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Aug 31

Top 10 Oscar Jewelry 2012 [Hint: Diamond Earrings Rocked]

Oscar Jewelry 2012

Image Credit: Cliff (Creative Commons)

The phenomena called Oscars have always been important among the fashion world. From Oscar jewelry 2012 to celebrity dresses, and celebrity speeches everything makes it to the news. A lot of people are more interested in what Angelina Jolie wore than who won the award.

So, if you’re also wondering what red carpet jewelry the most beautiful women in the world wore, we’ve got a list of the most gorgeous Oscar jewelry 2012 for you. Check it out!

1.    Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Like a lot of the other leading celebrities, Natalie Portman also chose to wear stunning diamond earrings studded in white gold. Natalie also wore a diamond necklace to compliment her dress.

2.     Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy was another woman who rocked the red carpet with her beautiful 10-ct diamond earrings along with her dress. Melissa also chose to wear a pink tourmaline cocktail ring from Chopard. Melissa’s jewelry was one of the most talked about jewelries at the entire event.

3.     Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow

Image Credit: Getty Images

If there was a cuff that was talked more than the celebrity wearing it, then it was Gwenyth Paltrow’s one-off Hearts of Fire cuff set with 2,368 rose-cut diamonds. The cuff was studded with round diamonds and purple sapphires.

4.     Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jane Seymour dawned a beautiful bangle bracelet along with a diamond ring that went really well with her red dress.

5.     Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Penelope Cruz also wore a white gold, fancy-shape diamond line bracelet of 43 carats from Chopard.  Along with it, she wore a diamond ring in her ring finger that went quite well with her Armani Prive.

Penelope also dawned a platinum and 56ct pear shape diamond necklace and diamond cluster earrings. Out of all the celebrities, Penelope probably wore more jewelry than any other celebrity.

6.     Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

Image Credit Jason Merritt/Getty Images

On number 6, we have Meryl Streep’s antique gold drop earrings on her shining Lanvin gown. The Iron Lady actress made no mistake in dressing in the best way for the big event. She opted for bronze sandals that completely matched her dress. Overall, Meryl looked absolutely stunning with that jewelry and dress.

 7.     Penelope Ann Miller

Penelope Ann Miller

Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

Penelope Ann Miller was among the best dressed woman at the 2012 Academy awards ceremony. She chose to wear a Badgley Mischka dress and Blue Nile jewelry including diamond earrings, beautifully designed cuffs and an engagement ring.

8.     Maya Rudolph    

Maya Rudolph

Image Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty

Maya Rudolph wore a diamond studded bracelet as her Oscar jewelry 2012. Her bracelet went really well with the gown and the belt. Maya was also talked about, because of her hairstyle along with her jewelry.

9.     Berenice Bejo

Berenice Bejo

Image Credit: Getty Images

If you love emerald, then you would also love the emerald earrings worn by Berenice Bejo Emerald earrings. Her jewelry matched her gown amazingly making it to our list of top Oscar jewelry 2012.

 10.    Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Image Credit: (Getty Images)

Last but not the least; Jennifer Lopez wore a diamond and platinum drop earrings designed by Lorraine Schwartz as a part of her Oscar jewelry 2012. The elegant jewelry worn by her made it to our top 10 list.

So, these are our picks for the top 10 Oscar jewelry 2012. Do you think we missed out on someone? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below.

Aug 27

Bracelets for Christmas – How to Buy Bracelets for Christmas 2012

Bracelets for Christmas

Image credit: PrimeStyle.com

Bracelets have always been one of the leading jewelries among women especially around Christmas. But But most women always wondered how they can buy beautiful diamond-studded bracelets for Christmas. Well, the answer to that is everywhere. You just have to look around to get the best bracelet for yourself.

Anyway, today, we’re going to make it easy for you to be able to select the best and gear up for Christmas 2012. Whether you’re looking for good diamond jewelry online for your girl this Christmas season or you’re trying to get it for yourself; you’ll learn how to do it in the following lines.

Common Types of Bracelets for Christmas

1.   Tennis Bracelets

When Chris Evert, the former World No. 1 Tennis player, was playing in the US, her diamond bracelet with a unique design flew and fell on the ground. The incident got so much media glare that it was termed as the Tennis bracelet incident.

