professionally cleaned or trying to clean diamond jewelry at home with homely methods.

I am sure you would find the latter option more feasible because it is your own jewelry and, would also learn how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry at Home

Though professionals can clean your diamond jewelry in no time with good results, they are quite costly. And it is possible to learn how to clean diamond ring at home. Follow the points stated below to endure the same:

  • Try spraying a small quantity of glass cleaner on your diamond rings and other diamond jewelry and gently scrub away the debris. Try to concentrate on the inner portions of the ring that may contain hidden areas, where soaps, lotions and other debris tends to accumulate. After rinsing off, run the ring under tap water, and clean them with a soft cloth.
  •  Mild chemicals such as household Ammonia can also be used to cleanse off dirt from diamond jewelry.  Mix half portion of Ammonia in water and gently soak the diamond jewelry for 15-20 seconds. Remove them and scrub them with a gentle toothbrush and dry them off using an abrasive cloth.
  •  Lest oil can also be used the same way as Ammonia, with little soaking and cleansing off with a soft toothbrush can remove excessive dirt and let your diamond jewels spark like before.
  • Dishwashing detergent and liquids can be used to abrase off excessive oil and grease beneath diamond studded jewelry. It does an excellent job though it is mild and safe.
  • Try to use mild abrasive cloth or a soft flannel, microfiber cloth while you dry your diamond jewels and always try to run them under warm running water to remove accumulated oil, dirt and grease.

Here is some more useful info on cleaning diamond rings:

Commonly Used Diamond Jewels and Ways to Clean Them

how to clean diamond ring

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Though I have tried to summarize the commonly used house hold remedies to clean diamond jewels, most of you may have concerns on the ways to clean specific diamond jewelry you possess. So, let’s learn more about cleaning specific jewelry types:

1.     Engagement Rings

Solitaire diamond rings are the most commonly possessed diamond jewelry by all people and is usually associated with intimate occasions of their life.

Method 1Using Toothbrush and Detergent Solution

They can be best cleaned with a toothbrush and mild detergents such as dishwashing liquids or even using tooth paste.

Soak them in the detergent solution for few minutes and then brush off the debris using toothbrush. Most importantly leave your solitairerings, in a blotted paper under air for few minutes and dry them with a soft, gentle cloth.

Method 2 – Using Grease Lightening Lotion

Yet another method to clean your solitaire engagement rings is to spray grease lightening lotion onto the ring placed in a cup, and soak it for about five minutes. Take it out and scrub with a brush, later place your rings in a cup of lukewarm water and toothbrush it again.

This is an excellent method to be used as many times as needed, and is will also prolong the life of your rings, as the ultrasonic machines used by professionals tends to loosed the stone from the rings.

Method 3 – Soda Bicarbonate with Mild Detergents

Soda bicarbonate mixed with mild detergents works quite well for these three stone engagement rings, and less commonly gin and vodka has also been proven to be effective in resuming their spark after soaking them under it for few minutes.

2.     Three Stone Engagement Rings

Also known as trinity rings, these three stone engagement rings demand high level of cleaning and maintenance, as it tends to possess many loop holes where dirt and grease tends to accumulate.

Soda bicarbonate mixed with mild detergents works quite well for these three stone engagement rings, and less commonly gin and vodka has also been proven to be effective in resuming their spark after soaking them under it for few minutes.

The good thing about above mentioned jewelry cleaning methods is that, they can be used for cleaning other types of engagement rings including:

Loose Diamonds

Now, that you‘ve learnt how to clean diamond ring, let’s just quickly go through how to clean loose diamonds.

Some of you may also wish to possess loose diamonds for jewelry making, or to improve on your class and style. The cleaning process of these loose diamonds is different, and is can best be rid off from dirt and grease using table salt placed on your palm and gently rubbing the gem with the salt using your index and forefingers.

The method that we discussed for cleaning loose diamonds can also be used for cleaning other diamond jewelry items such as:

  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • And, any other custom ring

How to Clean Diamond Ring – Conclusion

I am sure, all of you must have developed adequate knowledge on ‘how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry’ as taking them to a professional every time can be a hectic and time consuming  process. Also, this will leave you with no jewels for few days and involves huge sum of money every time.

Some adverse machinery and rays used by the professionals, may also get the gem loosen from the jewel leaving behind mental and economic distress. So it is best to learn techniques of how to clean diamond ring like a professional to enhance the maintenance of the gem at home.