Jewelry stores and diamond jewelry designers started creating a completely new set of wrist ornaments and named it Tennis bracelets. The rest is history.

These usually contain only one strip of diamonds. While some designs are created with a combination of gold and round cut diamonds; others are created with platinum and oval cut. So, it depends and differs from designer to designer.

2.  Diamond Bracelets

“Diamonds are women’s best friend.” And, so are bracelets for Christmas. Women love anything diamond-studded because they help them look more attractive. Now, there are various types of diamonds used to create these beautiful wrist-ornaments.

The number of diamonds used, the length of precious metal like Gold, white gold and the design contributes to the price of this piece of jewelry.  The key is to strike a balance between your choice and the price.

3.  Color Stone Bracelets  

Everything colorful looks beautiful and color stone bracelets for Christmas are no different. These gorgeous wrist ornaments studded with attractive color stones. These are comparatively priced slightly lower than other types, unless it uses stones like rubies, sapphires, gemstones and emeralds.

These are amazing pieces of jewelry that adds glamour to your overall Christmas appearance. The good thing about these bracelets is that – you can choose whatever stone you like along with whatever whatever metal you like.

And, these are basically bought on varied occasions by men and women including Christmas, Birthday’s and New Year and other festivals.

Bracelet Style

1.  Bangle

Bangle styles bracelets are traditional wrist-bands in the form of bangles. These can be created with unique jewelry designs and metal of choice. The stones, diamonds can also be chosen by the buyer.

2.   Charm

This is another type of jewelry worn around the wrists. These generally have beautiful charms that hang around the main wrist band.

3.   Cuff

These generally don’t cover the entire wrist. Cuff bracelets are available in quite fascinating designs and covers wrists like the cuffs of a shirt.

4.  Fashion

Just like the name, Fashion bracelets are the most popular type of wrist bands across the fashion world. These generally appeal to the younger and trendier generation.

How to Figure Out If Bracelets for Christmas are Good?

  • A well-made chain – one of the key factors to consider while buying bracelets for Christmas is that, it must have a well-made chain.
  • A secure clasp – lots of women lose their Christmas necklaces, Christmas pendants, Christmas bracelets etc., on the event only because of insecure clasps. Make sure that the clasp gets safely locked before you finalize it.
  • A flexible band – flexibility is another way to analyze the quality of the bracelets for Christmas. Just try and roll it on to your finger and you’ll understand if it is flexible enough or not.
  • Lose yet safely placed – they should be elegantly draped across your wrist in a way that it neither stretched over the skin nor have the risk of falling down.
  • Must be of choice – whether it is Christmas jewelry or a Christmas tree, everything you buy should be of choice and preference. After what you like is always good for you, right?
  • Fits your budget – a lot of times, after choosing a right one, people find it to be unaffordable. So, while choosing any jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, be sure to know your budget. These pieces differ depending on the materials used on it.

Where to Buy From?

Now, the most difficult question that always exists is – where do you buy the best jewelry that you want to buy from? Well, the answer is – there are several online and offline places that you can purchase good bracelets from.

A list of such stores is mentioned below:


There are several online stores that promise to quality jewelry and diamonds for Christmas, but most of them don’t deliver what they promise. PrimeStyle.com is one such site that delivers exactly what it promises to jewelry and bracelets lovers.

From engagement rings to semi mounts; from pendants to earrings and top quality bracelets, PrimeStyle provides top-notch jewelry including engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, etc. at affordable prices.


MervisDiamond is another option that people can consider to get quality diamond jewelry on sale. The site is established by renowned gemologist and renowned co-owner of MervisDiamond. Ronnie provides nearly 30 years of experience and industry expertise to the people buying bracelets for Christmas 2012.

If you’re a Tennis bracelet lover, then this video in which Ronnie gives some useful tips to purchase one would be immensely helpful.

Get Custom Designed Bracelets for Christmas 2012?

Do you wish to get custom designed bracelets for Christmas 2012 for yourself? Sure, here’s a quick list of materials you can choose, customize and create your jewelry in:

Stone Type

  • Emeralds
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Crystal
  • Opal
  • Jade
  • Garnet
  • Multi Stone
  • Colored Stones
  • Topaz
  • Tanzanite
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Sapphire
  • Spinels
  • Aquamarines
  • Alexandrites
  • Tourmaline
  • Moonstone

Apart from these, there are metal types that you need to choose from. Depending on your personal preference and your affordability, bracelets can be bought in the following metals:

  • Gold
  • Platinum or White Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Titanium
  • Vermeil

With all these jewelry design options, creating Christmas bracelets for women shouldn’t be a big deal. Just play around with different stones, metals and bracelet styles and figure out what fits your choice the best way.

Each part of the entire bracelet can be measured in its own specific way. While quality of diamonds are checked in 4 C’s i.e. Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity.


Getting the right bracelets for Christmas 2012 is all about being sure of what you want, your budget and the above details. As simple as that!

Aug 21

An Easy Guide to Buying Diamond Jewelry Online

diamond jewelry online

Image Credit: PrimeStyle.com

Are you hesitant to buy diamond jewelry online? No problem. Your guide about Diamond Jewelry is here. It answers the commonly asked questions and removes the doubts related to safety and security of money and personal details.

Besides that, it will also help you buy jewelry from certified diamond merchants online.

Buying Diamond Jewelry Online – What to Buy?

When it comes to buying online, wide range of options come calling. There are necklaces, rings for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries, there’re studded bracelets, earrings, and much more. The list goes on.

Customized diamond jewelry option is offered by many online jewelry stores. They allow the customers to select the design, metal, and the precious stone to be studded in the ornament. People choose different metals for diamond jewelry. While some choose yellow or white gold, others choose platinum.

Based on the design and size, these stones are cut and fitted accordingly. The whole process is carried out so professionally that you get value for every single penny you pay. However, don’t buy anything online unless you read the below mentioned information.

Things to Check

Entering your credit card and personal details without checking the credentials of the website is a strict NO. You order jewelry online only from branded stores or at least from sites that have good reviews.

But irrespective of where you buy them from, do check the following:

One – 4 Cs of Diamonds

Before you buy diamond jewelry online, there are 4Cs to know about. This industry considers these 4Cs significant for understanding the grades and categories.

Cut – This determines the beauty of the stone. Do not mistake cut for shape like most people do. They’re two different things.

The way the angles and finishing is done establishes brightness and handles light to make it glow.

Different types of cuts are:

  • Ideal cut
  • Fine cut
  • Shallow cut
  • Deep cut.

The popular grades of cut which you can buy online are:

  • Ideal cut
  • Premium
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Poor

Whether you buy diamond earrings online or buy loose diamonds online, these cuts are something to lookout for every time.

Clarity – By clarity here we mean the number of flaws and inclusions in them. These flaws and inclusions are known as clarity. The grades of clarity are the following:

  • Flawless (F)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very Slightly Included (VVSI)
  • Very Slight Included (VSI)
  • Slightly Included (SI)

Preferably, VVSI and VSI can be a great choice for they give the value for your money and at the same time are great in appearance.

Color – Do check the color prior to buying any type of diamond jewelry online. Whether you buy engagement rings online, or buy necklace online, the color has to be checked.

According to the certified merchants, presence or absence of color is considered as diamond color. So you’ve option to buy colorless, slightly colored, or white color online. The color is rated from D and goes down till Z on the scale.

Carat Weight – The weight and size of the diamonds is measured in carats. It starts from 1 carat and the number goes up accordingly with the weight and size. So the more the carat weight, the higher the price of the stone is no matter if you buy jewelry online or from offline store. Carat weight remains a price determining factor throughout.

Two – Risks Involved in Buying Diamonds Online

You now know the 4Cs of buying diamond jewelry online. It’s time to analyze the risks involved in purchasing them online and minimize them to the possible extent. So what are the risks involved? Take a look.

Incomplete Information – Details of a product or service need a go-through prior to the purchase; especially, when it’s gold or platinum or any other precious metals.

However, the problem that buyers consistently face is lack of detailed information about the necklace, ring, or whatever they intend to buy. As a result, they end buying something else and not what they intended.

You can minimize this risk by reviewing whatever you want thoroughly. Ecommerce stores allow you to connect with them for any queries and information. Use that service if needed. But buying diamond jewelry without full information isn’t a wise idea.

Entering CC and Bank Details – Apparently, the bank details involve the biggest risk of theft. People shy away from furnishing their credit card details online to make a purchase – whether they purchase diamond jewelry online or buy anything else such as clothes, toys, etc.

There are many fraudulent sites that take your money but don’t deliver what you ordered. Beware of them! Do a background check of the online jewelry shop (if you’re making a purchase from them for the first time or haven’t heard about them earlier.) and take a look at their return policies and payment options.

Secured online payment system is in place to avoid fraudsters from stealing your CC or bank details. See if the website you’re getting jewelry from has a secured payment gateway. It will keep your details and the money both safe.

Delivery Issues – When you get any jewel or ornament online from branded online diamond stores, be sure of the delivery. You get what you ordered. Most of the times it’s delivered on-time; sometimes delivery is delayed by a day or two. But it’s all fine.

The problem arises when someone new to shopping diamond jewelry online and the delivery is delayed by a week or so. In such situations, try to connect with the customer care and give the transaction details, ask why your order hasn’t been delivered yet. In short, bring delivery issues to their notice and your problem will soon be resolved.

The other issue could be of a different product delivery or of damaged product. Thus, it’s advised to check the product on delivery and confirm if that’s what you ordered.

Buying Diamond Jewelry Online – Procedure to Follow

Now that you’ve read ‘things to check,’ it’s time to get the best ornaments. But how do you do that? It’s not a tough task really.

  • You just have to decide what you intend to buy, if it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace, or anything else, then check the options available on the online store.
  • Once decided, follow the instructions on the website and order the jewelry you want. It will be delivered to you in a stipulated time period.
  • See if there’s an option to buy customized diamond jewelry online. If yes, connect with them and learn more pricing, duration, delivery charges, guarantee, policies, so on and so forth.


Having read this guide, buying diamond jewelry online shouldn’t be risky for you. Check everything properly, order it, and get it delivered to you in no time. As simple as that!

Aug 01

Metal choice for your diamond earrings

While buying any piece of jewellery we have always many problems. The choice is vast, all the styles, trends, and possibilities makes us confused all the way. It makes that a simple shopping turns out to be a real adventure. Diamond earrings are a special kind of jewellery – elegant and stylish. When we want to choose a proper setting, we have to consider all the options carefully and decide for the best one, so that our diamond could give away its timeless charm. Usually, there are three basic metals that go with diamond earrings – these are gold, platinum and silver. We are going to revise them and present their influence upon the overall shape and abilities of our diamond earrings.

Gold used to be, and still is one of the most leading pieces of metal in the world of jewellery making, and its products have gained acclaimed among millions of people all over the world. Gold fever seems to be last forever. Nevertheless, is gold appropriate partner for diamond earrings? Some people like to combine the yellowish shine of gold with the peculiar, magnificent diamond sparkle, but with this combination we should be careful. It does not come along with many outfits and some of us may find it irritating. In one word, diamond earrings in golden setting is not for everyone as it may evoke sort of color conflict, especially when it’s badly designed and made.

The next metal to be mentioned is platinum. Many professionals claim that diamonds and platinum is a perfect combination. Diamonds, as the hardest and most graceful gem of all together with the hardest mineral seem to be an ideal duet. Diamond earrings in a platinum setting are strongly recommended for those, who are suffering from various diseases, especially connected with skin – which means no allergies, no rush. In addition, the timeless power of both ingredients will make that the diamond earrings will be forever, enjoying the eyes of people for the next hundreds years.

Silver – very popular mainly for the price. At the first sight very similar to platinum, but their abilities are far from being alike. Definitely those, who have skin problems, should avoid silver, for a probability of getting a rush. Moreover, silver and diamonds mixture is like to confront stars and the light of torch. Diamond earrings are an example of classical, timeless beauty and we have to treat them with respect. Diamonds wrapped in silver is a kind of misalliance – it is just something that cannot be done or accept. In time, silver will start to fade, get darker and its shine will be lost, with that, diamond earrings will not be able to provide the same effect.